FANN’s 7/3 Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory (episode 14) report – Bear Country vs. Stunt Doubles, Greene vs. The Patriot, Janela birthday celebration, Janela vs. Briggs main event

By Rich Fann, Torch contributor


July 3, 2019

Announcers: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella

This week, the show is in White Eagle and celebrated the 30th birthday of the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela. After a few words to the crowd, Rich Palladino called Chris Dickinson to the ring to oversee the festivities dropping a few f-bombs in honor of Janela. Dickinson then called Janela to the ring, as the announcers discussed Janela’s match in AEW vs. Jon Moxley. They further said that Janela could’ve been on a couch somewhere drinking beer, but instead wanted to be with the fans of Beyond. Janela then did a Ric Flair rope impersonation.

Dickinson said he had a gift for Janela, and went to the back to retrieve it. After a feigned struggle a large box was dragged to the ring via cart. However, instead of the stripper that Janela and Dickinson assumed was inside, the butt that was shown once the box was open belonged to AEW’s Sonny Kiss, who slapped Dickinson and rolled him into the ring, and followed with a frankensteiner. The bell rang, and apparently the next match in Dickinson’s Daisuke Sekimoto prep was on.

(1) Sonny Kiss vs. “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

Dickinson spent most of the beginning of this match on the defensive, as each of his signature moves and attacks were ducked with ease by Kiss. Kiss then dove outside, taking Dickinson out and twerked as Dickinson was incapacitated on the floor. Fans refused to hit Dickinson as Kiss held “Dirty Daddy” so Kiss returned to the ring.

Another twerk combo with a neckbreaker sent Dickinson to the mat. At this point Bakabella mentioned that Kiss should focus more on the match and less on twerking, and a Dickinson death valley driver proved the point. Dickinson and Kiss then went shot for shot mid ring, until Kiss attempted an attempt at an alligator roll for a two count.

Kiss slapped and kicked Dickson, holding Dickinson’s hand while Kiss climbed the rope, flipped and nailed a head-and-arm suplex to the cheers of crowd. Angered, Dickinson kicked Kiss into a split position, then followed with a kick to Kiss’ head for a two count.

The pair exchanged roll ups, and then Kiss brought a little bit of the power game with a death valley sit out spinebuster for a 2 count. Kiss then climbed the top rope, but Dickinson recovered to give Kiss a superplex for a 2.9 count.

Dickinson grabbed the gift box and threw it into the ring. He then struggled with Kiss, setting him up on the top rope. Dickinson then nailed a death valley driver from the second rope into the box to score the pinfall win.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson in 11:06 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: From the introduction of the “gift” to the match itself, an outrageous – in the best possible way – segment. Kiss and Dickinson did well, despite a few rough patches towards the end with pin attempts. I particularly enjoyed how well the announcers did talking about Kiss without making him a spectacle.)

Post match, the announce team reset the show, previewing the matches of the week. Back in ring, Rich Palladino in honor of Janela continued with his f-bomb laden announcing in honor of Janela. Because of Team Tremendous’ Dan Barry being out with an appendectomy Bear Country would be facing the Stunts.

(2) Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs. Stunt Doubles (Marko & Logan Stunt)

The announcers talked about how tough it would be for the stunts prior to the match started. The crowd continued to sing Blink 182 as the Stunts entered the ring – and Rich Palladino announced the tag match would be a “f—- tornado tag match”.

The match began with Marko and Bear Beefcake in the ring. Stunt decided to tell the crowd this was going to “be a doozy” and after a few chops failing to do anything but annoy the giant Beefcake, Beefcake returned fire and crushed Stunt. Both Stunts then stacked onto each other and engaged Beefcake with a side headlock and shot them to the ropes, eating a combined shoulder block. Then Beefcake chopped Marko off of Logan’s shoulders to end the charade.

Both teams then spilled outside, with a flurry of dives by the Stunts being compounded by the more powerful Bear Country beginning to turn the tide and cut off any comebacks the diminutive pair had. Bronson particularly shone, and nailed suplexes and drops with both brothers at once.

The finish came with Bronson lining both Stunts up for the Elevator Drop, which squashed both brothers and got the win.

WINNERS: Bear Country in 14:46 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: I didn’t think this match would go five minutes, let alone almost 15. It was a testament to both teams that while the result was never in doubt, the resilience of the Stunt Doubles was plain to see. Fun match.)

Post match, Bear Country picked up what was left of the Stunts to show love.

Backstage, Breaux Keller cited his experience as a two-time All American hurdler as a reason he shouldn’t be doubted in the upcoming Discovery Gauntlet match.

(3) Christian Casanova vs. Breaux Keller – Discovery Gauntlet Match

Cam Zagami arrived first, putting out a red velvet rope for Christian Casanova. The announcers debated the need to have Zagami out there helping Casanova (2-0) who is talented in his own right.

Casanova pushed the pace early like last week, going for a superkick at the bell, which was ducked by Keller. After an exchange near the top rope, Casanova hit a springboard back leg drop for a two count.

Keller hit a reverse kick and a springboard splash for no cover, due to a knee being tweaked. A slingblade into an x-factor like move only got two for Keller. Keller then hit a jump from the ground to the top rope, resulting in a frankensteiner and a springboard DDT for another near fall. Casanova blocked an attempt as a lung blower, hitting a top rope axe kick (with assist of bottom rope) for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Christian Casanova in 7:21 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: Casanova started to show his talent, and that while he is talented he wants to take the shortcuts more than needs to. Zagami has become a solid number two to Casanova and I thought that Keller did well.)

Post match Casanova again allowed Zagami to cut off the interviewer and both antagonized the crowd, which led to raucous boos.

(4) “The Retrosexual AG” Anthony Greene (w/The Platinum Hunnies) vs. The Patriot

The pre-fight announcements were capped off with Greene revealing a delightfully patriotic pair of ruffled pants for Retro AG. “USA” chants rang out as Greene hit a knee to the gut to start the match. Patriot then fired back out of the corner after a chop from AG didn’t even register with the Star-and-Striped masked wrestler. Patriot’s return fire to AG’s chest crumpled the man, to the point the Platinum Hunnies came in to protect AG.

Patriot teased a chop to Ava Everett, but instead gently moved her out of the way. That opened him up to a punch to the face from Greene. As The Patriot was near the corner for a groin post, Angel Sinclair pulled at Greene’s arms in an attempt to keep the posting from happening. After a tug of war, Greene took the groin post – and while the Patriot argued with the Hunnies, delivered a superkick to the side of Patriot’s head.

After another back and forth, Green went for a move off the ropes, which Patriot reversed into the Uncle Slam for the win.

WINNER: The Patriot in 7:50 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: This was a fun encounter. I thought the Hunnies did a good job and kept the Patriot loose in terms of not having to go bang-bang-bang move wise early, and late Green generated a lot of movement to help the match along. The finish into the Uncle Slam was smooth.)

After the match, Patriot, emboldened by the crowd singing the National Anthem, gave a handshake to Greene.

(5) Wheeler YUTA vs. “The Handsome Devil” Alex Reynolds

YUTA and Reynolds started hot, with an attempted Reynolds armbar that led to an exchange of holds and counter holds by the pair. YUTA ate two double stomps in the span of 90 seconds, with Reynolds taunting YUTA throughout. After the second stomp, Reynolds used his wrist tape to tie YUTA into the ropes in the corner.

After an exchange got YUTA onto the mat, Reynolds stretched him, then fed YUTA to the ropes. YUTA hit a jawbreaker, and when Reynolds tried for a third stomp, baseball kicked Reynolds’ legs sending the man to the floor. After a YUTA dive, Reynolds ate a top rope shotgun dropkick in the ring and a german suplex for a near fall. Reynolds then attempted a few kicks to the chest, and when Reynolds went for a head kick, YUTA hit an elevated reverse DDT for the win.

 WINNER: Wheeler YUTA in 7:49 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: I didn’t think this match would go five minutes, let alone almost 15. It was a testament to both teams that while the result was never in doubt, the resilience of the Stunt Doubles was plain to see. Fun match.)

Immediately after the match Chuck O’Neil hit the ring to beat on the tired YUTA. O’Neil attempted the arm bar again and again YUTA countered it, to the chagrin of O’Neil. YUTA challenged O’Neil from the ring as O’Neil fled to the back.

The Rock and Roll Express were then announced to be wrestling The Butcher and The Blade at Americanrana ’19.

(6) Solo Darling vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The pair opened this bout with exchanged mat work, which ended with Darling relinquishing a leg attempt to her chagrin. Another exchange ended in the corner, which prompted a ref separation, as Darling attempted to start working the leg of Hirsch.

The pair then began to exchange power moves, with Darling starting to lose ground to the ground and pound style of Hirsch.

Both women then went shot for shot with slaps, then forearms, and finally a Hirsch head kick was countered into the Sharp Stinger for the tap out.

WINNER: Solo Darling in 10:34 by submission (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: What started as a technical affair broke out into a fight late, and the continued ability for Solo Darling to get the Sharp Stinger out of any situation is great to see. I really liked this match, and think that Hirsch’s stint in the Infinity Gauntlet match bode well for her continued presence in Beyond and this match only assured the crowd would want more of her.)

Post match, the announcers mentioned that Tom Lawlor & Bryan Alvarez would be facing Thomas Santell and a partner of his choosing.

(7) “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell vs. Cam Zagami

Not only would Zagami have Christian Casanova in his corner, but Richard Holliday showed up to hide behind a trash can and add to the menagerie. Upon Santell’s arrival, he was jumped by the pair, who slammed his head into the apron and post.

Eventually the beating got into the ring, which the referee wanted no part of. The announcers mentioned that no one would accept Santell’s request to be his partner at Americanrana and no one would come to his aid. Zagami removed his belt and whipped the Ovaltine Dream in the ring with it, as the former Discovery Gauntlet winner crawled to the ropes.

Suddenly, Nick Gage’s music hit and the MDK commander-in-chief came from behind the curtain, throwing a chair at Richard Holliday’s head. Gage then spine bustered Casanova and before MDK could get Zagami, Zagami bailed. Gage and Santell were left in the ring and the pair seemed to come to an understanding.

WINNER: No match occurred – no contest.

(Fann’s Analysis: As we discussed last week, the possibility of MDK and Ovaltine joining forces has become a reality. What that means for the trio tonight – and perhaps Alvarez & Lawlor – remain to be seen. Solid segment.)

The 60 minute Starr-Janela Ironman match was featured prior to the next match.

(8) Cajun Crawdad & Hermit Crab & Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge vs. Mike Quackenbush & Thief Ant & Green Ant & Razerhawk 2000 – CHIKARA Showcase Atomicos Match

Before the ring could clear all eight men began to brawl, prompting the bell. The action was fast and furious throughout, with the early story being the rudos attempting to unmask the Ants. Mid match, Quackenbush’s ankle was the target, which led to him limping and being another target for the rudos.

Another attempt at Green Ant’s mask was stopped by Quackenbush in the corner. Quackenbush then used the back of Green Ant to hit an elevated Quackendriver on Cajun Crawdad for the win.

WINNER: Mike Quackenbush in 12:11 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: The atomicos style match was a nice switch from the beat-down of the prior non-match. This match was a really good, really fun CHIKARA taste for those that are uninitiated – particularly because this was one of the 25 final matches in Mike Quackenbush’s 25 year career.)

Next week’s show was previewed, with the added taste of Nick Gage and Thomas Santell teaming up for the first time.

(9) Josh Briggs vs. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Denver Colorado came out to thank the crew and team for putting on Uncharted Territory and the fans for their attendance during these shows.

Janela, instead of his usual theme came out to “Party in the USA” to the chants of “Happy Birthday” by the crowd.

Janela snuck two superkicks in on Briggs before the bell, and then Briggs hit a backbreaker and a chokeslam for a near fall. Janela, fresh off his match with Moxley, fought through the power game of Briggs, putting up his knees to stop a Briggs splash and rocking the big man with clotheslines.

In the late match, Briggs ate a package piledriver after an Iconoclasm through a chair for a two count. At this point the fans began to chant “Beyond Wrestling”. Janela hit a moonsault, but was caught into a choke breaker. Janela countered into a hurricanara and a flurry of European uppercuts, but was cut off with a snap chokeslam for a near three. A choke bomb from Briggs only got a 2.9 count.

Briggs dared Janela to get up, going for a running boot in the corner. Another was countered by Janela by moving out of the way (after giving Briggs the finger) and Janela used Briggs being stuck in the ropes to elevate Briggs into a Burning Hammer (!?!?!) for the win.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 13:00 by pinfall (***1/2)

(Fann’s Analysis: Janela and Briggs had a nice knock down, drag out fight. As Janela goes on this goodbye tour of the independents, his ability to bring high quality main events wherever he goes. His match against Statlander back in episode 11 if a piece de resistance and this match against Briggs was a solid affair in its own right.)

Overall thoughts (7.0): Good, solid show that advanced the stories they needed to going into Americanrana. The insanity of the beginning was so wild, that the fact the had a traditional show throughout was a fun right turn back onto the highway so to speak.

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