8/18 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Machine Gunns vs. The North for Impact Tag Titles, X Division Title match with TJP vs. Raju vs. Bey, Moose vs. Miguel for TNA Title, Kylie vs. Valkyrie

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 18, 2020

-Video package of nature footage mixed with clips of the Impact wrestlers.   It segued into a package that focused on the lead-up events for tonight’s matches along with soundbites from the wrestlers.

-The standard Impact opening montage aired.

-Josh Matthews welcomed the audience to Emergence: Night One as the competitors in the opening match entered the ring.

(1) TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) vs. ROHIT RAJU vs. CHRIS BEY (c) – Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

TJP entered the ring first.  Rohit and Bey fist bumped each other on the outside (last week Bey and Rohit agreed to work together).  TJP dove over the top rope onto them and threw Rohit into the ring.  TJP hit a shoulder block, then he and Rohit criss-crossed the ring and moved out of the way of each other’s moves, until TJP took Rohit out of the ring with a headscissors.  Bey leaped into the ring, took TJP down with a headscissors and did a kip-up.  TJP did a headstand in the corner and turned it into a headscissors on Bey.  TJP kicked Rohit on the outside, which led to Bey catching TJP with kicks.  Bey hit a flying elbow drop while TJP was stretched over the ropes.  Bey punched TJP in the mount and landed kicks.  Bey and Rohit tried to double team TJP, but he escaped and got a sharpshooter on Bey.  TJP fought Rohit while he had the hold on Bey and suplexed Rohit for a two count.  TJP put an arm breaker on Bey, who rolled out of the ring.  Rohit hit TJP with a running elbow and kicks.  Bey and Rohit attempted to double team TJP, but he fought out of it.  TJP carried Bey on his back for a submission while simultaneously putting Rohit in a modified sharpshooter.

Bey rolled out of the ring but TJP put him in another submission hold that was broken up by Rohit.  Rohit hit TJP with a forearm and Bey kicked TJP.  TJP fought them off in the corner until Bey accidentally hit Rohit.  TJP took over on Bey, including a tombstone.  Rohit knocked TJP off the top rope and climbed up himself.  TJP superplexed Rohit off the top rope and into an octopus hold.  He put Bey in the hold at the same time.  Rohit elbowed out.  TJP got a crucifix for a two count.  TJP fought both wrestlers then got a back suplex on Rohit. Everyone was down for awhile.  Rohit hit TJP with a big knee, then missed a charge into the corner and fell out of the ring.  Bey made a comeback and rolled up TJP for a two count.  TJP hit an innovative double underhook slam on Bey.  Rohit fell to the outside of the ring after Bey was thrown into him.  TJP had Bey on his shoulders but Bey escaped and rolled TJP into Rohit on the apron, who fell back to the floor outside the ring.  Bey with a two count on TJP.  TJP put an STF on Bey.  Rohit grabbed Bey’s hand to pull him towards the ropes to force a break.  TJP hit a springboard dropkick to Rohit outside the ring, then hit one on Bey.  TJP climbed to the top rope, but Bey leaped up to meet him.  They fought on top.  Rohit joined the fight on the top rope and knocked TJP off.  Rohit then saw his big chance, turned on Bey, and hit a double stomp off the top rope while Bey was in the “tree of woe”, then pinned him for the three count and the title change.

WINNER: Rohit Raju in 10:30 to win the Impact Wrestling X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Analysis: A great match that was all action.  TJP was the MVP of the match and he really shined.  He pulled off some innovative moves that I have never seen.  Bey and Rohit were right there with him too.  I would have liked Bey to have a longer title reign because he plays his role as the cocky champion very well.  I’ve seen Rohit on the indies and he seemed like a wrestler that just needed the right opportunity to showcase his abilities; it’s good to see him get the spotlight.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do as champion).

-Wrestle House opening credits.  Taya Valkyrie’s stuffed dog (who was dressed up as the devil and sounded like James Mitchell) had a conversation with Crazzy Steve’s monkey.  They argued about who would win the upcoming match between Taya and Kylie Rae.  Larry D showed Acey Romero his new fragrance, Ring Rust.  He was dressed up.  Larry told Acey that women love him now (Rosemary put him under a spell last week), especially one in particular (presumably Rosemary).  Larry called himself “Lawrence D”. [c]

-Backstage interview with the Good Brothers.  They talked about their upcoming match with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.  Karl Anderson said “you’ve got our attention”.  Doc Gallows said that Ace and Fulton had lit a fire under them and tonight they would become famous.

-Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne appeared on camera for the first time and welcomed everyone to Emergence: Night One.  They ran down the rest of the matches for the show.

(2) MOOSE vs. TREY MIGUEL – TNA World Title match

Moose attacked Trey at the bell, they exchanged chops, then Moose chopped Trey down to the mat. [c]

Back from the break, Trey hit Moose with a series of kicks.  Moose with a running uppercut on Trey in the corner.  Moose missed a clothesline and Trey kicked him.  Moose dropkicked Trey off the top rope to the outside, then chopped him.  He dropped Trey on the edge of the ring, then rolled Trey back in.  Moose stood on Trey’s face, then gave him a huge biel throw.  Trey fought back with punches.  Moose caught him with a fallaway slam and kipped up.  He whipped Trey into the corner, stomped and chopped him.  Moose with another big biel throw.  Trey fought back with a series of punches, but was cut off with a huge dropkick.  Moose got two two counts on Trey.  Moose pulled Trey’s nose.  Moose talked trash and went for another biel throw, but Trey turned it around and went on offense.  Moose caught Trey but it was turned into a DDT.  Trey dove on Moose to the outside but Moose caught him and threw Trey into the rails and the ring apron.  Trey barely beat the ten count.  Trey leaped over Moose’s spear attempt, but Moose caught him, threw him in the corner, and got the spear and the three count.

WINNER: Moose in 9:30 to retain the TNA World Title.

After the match, EC3 attacked Moose from behind and took him down with a scorpion death drop.  He took the TNA belt and left the ring.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Moose showed incredible athleticism, which is no surprise, but still worth noting.  He had “Black Lives Matter” in gold letters on his trunks.  He’s really good in the bully role and Trey continues to impress).

-Backstage, Reno Scum returned the roll of money to Hernandez (they took the money from Rhino last week).  Hernandez paid them off, but they said the job was worth more money.  He gave them more money and said he would have more work for them.

-An Eric Young video aired with clips of his angles and personas from his career in Impact.  He said this is now the real him in his purest form.  They showed the attack on Rich Swann and his challenge to Eddie Edwards.  Eric said he won’t be ignored.  He will become his vision and his truth.

-Flashback Moment of the Week from the 5/11/15 edition of Impact Wrestling.  Eric Young beat Kurt Angle in a stretcher match.

-Jimmy Jacobs was backstage interviewing Willie Mack about Rich Swann’s retirement.  Brian Myers interrupted and said nobody cares.  He told Jimmy to come with him.  They walked down the hall and sat down.  Myers told Jimmy it was his own personal AMA “Ask Me Anything”.  Myers said he always did everything he was told and always followed the rules but where did it get him.  He said it got him fired with a wife who was six months pregnant sitting at home.  He said he was sick of being called a good hand and was tired of major decisions being made by an out of touch 70-year-old man at goofy production meetings.  He is taking his career into his own hands.  Willie attacked him and they brawled, knocking over the camera.  [c]

-Heath had another thirty second ad.  He complained that Joe Biden picked a running mate on a Tuesday, when he knows everyone watches Impact Wrestling on Tuesdays.  He wanted to get #heath4impact to trend.  He ran out of things to say with eleven seconds left.  They showed fireworks in the background to run out the time.


Karl Anderson took over on Ace Austin with punches and chops.  They traded offense until Karl tagged out to Doc Gallows.  They trapped Ace in their corner and beat on him.  Ace rolled up Karl for a two count.  Ace with a forearm and kicks to Karl.  Fulton tagged and punched Karl in the corner.  Ace tagged back in and got a dropkick for a two count.  Karl tagged in Doc.  Doc punched Ace in the corner, but missed a charge.  Ace tagged in Fulton to have a showdown of the two big men.  They squared off and exchanged punches, then clotheslined each other but neither of them budged.  Doc took over with punches in the corner and a big uppercut.  Fulton reversed and splashed Doc in the corner.  Ace tagged in and punched Doc.  Doc hit Ace and tagged Karl.  Doc and Karl double teamed Ace.  Karl took over on Ace.  Ace dropkicked Karl in the back, then connected with a running boot.  Fulton tagged in and choked Karl on the ropes.  Fulton punched Karl repeatedly.  Ace tagged back.  Fulton suplexed Karl on Ace’s knees for a two count.  Ace worked on Karl’s arm.  Ace took out a card and gave Karl a paper cut between the fingers, then tagged out to Fulton.  Karl was suplexed on Ace’s knees again.  They tried it a third time, but Karl slipped free and got a spinebuster on Ace, then tagged Doc.  Doc ran wild with punches on Ace, then hit Fulton on the apron.  Doc got a fallaway slam on Ace and followed with an elbow, shoulder tackle, and pump kick before tagging Karl back in.  Fulton broke up the Magic Killer.  Fulton and Doc brawled on the outside.  Back in the ring, Ace hit a spin kick on Karl then tagged Fulton.  He threw Karl into Ace’s knee then clotheslined him for a two count.  Ace tagged back in and traded punches with Karl.  Ace connected with a knee to Karl’s head.  Fulton pulled Doc off the apron and sent him into the guard rail.  Doc knocked Fulton over the rail and tagged back into the match.  Doc and Karl got the Magic Killer on Ace to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis:  Good match.  This certainly looked like it could be the end of the feud already.  I’d like to see The Good Brothers mix it up with another team and for Ace to go back to singles competition to continue chasing the World Title).

-Back to Wrestle House.  Rosemary, Alisha, and the Deaners were hanging out in the kitchen.  The Deaners were angry that someone took their beer.  Johnny Swinger said it wasn’t him because he’s straight edge.  Alisha denied it too.  The Deaners accused Acey and almost fought, but Susie reminded them of the truce.  Larry D grabbed two bottles out of the fridge and said he was a lover, not a fighter.  He gave one of the drinks to Rosemary.  He asked if she wanted to sit with him at the match tonight, but she said she’d take a raincheck.  Jake and Susie had an awkward greeting.  After Susie left, Jake told Cody that their date last week hadn’t gone well. [c]


This match took place in the Wrestle House backyard.  Rosemary was the referee.  Kylie offered a handshake to start the match, but Taya slapped her hand.  Taya knocked Kylie to the mat.  Kylie took Taya down, then charged her in the corner.  Taya missed a second attempt.  Taya punched Kylie.  Kylie got a headscissors but missed a kick.  Rosemary tripped Kylie.  Taya kicked Kylie and ran her into the turnbuckle.  Taya bit Kylie’s hand while Rosemary did nothing.  Kylie kicked out of a pin attempt.  Taya cut off a Kylie comeback and kicked her in the back of the head.  She choked Kylie on the ropes.  Rosemary clapped for Taya.  Taya and Kylie traded punches, then Kylie armdragged Taya and superkicked her.  She got a (slow) two count.  Taya back suplexed Kylie for a two count.  Taya yelled at Rosemary “what is going on?”  Taya almost ran into Rosemary but stopped.  She turned around right into a superkick for the pin.

WINNER: Kylie Rae in 5:00

After the match, Taya complained about her teeth.  Rosemary rolled out of the ring and told Larry D she will see him next week.  Larry offered Acey some Ring Rust.  Crazzy Steve said John E. Bravo was blowing it.  The Deaners still wanted to know who took their beer.  [c]

(D.L.’s Analysis: This match had the least comedy of any of the Wrestle House matches thus far, but still didn’t showcase either wrestler to the best of their ability, although that wasn’t really the goal of the match.  Although some of the Wrestle House stuff is fun, these are two of the top wrestlers in the loaded Knockouts division, so the sooner they get back to the main arena matches, the better).

-Josh and Madison were on camera and previewed next week’s matches for the second part of Emergence, which include Willie Mack vs. Bryan Myers, more Wrestle House, EC3 answers why he stole the TNA belt, Eddie Edwards’ open challenge, and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace in an iron man match for the Knockouts Title.

(5) THE NORTH (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (c)—Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Title match

After the ring entrances, they went to a break. [c]

Josh and Sabin locked up for the initial exchange.  Josh shoulder blocked Sabin, who countered with a dropkick.  Sabin slid out of the ring and pulled Page off the ring apron.  Back in the ring, Josh took over on Sabin and tagged in Page.  Shelley came in but got punched and kicked by Page. Page took over on Sabin.  Josh tagged in with offense on Sabin.  Page tagged back in and punched Sabin.  Josh and Page tried to double team Sabin, but he made a comeback on both.  Josh accidentally hit Page.  Shelley tagged in and fought both members of The North.  He dropkicked Josh in the knees.  The Guns double teamed Page, then double teamed Josh with tag team moves. [c]

Back from the break, Shelley worked on Josh’s leg and put him in a single leg Boston Crab.  He broke the hold in order to fight off Page.  Page hit Shelley from the outside.  Josh suplexed Shelley for a two count.  Page tagged in and stomped Shelley, then hit a series of knees.  The North worked on Shelley in the corner.  Josh leglocked Shelley, then tagged to Page.  He punched and worked on Shelley’s arm.  After a suplex, Shelley hit his knees on Page’s head.  Josh tagged in and got a two count, but Sabin broke it up.  Page tagged back in.  Shelley fought them both and sent Josh to the floor.  He got the tag to Sabin, who took over on Page.  He got a forearm, kicks, and a neckbreaker.  Sabin kicked Josh on the outside, then climbed to the top rope and dropkicked Page back inside the ring.  Shelley held the ropes for Sabin to dive through and land on Josh.  Shelley missed a dive on Page, but Sabin hit a dropkick.  Alex got a two count on Page, then they traded punches.  All four wrestlers fought in the ring.  Sabin got a two count on Page.  All four fought again.  The North double teamed Sabin.  Josh got a close near fall on Sabin, who barely kicked out.  Sabin rolled up Page for a two count.  Everyone was down.  The North double teamed Shelley and Josh superkicked him.  Sabin DDT’d Page.  Josh hit Sabin with a forearm.  The Guns double teamed Josh, then double teamed Page, including hitting a neckbreaker.  Shelley splashed Page, then Sabin pinned him.  The Guns celebrated to end the show.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns in 14:00 to retain the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Excellent main event and a great start to the Gun’s title reign.  I’m not sure who the next opponent for the Guns is, but a series of matches with the Rascalz could be a great showcase for both teams.  The North against the Good Brothers could be another interesting matchup.  A good show overall and I’m really looking forward to Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers and the Iron Man Match next week.

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