WEEKLY OVERVIEW – ROH (thru 7/31): Top stories of week, major show lineups, live event results, schedule of live events, noteworthy social media posts, more

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch Contributor


The following is the latest in a new series of weekly in-depth articles exclusive to PWTorch which will help put in perspective major wrestling promotions with a weekly overview, looking at news and roster developments, results, future line-ups, social media activity, key interviews, plus a timely commentary at the end. We will be featuring similar features on other promotions each week and each will be updated weekly.

•Top Stories of the Week

  • Flip Gordon did an interview with the WINCLY podcast where he was asked about and discussed a lot of the headwinds that ROH has dealt with in the past 12 months.
  • The Summer Supercard lineup has come more into view over the past week. See below for further details.

•Live Event Results

There were no live events this week.

•Upcoming Major Show(s)

ROH Summer Supercard (PPV Event)
Mattamy Athletic Centre
Toronto, ON 7:30pm

  • Matt Taven (c) vs. Alex Shelley for the ROH World Championship
  • Carístico, Soberano Jr. and Stuka Jr. vs. Bárbaro Cavernario, Hechicero and Templario
  • Kelly Klein (c) vs. Tasha Steelz for the WOH World Championship
  • Shane Taylor (c) vs. Tracey Williams for the ROH World Television Championship
  • The Briscoes (c) vs. G.O.D. in a ladder match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships
  • Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido and Mark Haskins
  • Rush vs. Dalton Castle

•Upcoming Events

  • ROH Summer Supercard 8/9/19 in Toronto, ON at Mattamy Athletic Centre
  • ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage (TV Taping) 8/24/19 in Atlanta, GA at Center Stage
  • ROH Honor for All (Live Event) 8/25/19 in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena
  • ROH Live (Live Event) 9/6/19 in Dearborn, MI at Ford Community Center
  • ROH Live (Live Event) 9/7/19 in Chicago, IL at Odeum Expo Center
  • ROH Live (Live Event) 9/8/19 in Milwaukee, WI at Potawatomi Casino
  • Death Before Dishonor (PPV) 9/27/19 in Las Vegas, NV at Sam’s Town Live
  • Death Before Dishonor (TV Tapping) 9/28/19 in Las Vegas, NV at Sam’s Town Live
  • ROH Honor United (Live Event) 10/25/19 in London, UK at York Hall
  • ROH Honor United (Live Event) 10/26/19 in Newport, UK at The Newport Centre
  • ROH Honor United (Live Event) 10/27/19 in Bolton, UK at the Bolton Whites Hotel UK

All current live events are located on rohwrestling.com.

•Latest TV Highlights: 7/28/19 ROH Wrestling

ROH TV Results
July 28th, 2019
Philadelphia, PA at 2300 Arena
Airing on Sinclair Networks and rohwrestling.com

  • Silas Young defeated Josh Woods in 2:36
  • A recap of Villain Enterprises in a street fight with Lifeblood is shown. Also, Jay Lethal had a promo in regards to his past title shot against, which he ended up losing against Matt Taven.
  • Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova, and Eli Isom) defeated Brian Johnson, Joe Keys & Dante Caballero in 5:50
  • Karissa Rivera defeated Sumie Sakai in 8:50
  • Josh Woods was held back by security when he confronted Silas Young
  • Rush & Dragon Lee defeated The Briscoes (c) in a non-title match at 13:47

Click HERE to read Harley R. Pageot’s full report.


“Hermanos.” This week, Harley R. Pageot and Emily Fear discuss the NWA and ROH going their separate ways, ROH in 2019 feeling like ECW-lite, more low blows, the Briscoes vs. Dragon Lee & Rush, Amy Rose as Kenny King’s valet, Shinobi Shadow Squad vs. Future of Honor, and thoughts on the Summer Supercard lineup.

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•Social Media Scene

Below is this week’s round-up of social media posts from ROH personalities.

We all do, Todd.

Good to see Chris get some love while he is on the mend.

Always good to see the future. Have fun, Atlanta!


•Closing Commentary

It has been a pretty slow week in the world of ROH. I just wanted to comment about the overall apathy I have towards ROH at this time. In a lot of ways, ROH has done what WWE has done with its stable of talents.

They have made almost every interaction with every wrestler, every match, every promo, every story very skippable. There has not been one match or story line that I have been excited for in the last three months. Have there been good matches? Of course; GOD and The Briscoes was a fantastic match.

But the problem with this model is that you have to watch every ROH show to get surprised with a good match. Maybe the G1 is messing with my current viewing, but why is it so hard for US-based companies to deliver consistent in-ring wrestling like NJPW is able to do? It’s not like ROH runs more than twice a month. Do they need to pay more so their signed talent doesn’t need to take indie bookings to make ends meet?

Tyler has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. He’s from Columbus, Ohio. Check him out on Twitter @ringoftyler and check out his podcast @tandbwrestling.


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