8/11 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Brian Meyers (formerly Curt Hawkins) debuts in World Title match against Edwards, plus Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, more Wrestle House

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor



-Recap package of Rich Swann’s retirement speech from last week.  The highlight clips were narrated by Rich’s speech.  Very well done.

-A backstage fight between Willie Mack and Eric Young was joined in progress.  It was broken up by referees and security.  Back in the Impact Zone, Willie and Eric brawled out to the stage and to the ring.  Eric fled to the stage, but Willie got on the mic and challenged Eric to a match.  Willie said he would beat the breaks off Eric.  Willie charged the stage and punched Eric all the way to the ring.


Back inside the ring, Eric got an advantage by stomping Willie as he rolled into the ring.  The bell finally sounded.  Wille turned the tide with two spin kicks, followed by punches in the corner.  Eric escaped to the outside and got the advantage by snapping Willie’s neck over the top rope.  Back inside, Eric took over with kicks.  Willie reversed an Irish Whip and sent Eric over the top to the floor.  Willie dove over the top rope onto Eric.  Back in the ring, Willie attempted the first pin of the match and scored a two count.  Willie punched Eric.  Eric flipped over the ropes in the corner, ran to the other side (reminiscent of Ric Flair), and got to the top rope.  Wille met him at the top.  Eric bit Willie, sending him to the mat.  Eric hit an elbow off the top rope for a two count.  Eric with knees to Willie’s back.  He yelled “You’re going to end up just like Rich”.  Eric got a two count after an elbow.  Eric sat on the top rope and choked Willie.  Willie caught Eric coming off the top rope and turned it into a Northern Lights Suplex.  Eric rebounded and got a two count.  Eric wrenched Willie’s neck.  The referee checked Willie’s arm, but he showed signs of life, got to his feet, and elbowed Eric.  Willie hit a dropkick, bodyslam, legdrop, Samoan drop, and a standing moonsault.  Eric kicked out at two on a pin attempt.  Eric blocked a stunner and raked Willie’s eyes.  Willie hit a stunner but looked around instead of going for the pin.  He hesitated, then looked under the ring and got a chair.  He put the chair over Eric’s leg then climbed to the top.  Eric got up and pushed Willie off the top and he fell into the ring.  Eric hit a piledriver and scored the three count.

WINNER: Eric Young in 8:30.

(D.L.’s analysis: Good match.  Willie was strong as the guy who was going for revenge for his friend, but lost because of his overzealousness.  Eric Young always puts on a good matches and this match makes me look forward to Rich Swann coming back to get his revenge).

-Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne appeared on camera for the first time.  They ran down the show.  Madison called Josh an idiot for thinking Eric Young might accept the Eddie Edwards open challenge.  Madison cut off Josh to say that her Locker Room Talk segment would be returning.  Josh said “There’s a reason that you’re single”.

-The Good Brothers were backstage looking for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.  They ran into a security guy and Matt Striker.  They roughed up the security guy and left to continue their search. [c]

-Opening credits for Wrestle House.  Everyone was in the living room.  Taya Valkyrie said that last week’s makeovers with the grooming kits were a big hit.  She had big news; after all the ballots had been counted, the house had voted to watch Taya’s greatest hits.  Kylie Rae raised her hand and politely asked if there had been electoral fraud.  Taya told her the votes were for adults and she could sit down.  Kylie sat and Taya said “Good girl”.  Cody Deaner said that Jake Deaner had eaten something bad and had been on the “crapper” all day.  Alisha Edwards said Susie also had the runs.  Cody and Alisha left the living room at the same time.  Taya showed the rest of the cast her greatest hits video.  As they watched, Taya got a shoulder massage from Johnny Bravo, but she made him put on gloves first.  Everyone was bored watching the Taya matches.  Johnny Swinger told Crazzy Steve a story about Lord Littlebrook.  He encouraged Steve to go after Rosemary.  A clip of Taya dropping Rosemary was shown on the screen.  Steve sat down by Rosemary.  She said they could get back together where they left off since their bond hadn’t decayed (they used to form a team with Abyss called Decay).  Steve said she seemed troubled and that jealousy could be quite the potent poison, as she looked at Taya and Bravo.  Susie and Jake were shown separately getting ready for their date.

-Reno Scum attacked Rhino (on behalf of Hernandez), but Rhino made a comeback.  He got beat down again though.  Reno Scum walked off with a roll of money.


Madison congratulated Kimber Lee on signing a new contract with Impact.  After a lock up, Kimber Lee missed a kick, and took a shoulder block from Jordynne.  Jordynne hit a clothesline and sidewalk slam for a two count.  She whipped Kimber Lee into the corner.  After a punch, Jordynne whipped Kimber Lee into the corner again hard.  She tried again but the referee was in the way.  Kimber Lee took over with a kick. [c]

Kimber Lee put Jordynne in a modified single leg Boston Crab.  She kicked Jordynne in the knee and back, then punched her in the corner.  Jordynne blocked a suplex, then suplexed Kimber Lee.  After two shoulder tackles and a spinebuster, Jordynne got a two count.  They exchanged pin attempts.  Kylie got a German Suplex for a two count.  Kylie was on the top rope.  Madison left the announce booth to get ready for her interview segment.  They exchanged punches and Kimber Lee knocked Jordynne off the top rope.  Kimber Lee missed a swanton bomb, then immediately tapped out to a sleeper from Jordynne.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 6:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Jordynne looked strong going into her rematch with Deonna Purrazzo.  Kimber Lee lost for the second week in a row, but looked good.  I think big things are in store for her).

-Madison Rayne Locker Room Talk segment.  Madison noted that her normal co-host Johnny Swinger was away at Wrestle House.  She announced her first sponsor, which was Heath.  He bought a 30 second ad.  He called himself the hottest free agent.  People throwing confetti, cheering, and fireworks were shown in the background.  A #heath4impact graphic was on the lower third of the screen.  His ad got cut off in mid-sentence because the 30 seconds were up.  Madison said his money is as good as anyone’s.  Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes entered and took a seat on the sofa next to Madison.  Madison said they were back in their natural state.  Katie said she loves showing off her body.  Her and RVD made out.  Madison left.  Katie and RVD noted they were alone and decided to interview each other.  Katie asked RVD what was his favorite thing about her.  He said she was fun and he liked her personality.  RVD asked Katie what was the best thing about dating him.  Sami’s graphic came on the screen and he magically appeared in Madison’s seat.  Sami attacked RVD, but Katie sprayed his eyes.  They stomped Sami and RVD punched him, then they left.

-Dez and Wentz of the Rascalz were backstage chatting.  Trey showed up with a Suicide mask.  He said Acey shouldn’t leave his stuff laying around.  Moose bumped into Wentz, who was wearing a “Free EC3” jacket.  Moose objected to it.  Wentz got scared and took it off.  Moose was holding a contract and talked to Trey (who he thought was Suicide).  Moose told “Suicide” that he had beaten him twice and the third time was the charm, then wished him good luck.  After Moose left, the Rascalz celebrated that Trey was getting a shot at the TNA title.  Trey said to tell Acey best regards and handed the mask back to Dez.  Dez threw the mask against the wall. [c]

-WrestleHouse segment.  The guests were in the living room watching more Taya matches (they watched matches with Taya against Jordynne Grace, Madison Rayne, and Rosemary).  Rosemary looked over the guys in the living room and blew mist at Larry D.  Alisha was upstairs getting Susie ready for the date with Jake.  Alisha told her to say she had the runs so that she had an escape plan.  Susie thanked her.  In the dining room, Jake pulled the chair out for Susie and said he liked her dress.  Jake didn’t have a shirt on, so Susie said she liked his chest hair.  They sat at the opposite ends of the table.  Susie announced she had the runs.  Jake nodded and smiled.  Larry looked mesmerized by Rosemary.  Acey said Larry was acting weird.  After Larry said maybe there is more to life than food, he and Acey argued.  Tommy Dreamer popped onscreen and screamed “Match Time!”  Taya questioned why the cast would want to watch “two hamburgers wrestle when you have filet mignon on TV.”


Cody Deaner was the referee.  Acey started with punches and a dropkick.  He missed a splash and Larry kicked him in the head.  They exchanged punches and Larry D knocked out Acey for the pin.  Larry looked at Rosemary and said he did it for her.

WINNER: Larry D in 1:30.

-Deonna Purrazzo had a backstage interview.  She said Jordynne Grace didn’t act like a champion.  Deonna challenged Jordynne to a 30 minute iron man match at Emergence.

-Video package previewing the tag team title rematch between the Motor City Machine Guns and The North.  Both teams talked about why they were the bests and they vowed to win.  Alex Shelley said the MCMG returned to Impact for the North.  Ethan Page said the MCMG are not better than The North.

(D.L.’s Analysis: Good intensity and really built anticipation for the rematch at Emergence).


Tasha and Kiera entered the Impact Zone first but hid on the far end of the entrance stage.  They attached Havok and Nevaeh as they walked down the ramp.  Tasha hit Havok with a weapon, as Kiera and Nevaeh fought on the floor.  Havok slammed Tasha from the top rope, then kicked her and dropped an elbow.  Nevaeh beat up Kiera.  Kiera grabbed Havoc’s leg from the outside, which allowed Tasha to hit Havoc with a chair.  Kiera and Tasha double teamed Havok.  Nevaeh clotheslined Kiera and Tasha.  Neveah and Havoc suplexed Tasha, who kicked out of a pin attempt.  On the outside, Havoc accidentally charged into the ringpost.  Neveah got a near fall on Tasha.  Kiera and Tasha double teamed Neveah in the ring.  Neveah eventually got a comeback.  Havok kicked Kiera from the outside.  Nevaeh German suplexed Kiera.  Havok pulled a table from under the ring and set it up.  All four wrestlers exchanged punches in the ring to the point of exhaustion.  Kiera blocked a tombstone attempt from Havok.  Havok suplexed Kiera and Tasha at the same time.  Havok missed a charge and fell through the ropes.  Tasha put Havok in a sleeper.  Kiera drop kicked Havoc, who was on the ring apron and fell to the outside through the table she had set up earlier.  Nevaeh attached Kiera and Tasha with a Reserved Parking sign.  Kiera hit a crossroads on Nevaeh for the pin.  Madison said that may have ended the rivalry between the teams.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Analysis: This was all action and very good.  Looking forward to seeing what’s next for these four as they reset and take on new opponents.)

-The Good Brothers talked with Scott D’Amore as they were looking for Ace and Fulton.  Scott said he was getting “Hall and Nash vibes” tonight.

-Moose was walking backstage when a video of EC3 was projected on the wall.  EC3 said he was there for Moose and that he must destroy Moose.  He said it wasn’t a threat, but a declaration.  “You have been warned”.  Moose looked around worried.


Wentz accompanied Dez to the ring.  Dez took over early with chops, then punches in the corner.  The Good Brothers walked to the ring.  Doc hit Dez with the big boot.  Karl Anderson threw Wentz over the top rope.  The Good Brothers applied the Magic killer on Suicide and threw him out of the ring.

WINNER: No contest in 1:30.

-The Good Brothers called out Ace and Fulton and said they weren’t leaving until they came out.  Ace and Fulton appeared on the entrance screen.  Ace said “Hey there, new guys!”  Ace said he and Fulton weren’t there and weren’t even in the same state.  He said Doc felt right at home in jail.  Ace said they were waiting for the right time and that time would be at night one of Emergence.  Fulton ended by saying “brothers”.  Doc yelled “Let’s do it at Emergence”.

-Flashback Moment of the Week.  Eddie Edwards victory over Cody Rhodes from the 10/2/16 episode of Impact.

-Rohit Raju walked into Chris Bey’s dressing room.  Rohit devised a plan to be added to Chris’ match against TJP so they could double team TJP.  Bey said it was a good plan and decided to make it a three-way match.

-Brian Myers vignette.  The words “be a professional” were repeated.  Myers said “I’m Brian Myers and I’m the most professional wrestler”.

-Wrestle House.  Jake was at the dinner table.  Susie came back into the room and said she had the runs.  They said they enjoyed each other’s company.  Susie almost transformed into Su Yung and Jake ran out.  Alisha asked Susie how the date went and where did it go wrong.  Susie said maybe Alisha’s advice was bad.  Tommy Dreamer yelled “Match Time!”


Crazzy Steve was the special referee.  Susie said Alisha gave her bad advice and slapped her.  They rolled around.  Steve separated them.  Susie attacked Alisha when Steve held her back.  They clotheslined each other.  Steve counted out of order.  They exchanged punches.  Alisha clotheslined Susie.  Susie hit a series of elbows and rolled Alisha up for the pin.

WINNER: Susie in 2:00.

-Taya said it was enough of the amateur hour, but now it was time for the greatest match in history—Taya winning the Knockouts title.  Kylie said they were tired and wanted to go to sleep.  Taya called her a loser.  Susie pointed out that Kylie is the number one contender.  Taya asked if Kylie had ever actually beaten a champion.  Kylie got in the ring and challenged her.  Dreamer almost called “Match Time” but Rosemary cut him off.  Taya said she was busy watching the best of Taya but they could have the match next week.

(D.L.’s Analysis: The interaction between Taya and Kylie Rae is fun and they should have a really good match).

-Madison said she wouldn’t want to watch Taya’s greatest hits either.  Josh said Taya’s greatest hits probably wasn’t very long.  They ran down next week’s Emergence week one card.  It is headlined by Deonna Purrazzo defending against Jordynne Grace in a 30 minute iron match plus Eddie Edward’s open challenge (if he won tonight).

-Eddie Edwards came to the ring. [c]

-Eddie Edwards was disgusted with Eric Young’s attack on Rich Swann last week and called out Eric to answer the open challenge.  Brian Myers’ music played and he came down the ramp.  He said in Eddie’s hands it was a belt, but in Brian’s hands, it’s a championship.  He declared himself the most professional wrestler and accepted the open challenge.

(7) EDDIE EDWARDS (c) vs. BRIAN MYERS – Impact Wrestling World Hvt. Title match

Josh ran down Brian’s accomplishments, including being a former TNA tag team champion with Trevor Lee and a WWE tag team champion with Matt Cardona.  Josh plugged the Myers’ Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, including an on-screen graphic.  Eddie and Brian locked up.  Clean break by Eddie.  They exchanged chops.  Brian took a side headlock.  Eddie with an elbow after a criss cross.  Brian kicked out of a pin, then took over with kicks, punches, and a choke over the ropes.  Eddie clotheslined him over the top. [c]

Back from commercial, Brian was back in the ring and on offense.  Eddie got a belly to belly suplex on Brian.  He rolled outside but Eddie rolled him back in.  Brian went on offense as Eddie tried to get back in the ring.  Brian ran into the post outside.  Eddie whipped Brian into the side of the ring.  Brian hit elbows and knees, but Eddie kicked out of pin attempt.  Brian put Eddie in a sleeper, but Eddie elbowed out.  Brian slid out of the ring and tripped Eddie.  Elbows by Brian, but Eddie kicked out of a pin.  Brian with a chinlock.  Brian missed a charge and was thrown outside.  Eddie dove onto Brian on the outside but hit his knee on the rail.  Back inside, Brian hit a suplex for a two count.  Brian with a sleeper but Eddie got out.  Eddie got whipped into the corner but came back with an elbow and a suplex into the turnbuckles.  Both men were down.  Eddie came back with chops but missed a charge.  Eddie kicked Brian, who was on the top rope.  Brian got a DDT for a two count.  Brian ran into a superkick, then Eddie hit a forearm and a Tiger Driver for a two count.  Eddie pulled down his kneepad but missed a Boston Knee Party.  Brian connected with a kick, but Eddie rebounded and hit the Boston Knee Party for the pin.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 12:00.

Eddie stood on the ropes and celebrated to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Great debut by Brian Myers.  He seemed like a totally different wrestler from his stint in WWE.  His in-ring work was good and he was confident on the mic.  He seems like a natural babyface to me, but I’m really interested to see what he could do as a heel, now that he’s not strapped with the ridiculous losing streak gimmick.  The Eddie Edwards open challenges have delivered each week and are a highlight of the show.  Overall a really good show (it helps if you are a fan of the Wrestle House segments) and set the table well for the two Emergence shows.

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