NXT UK TV TAPINGS – NIGHT 1 & 2 (11/15, 11/16): Kona Reeves, Walter, Alexander Wolfe, Imperium, Toni Storm, Kassius Ohno, Noam Dar, Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff


NOVEMBER 15 & 16


Ticket sales weren’t great. We had balcony tickets and we’re upgraded to the fourth row of the stands. Floor was sold out, stand about 50-60 percent. Tarping came covered the top of the stand.

Announcement: NXTUK Takeover Blackpool will take place next year. No date given.


(A) Mark Andrews (w/Flash Morgan Webster) pinned Kassius Ohno.


(1) Trent Seven pinned Kona Reeves. Before the match, Kona Reeves cut a promo about moving to NXT UK and that Trent Seven was not a superstar.

(2) A-Kid defeated Jack Starz by submission.

-Grizzled Young Vets cut a long promo saying they were cheated out of the tag titles and saying they want to challenge for them at Blackpool. Zack Gibson did all the talking.

(3) Ridge Holland pinned Oliver Carter. After the match Carter was helped to the back by someone. Not sure if it was an angle or legit injury.

(4) Alexander Wolfe pinned Ilja Dragunov. Imperium interfered leading to the finish. After the match they attacked Dragunov before Gallus came out for the save.

(5) Piper Niven beat Jinny (w/Jazzy Gabert).

-After the match Niven challenged Kay Lee Ray for the title. I was at the concession so I missed the angle, but Ray came out and I was told another blonde woman (Toni Storm?) maybe was also involved.

(6) Eddie Dennis defeated someone by pin. I missed the introductions whilst still at concessions and didn’t recognise Dennis’ opponent.

(7) Toni Storm pinned Killer Kelly. After the match, Kay Lee Ray attacked Storm. Piper Niven made the save, but Storm refused Niven’s offer of a handshake.

(8) Noam Dar pinned Ashton Smith.

(9) The Hunt defeated The Outliers by pinfall.

(10) Jordan Devlin pinned A-Kid. During the match Tyler Bate came to watch and helped A-Kid up the ramp at the end.

(11) Joseph Connors pinned Travis Banks and Ligero when he pinned Banks.

(12) Imperium fought Gallus & Ilja Dragunov to a double countout. After the match, there was a brawl.

-After this, Walter cut a promo saying their is nobody strong enough to defeat him. Tyler Bate came to the ring and attacked Walter and ended the night standing tall.


They were doing upgrades on balcony tickets to the stands again, but it’s much more full tonight than last night. Floor is full and stands are at 80-90 percent, I doubt there will be any need for the tarp.

Announcement: NXTUK Takeover Blackpool II will January 12 at the Empress Ballroom. Tickets go on sale Monday, November 18.


(A) The Hunt defeated Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone.

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala mediated a negotiation between Joe Coffey and Walter over the terms for a title match. Coffey agreed for Gallus to defend the tag titles against Imperium in exchange for a title match. Walter also wanted Wolfe vs. Dragunov in a no DQ match as part of the deal. Coffey couldn’t grant this as Dragunov is not part of Gallus but Dragunov came out to accept and the title match was set for Blackpool. After, the rest of Imperium jumped Dragunov and put him through the table.


(1) Kay Lee Ray defeated Isla Dawn. Dawn got some offence but sold a knee injury after missing a charge to the corner.

-After the match Ray cut a promo then Toni Storm and Piper Niven came out and started a scuffle. Sid Scala came out and made a triple threat for Blackpool.

(2) Trent Seven wrestled Michael May to a no contest. May was making his debut but was attacked outside the ring before the match started by Eddie Dennis and it was a non contest.

(3) Ridge Holland defeated Jack Starz in a short one-sided match.

(4) Gallus wrestled Imperium to a no contest with the NXT UK Tag Team Titles at stake. It was a good match until Grizzled Young Veterans came to the ring and stole the belts. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster came out and brawled with GYV and it spilled into the ring. Afterwards, Sid Scala an Johnny Saint came out and announced a four-way between all the teams in a ladder match at Blackpool.

(5) Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Pretty Deadly in an even match.

-Trent Seven came out and cut a promo on Eddie Dennis for grabbing his arm from the crowd in the previous taping and beating on Michael May. Dennis came out and hit Seven with a microphone before saying he would see him in Blackpool.

(6) Jinny (w/Jazzy Gabert) defeated Amale.

-After the match Garnett attacked Amale.

(7) Tyler Bate defeated Noam Dar in a very good match. Jordan Devlin came to the ring during the match and a distraction finished was teased but Bate got the win.

-Kona Reeves cut a promo on Dave Mastiff saying he wasn’t ready for his match against Trent Seven.

(8) Dave Mastiff defeated Kona Reeves in a short but even match.

-Toni Storm cut a promo. She called out Piper Niven to apologize for letting Kay Lee Ray drive a wedge between them and asked her to step aside from the championship match so she can face Ray alone. Piper said no and attacked Storm then they brawled until officials seperated them. Kay Lee Ray came out and watched from the ramp.

(9) Kassius Ohno defeated Ligero.

-After the match, Ohno cut a promo saying he is the embodiment of British wrestling and will win matches by wrestling instead of knockouts.

(10) Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith defeated The Outliers by a flash pin.

(11) Ilja Dragunov defeated Alexander Wolfe in a very good match. The ref had gloves on. It looked like Wolfe was bleeding from the mouth.

-After the match Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium attacked Dragunov. Walter came to the ramp and Joe Coffey attacked him then ran away.

-Gallus came out and handed out Christmas cards then read a Christmas poem about Imperium.


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