FANN’S 5/29 Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory (episode 9) Report: Gage vs. Freddie, Dickinson vs. Lawler

By Rich Fann, Torch contributor


May 29, 2019

Announcers: Paul Crockett, Josh Briggs

We got right to the ring to kick off this week.

(1) Nick Gage vs. Jay Freddie

There was no bell to kick the match off, so Freddie and Gage exchanged chops, then forearms, and finally back suplexes. Freddie hit a running euro uppercut to get Gage outside of the ring, then followed up with a dive to the outside. “Beyond Wrestling” chant erupted from the crowd as the two men began to brawl among them. Gage then tossed Freddie into the merch tables to the chagrin of Josh Briggs.

Gage went to the top rope, but Freddie scampered up the ropes and hit a second rope superplex for a two count. Gage rolled through the kickout and hit a piledriver for a quick two in return. Now with both men stumbling to their feet, Gage got Freddie into the corner and nailed a face wash boot. Freddie then got his knees up on a Gage senton attempt and added a senton and a tombstone piledriver for a close 2 count. Gage’s choke breaker was countered into a sharpshooter. Gage got the ropes, and Freddie received a piledriver and a chokebreaker to end the opening match

WINNER: Nick Gage in 6:22 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Freddie .)

Post match, Gage broke the mic, but tried to tell the fans and the audience how much he appreciated them and Jay Freddie. Gage finished by saying they’re all MDK all f—– day. Thomas Santell then came out, walking past Gage to an Ovaltine chant.

Backstage, Cam Zagami interviewed DL Hurst prior to his Discovery Gauntlet match. Hurst talked about his July 2018 leg injury, and how the fans abandoning him forced him to learn a lot about himself, which Santell will see tonight

(2) Thomas Santell vs. DL Hurst – Discovery Gauntlet Match

Before the bell, Paul Crockett gave an overview of Santell’s four wins thus far in the Discovery Gauntlet. After Thomas left the ring to give a t-shirt to a fan, Hurst blindsided the ovaltine warrior to kick the match off. Santell then used Hurst’s t-shirt to choke the challenger, which led to both men outside of the ring. Hurst nailed a senton on the apron onto Santell’s face, soaking in the boos afterward. Hurst then asked for a mic and gave a mid-match promo, then stopped and punched Santell from a mounted position.

Hurst began to preen, which opened the door for a rear naked choke from Santell, which nearly earned a submission. Back in control, Hurst hit a release northern lights suplex and booted Santell in the head. Hurst attempted a torture rack, but was countered into a bully choke. Hurst got to the ropes, and then tagged Santell with another kick. Another attempt at the rack was reversed and nearly the Santell Sugar Free Hold, but a rope break saves Hurst again.

Hurst attempted to go to the top rope, but Santell countered into a super butterfly suplex. However, before a pin fall, Hurst rolled out of the ring – then followed with a cheap shot back in the ring. After a death valley driver, Santell kicked out at 2 and after another attempt at one. Hurst finally hit his rack into a code breaker, but Santell kicked out at 2.9. Hurst went for a moonsault which missed, and opened the door for a snap german suplex from Santell. After a sequence of holds, Santell slapped on the Sugar Free Hold for the tap out.

WINNER: “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell in 10:07 by submission (***)

Post match, Thomas Santell was interviewed by Cam Zagami. Ken Doane showed up to the ring to harass Santell, and told The Ovaltine Dream “you couldn’t cut it up there and now you’re down here”. Doane then blindsided Cam Zagami, and was removed by Beyond staff, to the glee of Josh Briggs.

(Fann’s Analysis: Santell really has become a star during these matches. Hurst tried every trick in the book to get the Ovaltine Dream out of the Gauntlet, but that Sugar Free Hold is no joke. Really good match.)

A preview of Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s upcoming card and Heidi Katrina’s debut was hyped.

(3) Allie Kat vs Davienne

The matched started with a playful Allie Kat nearly getting stomped into oblivion. After another exchange, Allie Kat hit the floor to have her belly scratched, only for Davienne to be tricked again. However, after some shenanigans with the ref, Davienne nailed a german suplex. Davienne then hit the death kick to Allie Kat in the corner, which surprised everyone with only a near fall.

A furious comeback by Allie Kat was stopped with a Davienne fisherman buster for a long two count. A pop up powerbomb attempt was blocked and turned into a headbutt by Allie Kat, but Skyler puts Davienne’s leg on the rope to break up the pin. Solo Darling hit the scene to even the oods, which opened up Davienne to a trip and a Larry Cat, which got Allie Kat the win.

WINNER: Allie Kat in 7:27 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: Decent match, starting with comedy and ending with two faces and two heels squaring off. I really liked Allie Kat’s fire on her comeback.)

(4) Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs. To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech)

Delaney and Beefcake started the match off, and showcased the size disparity between the two men. Great spot early where Beefcake wanted a test of strength – and Delaney did several push-ups only to high-five the big man. The continued into several other spots where Delaney attempted to lift the much bigger Beefcake, which ended disastrously.

Cheech then tagged in to square up with Bronson, and lost a chop battle. At this point it seemed as if To Infinity and Beyond were walking into a homicide. This point was exacerbated when Cheech was thrown into Delaney by Bear Bronson.

With each move, it became apparent Bear Country had the advantage, and that also led to lazier pin attempts by the big men. Delaney ate a uranage, but Cheech was in quickly to break up the pin attempt. A hot tag to Cheech led to a nice ddt spot where Cheech used Bronson’s knee to get the backspin he needed to get up and around Beefcake. This gave the smaller men an opening for a some offense. This dream ended quick when Bronson package piledrove Delaney onto Cheech, then followed with their electric chair drop for the win

WINNER: Bear Country in 14:08 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Great match between these two teams. Early, I thought it was going to be a quick squash, but it turned into a great David vs Goliath tag encounter. Bear Country has been on a big roll here in Beyond and I look forward to more of their matches #Hossfights.)

Footage highlighting the VSK / Dorian Graves’ dissolution of Massage Force and their feud’s genesis.

(5) VSK vs. Dorian Graves

Graves came in hot with a big boot to star the match getting VSK out of the ring. Graves then hit a brutal spinning somersault senton to VSK on the floor. Back in-ring, a leg lariat by Graves got a two count.

VSK was caught in the ropes, which opened him up for a tree of woe and dropkick by Graves. A frankensteiner by VSK on Graves sent the masked man out of the ring, which VSK followed up with tope suicida. VSK then slammed Graves onto the hard bar wood floor. The announcers claimed they could feel it near their booth 15 feet away. Graves got himself together and crawled to the ring before the 10 count could be completed.

VSK took control, and took his time to the boos of the fans dismantling Dorian Graves. After every move, VSK would try to pick at Graves’ mask, until a spinning DDT attempt was countered with a step up enziquiri. With VSK on the ropes, Graves hit a backbreaker / double underhook suplex combo. A facebuster by Graves only elicited a two count. After Graves ducked a rope attack, he returned to his massage force ways, and chopped furiously onto VSK’s back. Annoyed, VSK shoved Graves, who then lariated VSK into southwest Ontario.

The match finished with an exhausted Graves not being able to run the ropes after being Irish whipped, and sneakily pulling out a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. VSK’s attempts for the mask paid off, as mid-finisher Graves was unmasked, prompting him to shield his face as VSK pinned him for the win.

WINNER: VSK in 14:27 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: VSK kept going for the mask and it was instrumental in his victory. The whole match was based around the betrayal Graves felt, and VSK being a total jerk. I really liked this and going from a fun/silly tag team to a serious feud is really fun to see both men do.)

(6) Chuck O’Neil vs. Anthony Greene

Anthony Greene pre match sent the Honeys to the back, and kicked O’Neil in the head to start the match. The two men brawled a bit outside, then brought the fight back into the ring. Greene was thrown into the corner shoulder first, which gave Chuck O’Neil an opening to keep the usual happy-go-lucky Green on the mat.

At every moment he could O’Neil attempted to get under color commentator Josh Briggs’ skin. After a pair of finisher no sells by both men, O’Neil caught Greene after a roll up attempt in an armbar for the submission victory. After the match O’Neil kept the assault on until Josh Briggs left the announce booth to save his friend, and challenged O’Neil to a match next week.

WINNER: Chuck O’Neil in 6:47 by submission (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: A relatively shorter match, but continued the story of O’Neil wanting to Make Beyond Legit Again. Having the typically silly Greene put on his serious face and try and handle the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner was good to watch.)

A preview of next week’s show, including Orange Cassidy vs. a debuting Shawn Spears and the aforementioned O’Neil / Briggs match to come.

(7) Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson vs. Filthy Tom Lawlor

Lawlor took his mouthpiece out of his trunks, which Dickinson then took and put into his trunks. Tom then put the mouthpiece into his mouth, and off we went.

Both the announcers and your show reviewer were disgusted by the display, but when you have Dirty Daddy vs. The Filthy One, I knew what I was getting into.

After the silliness abated, the two men locked up closer to the edge of the ring, and Lawlor hit a hip toss on Dickinson. The match then hit the mat, where both men exchanged submissions and grapples. Lawlor then stood up and hit a few kicks until Dickinson took them bag to the ground. After a few more exchanges, the two men fell to the outside, brawling in the crowd. Filthy Tom threw up the double birds to Dickinson before more chops rained down. Lawlor then rolled back into the ring and back out again to stop the count, but that gave Dickinson the opening to hit more hard body karate. A hook lariat missed, and Dickinson cracked the ring post, and gave Lawlor another chance to take control.

Late in the match, Dickinson ate a few kicks and dropped some f bombs challenging Lawlor to put some more English in the kicks. The pair traded kicks and chops, until a sequence ended with Dickinson dropping Lawlor with a death valley driver.

Lawlor tried for a few sleepers, but they were countered by Dickinson. Lawlor then spun Dickinson around for a arm trap variant of the K driller, which only got a two count.

Dickinson then took a page out of Lawlor’s book, and hit a spinning back kick for a long two count. Dickinson followed up with a spin kick and got the duke.

Post match, Dickinson showed love to Lawlor – “it’s f—- 2019 and I love you and we’re going to shake hands”. Dickinson talked about how MMA guys in wrestling took off “since that Bro showed up”. Dickinson and Lawlor hugged, and Lawlor said he’d be back to wrestle next week – and that brought an end to the episode.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson in 16:00 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Beyond Uncharted Territory debut for Filthy Tom, who was fun and really good in this match. The story was the wounded arm of Dickinson after outside shenanigans and Dickinson fighting through the pain, while also dealing with such a good foil in Lawlor was a great main event.)

Overall thoughts (8.0): Top to bottom another good show. I really liked the main event and the continued development of Thomas Santell. The ladies had a solid match and nothing felt out of place, as always, on this week’s show.

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