NXT TV RESULTS (4/23): Spring Breakin’ Night One with Dragunov vs. Williams and Perez vs. Valkyria vs. Paxley title matches, Natalya vs. Vice, NQCC vs. The Family, more



APRIL 23, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Kelly Kincaid

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid



-The show began with a shot of the WWE Draft locker room where Adam Pearce was speaking to Ava, Nick Aldis on the monitor. They put over this being the last show before the draft. They put over Ava and the NXT roster to help build hype for the Draft. Both men said they’re going to be watching the men’s title match very closely. Ava, in a close-up shot, put over the stakes of tonight’s show and the future of “who steps up to take” the place of those drafted.

-Vic Joseph then spoke over video of Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov arriving earlier, separately, then The Family, and Sol Ruca with surfboard in tow. Natalya and Karmen Petrovic then were shown.

-All three women were already in the ring: Lyra Valkyria, Tatum Paxley, and Roxanne Perez.

(1) “THE PRODIGY” ROXANNE PEREZ (c) vs. LYRA VALKYRIA vs. TATUM PAXLEY – Women’s NXT Championship match

Joseph said “you won’t miss a second of the in-ring action tonight” and that’s just freaking swell. Valkyria immediately went after Paxley, Perez only jumping in to breakup a pin and throw out Valkyria. She turned into Paxley, creepily crawling toward her, but this backed her up enough for Valkyria to drag her outside. Paxley then blocked Paxley’s attempt at her wrecking ball dropkick and took her out, then hit her wrecking ball dropkick through the ropes to both women. Perez and Valkyria fought on the apron and the latter won, then leaped and rolled through Paxley, hitting a crossbody. She blocked a shot and slapped Paxley, then hit a shotgun dropkick. Valkyria hit a Northern Lights that had the pin broken up by a returning Perez. Valkyria then hit one on Perez, who kicked out at two. Perez elbowed out of a hold and hit a victory roll, then the two traded holds. Paxley tried to interfere only to get hit, then Valkyria sent Perez outside. Valkyria hit an O’Connor roll pin out of the corner for a two-count, but was then pushed off of the top rope and outside by Perez. Perez hit a crossbody, but Paxley rolled through for a two-count. Paxley then threw Perez outside and into Valkyria almost like a lope. Well, since I use the USA Network player, I get commercials! [c]

Perez was looking for a second rope avalanche side Russian leg sweep as they returned, but Valkyria came in and sent both women to the mat instead. She was too spent to make even single pin attempt. The three then traded forearms and chops from their knees, fighting to their feet with Valkyria winning the striking battle with kicks and her usual combos. Paxley ducked an enziguri, but Valkyria countered and hit a fisherwoman’s buster; Perez broke up the count. Valkyria went for one on Perez, but Perez countered with an inside cradle for a two-count, then floored Valkyria with a right hand. She hit her running uppercut into the corner to both women, then went for the crossface on Paxley, but switched to Valkyria as she saw her coming in. Paxley put the crossface on Perez, who rolled her up, but Valkyria broke it up. Perez then hit a side Russian leg sweep-DDT combo to both women, but both women kicked out of separate pin attempts. Perez screamed in frustration, then hit Soul Food, the pin broken up by Valkyria.

Valkyria unloaded on Perez with strikes, countered the leg sweep, then hit a release German. Paxley countered by sending Valkyria into Perez, who kicked her. Paxley bumped off Pop Rocks right into a spin kick from Valkyria. Paxley took out Valkyria for a near fall, hit a pump handle driver, and hit a 450. Perez then came in and during the pin attempt, jackknifed Paxley into a pin of her own to retain. She immediately rolled out of the ring and retrieved her title, posing on the ramp.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 12:03 (jackknife pin) to RETAIN the Women’s NXT Championship

-They shifted to a video of multiple WWE wrestlers picking between Dragunov and Williams, including Jade Cargill. They also showed some fans making predictions.

-They showed Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan talking to Thea Hail in the locker room as others were sitting around. Jaida Parker looked annoyed. Hail put over everyone who supported her and Parker looked like she was going to vomit. She then came up and mocked Henley, calling her the most popular loner she’s ever met. Henley asked if they had a problem and Parker said, “We can, what’s up?” They brawled before being separated.

-The Family made their entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: As far as triple threats go, that was pretty ho-hum, nothing too extravagant. I do really like that ending though. Paxley looked good throughout and that 450 was pure with perfect rotation. She also covered some distance with that one. I’m really just not into Valkyria’s offense and feel like she was easily the third of three in this match. Perez was great, playing that heel character, and then as I predicted, slowly devolving to winning retaining by any means necessary. I’m going to be really intrigued by that first promo she cuts after NOT being drafted.)

-By the way, I’m still laughing at that last line from Parker. Just strap the rocket to her now. Anyway, they returned with a vignette for Tyson Dupont(?) and Tyriek something that I completely missed. Still, they said they will debut next week. They said they’re not afraid to go pound-for-pound with any team. They showed highlights from Lvl Up.

-They showed Diamond Mine back in NXT, who got a big pop. It’s kind of weird since they’re leaning heel on Raw, right? They put over Williams big, going back to their days at the PC (I think Brutus Creed was in the same class as Williams). They did a Whoop that Trick chant, and Brutus imitated Booker T. Comedy.

-Joseph went over the headlines of NXT Battleground emanating from UFC Apex in Las Vegas on a Sunday. Cool. I work those.

-No Quarter Catch Crew made their entrance.

(2) THE FAMILY (“The Don” Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Luca Crusifino) vs. NO QUARTER CATCH CREW (Charlie Dempsey & Myles Bourne & Damon Kemp) – Six-man tag team match

They brawled before the bell and the ref called for one when only D’Angelo and Charlie Dempsey were in the ring. D’Angelo used his power to hit a bomb counter out of an armbar. He yelled to the NQCC corner, allowing Dempsey to gain some offense. He kneed him into their corner, where absolute charisma black hole Damon Kemp tagged in. He went after the left leg and then threw some punches, only for D’Angelo to rush him into their corner. Stacks tagged in and took it to Kemp. The crowd was completely silent from the moment Kemp tagged in. Luca Crusifinio tagged in and yelled at Kemp, who took him down with a counter. They scrapped, but Myles Bourne tagged in and took it to Crusifino for a bit. Crusifino hit an uppercut counter, but then ate a beautiful dropkick from Bourne. Dempsey tagged in, who tagged in Kemp, and they triple teamed. Things broke down as the rest of The Family entered. The Family cleared the ring, then exited to meet them. Kemp took out all five people with a cannonball from the apron. [c]

NQCC was beating on Stacks in their corner, Dempsey putting on a rear chin lock. He then drove some knees into the back while maintaining the hold. Stacks rose to his feet after cheers from the crowd and back elbowed hit. He hit a running crossbody, but then suffered a dragon screw into a modified knee lock. stacks missed an enziguri counter and then Kemp tagged in, follwed by Bourne. They hit a dropkick-German combo for a two-count. Dempsey tagged in and maintained the methodical pace. He went for a fisherman’s bridge for a two-count and then applied a single leg crab. He chained to a standing ankle lock that was broken up by an enziguri that hit. He sidestepped Bourne and sent him outside, but yanked D’Angelo as he went for the tag. Still D’Angelo was able to tag in and took it to all three men with release belly-to-bellies and then a big Triple H spinebuster to Dempsey. He dodged a double stomp from Kemp, who landed on Dempsey. As D’Angelo went for his finisher, Dempsey hit a chop block. They hit some double teams on him, and then Dempsey hit a bridging butterfly that was broken up Stacks. Suddenly, Bourne was hit with Shatter Machine by Crusifino and Stacks. D’Angelo then hit Dempsey with a thunderous Ron Simmons spinebuster for the victory. Booker T kept saying “What a spinebuster.” D’Angelo made his claim for the Heritage Cup. Crusifino continues to impress and this was one of D’Angelo’s better outings. They can turn that spinebuster into one hell of a finisher if they do it right.

WINNER: The Family at 11:05 (spinebuster)

-They showed a video from yesterday of Baron Corbin being recorded about how he felt in the moment about what Bron Breakker was going to say. Corbin said he never has any clue as to what Breakker says. Lexis King then approached and gave Corbin a go-away gift basket of his merch, and Corbin said people “hope” he’s leaving NXT. King mentioned how Breakker is having the time of his life on Smackdown and then put over himself as Corbin’s new partner. He walked away and then Corbin called him a tool bag.

-Jaida Parker made her entrance, accompanied by O.T.M. Ah crap, the match is going to start during the commercial. Time will be what was televised for me. [c]

(3) JAIDA PARKER (w/O.T.M.) vs. FALLON HENLEY – Singles match

The match was indeed in progress as they returned from break. Henley took the advantage with the sliding right hand, then hit a leg scissor pin for a two-count. She went for the left arm, but Parker overpowered her only to get her leg taken out. Henley then hit a House Call, but was hung up on the top rope by Parker as a counter. Parker then laid Henley across the middle rope and hit a springboard Vader bomb essentially that I know a lot of people want to volunteer to take. Parker kept it at a slower pace with knees to the gut and then a bearhug. Henley fought out only to be taken down with a lariat and locked into a waist hold submission. Henley finally worked out of it and then hit a big headbutt to Parker that she also sold. Henley then hit a few big right and a third after an Irish whip. Body shots followed, then a face buster to the knee followed by a running hairmare essentially. Henley dodged a big right hand, then another, but was then sent throat-first into the middle rope. Parker immediately hit her running hip check. The ref made Parker get her foot back from under the ropes before he counted the pin.

WINNER: Jaida Parker at 4:38 televised (running hip check)

-Jacy Jayne said she thinks of Hail as ungrateful, Jazmyn Nxy beside her. She mocked Hail some more and demanded a thank you from Hail for “making” her who she is and saying Hail should kiss the ground that she walks on. She said she’ll end Hail next week and that gratitude isn’t an option, but a debt that will be repaid.

-They showed highlights from the UK tour featuring Natalya, and then shifted to highlighting Vice, who narrated the rigors of the travel schedule for Natalya and how she should think again before coming into “my” domain of NXT. She said NXT Underground is her world. They replayed the challenge that Natalya laid out last week and then highlights of Vice training MMA and hitting some strikes in NXT matches.

-They showed Natalya and Petrovic making their way, then Vice, to sign their match contract for the “first-ever women’s Underground match” according to Joseph. [c]

-They returned with Clash at the Castle pre-sale for tomorrow with the password CASTLE.

-Kelly Kincaid was in the back with JD McDonagh, who received zero reaction. He said he and Dragunov have one of the best rivalries in NXT history and that he knows best: to beat him, you have to hospitalize him. New Catch Republic then entered and received a pop. They’re really doing what they can to put over the enormity of the main event. Dour Pete Dune was for Dragunov while Tyler Bate was for Williams.



They showed Ava in the ring for the contract signing, only there were no ropes and a gaggle of wrestlers surrounded the ring. She discussed breaking glass ceilings and hosting this signing for the first women’s underground match. She introduced Natalya along with her cornerperson Petrovic. They really put over the Canadian ties between the two. Getting a better look at the wrestlers surrounding the ring, it looks like mostly PC recruits and some who have seen very little time. Ava asked Natalya to sign, who did while receiving big cheers. She almost looked taken aback by the cheers. Vice then entered to a mix of cheers and boos. Vice immediately went to sign the contract. They had four chairs set up and they finally took the mics. Natalya asked about who was in Vice’s corner and said to be more concerned about the match. She said, “Just because I shake my ass doesn’t mean I won’t kick your ass.” She said she will break Natalya next week. Natalya said she knew Vice had an ego from the moment they met. She said the difference is that Natalya actually respects Vice and her journey whereas Vice doesn’t respect hers. Natalya said she respects those from the past and present, but if Vice is for the future, then she’s going to beat some respect into Vice. “She’s the BOAT” started throughout the crowd. She told Vice to bring everything she has “because I’m going to tap your ass out!” Vice said she can try because when the lights dim, Natalya’s fate is in her hands and that her training partner will make them faster. SHAYNA F*****G BASZLER JUST RETURNED TO NXT! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She got a HUGE pop, biggest one of the night thus far. Vice looked confident as Baszler stood next to her, soaking up the LOUD “welcome back” chants. Baszler said Natalya’s chances have gone from slim to none and then said “the most dangerous woman in NXT is allied with the most dangerous woman in WWE.” She advised Natalya to get out of this gracefully by tearing up the contract, then mocked her for having Petrovic as her training partner. Petrovic hit a head kick to send Baszler out of the ring, and then threw Vice into a bunch of the dudes at ringside.

-They showed Ridge Holland arriving earlier today and I didn’t catch a single thing he said. Shawn Spears approached and mocked him. Holland angrily told him to leave him alone. Spears said he liked that tone and to embrace it, saying he knows that Holland wants to give in, no, let the thoughts out. Holland said Spears can’t rile him up and left. Spears looked confused.

-Blair Davenport made her entrance for the beach brawl with Ruca. [c]


-They returned with a vignette from The Final Testament. Karrion Kross said they’re going to go back to the good old days and showed highlights of the first runs for all of them in NXT. Paul Ellering then put over Authors of Pain and said their destinies are clear: The Final Testament is coming for all of the titles. Akam and Rezar even said a few words. Aside from trying to be too spooky, it wasn’t too bad actually.

-They showed Axiom and Nathan Frazer in the locker room complaining about TFT with a bunch of tag teams also behind them. Malik Blade said screw AoP since they can’t even catch a break. The Good Brothers came in and said they’re sick of these teams coming down to try and take these titles in NXT. Edris Enofe then knocked over a mirror and he and Blade looked SHOOK because of seven more years of bad luck. I am howling at Luke Gallows making those comments.

(4) BLAIR DAVENPORT vs. SOL RUCA – Beach brawl (no DQ) match

Ruca entered and they brawled outside before she hit the ring, nailing Davenport with her surfboard, then a boogie board. She grabbed some balls, a wallball and small football, then threw a beach ball at Davenport and trapped her in a floatie to throw the balls at her, then hit a clothesline. Davenport tried to leave, but Ruca met her and sent her into the apron. Ruca hit a split onto the apron to avoid an attack and then kicked out Davneport. She set up a wooden picnic bench along the ring, but Davenport threw her into it instead. Ruca blocked a suplex, but ate a knee and was sent into the ring post. They spent about 30 seconds in the ring thus far. Davenport beat on Ruca some more before throwing a beach ball at her for a receipt I guess. Davenport grabbed a steel chair, but Ruca caught it in took it from her. She flipped out of a hip toss and hit x-factor on the outside, but into a kiddie pool. She then put her surfboard on top of Davenport and rode the wave. [c]

Davenport had Ruca in a chair and beating on her as they returned. They showed her hitting her springboard double foot stomp to Ruca on the ropes, and then a bodyslam through a table on the outside during the break. Davenport missed a chair shot and then ate a springboard attack, a thrust kick to the face, and then a moonsault with a boogie board. Joseph said the knee brace came across the ribs of Davenport. Davenport slipped an attack and hit a thrust kick of her own, but then ate another one from Ruca. Ruca put Davenport on her shoulders and then hit a big powerbomb for a two-count even with the stacked cover. She went for a Sol Snatcher, but Davenport met her on the second rope with a German. They went outside and Davenport set up Ruca’s surfboard against the steel steps, but was sent into it instead. Ruca hit the barrier, but was then pushed right into the crowdside barricade, scaring a young woman in the front row. Davenport set the picnic table, but Ruca ended up hitting a falling backpack slam (not stunner) through the table from the barrier. Wow, how is Davenport breathing? That looked nasty. Ruca rolled her foe back in the ring and hit a springboard Sol Snatcher onto a boogie board that Davenport cleverly held in place for the move.

WINNER: Sol Ruca at 10:31 (Sol Snatcher)

-Williams was in the locker room and speaking to his mom on speakerphone about both of them continuing to fight. She told him to whoop that Trick. Johnny Gargano I mean Shawn Michaels then appeared and wished Williams luck. Williams said there’s even more pressure tonight. Gargano said no pressure, no diamonds. He said the pressure is not a burden, it’s a weapon that’s built him for this time. He said Dragunov hasn’t defeated that Trick Williams and asked if Williams is willing to give every ounce. Williams said he’s ready and Gargano said to whoop that Trick.

-Joseph and Booker T discussed the main event and then shifted to Battleground at UFC Apex on Sunday, June 9th. The Apex is where UFC held most of their pandemic shows.

-Corbin made his entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Look, I’ve been against this feud from the beginning because both Ruca and Davenport should be pushed on separate paths. Davenport brings something so different to the roster that it’s a shame to see her become what Dijak was and Josh Briggs has become; she should be the top heel outside of the champion should the champion be a heel in the division. Ruca, while not as polished as the veteran Davenport just yet, is someone who is probably going to be in the North American Championship tournament, but I think should be kept out of it and just winning feud after feud on her way to becoming champion at the end of the year or beginning of 2025. Still, it was a fun if not overly gimmicky match. I just wish this wasn’t the feud for each coming into tonight.)

-They returned with a TikTok video of Meta-Four road tripping to the NXT live event in Orlando. They had a car breakdown that Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson fixed. It was a pretty humorous video throughout. They said they accomplished a lot in the ten-minute road trip. Booker T seemed appalled at the whole notion and that just made me laugh more.

-King made his entrance.

(5) BARON CORBIN vs. LEXIS KING – Singles match

They locked up and King arrogantly pushed away Corbin. Corbin responded with his Gold Gloves boxing right hand and then a biel across the ring that sent King outside. He sent King into the barrier and then back inside as there was still smoke from King’s entrance at ringside. Corbin then hit an uranage into the corner back inside the ring. Corbin was receiving face cheers and chants and I am flummoxed considering I’ve only ever known Corbin as a singles heel outside of like two weeks as down-and-out Corbin. He beat on King a bit more and is it just me or does Corbin have some fresh ink all over his back? King hit a counter basement dropkick to the knee and reversed the momentum. Joseph was apoplectic at Booker T for completely overlooking what Joseph said to just repeat it himself. King then rained down some 12-6 elbows for a one-count. King went back to the knee and then hit his running lariat to the back of the neck of a kneeling Corbin for a two-count. I don’t know why, but King just looks so awkward when he hits that attack. Corbin then used the momentum of the ropes to land a big lariat and a back body drop. He followed with a vertical suplex cutter for a two-count. King rolled outside to recover, but Corbin immediately followed. However, King used the space to hit a thrust kick to the face and roll back inside. Corbin came back and ate another and then a matchbox cover using the ropes, but the ref saw and stopped his count. Corbin then hit a Death Valley Driver for a near-fall. King then threw Corbin toward the official. Corbin stopped himself, but King kicked him in the groin as the ref cowered to avoid being run over. Coronation followed. Joseph asked why Booker T kept touching him.

WINNER: Lexis King at 5:37 (Coronation)

-They then showed all of the NXT alum who made predictions tonight entering into the crowd and receiving warm welcomes.

-They threw to a video hyping up Williams, a music video of his highlights and his loss to Dragunov that we know was caused by Carmelo Hayes. It then shifted to Dragunov making the stipulation for tonight’s match and Williams accepting. Williams said into the camera that’s it’s either whoop that Trick or say the toughest goodbye he’s ever had to say. Dragunov said it brings him no joy to say that Williams will fail again and again and again and again tonight. Williams said he has to beat Dragunov to prove to himself that he’s ready to be the man in NXT. The main event is next, folks! [c]

-They returned with hype for night two of Spring Breakin’ with Hail vs. Jayne, Natalya vs. Vice in Underground, Oba Femi defending against Ivar (prepare for lots of MEAT chants), and Axiom and Frazer defending against AoP.

-Sarah Schreiber was in the back and asked Dragunov (both kept walking) about his defense. He said Williams has gained his respect, but all he has in this life is his family and his championship. Suddenly, Damian Priest appeared with his title and wished him luck. Schreiber threw to Byron Saxton. “How you doing?” asked Priest as he put his hand on her shoulder. Saxton asked Williams about the biggest match of his career. Williams said he either emerges champion or a bust. He either proves himself right or wrong, but he’s going to fight. “As my momma said, let’s whoop that trick.” His music hit and of course, he got the loudest pop of the night. They had the single camera follow him from the back. I really like these shots. Joseph said it’s a Game 7 mentality, which is a good analogy with both the NBA Playoffs and Stanley Cup Playoffs underway. Dragunov then entered to a more calm response. He was actually breathing smoke out of his mouth to embody being the mad dragon I suppose. Alicia Taylor gave formal ring introductions as Dallas Irvin (D.A. Brewer) drew the main event championship match assignment.

(6) “MAD DRAGON” ILJA DRAGUNOV (c) vs. “TRICK WILLY” TRICK WILLIAMS – Men’s NXT Championship match

Joseph said Williams’ mother is in the hospital; that explains the line from earlier. Williams went for Trick Knee immediately, but Dragunov dodged and took control. He hit his enziguri, but Williams hit a leg lariat. Dragunov caught the discus boot and hit a big slap to the face, then chops to the chest. Williams caught a chop and hit a headbutt, then his own Golden Gloves right hands. However, Dragunov had an answer for everything, including a counter DDT and then Constantin Special for a two-count. 90 seconds in, Dragunov looked for the powerbomb and hit on a second attempt, but didn’t attempt a pin. Williams used the space to hit a capoeira-like kick to the face from the mat. The two then rose while glaring at each other. They slapped hands, then hugged each other, then slugged it out. Dragunov landed a shot clean that buckled Williams and hit a shining wizard. [c]


Dragunov went for a powerbomb off of the top rope, but didn’t rotate enough and Williams landed on Dragunov as they returned from commercials. Dragunov rose first and hit a kick, then hit a jackknife powerbomb proper. He then hit a running boot wash to Williams in the corner. He then climbed for coast to coast, blowing a kiss to Williams, and Dragunov just barely hit for a two-count. Dragunov climbed again for a senton, but Williams hit a counter leaping neckbreaker, catching the champion in midair. Williams then hit a powerbomb of his own and called for and hit his own H-Bomb for a two-count. Williams then set in the corner for Trick Knee, but instead hit Torpedo Moskau to Dragunov for a two-count. How many finishers does Williams have stored?! He rushed Dragunov, but ate a kick, enziguri, and then a DVD into the corner. Dragunov was slow to capitalize though, and Williams rolled outside. The crowd chanted this is awesome. Dragunov then cleared the announce table. He set for another powerbomb, but Williams body dropped him for a counter. They fought by the announce table while the ref didn’t count because of the stakes. They climbed onto the barrier and Williams hit an uranage through the announce table! The crowd popped hard and The Creed Brothers were pounding the barricade in appreciation. Williams climbed to the apron after rolling Dragunov in, but the latter hit a running attack. He climbed to the second rope for a deadlift superplex and he hit! He then hit the H-Bomb, then dragged Williams toward the corner for the super H-Bomb, which he hit! Williams kicked out! Dragunov climbed for another one, blowing a kiss, and hit again, but he grabbed his wrist and yelled out in pain. Williams kicked out again after the delayed pin. Dragunov looked shocked and went for and hit a German, but Williams hit his feet immediately and hit Trick Knee to the back of the neck to a kneeling Dragunov. Williams set for the Trick Knee in the corner, Dragunov for Torpedo Moskau in a replay of a previous spot. This time, Williams hit first and TRICK WILLIAMS IS YOUR NEW MEN’S NXT CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!

After replays, Dragunov snatched the title from Irvin and then handed it to Williams. He hugged him and kissed Williams on the cheek before rolling out of the ring. Williams celebrated in the ring, holding the title high, and climbing the turnbuckle as Irvin also left the ring. Williams then posed on top of the barrier, facing the crowd and posing with the title. The crowd just kept chanting whoop that trick.

WINNER: Trick Williams at 11:55 (Trick Knee) to become the NEW Men’s NXT Champion

(Hazelwood’s Take: Was it a five-star mat classic? No. It didn’t need to be. From the hype throughout the show with former NXT wrestlers giving their thoughts through the match itself with the stakes involved, the story carried the match. That isn’t to say the match was bad, but a few bad spots – namely that botched powerbomb of the corner – threatened to take away from the match. Luckily, they built toward the final moments well and like with Cody Rhodes being delayed a bit to finish his story, having Williams lose their last encounter to set up his feud ender with Hayes and THEN having him beat Dragunov was the correct decision. I expect Williams to be off next week and the first true NXT post-draft will begin with him receiving his coronation (sorry, Lexis King) from the crowd at the Capitol Wrestling Center.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A PLE-lite (night one) bookended by good title matches, Spring Breakin’ proved a fun show. I’m shocked there was only one overly gimmicky match tonight considering the WWE style of really overdoing it with themed shows, and even the gimmicks during that match didn’t necessarily take away from the action. My quibble with the winner of that match aside, the right person/team won every other match (you can argue who’s right between Ruca and Davenport). I really liked how they kept building momentum for the main event with all of those appearances, topped by Priest at the end and his quip to Schreiber. It really put over to the viewer just how important both the match stipulation and the competitors were in that main event. Jaida Parker can do no wrong at this point and it’ll be interesting to see if she plays one of the heels to put over a face in the North American Championship tournament like she was in the tournament where she was introduced, the Breakout. It’s amazing to think that the last person added to the faction has become the best act and de facto leader of the group. It’s similar to how Rhea Ripley just took over Judgment Day before her untimely injury two weeks ago. To next week, I do think tonight had a better card on paper with those bookends, but the action next week should be good regardless.

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