AEW REVOLUTION PRIMER 2/29: Preview and Predictions for entire line-up including Jericho vs. Moxley, Cody vs. MJF, Rose vs. Statlander, Pac vs. Cassidy, Omega & Page vs. Young Bucks, SCU vs. Dark Order, Darby vs. Guevara

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor


All Elite Wrestling will be holding their Revolution PPV on Feb. 29, 2020. It will be coming from Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. A lot of wrestlers will be seeking revenge for transgressions against them as Darby Allin, Dustin Rhodes, and Cody face their tormentors. I see a distinct lack of women on the card, so I expect some sort of multi woman match for the Buy-In show, along with something for the Jurassic Express to do.

1. Dark Order vs. SCU

Story in a nutshell: Dark Order tries to bring the pain to SCU for Christopher Daniel’s refusal to join.

The Dark Order has had their sights trained on Christopher Daniels for weeks now. To try to convince him to join, they’ve been going after his friends in SCU. At the same time, there have been questions as to where Daniel’s allegiances truly lie. To compound the issue, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Infomercial Guy have been hinting that the Exalted One, the true leader of the Dark Order, draws near. Can Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian escape this mess body, mind, and soul, intact?

Prediction: They have thrown out so many red herrings with this angle that the thing is smelling like a fish market. Maybe this is why it stinks. (I am so, so, sorry. I am ashamed of myself for coming up with that. I don’t even hate the angle.) The Dark Order wins and we’ll probably get our first whiff of the Exalted One here (in a hooded robe or something). Keep an eye on the time for the show though. If (gods forbid) the thing runs past midnight, a certain someone will be available as a free agent.

2. Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

Story in a nutshell: The most over guy in the company, Orange Cassidy faces The Bastard Pac. What will happen to Pac if Cassidy actually… tries? (I can’t believe this is happening. This announcement made my week.)

While an angry Pac was railing about losing to Kenny Omega, a wild Orange Cassidy appeared and got in Pac’s face. Pac downed him. Later, the match was made, and the Best Friends promised that Cassidy will try this time.

Prediction: I am going to throw all logic out the door and go with Cassidy in this one. I don’t know how good a worker Cassidy exactly is, I haven’t seen him much outside schtick matches, but if he and Pac put together a good match that Cassidy wins… they’ll have to build a new arena to hold the rest of the card cause the place is going to explode.

3. Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

Story in a nutshell: Champion Nyla Rose faces her first challenger, the number one ranked Kris Statlander.

Statlander called her shot on the February 19, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite when she came out in the middle of Nyla Rose’s promo. Ever since Statlander arrived in AEW she’s been strapped to a rocket. Nyla Rose is truly a “beast” and a mountain for the women of AEW to climb.

Prediction: Nyla just won the championship so I can’t see it changing hands here, and Big Swole, Hikaru Shida, and a Riho rematch are waiting in the wings, so Nyla wins.

4. Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

Story in a nutshell: Will Darby Allin “hit up” Sammy Guevara to get even for having his trachea crushed?

Darby Allin has been a thorn on the side of Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle. Things came to a head on the January 29, 2020 episode of Dynamite, when after the tag team main event, the Inner Circle attacked Private Party and Darby after the match. During the beat down, Sammy used Darby’s skateboard to crush his ribs and throat. Since then, Darby has been in some… interesting videos (flamethrower included) and has gone as far as to co-opt Sammy’s sign gimmick.

Prediction: Darby gets the win and the skateboard will come into play somehow.

5. Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

Story in a nutshell: Jake Hager faces a vengeful, reinvigorated veteran in Dustin Rhodes.

Jake Hager broke Dustin Rhodes’s arm October 30, 2019, when Chris Jericho wanted to send Cody a message during their feud. February 12,2020, Dustin called out Hager, insulting Hager to goad him into granting him a match at Revolution.

Prediction: Dustin will give it all, but it won’t be enough. He’ll fall to Hager.

6. Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs. The Young Bucks

Story in a nutshell: Members of the Elite go to war over tag team gold.

The Young Bucks won a shot at the tag team titles by winning a battle royal February 19, 2020. Now they face the champions, stablemates Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Page has been estranged from the Elite for a while and has replaced them with drink. It’s hard to really blame him though since he keeps trying to talk to his friends but 1. He isn’t being very clear in expressing himself and B) they aren’t listening. It’s like two people who aren’t talking TO each other, rather AT each other. It’s an emotional powder keg that ready to explode.

Prediction: This is hard since there are many directions you can go from here. The Young Buck’s winning will cause things to explode leading to a confrontation between Omega and Page, and the Bucks will finally be champs. So that is my official guess. Whether or not things blow up this PPV, It will take an outside force to unite them again. You can’t DELETE their friendship forever.

7. MJF vs. Cody

Story in a nutshell: The dark apprentice, MJF, seeks to become the master by defeating his former mentor Cody.

The betrayal went down at Full Gear 2019, when MJF threw in the towel, costing Cody the opportunity to ever challenge for the AEW World Championship again. Since then, Cody has had to run a gauntlet to get his shot at MJF, facing the Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny; Wardlow in a steel cage, and receiving ten lashes, while never touching MJF. In the meantime, MJF won his prize possession, the Dynamite Diamond ring.

Prediction: Cody wins, but in an unsatisfactory way (in MJF’s eyes at least) leading MJF to want a rematch. One Cody will only grant if MJF puts the Dynamite Diamond ring on the line.

8. Chris Jericho vs. John Moxley

Story in a nutshell: Jericho has thrown everything he can at Moxley to weaken Moxley prior to their championship match. Can Mox turn the tables and emerge the second world champ?

Ever since Moxley became the number one contender for his championship, Jericho has had nothing to do with Moxley, going so far as to invite him to join the Inner Circle. When that didn’t work, Jericho’s done everything he can to take Moxley out, or at least weaken him for their fight. Sporting an injured eye, and coming off a beating by the mercenary Jeff Cobb, Mox will not only have to overcome these things, but fend off the Inner Circle who is sure to get involved.

Prediction: The only way I see Jericho losing is if he’s going away for a while, and if that happens, I think the Inner Circle falls apart (which for Santana and Ortiz, might not be a bad thing). I also see a lot more people on the babyface side of the ledger for Jericho to face then heels for Moxley. So, Jericho retains.

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