12/14 STARDOM GODDESS OF STARS report: Jungle Kyona & Konami vs. Riho & Starlight Kid for the tag titles, Hazuki vs. Kagetsu for the final time

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 14, 2019

Hina wasn’t sure about teaming with two TCS members but said she’d do her best. Her sister and Ruaka were offended. Iida pointed out that the 2019 rookie class were teaming for this one and wanted to pick up the win.

(1) ITSUKI HOSHINO & 3838 TAG (Itsuki Hoshino, Saya Iida, & Saya Kamitani) vs. HINA & TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Rina & Ruaka)

Hoshino and Ruaka started. Kamitani pinned Rina with her running shooting star press.

WINNERS: Hoshino & 3838 Tag in 6:29.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Fine exhibition match. Hina remains the most winless person of 2019. She’s currently 0-9 in singles action when even Rina and Leo Onozaki have one win each.)

-Martina was cold. Hayter used it as an opportunity to plug their a new hoodie for sale. Onozaki said they needed to stay away from Oedo Tai’s beer.

(2) QUEEN’S QUEST (Bea Priestley, Leo Onozaki, & Artist Of Stardom Champions Momo Watanabe & AZM) vs. OEDO TAI (Natsuko Tora, Natsu Sumire, Jamie Hayter, & Session Moth Martina)

Oedo Tai attacked before the bell and the teams of course fought to ringside. Sumire worked over Onozaki. AZM tried to save her but Onozaki wound up hung up in the ropes and took a four-way beer spit take from Oedo Tai. She made the tag to Priestley, turning the tide in QQ’s favor. In the end, though, Tora finished off Onozaki with a top rope frog-splash.

WINNERS: Oedo Tai in 10:02.

(Pageot’s Perspective: This felt designed to be another rookie spotlight with Onozaki working most of the match for her team.)

-Giulia said Kashima stinks and she was going to peel off her ghost-white skin. Kashima said she used to be evil but she can be a baby heel now.


Giulia was firmly in control by the five-minute mark. STF into a crossface but Kashima made it to the ropes. Pedigree from Kashima. Back to the crossface by Giulia. Another rope break. Missile dropkick from Giulia. Small package from Kashima for two. Falcon arrow from Giulia. She lifted Kashima over her shoulder and hit a sort of side slam for the pin.

WINNER: Giulia in 11:02.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Very basic action. I’ve seen Kashima have some decent matches, mostly against Sumire this summer, but I’ve yet to see anything captivating from Giulia.)

-Miyagi said nothing but gave the camera the middle finger (while covering it with her other hand). Hayashishita said it was her first singles match in a while. She didn’t know much about Miyagi.


Slow moving to start as expected. Hayashishita with a rear naked choke. Bridging German suplex.

WINNER: Utami Hayashishita in 8:35.

(Pageot’s Perspective: So boring. I have no idea what they’re doing with Miyagi at this point. Is she leaving soon? Her booking the past month is the way you book someone on their way out the door. Will Hayashishita ever defend her two singles titles again? At this point I say just retire both of them. Stardom has far too many championships as it is.)

-Kimura said this match was another waste of her. Nakano congratulated Iwatani on winning the Tokyo Sport Women’s Wrestling Grand Prize. Hoshiki said this was their first match since returning from America.

(5) STARS (World Of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwatani, Wonder Of Stardom Champion Arisa Hoshiki, & Tam Nakano) vs. TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Hana Kimura, Death Yama-San, & Zoe Lucas)

Lucas wanted the Lucas Landslide on Hoshiki but Iwatani intervened with a superkick. Hoshiki finished Lucas off with a jumping knee strike and Brazilian kick.

WINNER: Stars in 8:38.

(Pageot’s Perspective: I’d like to believe that Kimura’s recent pointing out of how unimportant and filler these multi-person tags are is a sign that we’ll be moving away from them in 2020 but I doubt it. There always seem to be one or two “get everyone on the card” matches just to ensure everyone wrestles every show.)

-Hazuki said it was her final singles match against Kagetsu and she would beat her master. Kagetsu said it was hard to think of what to say. This match wouldn’t just be about personal feelings. She wanted to show the fans one last look at Hazuki.


Chain wrestling to start. Kagetsu looked for a suicide dive but Hazuki moved and Kagetsu took out the rest of Oedo Tai. Hazuki followed with one of her own that took out Kagetsu and Oedo Tai. Hazuki dragged Kagetsu through the crowd, scattering chairs and fans. Chair shot to the back of Kagetsu. They traded forearms at 10:00.

Death valley driver from Kagetsu for two. Chokeslam. Guillotine choke. Kagetsu went up top but Hazuki cut her off for a brainbuster from the second rope. Codebreaker. She threw Kagetsu onto the top turnbuckle and hit another codebreaker. Top rope back senton landed but Kagetsu kicked out. Brainbuster into a crossface. Rope break at 15:00.

Kagetsu shoved Hazuki into the ref and blasted her with the blue mist behind his back. Oedo Coaster. Death valley driver countered into a Hazukistral but Kagetsu kicked out. Roundhouse kick from Kagetsu. Death valley driver.

WINNER: Kagetsu in 16:15.

-Kagetsu said she wasn’t doing so well. She told Hazuki there have been hard times but a lot more good times. Nothing’s wasted in life. Five years as a pro wrestler. It may only be five years but the five she built were wonderful. Take pride in being a wrestler and stand in the ring until the end. “Thank you for being with me at the end.” They hugged, then Hazuki shoved her down.

Hazuki thanked her. She wanted to beat her and surpass the master but she lost. She apologized. Tomorrow is the farewell gauntlet match where she fights everyone on the roster. If she had beat Kagetsu here she wouldn’t have fought her tomorrow, but she didn’t beat her. She asked that Kagetsu enter the gauntlet so she could finally beat her. She said she was supposed to fight everyone on the roster but she had no interest that. She would fight Oedo Tai in one minute matches. That’s all.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Obviously these two work very well together. They’ve been teammates for years and are rumored to be dating as well. The story of Hazuki never being able to beat her mentor is a good one and should pay off tomorrow. Session Moth Martina could be seeing getting teary-eyed in the background by the end. The announcement that she’d face only Oedo Tai in the gauntlet was disappointing, though. It means no final showdowns vs. AZM or Starlight Kid and the entire gauntlet will only run six minutes long.)

-Kid was still hung up on Kyona claiming that Riho was carrying her. She wanted to show everyone that she was wrong. Riho wanted to win the tag titles and then defend her high speed title against Kid. Kid wanted to win both and the trios titles with Nakano and Kashima. Riho’s face seemed to indicate that even she thought Kid was overreaching there. Konami told us to watch for the big finish from Kyona. She expected her to do her best. Kyona said everybody has big expectations. They would make a toast at the end.


Kid charged but Kyona put her down with a shoulder block. They traded forearms. Kid was left staggering but came back with a slap. Kyona powered out of a tilt-a-whirl attempt but Kid reversed into a hurricanrana. Kid & Riho double-teamed Kyona with knee strikes. Kyona dropkicked Kid to the floor. Konami held the challengers in position and Kyona hit a slingshot splash over the top rope that took them both out. Konami with an armbar to Kid in the ropes. The champs tagged in and out. Kyona with a backbreaker. Single leg crab. Konami tagged back in at 5:00.

Kid with a springboard crossbody. Standing moonsault. Riho tagged in for the first time and went to town on Konami. Kyona tagged in and the champs took over again. She wanted a fallaway slam on Riho from the second turnbuckle but Riho fought her off. Riho with a double-stomp to Kyona hanging in the corner. Kyona ducked the knee strike that won Riho the AEW title and hit a sliding clothesline. Tag to Kid. Kid prevented a tag to Konami at 10:00.

Kyona caught a tiger feint kick. Kid with a roll-up for two. Kyona caught a springboard crossbody and turned it into a gutbuster. Konami in with some kicks and a suplex. Ground abdominal stretch. Riho entered illegally to hit a knee strike. Kid with a bridging suplex for two. Kid with her top rope twisting splash. Kyona with her swinging sleeperhold. Konami wanted the triangle lancer but Riho broke it up. All four women fought. Stereo tilt-a-whirl headscissors from the challengers. Stereo crossbodies from the top turnbuckles to the champs at ringside. Konami avoided a code red. Kid avoided a triangle lancer. They traded roll-ups. Kyona prevented another code red attempt. Kid reversed a pin attempt that caused Kyona to clothesline Konami. Tandem offense from Kid and Riho to Konami. Code red! Kyona narrowly broke up the pin at 15:00.

Missile dropkick + powerbomb combo from the champs to Kid. She grabbed the bottom rope to prevent the three count. Bridging suplex from Konami but Riho broke up the pin. Lancer from Konami and Kid tapped.

WINNERS: Tokyo Cyber Squad in 16:05 to retain the tag titles.

-The celebration was quickly interrupted by Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter. Priestley said Kyona can’t beat her and Konami can’t beat Hayter. Priestley said she’s a tag team specialist and they are the top gaijins. Maybe they’re scared? Kyona admitted they beat them in the tag league but she and Konami want to take the belts global. Their 2019 is full up but she was down for a championship match next year. The gaijins left.

Konami said Kyona’s face was swollen but they had their third successful defense. Kyona offered a toast to close the show.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Terrific match and my favorite Stardom match in a while. Kyonami gain more credibility with each win and are on track to be tag team of the year in Stardom. Kid’s offense still tends to be very orchestrated and rote, which is when her age shows the most. Ogawa’s giving her every opportunity in the world to grow, though, and blatantly wants her to be the next icon of Stardom. She’s consistenly given ring time with the best on the roster in a way that the other young girls aren’t and she did get the biggest near-fall in the match when she finally hit the code red after multiple prevented attempts.

I continue to hope that the continued cross-faction alliance between Priestley and Hayter will result in some sort of repercussions from the rest of Oedo Tai and Queen’s Quest. It really feels like Oedo Tai are on the verge of dissolution with Hazuki retiring, Miyagi being kicked out, and Martina presumably returning to England soon. If they do break up, maybe Priestley pulls Hayter into QQ? I also really, really want Kyonami’s dream of defending the belts outside Japan to come true. AEW? Eve? They’ve got in-roads with a couple places and it would be so much fun to see them against Kong & Brandi or Statlander & Gibbs or Woke Queens.)

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