12/5 NXT UK TV REPORT: Travis Banks vs Ligero vs. Connors, Toni Storm vs. Killer Kelly, Jordan Devlin vs. A-Kid, The Hunt vs. The Outliers

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 5, 2019

– Imperium and Gallus are seen walking into the venue on a split screen. Tom Phillips mentioned that Walter and Joe Coffey were meeting tonight for “historic negotiations”.


Note: This was Storm’s first match since Takeover: Cardiff.

Kelly started off looking to attack Storm with a kick that was caught. Storm hit the ropes and struck with a dropkick. Kelly then hit the ropes a bit and was struck in the face by Kelly. who then took control for a moment- laying blows in to the back of Storm’s head and wrenching her neck. Storm powered up and the two exchanged blows. Kelly went for a knee strike but was countered. Storm took control again and got a two count in. A german suplex followed by a Storm Zero gave the returning Toni Storm a quick win.

WINNER: Toni Storm at 1:59.

-After the match, Storm grabbed a microphone and before she could speak, Kay Lee Ray jumped her from behind. Immediately after, Piper Niven ran in (in street clothes) and Ray escaped before they could touch and she walked backwards back up the ramp. When Storm stood up she pushed Niven and assumably told her that she didn’t need her help, shoulder bumper her as she walked past, and left Niven in the ring without a sign of gratitude.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A quick semi-squash match for Storm. Nothing much to really say about it except that it setup what followed. I like how Niven came in in street clothes. We know she doesn’t walk around backstage in a spandex leotard when she’s not wrestling.)

– Webster & Morgan were shown backstage being interviewed. They said that they agreed with Grizzled Young Veterans about Imperium and Gallus interfering in their match a couple of weeks ago. They then said that they do disagree with them because they had the match won and want a shot at the tag titles at Takeover: Blackpool.

– Smackdown commercial

– Toni Storm is shown walking backstage and Niven following behind to check on her. Storm told her that she did not need her help in the match and to stay away from her because she wants her title back.

(2) THE HUNT (Wild Boar & Primate) vs. THE OUTLIERS (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak)

Boar and Moss start ,and Primate tagged in after Boar started working on Moss’ arm. He continued on the arm and tagged Boar back in. Moss and Boar exchanged strikes and Boar was tossed into the corner before being hit hit with a massive shoulder. Mak gets the tag and knees Boar in the stomach several times. He tagged in Moss and they double team. Moss had Boar on his knees and mocked Primate. Primate started to come in, the ref stopped him from doing so and the brief distraction gave Boar a moment to start laying some punches into Moss’ stomach. Moss sends Primate into his own corner and punches and kicks his face while he is down. Tag to Mak, who then hovered and mocked Boar as he slowly tried to get to his corner before beating him down more. Pinfall attempt for two, but the ref was late as he was distracted by Primate. Mak wrapped Boar up in a bear hug. Boar broke away into The Outliers’ corner, bit Mak’s hand and shoved Moss. Mak picked up Boar and executed a choke slam backbreaker. Moss tagged in and lined Boar up in the corner. Boar dodged him as he charged and tagged in Primate. Mak was also tagged in and the two battled, but Primate started cleaning house on both of the Outliers. The Hunt connected with several flying headbutts and Boar got the pin on Mak.

WINNER: THE HUNT via pinfall @ 7:23

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match. Nothing to write home about. The Outliers remind me of a green version Power & Glory.)

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The two trade strikes and counters up and down the mat to start things. A- Kid connects with a standing dropkick and then sent Devlin over the top rope and out of the ring. He came back in and A-Kid got a one count on a quick roll up. Devlin worked A-Kid all around the ring doing damage to his left knee. Tyler Bate came down to keep and eye on his friend and student, A-Kid. Devlin kept attacking the leg. A two count followed but A-Kid countered into an impressive springboard DDT. Devlin goes outside of the ring and A-Kid dove over. Back in the ring and A- Kid connects with a crossbody. Suplex for a two count. Devlin hits a cutter after A-Kid’s knee buckled on the mat. Near fall attempt. A-Kid countered a Devlin Slide into a destroyer and sent Devlin out of the ring. A-Kid jumped to the top and landed a springboard moonsault on top of Devlin. The leg injury made A-Kid slow to get back into the ring, narrowly avoiding a countout. Devlin kicked him in the face as soon as he got in, followed by kawada kicks. He connected with another Devlin Slide for the win.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin via pinfall at 7:32

(Koenig’s Analysis: Good match. Plenty of high spots but didn’t seem like a spot fest. Devlin is an absolutely obnoxious heel. Rare to see everyone booing.)

– WWE TLC commercial

– Selfie video from Jinny and Jazzy Gabert backstage. She wanted to emphasize that everything was fine between the two of them but although Jazzy agreed, her tone said differently and she left the shot.


Banks and Ligero both went after Connors from the start. The two traded kicks as Connors sat on the mat. A double super kick sent Connors outside of the ring. Banks cradled Ligero for a two and Ligero gets a quick pinfall attempt after. The two tangle themselves as they both attempted backslide, and Connors slid back in, got on top of both and a two count followed.

The three went at it with Ligero cleaning house. The acton made it outside of the ring and Banks hit Ligero with a double stomp. Banks went back into the ring and executed a suicide dive back outside onto Connors. Connors was rolled back inside and struck again before a two count.

Ligero got back in the ring and attacked Banks. Ligero then got his leg hooked by Banks for a near fall.
At this point, Banks was the only man standing. He got Ligero up, but Connors broke the two of them up. Connors with a double neck snap and a cover for two on Banks, followed by another attempt- this time on Ligero. Connors and Banks started trading strikes at this point. Connors set Banks up for a superplex which Banks countered. A second attempt saw Connors connect, launching Banks onto Ligero. The three were wiped out on the mat.

Banks and Ligero made it to the outside apron and traded blows to the chest. Ligero tripped Banks to the floor. As Ligero was getting back in, Connors brought the fight to the apron, where he double stomped Ligero onto the steps. Connors then had to do an obligatory dive through the ropes and onto the Banks who was still outside, but I think more damage was done to Connors, who was sent back into the ring by Banks. Banks connected with a Slice of Heaven and Kiwi Crusher. Ligero was on the top rope at this point and splashed Banks afterwards. A running dropkick to Ligero from Connors connected, followed by a Don’t Look Down. A two count ensued that was broken up by Banks’ double stomp from the top. Back to their feet, Ligero and Banks exchanged chops. Connors interfered with a roll up on Ligero for two. Banks out of nowhere with a clothesline. Banks went to hook the neck of Connors, but he countered with another Don’t Look Down and a pinfall victory followed. The shot faded off with Connors screaming “Takeover worthy!”

WINNER: Joseph Connors at 10:41.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A very good, fast-paced triple threat. I particularly enjoy that NXT UK doesn’t overdo triple threat matches.)

– WWE 24 Trish Stratus commercial

– Kassius Ohno selfie video backstage, essentially hyping himself up.

– In the ring, a table was setup with GM Johnny Saint and Sid Scala holding a microphone. Joe Coffey was introduced first, followed by NXT UK Champion Walter. Connors said that if Imperium kept getting involved with him (and Gallus), that they were going to get hurt. Walter asked what he wanted. Coffey said that he wanted the title. Walter said that he doesn’t step back from competition and wanted to bargain with Coffey for a match. Walter said thatnhe wanted his members of Imperium to have a tag title shot against Gallus. Coffey stated “Done!”, while Walter said that he “wasn’t done”. He also wanted Dragunov and Alexander Wolfe to fight in a “No DQ” match. Coffey said that he can’t negotiate for someone that wasn’t part of his family. Dragunov made his way to the ring. He said “Make. The. Agreement”. The tag match was then set for next week and the Dragunov match would happen at a later date, and also confirmed Coffey vs. Walter for the title. Management left and the wrestlers stood in the ring. Coffey left and nodded to Dragunov, who Walter then called out. He said that he just made a really bad decision as Imperium came from under the ring and from the crowd and attacked. They fed him to Walter and then Wolfe came up and put Dragunov through the table and stood over him to end the show.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A good, albeit predictable (as they usually are) contract signing. My big issue was that nobody from Gallus helped Dragunov, especially how Joe Coffey of the newly turned face faction of Gallus, just walked past him and was the one who made it possible for Coffey to get the title match. He should have come to help out if they are truly faces.)

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  1. Gallus are not faces. Not yet anyway.
    In re: Piper Niven, “We know she doesn’t walk around backstage in a spandex leotard when she’s not wrestling.” – Do we, Chad?
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