10/10 NXT UK TV REPORT: The Hunt vs. Pretty Deadline, Jack Starz vs. Jorda Devlin, Matiff vs. Kenny Williams, Piper Niven vs. Jazzy Gabert

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 10, 2019

Note: The show started out introducing Tom Phillips, formerly of Smackdown, as the new commentator alongside Nigel McGuinness. With the recent changes in WWE commentary, Phillips was moved across the pond as Vic Joseph has been sent to Raw. He referenced that this was the only WWE branded show that he was never a part of. Hopefully he wont be as robotic overseas.


– Wild Boar and Howley start the match. Boar went right for the arm before hitting the ropes. Howley tripped over Boar in the progress, making him lose traction and ultimately became the victim on a senton. Primate gets the tag and attacks the weakened Howley from the ropes with a double axe. Boar tags back in and they double team Howley, who then works his way to the wrong corner. Stoker attempts to tag himself in, however, he was in the wrong corner to do so. Howley was able to land a dropkick before making a legal tag. Stoker strikes both members of The Hunt. Pretty Deadly continued to trade tags and weaken Boar, but Boar hit a German suplex before both teams tagged in their partners. Primate then suplexed Stoker, landed a spear, tagged in Boar, and the 2 hit Stoker with a flying headbutt as Boar gets the 3.

WINNER: The Hunt via pinfall in 4:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: The most exciting opening match in the month that I have been writing for the Torch. I am happy about that as that was a complaint that Ive had about the opening bouts. Solid tag action used to get The Hunt over.)

– After the match, as The Hunt were celebrating, Barthel and Aichner of Imperium came out calling The Hunt “a bunch of animals”. The Hunt seemingly fall from the sky (watch the video) to attack them, only for Alexander Wolfe to join in and beat them down.

–  WWE Draft commercial

– Vignette for Ilija Dragonov’s first match since Takeover: Cardiff next week.


– Starz starts with a few slams to the ground before he was countered and tossed to the corner. Starz then repeated what seems like a botched slam the first time, to hit it perfectly this time. Devlin returned with some kicks and a shoulder breaker. He followed with a uranagi and standing moonsault for the 2. Devlin keep it on the mat, hits a backbreaker, and keeps the veteran Starz on the ground in an armlock. Starz gains some momentum and lands some offense in- most strikes and European uppercuts. Devlin nailed a spinning cutter, brought Starz down for 2, lifted him up to taunt him with some kicks to the face, The torture continued for a moment before nailing the 3 count.

-After the match Devlin proclaims that he is the biggest star on the roster before Mastiff comes out and challenges him to a future match.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin via pinfall in 4:44

Fun Fact: if you are watching from several feet away on a smaller screen, this looks like Finn Balor vs. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch from Modern Family).

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match giving Devlin the win over a respected enhancement guy. He will be fun to keep an eye.)

– Commercial for WWE Blood Money IV


– When Mastiff finally caught Williams, who was keeping himself away from the big man since the bell rang, he tossed him halfway across the ring. They lock up again, but Williams broke free and continued to keep himself away. Williams hit the ropes for a cross body but he was caught and set up a pop up Samoan drop that was countered with a crucifix for 2. Mastiff escaped a side headlock but took a shot to the skull from an impressive springboard back elbow. Williams was thrown outside of the ring and seemed to injure his right ankle. Upon returning in, he foolishly jumped onto the top rope only to fall and further injure the ankle. He continues to sell the injury and Mastiff grounds him and toys with him. Williams brought both of them back to their feet while fighting an armlock but was tossed to the corner and eventually grounded again by a backdrop. He moved out of the way in time to escape a back senton from Mastiff. Williams hit a slow slingblade for a 2 count. After getting back to his feet, Mastiff grabbed Williams for a cazadora and slammed him to the mat. He worked his weak body to the corner and was then met with a cannonball and a pin.

WINNER: Mastiff wins via pinfall in 5:15

(Koenig’s Analysis: Fun match. Mastiff is a favorite of mine and reminds me of a young Jim Neidhart and Kevin Owens. He was the star of the match and was fun to watch.)

-Backstage interview segment with Xia Brookside in front of a camera. Nia Samuels interrupts. They set up a match.

-Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan come to the ring to cheers. Andrews thanks the fans for their support and welcomes all challengers. Gallus interrupt from behind commentary. The 2 teams set up a match for next

-Alisha Taylor interviews Noam Doar backstage about his DQ victory over Trent Seven a couple of weeks back. He says that “a wins a win” and wants to talk about what was next for him. Right then, Trent Seven interrupts and are separated by officials immediately. Doar blindsided Seven with a cheap left and the two were separated again. A match was setup between the two of them in two weeks.

-Video replay from last week when Piper Niven was attacked by Jinny and Jazzy during an interview.

-Smackdown on Fox commercial

-Video package for Andrews & Webster vs. Gallus next week.

– Alisha Tyler interrupts Andrews & Webster mid-conversation to interview them about their match next week that they just learned about. (Sidetrack: I like how this was done. It seemed more immediate and sports-like). Before they could answer, The Grizzled Young Veterans interrupted saying that they would win back their titles.

(4) PIPER NIVEN vs. JAZZY GABERT (with Jinny)

– The two powerhouses start out locking up and exchanging shoulder tackles. Gabert was knocked to the ropes and she rolled out to the ring to refresh. Jinny started talking to Gabert outside of the ring. Gabert started to slowly walk around the ring and Jinny distracted Niven by jumping onto the apron. Gabert attacked from behind and put her to the corner, laying in fists to Niven’s back. Niven returned with some elbows but was grounded again after kicking her to the gut and slamming her to the mat. Niven stayed down as Gabert continued to work on her back. When they were both upright again, Niven delivered a headbutt, slam to the mat, and cross-body splash. As Gabert was on the mat, Jinny jumped back to the apron. Niven pulled her into the ring by her hair and Jinny swung hard, completely missing, and was met by a headbutt. Rhea Ripley ran from the entrance ramp and kicks Gabert in the head. Niven scored the pinfall after Ripley rolled her into the ring.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Slow match at the start. The spot where Jinny and Jazzy were outside of the ring made Niven look foolish. The action started to pick up and Im interested in seeing a rematch after this kind of finish. I sure it will happen down the pipeline.)

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