9/25 NXT UK TV REPORT: Tyler Bate-Jordan Devlin segment, Noam Darr vs. Trent Seven, Oliver Carter vs. Ligero, Nina Samuels vs. Dani Luna

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

– The show started with Mustache Mountain walking in from the parking lot. Announcers said that Tyler Bate would be speaking for the first time since Takeover: Cardiff, and that Trent Seven would be competing for the first time in nearly three months.


The match started with slow lock-ups, counters, and a quick cradle from Ligero for 2. The two would hit the ropes a bit, and highlighted by Carter’s escape from Ligero’s hurricarana. A scissors take- down followed and built some short- lived momentum for Carter. Ligero got back to his feet and grabbed him for an octopus submission, and then by a surfboard. Both unsuccesful. As Carter built his momentum back up, he brought Ligero to the ground with a 2 count. When they got back to their feet, Carter charged at Ligero, who cut him off with a monkey flip. Moments later Ligero hit Carter with a DDT that kept him down for the 3.

WINNER: Ligero in 5:17

(Koenig’s Analysis: I wish I had more to say that just “this was a match”. Nothing special. Slow.)

– A fantastic segment of Walter grabbing a cameraman from the NXT UK performance center, and bringing him to the rings as the young, talent were practicing. He harassed the talent, bringing two of them into the ring and watched them like a coach. He then laid both of them out, told the camera that these green wrestlers would be the reason that he would be champion forever.

(Koenig’s Analysis: I love the detail work of this. Having Walter grab the cameraman instead of one happening to be there, and then him telling the cameraman where to stand. Phenomenal.)

– Firefly Funhouse- fueled Hell In A Cell commercial

– Bumper noting that NXT UK is being moved to Thursdays next week.

-Tyler Bate returns to NXT UK for the first time since the match- of- the- year contending battle between he and Walter. The crowd was thrilled to see the beloved hero. He expressed his disappointment in the loss and felt that he also disappointed the fans. Jordan Devlin interrupted, saying that it was he impressed everybody in that match, but he didn’t impress him. Devlin called Bate a “Big strong boy” (which led the crowd to cheer that), but that he was “a man”. (Hopefully Ric Flair doesn’t try to sue him for saying that.) Bate chased Devlin up the ramp to end the segment.

– Vignette for Tegan Nox’s return next week against Kay Lee Ray

– WWE Shop commercial


This match started with a lock up that was countered by Samuels. Cardiff’s own Luna worked Samuel’s arm

around the ring for a bit before hitting her with a hip toss. They hit the ropes and Luna caught the taller Samuels with a spinning elbow and pinned her for a 2. Samuels got Luna to the ground after bouncing her off of the middle rope. She hit Luna with some mean, vicious punches to the head, and then brought her back to her feet. She was then tossed to the corner for a 2 count. Samuels wrapped Luna into the ropes to milk the 5 count that she is allotted for submission. A great veteran heel tactic. A dropkick followed into another 2 count that Luna kicked out of. As Samuels held Luna to the ground, she powered back up and got her in a cringeworthy suplex for 2. When back to their feet, she taunted a weakened Luna before climbing to the top rope. Her dive from the was caught be the more powerful Luna and put to the mat with a fallaway slam for 2. Luna climbed to the top rope and took way too much time with her move, as Samuels dodged her aerial attack and finished Luna off with her Final Act.

WINNER: Luna in 5:51

(Koenig’s Analysis: Both acts looked good to me. Luna has some great strength but is young and needs to learn with more reps, as seen by the suplex attempt. Nina Samuels has shown solid heel work in and out of the ring. These are 2 to keep an eye on. The match was enjoyable.)

– Trent Seven seen preparing for the match backstage

– Hell In A Cell commercial showcasing Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

– Isla Dawn vs. Piper Niven next week


Doar started off cowardly backing up from all of Seven’s offense. Doar slapped him in the face and went to work on his arm. Seven pulled Doar’s hair and responded with a bite to his forearm. After some bickering from the corner of the ring, Doar took Seven down to the mat and attempted to rip off his signature mustache. Seven countered and returned to his feet and hit him with a running cross- body, followed by a failed pin attempt by Seven. They both made it to the ropes. Seven swung and Doar countered by lifting him onto the top rope into the crotch position. Doar soon clotheslined him from the top and brought both of them back to the mat. He continued to mock Seven as the action made it outside, and back into the ring. Seven made it to the corner after a pinfall attempt and started into high- kicking Doar’s chest. An uppercut knocked the mustached one dizzy and was taken down to the mat. He tried to fight back with punches to Doar’s legs and got back to his feet before being immediately uppercut again back to the canvas. Doar taunted the crowd by doing some mock mustache- twirling, and attempted a Tyler Driver which was countered. Seven caught his second wind after reversing a “Doar Driver” and started laying in come incredible chops and DDT to the arrogant Doar. Seven played the power game with Doar all over the ring until they both tired. Seven made to the top to attempt a senton but missed. Seven went for a 7- Star Lariat that missed, but the second one didn’t and she was a beauty- bringing Doar flat to his back, but was still able to kick out at 2. Seven went for a Burning Hammer but Doar countered by pulling at the mustache again. He got Seven to the corner, hit with a running boot and a northern lariat scored Doar another 2 count. He got up, grabbed Sven’s towel and wiped his armpits hit before stuffing it into the front of his own tights and then being laid out by another lariat. When Seven noticed his towels whereabouts, he went on to viciously kick and beat into the grounded Doar. The ref called for the bell, disqualifying Seven for attack that he did.

WINNER: Doar via DQ (9:40)

(Koenig’s Ananlysis: Apart from some mistimed high spots, a fantastic, well- paced match. The finish just promises that we will see them again and I’m alright with that. Good storyline that could yield great matches.)

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