4/27 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: The Dynasty vs. The Hart Foundation, Jordan Oliver vs. Kotto Brazil, Rey Horus vs. Ace Austin

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


APRIL 27, 2019

NOTE: I continue marching forward through the recent shows to catch up PWTorch.com’s MLW TV Review section. I’ll be caught up soon, and be here for it…

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

The show began with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone outside the building. Holliday said that they found the car, and it’s… there. Hammerstone was shocked and disgusted to see the shape the car was in, which had an apparently used condom on the steering wheel, a bottle of karo syrup in the seats, and various garbage and food strewn about. Hammerstone ran down the egregious events they’d suffered thanks to the Hart Foundation lately. Holliday then said he needed to call Max, and he told Max that they’d found the car. He didn’t tell him the condition though.

The Fusion TV intro aired next.

Rich welcomed us in to Fusion, and told us tonight we’d get a tables match between the Dynasty and Hart Foundation. Jim told us that things had went from personal items to physical contact, and then told us the rules for a tables match. Rich broke some big news and told us that MLW would be launching a new “International Openweight” Championship. He said there would be a four man tournament, and that the finals would take place at Fury Road. The four entrants would be named later.


Oliver was out to the ring first, making his singles debut. Rich said some people call him a Spiderman come to life. He seemed to be playing the heel in this match, as the crowd was NOT feeling him. Kotto was out next, still sporting the eye patch he’s had since Ricky Martinez injured him.

They began with a normal lockup into the corner. Oliver didn’t break clean, but Kotto answered that with a slap to the face. Kotto then hit a Rhodes combo (kick to the gut, drop down uppercut), followed by a dropkick, and a splash into the corner. Kotto had early control, as Oliver rolled out of the ring to catch a breath. Kotto missed a tope, but landed on his feet, then he missed a splash and went headfirst into the ring post. Oliver took over going after Kotto’s good eye, then he rolled him into the ring.

Back in the ring, Oliver continued to go after Kotto’s good eye. He hit a kick to the face, which got a two count. Oliver wasted too much time afterwards, and Kotto hit a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Kotto then took back control with a variety of moves before hitting a blockbuster from the top rope. Kotto hit a big frog splash, but Oliver kicked out at a long two.

Out from the back had come Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez, which distracted Kotto long enough for Oliver to roll him up for a two count. Oliver hit an outside-in ace cutter for another close two, as the pair from Promociones looked on. Oliver got caught with a cutter himself, and it sent him out of the ring. Kotto delivered back to back suicide dives on Jordan, but as he was going for a third Martinez grabbed his feet. Kotto took out Martinez with a bod press to the outside, and then went back in to the ring. As Kotto stood up, Jordan Oliver hit a springboard cutter for the three count.

WINNER: Jordan Oliver

(Matt’s Thoughts: I am usually fairly upbeat on most matches on MLW TV, but this one did nothing for me in the ring. Jordan Oliver plays a good heel, and seems pretty athletic, but there’s just something about him that I don’t like. Is it his Eminem rip off theme? Is it his trailer park chic dress? Is it his 1996 haircut? Yes. Also, he’s young, green, and at times sloppy in the ring. Kotto is typically fun to watch, but this match was too short to really get much of anything going outside of the dives, which are in EVERY match now. It also didn’t help that there were three “cutters” in a span of a minute. Obviously they could have put things together a bit better. Aside from that, though, this match did help push along the Ricky Martinez/Kotto Brazil feud. This is the first time in several weeks we’ve actually gotten around to it, so it was nice to see that it had not been forgotten. We’ll see where it goes, and if it crosses over into the larger Promociones feud.)

Rich had some more exciting news for us next. He told us that after the new MLW headquarters opened in New York, promoters from around the world had met with MLW officials to send some of the talent from different parts to battle for the various world titles in MLW. The first one he would announce would be the top rated German wrestler, “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker taking on Filthy Tom Lawlor. He said Dreissker, who would be representing WXW, would be the first German born contender for a World Title in America since the early 80’s. This segued into a Dreissker promo, where he told us he was “Avalanche” and that he was coming to MLW for one reason, to win the MLW Heavyweight championship.

They aired footage of something that happened in the back moments ago next. Dynasty attacked Brian Pillman Jr. in the locker room, placing his arm in a chair and then smashing it with another. Rich said that would put him in jeopardy for tonight’s main event, and that he was in the training room as we speak.


Ace Austin made his way to the ring first, as Rich said Austin likely had his eyes on the new National title. I think Ace is supposed to be like the wrestling version of Gambit. Rey Horus is out next, as Jim Cornette tells us he is now bilingual thanks to MLW. Corny then gave us a nice history on Rey Horus, about his past training and some of his accomplishments.

The match started off with with back and forth arm wringers, and headlocks. After a little posturing by Ace, Rey Horus took over with a quick kick to the gut. He followed that with some tough chops to the chest. Rey and Ace swapped holds again, until they had reached a stalemate. They had another exchange of missed moves, reversals, and counters which garnered another stalemate.

Austin gained the upper hand after he tricked Horus into trying a handshake. He laid in some stiff kicks in the corner, several knee strikes, and a few elbows. Ace went for a German suplex, but Horus flipped out of it. Horus wouldn’t be so lucky the second time, as Austin caught him again and hit a spinning urinagi. Ace then rolled Rey over onto his knees and hit a stiff kick to the head, causing Rey to roll out of the ring.

Austin followed Rey to the outside, but stood on the apron. Rey tried to take his feet out from under him, but Austin flipped over into the cool one handed handstand, and then flipped back to his feet landing a kick to Rey’s chest. Ace gave Rey several stiff kicks on the outside, before rolling him into the ring for a two count. Ace applied a front facelock next, but Rey managed to get to his feet. Rey couldn’t take advantage, as Ace continued to control the match. Austin sat Rey on the top rope, and tried ripping at his mask. On his second attempt he succeeded in taking of Rey’s mask, but Rey quickly put it back on before his face could be seen. Rey was stuck on the ropes then, and had fallen into a tree of woe position. Ace slid outside of the ring, and pulled back on Rey’s head and neck, trying to pull the mask off again.

Ace rolled back in the ring, as Rey had fallen off the ropes finally. We then got a picture in picture, as Kaci Lennox had an update on the status of Brian Pillman Jr. Kaci said that sources told her things did not look good for Pillman, and questioned if the Harts would have to go in to the match later three on two.

Back to the action in the ring, and Rey used a missed forearm to hit a springboard arm drag. Austin rolled out of the ring, and as he jumped back on the apron Rey hit a mafia kick sending Austin back to the ground. Rey then followed that with beautiful slingshot tornillo. Rey continued to punish Ace on the outside with a bevy of kicks and chops, until he rolled Austin back into the ring. Back inside Rey hit a discus forearm, a flying forearm, and then a jumping savat kick. Rey had a irish whip reversed, as Ace tried to take control with several forearm shots. Both men countered or ducked moves while running the ropes, until Rey hit a slick spanish fly for a very close two.

The men stood in the center of the ring and traded forearm shots, chops, and closed fists. Ace Austin won the exchange, as he hit a kick to the gut followed by a spinning back kick. Austin grabbed Rey in a combo underhook/gut wrench, and lifted Horus into a twisting cutter which looked really cool (it’s the fourth cutter of the night though), but it only got him a two count. Ace gave Rey a body slam, then immediately went to the top. Rey crotched him on top, though, and then after a few chops hit tried a hurricanrana. Ace blocked the maneuver, and tried a move of his own (he had Rey in a fireman’s carry), but Rey wiggled out and flipped off the ropes. Rey landed on his, quickly sprang back up top, and hit a modified canadian destroyer from the top for the three!

WINNER: Rey Horus

(Matt’s Thoughts: I don’t know the name of his winning move, but it was really cool. He jumped up to the top, and then he over stomach down, legs up under Ace’s arms, and flipped the both of them over into almost a tiger driver. Everything that was missing from match one, you could find here. Rey Horus is really smooth in the ring, and Ace Austin has impressed me every time I’ve seen him so far. This was a really good match, even though it had no real story behind it other than jockeying for position possibly in the upcoming National title race.)

Rich recapped that up next would be the main event, but that the Hart Foundation was possibly at a big disadvantage after the attack on Brian Pillman Jr. earlier. He also showed us what happened between Kotto Brazil and Promociones Dorado earlier. Rich reminded us that next week, Salina would be the executive producer of the show, and that she was still finalizing a lineup.

We cut to backstage, where Salina was on the phone speaking to someone. I would tell you what she said, but my espanol es no muy bien. She did run into Low Ki, though, who seemed a bit frustrated. He tried speaking to her about the National title tournament, but she said she was busy even though she’d promised to work on this with him. She told Low Ki she would be back to help him, and then walked off as he obviously stewed angrily over being blown off.

The promo for upcoming event aired next, giving us the lineup for the summer. Up next is Fury Road, which comes our way June 1st.

We get a vignette showing us that next week Salina de la Renta is taking over Fusion as executive producer, which I am looking forward to. More Salina? Yes please.

We got to hear from Tom Lawlor next. He told us that now that Jimmy Havoc was done with, he could defend the title against people from across the globe. He has heard people from Germany, Japan, and even LA Park were after him, and that they would all fail. He said get used to seeing this sight, because the toughest man on earth wasn’t backing down from anyone.


Out to the ring first came the Dynasty, to the chagrin of Jim Cornette. He said they may have won the match before it even starts, thanks to the attack on Pillman earlier. Out next, with the best music in MLW, was the Hart Foundation with Mr. Velvet. There was no Brian Pillman to be seen. The crowd started a Hart Foundation chant, as the members of Dynasty chanted back at them with “Dynasty”. The Dynasty wasted time at ringside, as they continued to jaw with fans.

Teddy hit MJF from behind, and quickly retreated to his corner, as the match still hadn’t started yet. MJF milked his injury as Holliday said he would start the match off. Holliday then turned around into a superkick from Daveyboy Smith Jr., which MJF and Hammerstone did not see. The two member of Dynasty turned around to see Holliday rolling out of the ring, and while not paying attention Smith picked up Teddy Hart and threw him into MJF and Hammerstone. The two Dynasty members caught Hart, but Smith dropkicked them sending them to the outside to recuperate.

Teddy followed them outside, punching each Dynasty member in the face. Daveyboy followed that up by making the rounds, and kicking each guy in the gut. Hart and Smith then went back up onto the apron, and Hart used Smith for balance as he hit a moonsault off the top rope. MJF rolled under the ring, as Daveyboy began trading blows with Hammerstone and Holliday. Hart hit a snap suplex on Hammerstone onto the concrete floor. Smith continued to beat on Holliday, as he hit a suplex of his own.

Hart and Smith zeroed in on Holliday, as Smith and Hart put Holliday back in the ring. They continued to double team him. Teddy picked up Holliday and hit a double wristlock DDT. The two other Dynasty members tried to come in, but Hart caught them and hit a spiked draping DDT on both with help from Smith. Smith took MJF up top and hit a powerslam, followed by a Hart moonsault, and THEN followed by Smith going BACK up top to hit a flying headbutt!

Smith rolled out of the ring to go find a table, as Hart hit an arabian moonsault on to MJF. While was looking for a table, Hammerstone ambushed him from behind. Hammerstone gave smith a big kick to the face, and then ran him into the ringpost. That gave the Dynasty an opportunity to make it 3 on 1. While Hart was concerned with Holliday and MJF, Hammerstone came off the top with a missile dropkick! MJF picked up Hart, and Holliday and Hammerstone both climbed to the second rope, as the gave Teddy a spiked tombstone piledriver.

Smith made his way back into the ring, but his attack was quickly cut off by the numbers game. Smith did dispose of Holliday, though, and then picked up MJF into a stalling vertical suplex. At the same time Alexander Hammerstone picked up Teddy Hart into a stalling vertical suplex, so we had a duel to see who could hold their man up longer. Hammerstone won the exchange, thanks to Richard Holliday hitting Smith from behind. The Dynasty was now firmly in control, as they’d isolated Smith in the ring. Holliday brought a table into the ring and set it up in the corner, as MJF and Hammerstone continued to work over Smith. Hart was on the outside, and was selling a shoulder or bicep injury pretty hard, so he was no help to his partner.

Suddenly from out of the back came the injured Brian Pillman Jr. to help try and even the odds. He came into the ring, favoring that injured shoulder, and ducked an MJF clothesline laying out both MJF and Holliday with big right hands. He turned to Alexander Hammerstone and hit him with a superkick. Smith had recovered and he tossed Holliday out of the ring. By then Teddy had come back in the ring, and as he was favoring his shoulder, he had Pillman and Smith help him to an assisted canadian destroyer on Hammerstone. Smith picked up Hammerstone and placed him on the top rope, Hart climbed up to the top and STOOD on Hammerstone’s shoulders as Pillman helped him balance. Smith had picked up MJF on his shoulder by then, and Teddy jumped OFF Hammerstone and hit the Doomsday Destroyer on MJF!!!

Hart and Smith were about to pick up Hammerstone to toss him through the table, but Holliday had rolled back into the ring and gave them a double low blow. Pillman tried to attack, but he got a shoulder breaker from Holliday. Hammerstone hit Pillman with a mafia kick as he stood up, and then picked him up and roughly powerbombed him through the table for the win.

WINNERS: The Dynasty

(Matt’s Thoughts: That was a great match! It was everything you want in a tables match, which is lots of stiff blows, big spots, and a brutal table bump to end. The Doomsday Destroyer was CRAZY to see, especially coming off of Hammerstone to do it. The bump Pillman took on the powerbomb that ended it looked absolutely rough. The Hart Foundation looked strong, despite the loss, and the bad guys got the leg up after the last few weeks of shenanigans. This obviously is not over yet, as I’m sure that the Hart Foundation will be looking at payback after taking the cheapshots from Holliday. I will gladly take more of this feud!)

As the Dynasty celebrated in the ring, Rich tossed it to KAci Lennox who was standing by with the boss next week, Salina de la Renta. Kaci asked Salina to tell us about the show next week. Salina said she would, and told us next week would be a blockbuster. She said they would have tv and movie stars, starting with that Kenny Powers wannabe Gringo Loco, who would be taking on Hijo de LA Park. She said we’d have Disney’s trending star Dumbo, err, Daga taking on Low Ki. Then she said we’d have a public execution of Pentagon Jr. (she forgot to mention his opponent would be LA Park) She then asked KAci how good her spanish was, and said she had better get Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, because it she wasn’t ready she’d be fired.

They closed out the show seeing the Hart Foundation recovering from the loss at ringside as we wrap things up.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Aside from the first match, this was another great week of MLW wrestling. Rey Horus and Ace Austin put on a show, as both men looked really good tonight. We set up next week nicely, as Salina de la Renta will be taking over Fusion. That should be fun. The tables match was great, and it added another level to the already hot feud between the Hart Foundation and the Dynasty. We got exciting news, as MLW will be introducing a new belt, the National Openweight title. We found out who Tom Lawlor would likely be facing next, as “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker is coming over from WXW to challenge Filthy. The only thing missing this week was CONTRA Unit running wild, or telling us destruction was on its way, but I have a feeling they’ll fill us in next week! Speaking of next week, the show looks stacked! I hope you continue to join us on the march towards Fury Road…until then, Matt out!

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