AEW DYNASTY RESULTS (4/21): Keller’s report on Samoa Joe vs. Swerve, Okada vs. Pac, Bucks vs. FTR, Danielson vs. Ospreay, Storm vs. Rosa, Hook vs. Jericho

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


APRIL 21, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

Tonight after the AEW Dynasty PPV, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks and Brandon LeClair live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

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Beretta finished Sydal with a running knee and then a submission to get a tapout win.

WINNER: Beretta in 8:00.

-When Beretta didn’t release the hold after the bell, Mike Sydal entered the ring. Beretta dropped him face-first over the top turnbuckle followed by a piledriver, a running knee, and the submission hold. Beretta then said Chuck Taylor was a prick because he wasn’t returning his texts and calls and he was giving him until Wednesday to let him know where he stood with him. Beretta walked past Orange Cassidy on his way to the back.


Anthony Ogogo was on commentary. Cassidy eventually pinned Moriarty with the Orange Punch for the win.

WINNERS: Cassidy & Shibata in 13:00.

(C) THE ACCLAIMED (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & BILLY GUNN vs. JAY WHITE & AUSTIN & COLTEN GUNN. ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles and AEW Trios Title on the line

Max Caster rapped his way to the ring and made a reference to using their scissors to give their opponents a circumcision. He said in the U.S., Jay White is an opening act. He said he likes to choke on the mic but he can choke on his balls. Caster asked for the music to stop, and then went on with more rapping. He said White is growing beard to avoid looking like a sixth grader. He said his hype is all fake like the Donald Trump piss tape. He said he’ll violate him so bad, he’ll have to tell the legal team about the taste of his dick, although Bowens pulled the mic away as he said “dick,” but he essentially said it.

Billy Gunn no-sold White’s chops a couple minutes in. Then he tossed him into the corner. White bailed out to ringside. Colten taggedin and hit Billy from behind. Billy no-sold it. Colten then hugged Billy. Billy punched him. Later, Billy kicked out of a Fameasser by Colten.

Eventually chaos broke out with everyone. White gave Bowens a uranage. Then he set up Billy for a sleeper suplex, but Billy broke free and landed a Fameasser and then Caster landed a top rope elbow. Billy made the cover and scored a near fall. Seconds later, White came back with a Blade Runner for a three count.

WINNERS: White & The Gunns in 15:00 to unify the AEW World Trios Titles with the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles.

(Keller’s Analysis: The dominance Billy Gunn showed in this feud when in the ring with White and how emasculated White came off at every turn of this feud isn’t made up for just because he ultimately got a pin on Billy. Some day, Paul Levesque is going to give White a Spite Push and make a lot of money from him just to show up how he’s been so poorly used in AEW.)

-Excalibur said they are sold out and “you have no excuse” not to order the event on PPV.


Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Jim Ross

-A video package previewed key matches on Dynasty.

-They went live to the arena as pyro blasted and a camera panned the sold out crowd. Excalibur introduced the show.

(1) KAZUCHIKA OKADA vs. PAC – AEW Continental Championship

Pac came out first, then Okada. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” after the bell rang. Taz said these two are “wrestlers’ wrestlers.” Excalibur noted that the match is fought under Continental Championship rules where no outside interference is allowed (which is strange, since it’s not allowed in other AEW Title matches either). Excalibur said anyone interfering can be fined or suspended or worse (which means the Continental rules are the same, but come with more severe punishment if violated). Ross touted Pac’s kicks. Pac landed an early corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Okada.

Back in the ring, Pac landed a top rope superplex, but the clutched the back of his head in pain after landing. He scored a two count. Okada took over at ringside and threw Pac into the ringside barricade. Back in the ring, Okada looked at the crowd and got cheered. Okada dominated for a while. Ross said Okada is living in New York City loving the American life. Taz said he probably lives just down the road from him. Pac came back and landed a springboard moonsault off the top rope onto Okada at ringside. Pac suplexed Okada, but Okada popped up and dropkicked Pac who took a wild flip bump into the corner. With both men down, fans chanted “This is awesome!”

Okada stood and played to the crowd and went into his finishing routine, but he ended up giving the cheering fans the middle finger, so the cheers turned to boos. Pac kicked out of Okada’s cover. Fans chanted “F— Okada!” Pac took Okada down with a running clothesline followed by a dead lift German suplex into a bridge for a near fall. When Pac went for a Black Arrow, Okada moved out of his path. Okada gave Pac a Tombstone and let out a yell. Fans booed. Okada went for a Rainmaker, but Pac ducked and leveraged Okada down for a near fall. Pac rolled up Okada right away for another two count. Pac then put Okada in a Brutalizer mid-ring. Okada sank to the mat and cried out in pain. Okada gouged Pac’s eyes to break the hold, then smiled in self-satisfaction.

Pac delivered a leaping Tombstone and climbed to the top rope. Okada held the ref’s leg to delay Pac. Pac then went for the Black Arrow again, but Okada lifted his knees. He followed with the Rainmaker for the win. Okada left the ring. When a disappointed Pac stood, fans cheered and chanted “You’re a bastard!”

WINNER: Okada in 22:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Excellent match, living up to high expectations for a first-time encounter between these two. Ross sounded really good on commentary and it was cool he was giving the chance to call this one.)

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Jim Ross

(2) HOUSE OF BLACK (Malakai Black & Brody King & Buddy Matthews) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON & MARK BRISCOE & ADAM COPELAND

Excalibur noted that Schiavone tagged in for Ross, but Ross would be back out later. Lots of back and forth action with tags in the early minutes. The first big pop came when Briscoe put a chair on the ring apron and then ran and leaped off of it and flipped onto Matthews at ringside. He set up a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron next, but Matthews blocked it. The heels beat on Briscoe for a couple minutes until Copeland got the hot tag in.

Kingston and Briscoe tried to superplex Brody, but Matthews and Black powerbombed them to the mat. Copeland ran in and gave Brody a superplex instead. All six were down and fans chanted “AEW! AEW!”  Six-way action broke out. Copeland gave Brody an Impaler and then Briscoe landed his Froggy elbow for a near fall, broken up by Matthews. All three heels took spears at once from the babyfaces. Copeland charged at Black with a spear attempt, but Black sprayed mist in his face and hit his spinning hook kick for the win. Edge was covered in the mist and really sold it afterward. Briscoe gave him a soaked towel to wipe his face and eyes.

WINNERS: House of Black in 18:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Entertaining match which seemed to set up Black going after Copeland and his TNT Title.)

(3) JULIA HART vs. WILLOW NIGHTINGALE (w/Stokely Hathaway) – TBS Title match

Excalibur noted the House Rules for this match at no rope breaks and a 20 count on the floor. Hathaway was on commentary. Willow opened at the bell with a running dropkick. Julia took over with some offense at ringside and then bashing Willow’s head on the canvas over and over.

After some back and forth action, Willow eventually lifted her boots on a Julia moonsault and then landed a lariat. He followed with her gut-wrench sitout powerbomb for the win. Stokely and Kris Statlandered entered the ring and they smiled and hugged Willow.

WINNER: Willow in 6:00 to capture the TBS Title.

-Mercedes Moné came out to her entrance theme. She danced at ringside and on the ring apron before entering the ring and facing Willow. Excalibur said that Willow will defend against Moné at Double or Nothing on May 26.

(Keller’s Analysis: Mercedes getting a title shot without winning a match in AEW makes a mockery of AEW’s rankings system, and arguably undercuts Mercedes if the goal is for her to be a babyface because she seems to getting preferential treatment.)

(4) RODERICK STRONG vs. KYLE O’REILLY – International Title match

O’Reilly came out first. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven gave Strong encouragement on the stage before his entrance. Strong landed a high kick to O’Reilly’s face to cut off a stretch of early offense my O’Reilly.

Strong got in sustained offense for a while. O’Reilly made a spirited comeback with really crisp sequences, but not much crowd reaction. A few minutes later, Strong got the better of a rapid-fire exchange with knee. Both were down and slow to get up. A “This is awesome!” chant started.

Wardlow came out and distracted O’Reilly to slow his rally. Strong delivered a gut-buster, but O’Reilly fired back with a clothesline and a brainbuster into a cross armbreaker. Strong draped his boot over the bottom rope. Strong came back with a leaping side kick and End of Heartache backstabber for the win.

WINNER: Strong in 17:00 to retain the International Title.

-Adam Cole came outon a wheelchair, but then stood and walked to the ring. Taz said it was a miracle. Excalibur said it’s just a case of healing over time. Taven and Bennett held Strong on their shoulders. When Strong left the ring, there appeared to be tension between Cole and Wardlow.

(Keller’s Analysis: The match itself was very good. Those are two pros who can bring novel crisp moves and exchanges into a match without a ton of dangerous flashy highspots. The crowd was appreciative of the action, but not particularly invested emotionally.)


Taz and Excalibur said anything goes in an FTW Rules match. Hook took Jericho down with a hammerlock He followed with an old school arm twist and headlock takeover. Fans chanted “Fozzy sucks!” Hook delivered two overhead suplexes and then clotheslined Jericho over the top rope to ringside. Hook leaped at Jericho at ringside but largely missed. Jericho took over and rammed Hook into the ringside steps and then announce desk. Jericho played to the crowd and fans booed. Jericho set up a table and went for a powerbomb, but Hook escaped and then suplexed Jericho on the floor. He bashed Jericho with a trash can lid twice.

Jericho took over back in the ring including a boot to the chest. Fans booed. Hook battled Jericho on the ring apron and ended up overhead suplexing him onto the table at ringside. Hook rolled Jericho into the ring and delivered another suplex. Jericho caught a charging Hook with a boot to the chest and then a running clothesline in the corner. Jericho head-scissored Hook off the top rope and scored a two count. Hook put the trash can over Jericho’s head and bashed him and the can with a kendo stick. He then suplexed Jericho and the trash can. He pulled off the can and scored a near fall.

Hook pulled a table out from under the ring. He set it up in the corner. Jericho battled back and landed a Code Breaker. Hook avoided a leaping kneedrop by Jericho and applied a Red Rum. Jericho ran backwards and crashed Hook through the table leaning in the corner. Jericho applied a Walls of Jericho mid-ring. Hook twisted free and cradled Jericho for a two count. He followed with a Red Rum again, but Jericho mule kicked him. Jericho said he was sorry and then landed a Judas Effect, but Hook kicked out. Jericho said he was sorry and delivered a second Judas Effect for another near fall.

Jericho grabbed his baseball bat and told Hook,, “Don’t make me do this!” Hook gave him two middle fingers. Jericho hit him with the bat and scored a three count. Afterward, Taz checked on Taz ta ringside and waved Jericho to get away. Jericho looked sorry for what he had to do to win.

WINNER: Jericho in 17:00 to capture the FTW Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was ambitiously long and was sorta pretty good throughout with a dose of clunky moments, but not good enough to need that much time to tell the story they wanted to tell. I think Jericho wanted to show he could lead Hook to an epic match, and Hook wanted a showcase to show how far he’s come. Hook kicking out after two Judas Effects and showing a ton of resilience before succumbing to the baseball bat made him seem tough. Jericho’s in a tough spot as fans were chanting for him to retire and go away. I don’t know if there’s a storyline or a new catch phrase of nickname that can change this situation.)

Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness

(6) TONI STORM (w/Luther) vs. THUNDER ROSA – AEW Women’s Title match

Rosa wore a mask to the ring and when she removed it, revealed she wasn’t wearing her usual facepoint. The announcers noted that. Rosa leaped with a corkscrew dive early onto both Storm and Luther at ringside. Storm took over in the ring. Rosa made a comeback and landed a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron and scored a two count back in the ring. They exchanged signature moves and near falls.

Eventually, Mariah May stood on the ring apron. Deonna Purrazzo yanked her off the ring apron and knocked Luther down. Storm then landed a hip attack in the corner followed by her Storm Zero piledriver for a believable near fall. Storm applied a Texas Cloverleaf next. Rosa eventually reached the bottom rope to force a break.

Rosa landed a Backstabber followed by a Cobra Clutch. Storm forced a break by grabbing the rope and yanking on the ring skirt. Storm kicked Rosa in the crotch and then hit another Storm Zero for the win.

WINNER: Storm in 15:00 to retain the AEW Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good to see this get enough time to tell a nice story and feel substantial. They delivered a good match with a screwy finish.)

Commentators: Excalibur, Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, Don Callis


Fans were in a frenzy including a “This is awesome!” chant shortly into the match and singing “Ospreay!” to the “Olé!” song. They battled back and forth with strings of signature moves. The crowd seemed invested in every turn of momentum. Ospreay eventually leaped off the top turnbuckle with a corkscrew backflip onto Danielson at ringside. Fans chanted “Holy shit!” Back in the ring, he landed a leaping elbow to the back of Danielson’s neck. Danielson applied Cattle Mutilation a minute later. Ospreay draped his boot over the bottom rope to force a break.

Ospreay climbed to the top rope. Danielson knocked him off balance and then gave him a Tiger Suplex off the top rope to the mat. Ospreay clutched his neck in pain. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!” Danielson covered Ospreay after the ref checked on him. Ospreay put his boot over the top rope to stop the count. Danielson landed Yes kicks to Ospreay’s chest.

Ospreay landed a OsCutter off the ring apron and then a leaping Hidden Blade as fans chanted, “We’re not worthy!” Ospreay rolled into the ring to break the count. When Danielson re-entered the ring, Ospreay landed a powerbomb into a high stack cover for a near fall.

Ospreay blocked a Busaiku knee, but Danielson countered Ospreay into a leverage pin that was basically a three count but the ref stopped as Ospreay was kicking out. They exchanged leverage two counts. Danielson landed a Busaiku knee for a believale near fall. Fans stood and applauded the action. “AEW! AEW!” chanted the crowd.

After more back and forth action, Ospreay drove Danielson face-first into the mat. He was too exhausted to follow up. They both got on their knees and headbutted each other Billy Goat style. They sat up and exchanged punches. Ospreay landed a Hidden Blade. Danielson then caught Ospreay mid-air as he went for an OsCutter with a Busaiku knee.

Both sat up and leaned in opposite corners. Ospreay pulled off his elbow pad. Danielson signaled for a Yes kick, but when he charged, Ospreay elbowed him out of mid-air. Ospreay caught him and gave him a released Tiger Driver. Danielson grabbed his collarbone area and convulsed in pain. The ref called for the doctor. Ospreay then hit Danielson with a Hidden Blade for the win. The ref made the three count. Excalibur said he didn’t think Ospreay knew the ref called for the doctor to check on Danielson.

As Ospreay celebrated, medics checked on Danielson who was wincing in pain and convulsing while saying “F—, f—, f—.”

WINNER: Ospreay in 33:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Astounding match start to finish, and it’s so great these two could have this match on this stage in this year when Ospreay is in his prime as a rising star on the national U.S. stage while Danielson can still deliver a match like that. The crowd’s investment and involvement was remarkable and memorable. What would have taken this to another level is if AEW had one major singles men’s title, Danielson had held it for the last year or two, and Ospreay just entered AEW, earned top contender status, and won it under these circumstances. AEW called this the battle between the two best wrestlers in the world, and it ideally would’ve been fought in the main event with a prestigious title on the line to determine who is the best of those two. For anyone not familiar with Ospreay’s level of athleticism and overall performance art level as a pro wrestler, now they know.)

(8) FTR vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS – Ladder Match for the Vacant AEW Tag Team Titles

Schiavone said he believes a ladder match is the most dangerous match there is. Matt took some early bumps onto a ladder leaning on the middle rope. Cash leaned two tables over the ringside barricade. Nick knocked Cash onto a ladder he was holding up on the ring apron and then Matt landed a running leaping flip senton onto Cash.

Matt and Nick bashed Dax with a chair in the ring. The Bucks leaned tables in the corner. They whipped Dax into one of them and then Cash into the other,. The ref checked on Dax’s bleeding forehead. They kept battling back and forth with spots on the ladders. Cash speared Matt onto a ladder and he tipped over backwards into the barricade. Nick then launched Dax off the apron onto a ladder on the other side of the ring.

Cash and Nick then each climbed a ladder. Dax and Matt climbed another ladder right next to them. Cash and Nick were knocked down. Matt knocked Cash down. Dax yanked off Matt’s boot and then FTR gave him a Shatter Machine. Matt jabbed Cash with a chair and then bashed FTR with the chair across their backs. Dax superplexed Nick off one ladder and then Cash leaped off another with a splash.

Cash got knocked off a ladder as he climbed it. Nick put Cash on a table and then leaped off the top turnbuckle with a 450 splash. Elsewhere, Dax gave Matt a leaping piledriver on a ladder bridged from the ring to the barricade. Fans chanted, “Holy shit!” Then they chanted, “This is awesome!”

Dax climbed a ladder. Nick springboarded onto the ladder and sunset flipped Dax to the mat.He then climbed the ladder and grabbed at a belt, but Cash yanked him down. Cash leaped through the ropes at Nick on a table but Nick moved and Cash cashed through the table. As Dax and Nick climbed a ladder, fans chanted, “Please be careful!” Dax knocked Matt down and was about to grab the belts, but a man in a mask ran in and knocked Dax down. Security grabbed him and unmasked him, revealing Jack Perry. Matt then pulled down the belts to win. Excalibur said what Perry did was trespassing, a criminal offense. He said security was dragging him out of the arena.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks in 22:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That’s what you’d expect and anticipate from these two teams in a ladder match with high stakes at the end of a tournament. It was the right style of match to follow Ospreay vs. Danielson as it commanded a different kind of energy and investment from fans, although it took a while for them to really get invested as they were likely tired and also knew there’d be no finish early and probably no finish until someone interfered. Perry’s interference helps advance the story they’re telling with him, but it added to the long list of matches on this show that ended with interference or cheating. So I can’t wait for MJF to interfere at the end of the main event, costing Swerve the win he was about to get, leading to Swerve feuding with MJF as Joe moves on to lose his title to Ospreay this summer. I’m being sarcastic, but it wouldn’t be unlike AEW booking to do the same type of finish two matches in a row like that.)

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Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross

(9) SAMOA JOE vs. SWERVE STRICKLAND – AEW World Hvt. Title match

Joe dominated early as fans chanted “Swerves House!” Swerve fired back with some chops. Joe took over again with a leg sweep and methodically battered and kicked Swerve when he was down on the mat. They battled back and forth for a while. Swerve took over eventually and went after Joe’s arm. Joe stood and landed a sudden Muscle Buster for a two count. Joe looked wide-eyed in disbelief afterward. Joe went to ringside and began to bring his title belt into the ring. Swerve landed a flying sidekick and then a guillotine legdrop and top rope Swerve Stomp for a near fall. Joe raked Swerve’s eyes to stop his momentum. Joe picked up the belt, but Swerve kicked it out of his hands. Swerve swung it at Joe, but Joe ducked and applied the Coquina Clutch. Swerve escaped and then landed a House Call for a dramatic near fall. Both were slow to get up.

Swerve battled with Joe on the ropes. He leaped over Joe and then powerbombed Joe to the mat off the top turnbuckle. Swerve then landed the Swerve Stomp for a three count. Ross said if they wrestled ten times, he thinks Joe might win seven times, but this is Swerve’s night.

WINNER: Strickland to capture the AEW World Hvt. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nothing close to the best match of the night, but good enough, especially since I think nearly five hours after the bell rang for the first pre-show match, fans weren’t eager to settle in for another epic 30 minute battle. Instead, giving them a hard-hitting, efficient match with a happy (clean) ending fit the moment.)

Tonight after the AEW Dynasty PPV, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks and Brandon LeClair live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

•CALL: (515) 605-9345


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