FANN’s 6/12 Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory (episode 11) report – O’Neil vs. Lawler, Statlander vs. Janela main event

By Rich Fann, Torch contributor


June 12, 2019

Announcers: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella

This week kicked off with Bear Country’s open challenge. Out comes David Starr, who, after he got the crowd riled up, declared he would answer the challenge with his partner. After Starr browbeat the music person, Eddie Kingston entered the ring. Starr said that Kingston had given up his name and would now go by ACH, which elicited a chuckle from the commentary team. Starr then said he would need time to get into his gear, which was a ruse, as both he and Kingston attacked Bear Country and started the match.

(1) Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs. WRSTLING (David Starr & Eddie Kingston/”ACH”)

Bronson kicked the match off with Starr, and slapped the mouthy Starr around a bit. As both teams began to brawl and exchange holds, the announcers mentioned that even when they’re not tagging together, Kingston and Starr sang each other’s praises in other matches.

Eventually, Starr and Kingston get the advantage, with a key move being an assisted Ushigoroshi Starr and Kingston dropped on Bronson. After a tandem powerbomb, Bear Country had the advantage and looked to hit their elevator drop, but Kingston pulled Bronson over the top rope.

Kingston and Starr then hit 3 tandem kicks/clothelines, a spinning backfist and a german suplex for the win.

WINNER: David Starr and “ACH” in 12:39 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Starr and Kingston ending Bear Country’s undefeated streak is of note here, as the two powerhouses had been quite the tandem in the last few weeks.)

(2) Richard Holliday vs. “Retrosexual AG” Anthony Greene (w/the Platinum Honeys)

Holliday backed Green into the corner and then moved away with his hands up to denote no contact, and Greene high fived him. After another exchange, Holliday was rattled by a Greene kick to the head. Before the Retrosexual could hold the advantage, Holliday worked the leg, leaving Greene hobbled.

In the corner, Greene fought to stay away from Holliday’s assault and nailed a superkick. Holliday ate another superkick, and then hit a ‘2008’ – a release suplex (to denote the stock market crash in 2008) and both men went down. A spinning backbreaker from a double arm position only got Holliday a two count. Holliday then went for his finisher, Black Monday, but was crucifixed by Greene for the quick three count.

WINNER: Anthony Greene in 6:28 by pinfall (**)

Post match, the Honeys hit the ring to protect Greene after Holliday began to hit on him. Ken Doane then entered the ring and punched one of the Platinum Honeys in the face. Josh Briggs then hit the ring to protect the Honeys from Doane and challenged Doane to get the f*** in the ring.

(Fann’s Analysis: Decent match to transition to the continuing Doane/Briggs feud, as well as Holliday doing a great job in ring with the Retrosexual. I am a huge Paul Roma fan, so having one of his proteges doing this well is a fun thing, even without MJF.)

(3) Ken Doane vs Josh Briggs

While Doane was on the apron jawing with the fans, Briggs hiptossed him into the ring to start the match. The two big men brawled a bit

Eva Everett returned to the ring, and hit Doane as he tried to use powder to cheat Briggs. This led to a chokeslam and a win for Josh Briggs.

WINNER: Josh Briggs in 3:31 by pinfall (*)

(Fann’s Analysis: Doane has been getting the advantage of most of the faces, so to get some come uppance courtesy Briggs and the Platinum Honeys was a nice touch.)

(4) LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs. Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20) with Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson as Guest Ring Announcer

Prohibition and Santana kicked off the match, exchanging holds as the announcers discussed Prohibition’s past in the independent scene. LAX scored the advantage, and hit their patented Ortiz dead man headbutt pinning combo for a near fall. Prohibition fought back, hitting a falcon arrow for a two count.

M-Dogg 20 then tagged in and the pair pummeled Ortiz in the corner. After a bit more punishment, Ortiz was able to hit the hot tag onto Santana, who hit a fireman’s carry facedrop onto M-Dogg 20. Prohibition established the veteran team’s dominance, and a double stomp/dvd combo only got a 2 count. Youthanazia at this point set up for a combo tiger-driver/top rope finish, but Santana cut it off with a roll-up attempt that was followed up with a cutter and double flapjack for the win.

WINNER: LAX in 9:15 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: LAX has spent 2019 taking on the best tag teams in wrestling history, and this match was no different. Whether it’s the Rock n Roll Express, or Lucha Bros, or now Youthanazia, these two men can go with anyone. Great showing by Youthanazia as well.)

Post match, EYFBO stated they are the true ace tag team in Beyond.

The show then cut to a pre-tape earlier with Cam Zagami in the day where Thomas Santell’s next opponent for the Discovery Gauntlet, Travis Huckabee.

(5) “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell vs. “The Golden Grappler” Travis Huckabee – Discovery Gauntlet Match

Santell and Huckabee had dueling towel responses by the crowd pre-match, which Santell won without a doubt.

After the bell, Santell got the advantage out of the tie up with a headlock and a few tosses to the joy of the crowd. The two men then began to roll and counter each other with simple leg and arm locks. An early sugar free hold attempt resulted in a rope break before Santell could lock it in. Santell attempted a La Majistral, but Huckabee stopped the momentum for a near fall.

Near the apron, Huckabee slapped on a stretch muffler and slammed Santell into the steel post. Damage from Santell’s match with O’Neil on Sunday was mentioned, as Huckabee irish whipped Santell who collapsed. As Santell and Huckabee exchanged chops, the announcers highlighted that this would be seven weeks in a row for Santell should he win. Santell hit a fisherman suplex he converted into a falcon arrow for a 2.8 count. Huckabee tried a stretch muffler/ankle hold combo, but Santell kicked his way out.

Santell went for the Sugar Free Hold, but Huckabee elbowed his injured leg, which forced the Ovaltine dream to transition to the Rings of Saturn with elbows to his opponent’s ribs for the submission.

WINNER: Thomas Santell in 9:13 by submission (***1/2)

(Fann’s Analysis: Santell is one of my favorite people to watch in Beyond since his debut in the Discovery Gauntlet. The Golden Grappler was a good opponent and with the injuries mounting, it may signal the Ovaltine Dream’s time may be running out. I love that dude, so I hope I’m wrong.)

Post match, Cam Zagami interviewed Santell, but before Santell could speak, Zagami said “interview yourself” and left the ring. Santell then actually interviewed himself, highlighting his 7-0 record and the competition being raised. He then closed saying he was rooting for the Bruins to come back in their Stanley Cup Final and celebrate with a big cup full of Ovaltine.

(6) Chuck O’Neil vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

O’Neil and Lawlor’s relationship prior to last week’s shenanigans were highlighted by the announcers. Both men spent the first four minutes of the match with attempted leg locks being countered, finishing with attempts at the guard being countered by both as well.

Back on their feet, the two tried for homerun knockout kicks and head slaps, but neither could connect. A big boot and kick from O’Neil was met with a spinning heel kick by Lawlor, and both hit the mat.

Lawlor worked to get an arm trapped, and then transitioned to locking the legs as well, but O’Neil hit the ropes to break the submission up. Lawlor then hit a Kamigoye and used the momentum to carry into his rear naked choke. O’Neil’s length again saved him, and reached the bottom rope with his foot. A triangle by O’Neil was counted by Lawlor into a Styles Clash, but O’Neil held the arm for a follow through submission.

WINNER: Chuck O’Neil in 9:24 by submission (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: The match was really heated, and my goodness the finish made the match. O’Neil held that arm through the Styles Clash and that allowed for a delightful sub from underneath.)

A preview of next week’s show, featuring Team Tremendous vs. Bear Country, JXT vs. Solo Darling, Josh Briggs and more.

(7) Joey Janela vs. Kris Statlander

Janela and Statlander showed respect prior to a collar and elbow tie up. The pair had a few exchanges, and then Statlander took the advantage, focusing on the arm of Janela. As the match continued, Janela slowly began to take shortcuts to get ahead of Statlander. With each attempt, however, Statlander would counter and put him back on the ropes.

Statlander persisted, and when Janela started to roll his tape off and put her in the dragon sleeper, Statlander countered by fighting out and hitting a powerslam. Both on the ground, Statlander gets up first, and nailed a shotgun dropkick. After another slam, Statlander didn’t hook the legs and Janela had an out to escape before the three count. Statlander went for a tombstone, but Janela hit her in the jaw.

Statlander got Janela on the top rope and attempted a superplex, which crashed both to the mat. Statlander didn’t get the pin right away, and when she attempted the pin Janela kicked out at two. “Beyond Wrestling” chant rang out from the crowd as Statlander climbed to the top rope to attack Janela, who rolled to the floor. Janela hit a spinning back fist, and a muscle buster from the top rope to the apron.

Statlander fought her way to her feet and got to the apron at 9, and Janela dragged her to into a hangman’s DDT for a long two count. Janela then hit a splash from the top rope for another two count. Statlander hit a Blue Thunder Bomb, but didn’t go for the pin, instead going to the top rope to hit a 450 splash, which Janela also kicked out of.

An exchange of superkicks by both then led to a Statlander Canadian Destroyer being followed by a Janela lariat for a double knockout. Janela rolled out of the ring and grabbed a door, and before he could hit a Razor’s Edge onto the door, Statlander slipped out and hit an axe kick and bent Janela’s neck in an unnatural position. Janela was then electric chair’d through the door for another long two count to the shock of the crowd. Janela hit his spinning package piledriver for a near fall of his own. The crowd at this point went nuts. Janela grabbed another door and set it on the ropes, and hit a package piledriver through the table…for a 2.9 count. Janela then hit a final superkick to secure the victory.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 32:06 by pinfall (*****)

(Fann’s Analysis: Match of the night and a star-making performance by Statlander. That was one of the best matches I’ve seen since the show started. I cannot recommend this match enough.)

Post match, Janela stated he was proud of the intergender match they had and said Jim Cornette could f*** himself, which the crowd repeated. Janela then called out David Starr, and told Starr he wouldn’t have the guts to face him at Americanrana 2019. Starr then listed all of the injuries Janela’s had, and got cut off by the fans calling him an a-hole.

Starr said he won’t wrestle Janela because Joey is a hypocrite and lower the value of professional wrestlers in the back. Joey continued to berate Starr, who said he won’t just beat him, he’ll beat Janela so bad AEW can’t use him anymore. And they’ll do it in a 60-minute Ironman Match to end the feud once and for all.

Overall thoughts (9.5): I was at an 8-8.5 for this week, a solid show overall and as always a great 2 hours. Then Statlander vs Janela happened. That main event, 32+ minutes of outstanding wrestling and hard hitting moves was a masterpiece. What a brilliant show.

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