6/5 NXT HITS & MISSES: Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair, Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves, Drew Gulak challenges KUSHIDA, Takeover XXV fallout

By James Myers, PWTorch Specialist

NXT Rhode Island - April 22, 2016 (photo credit Sean Radican @SeanRadican)


Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves – HIT: This was a really enjoyable match. Both competitors showed respect to one another at the start of the match. Kona Reeves faked a leg injury and, as Lee showed sympathy, Reeves attacked him. Reeves got some good heat with this dirty tactic. Keith Lee got the pinfall in a good match. This is a Hit here as this was to re-establish Lee as someone who has big time potential. Hopefully in the coming weeks we start to see Keith Lee be given a push.

The Street Profits video and segment -HIT: This is a Hit here as they are putting over the Street Profits tag title win. They also aired footage of them celebrating, which is always a feel-good moment in wrestling.

Tyler Breeze interview – HIT: This interview is a big Hit for me. I like that they are immediately giving Breeze the chance to talk and show a level of seriousness. NXT needs a crop of credible mid-card talent. Breeze is talented and has a point to prove, so he will be a good addition to NXT. He already seems much happier as part of the NXT roster again.

Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair – MISS: Bianca Belair recieved a great reaction during her entrance. Mia Yim has been in NXT for quite some time now. Despite her tenure and following, she has barely created any credibility for herself in NXT. This is a miss here as I’m not sure how keeping her stale for so long, only to give her a push seemingly out of nowhere, does anything for either women. This match wasn’t anything great, but it wasn’t horrible either. It was a more physical match than we have seen from these women in recent weeks. It clearly looks like Yim will get some kind of push, seeing how this was her second consecutive win over Belair.

Drew Gulak interview segment – HIT: Gulak was upset in the interview, over his loss to Kushida. He challenged Kushida to a submission match, which has been confirmed for next week. This is a Hit because they are going to highlight Kushida’s strengths, as a great technical and submission wrestler, as they continue to introduce him to the American audience. Drew Gulak seems to be content on having these great technical matches with other great wrestlers.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall this was another good week of programming for the black and yellow brand. They announced a submission match between Kushida and Drew Gulak for next week. I’m really looking forward to that match.It also looks like Mia Yim is set to recieve a push based on her wins against Bianca Belair. This was the NXT Takeover fallout show and featured highlights and photos of the event. My hopes are that we will recieve some good singles and tag matches in the coming weeks on NXT. I would like to see some new and different challengers for all the NXT titles.

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