5/25 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Tom Lawlor vs. “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker, Hughes & Romero vs. Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael, Low Ki & Martinez vs. Hollywood & Tagan

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 25, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

The MLW opening aired first.

The show opened with Tom Lawlor voicing over his recent wins, and talking about his match with Robert Dreissker tonight. Dreissker said he was coming to take the title. Lawlor said that he was the baddest man on earth, and that no one would take his title. Lawlor told Dreissker his world would crumble when he reached the top of the mountain.

The Fusion opening would follow next.

Rich and Jim welcomed everyone in to the show, and let us know we are a week away from Fury Road. They ran down tonight’s card, which of course is headlined by a World Title defense. Lucha Bros are supposed to be in action tonight but they had word something happened to them, along with CONTRA Unit taking on Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero. Rich told us about last week’s victory by Brian Pillman over Rich Swann, and that next week at Fury Road they would battle for the inaugural National Title.

Kaci Lennox was standing by with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone. Richard cut her off before she could ask anything, saying he knew what the big question was, where was MJF? Holliday said MJF was sitting down with their financial advisor this week going over the huge boost in income they’d be getting when Hammerstone won the title at Fury Road. Richard said the current representation of MLW was the Hart Foundation, a bunch of guys with criminal records. Holliday said the Dynasty were the elitists and they would be the face of MLW. Alexander Hammerstone spoke then, asking Kaci is she saw how his biceps would barely fit in the monitor. Alex asked if that told enough of the story, if that spelled out the genetic advantage. Alex said there was a reason that the Dynasty sounded like destiny, and because it’s not IF he wins but WHEN he wins the championship. Hammerstone finished up by telling Pillman not to worry about hurting, because when he was done Pillman wouldn’t feel a thing.


Acey and Barrington were the first ones out, at over 800 lbs of combined weight. CONTRA Unit followed them, as they would be represented by Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael tonight, but Simon Gotch did come out with them. The match just started as a brawl, as all four men just went at it from the get go.

Samael spiked Romero in the back of the head, and sent him out of the ring, as both the members of CONTRA Unit focused on Hughes. They took Hughes down, and Jacob Fatu hit the moonsault for the three count.


CONTRA Unit continued to just beat on Hughes and Romero after the match. Samael beat Hughes with his boot, while Gotch worked on Romero on the outside. They finally had enough and left the ring.

(Matt’s Thoughts: Another short CONTRA match to show their dominance. This pushed further that they are near unstoppable. I’m ready for someone to step up and get in their way, so we can see some longer matches out of these guys possibly.)

A cameraman caught up with Salina de la Renta as she walked in the building with Ricky Martinez. They asked if she was interested in the match tonight, and she said LA Park was interested. They asked if he would be cashing in, and she said we would find out.

Next aired video of what happened to the Lucha Bros earlier, as they were supposed to be in action tonight. Fenix and Pentagon were attacked by CONTRA Unit, and Fenix was hit by a fireball from Josef Samael. No more update was given, as the camera cut out right after that happened.

A vignette of the Von Erich brothers aired, as we see footage from their time in Japan wrestling for Pro Wrestling NOAH. That was followed with a video package with all the upcoming major events for MLW.

The video of the Lucha Bros being attacked aired again, as they focused on the fireball attack. Kaci Lennox was standing by with an update. She said it was still chaos backstage as CONTRA’s attack to try and humiliate was successful. She said after the fireball when they took the mask off of Fenix, the flesh came off with it. She said CONTRA said they were going to strike, but who would have thought it would be the Lucha Bros.

Rich ran down all the attacks that CONTRA had made since showing up in MLW, starting with Tom Lawlor of course. Tom was standing by in the back with a response to everything that has happened. Lawlor said he didn’t become MLW World Heavyweight champion by accident, he did it because he could stay focused. He said they should be asking the other locker rooms how they were going to take the title from him.

The Fury Road control center filled us in on the card for next week’s Fury Road. Teddy Hart defends the middleweight title against Jimmy Havoc, Gringo Loco battles Myron Reed, the finals of the National Openweight Title tournament, and much more!

A vignette aired of Teddy Hart vs. Jimmy Havoc next. There has been no build to this match, but it should be a good one nonetheless.

Mance Warner had a promo next. Mance was collecting at the pay window, and said he wasn’t a midcarder he was at the tippy top. He said he gets a main event pay day,because he always shows up and gets the “W”.

A recap of all the things the CONTRA Unit had done so far tonight was shown. Kaci had an update on the situation backstage. She said CONTRA was last seen heading up the stairs, still in the building. Kaci said league officials did not want hem there, and were looking for them. Footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs, so Kaci said she had to go and then left.


Promociones Dorado made their way to the ring, as their opponents got the jobber entrance. Salina, as always, accompanied her two men to the ring. Low Ki was less than thrilled about the match it seemed, as Salina argued with him all the way down the ramp.

Promociones struck before the bell could ring. Chris was struck by Low Ki, and seemingly knocked out. Hollywood was hit with a nast lariat from Martinez and almost beheaded. Low Ki and Martinez double teamed Hollywood, and Low Ki hit the double stomp from the top for a three count.

WINNERS: Low Ki and Ricky Martinez

As the two are still standing in the rin, CONTRA Unit’s music hits. Jacob Fatu was the first to walk out, and Ricky Martinez bailed out of the ring leaving Low Ki by himself. Low Ki tried to get a jump on Fatu as he climbed into the ring, but before any advantage could be gained Samael and Gotch came in to the ring and attacked as well. CONTRA hit a huge double pop-up samoan drop on Low Ki, and then draped the flag over his body. They left Low Ki laying in the ring, and no one from Promociones ever offered to help. Officials checked on Low Ki, and were calling for help from the back.

(Matt’s Thoughts: The seeds had been planted for weeks, and it was finally time to harvest, as it looks like the official end of the relationship between Promociones Dorado and Low Ki. They bailed on him pretty quickly, and never tried to help fend off CONTRA Unit as they attacked the former World Champion. This took CONTRA to another level. Yes, they had attacked Tom Lawlor. Yes, they took down the Lucha Bros. Low Ki, though, is one of those names in MLW that sits in rarified air. He may get beat sometimes, but he never gets BEAT. Tonight, he was BEAT. I wonder if this may eventually lead to an unholy alliance between Low Ki and Tom Lawlor down the line. That could make for good tv, and might give MLW a fighting chance against CONTRA Unit.)

H2TV aired next, brought to you as always by Quagmire Ribs. Davey Boy say stroking a cat, and told Brian Pillman Jr. he had a big task in front of him. Teddy said one thing about those big guys is they blow up fast. Hart said they look good, but don’t have the cardio. Davey said it may seem hard at first, but everything seems hard at first. Smith said this was just going to be one of many challenges Pillman would have to overcome in life, but to win this one because there would be bigger challenges down the road. Smith said once he blows up, get your hands on him and stretch him. Pillman said he knows Hammerstone is big and strong, but like his father said it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Pillman finished by saying that he wasn’t doing this for the title, he was doing this for his brothers and his family.

Another recap of what CONTRA Unit had done tonight aired next. Rich said that the Lucha Bros were at the hospital, but they still had no word on Fenix injuries. He said Hughes and Romero had ASKED for CONTRA and stood no chance against them. Back in the ring, Low Ki was still down, but he tried to crawl out of the ring on his own. Rich said the body count tonight was up to five so far, but would Tom Lawlor be six. Low Ki crawled out of the ring and to the floor as officials tried to continue to help him to the back. Rich asked Kaci for an update backstage. Kaci said the CONTRA situation had gotten out of hand. She said one man had third degree burns, and two brothers were sent to the hospital. She said this is not what wrestling is about, and she would give them updates as she got them.

Coming back from break we get another recap of CONTRA Unit’s carnage. Rich mentioned how CONTRA had said the body count would rise. He said that Tom Lawlor not only had to worry about them tonight, but possibly LA Park. That segued us to the earlier interview from the evening where Salina de la Renta said we’d have to wait and see what LA Park would do tonight.


Robert Dreissker, known as the Austrian Avalanche, made his way out first for this World Title Match. Avalanche would be representing WXW in this match tonight. Tom Lawlor wanted to prove a true “world” champion, so he was ready for opponents from anywhere around the world. Filthy was out next, as excited as ever to fight. Formal introductions were made, as MLW presents its title matches as true sporting events which I love. Rich mentioned that Salina was watching from beside them in the box, just in case she wanted to make a move I’m sure.

Dreissker won the first couple of exchanges, powering Lawlor away during the collar-and-elbow tie up. Lawlor tried to use leverage to grab an early submission, but failed. Lawlor changed pace and went with a multitude of kicks, and tried for an early pin, but only got a two count. Dreissker powered Tom out of the ring with his legs, and then hit an avalanche against the ropes sending Tom to the floor. Dreissker followed LAwlor out, and the two exchanged blows on the floor. Dreissker hit a running clothesline on Lawlor who was up against the ringpost. Dreissker finally rolled back into the ring, and awaited Lawlor to follow him back in.

As Lawlor made it back into the ring, Dreissker continued to pound the champ with forearm shots The Avalanche hit a big splash on Lawlor for a two count, but not even a close one. Lawlor TRIED fighting back as he made his feet, but Dreissker hit a big shoulder tackle on Lawlor stopping the momentum from swinging. Lawlor reversed a pickup attempt and ALMOST locked in a rear naked choke, but Dressker was ready for it and launched them into the corner. Avalanche then whipped Lawlor across the ring as hard as he possibly could.

Dreissker pounded Lawlor in the corner with repeated forearm blows. Lawlor began to fight his way back with a combo of chops and palm strikes, but Dreissker reversed a suplex attempt and managed a very close two count. Dreissker tried whipping Lawlor into the corner, but Lawlow slid through his legs while keeping wrist control. Lawlor popped up behind him and hit a german suplex on the big man. Lawlor continued the momentum swing with a running forearm smash, followed by stiff forearm shots in the corner. Dreissker tried pushing him away, but Lawlor was relentless. Lawlor ran to the other corner, but Dreissker had followed and hit a huge avalanche in the corner. Dreissker followed that with a fallaway slam, and then went up on the second rope but missed the Vader bomb. Lawlor gave Dreissker a big knee to the temple, and followed it with the rear naked choke which he locked in until Avalanche tapped out.

WINNER: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

(Matt’s Thoughts: This was your typical big man/underdog champ match. Lawlor sold for most of the match in order to make Dreissker look like a beast. Dreissker’s offense honestly was limited to lots of forearms and splashes. If you were expecting Keith Lee out of Avalanche, it was not your match. It did serve its purpose, though, as it made Dreissker look like a real threat and gave Lawlor a good come from behind win. Not great, but not bad, and it’s always good to see Lawlor be a fighting champion.)

Like clockwork, CONTRA Unit made their presence felt as they attacked Tom Lawlor as soon as the match ended. All three men beat on Lawlor in the ring, until Gotch hit the gotch style piledriver on Lawlor. Fatu hit the springboard moonsault on Tom, and then they draped the CONTRA flag over Lawlor’s lifeless body. Rich said, at that point, that Salina had taken off towards the back. The camera cut to her trying to get LA Park to follow her to the ring, so they could cash in on the destroyed Tom Lawlor. Sami Callihan and Mance Warner had other plans, though, as they intercepted LA Park and beat him down stopping the cash-in attempt. Salina was not happy, as Mance and Sami left smiling and satisfied as we ended the show.

FINAL ANALYSIS: Aside from the title match, all the other matches were super short tonight. Normally that would be a bad thing, but tonight was all about one group. CONTRA Unit. They owned the show tonight, and really put their stamp on MLW as THE dominant group there. One thing I love is a good faction, and MLW has SEVERAL, but CONTRA pushed their way to the top tonight. When I say this I am not saying they are EQUAL to these guys, but CONTRA reminds me of a cross between the Shield and the original NWO. They are militaristic in their assaults (Shield), but are out to destroy MLW (NWO), and are willing to strike anyone at any time (both). They’ve yet to have anyone stand in their way in any sort of successful manner, and quite frankly I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Also, and I will say this to anyone who will listen, Jacob Fatu us a BEAST. He checks all the boxes. He just as “It”. Surrounding him with Gotch (who plays the kind of evil genius) and Samael (who plays crazy) gives them a trio that looks like it will run roughshod over MLW for the foreseeable future. We’ll see if they make a pit stop at Fury Road to display their violence. Speaking of, this was the last stop on the way to Fury Road. So, next time you hear from me it will be filling you in on what happened at MLW’s first big event of the Summer. Who will be the first National Openweight Champ? What will the Von Erich’s bring to MLW? Will Teddy Hart and Jimmy Havoc leave anything in one piece? We’ll find out, but until then… Matt out!

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