WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS (4/19) : McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Bloodline developments, Bayley vs. Naomi Women’s Title, Knight vs. Styles for Number One Contender, Four Way Tag Team Match

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 19, 2024

Announcers: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett



-Fans were shown arriving to the arena and then gathered inside in the concourse. Corey Graves promoted Bayley’s title defense against Naomi as both women were shown arriving to the arena earlier today.

-L.A. Knight made his entrance.

-They showed a replay of Knight’s win in the Triple Threat match last week. Wade Barrett said that win got him one step closer to challenging Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship. Graves said Knight won’t have it easy tonight.

-A.J. Styles made his entrance.

-They showed Styles winning his Triple Threat match last week. Barrett said this led to the match tonight. He said it’s a rematch from Wrestlemania, but the stakes are higher.

(1) L.A. KNIGHT vs. A.J. STYLES – Number One Contender’s Match for WWE Championship

The bell rang four minutes into the hour. Styles and Knight stood face to face and trash talked. They locked up and Knight backed Styles into the corner. They broke and Styles grabbed a headlock. Knight got free and grabbed a headlock of his own. Styles shot Knight off the ropes. Knight went under and then over before he took Styles down with a big boot. Knight dumped Styles to the outside. Knight followed Styles out and slammed him head first into the announce desk. The crowd chanted along as Knight slammed Styles repeatedly. Styles collapsed and Knight posed over him. Knight tossed Styles into the ring. Knight tried to follow Styles in but Styles landed a kick. Knight recovered and knocked Styles to the outside. Knight ran the ropes and landed a kick through the ropes to the outside. Styles was down as Knight celebrated. [c]

Back from break, Styles was in control. Knight fought back with rights that rocked Styles. Knight shot Styles off the ropes and then took him down with a flying shoulder block as Styles went for a crossbody. Both men were down in the ring. They got back to their feet and Styles landed a couple of shots. Knight fought back and they traded blows. Knight ducked a right and landed a series of his own. He knocked Styles down in the corner and stomped away before he delivered a running knee. Knight lifted Styles to the top rope. Knight followed Styles up but Styles knocked Knight off with a right hand. Knight sprinted across the ring and leapt onto the top rope to deliver a superplex. Knight made the cover for a two count. Styles escaped a suplex and retreated to the corner. Knight charged but Styles caught him coming in with an elbow. Styles came off the second rope and flipped into a reverse DDT. Styles made the cover for a two count. Styles set up for a Styles Clash but Knight backed Styles into the corner. Styles recovered and went for a roll up but Knight kicked out. Styles followed up with a Pele Kick. Styles went to the apron and knocked Knight back. Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Knight moved and Styles rolled through. Knight landed a powerslam followed by a jumping elbow drop. Knight set up for a BFT but Styles evaded. Styles went to the apron and poked Knight in the eye. Styles landed a Phenomenal Forearm and made the cover for the win.

WINNER: A.J. Styles in 11:00 to earn a WWE Championship Match at Backlash

(McDonald’s Analysis: Solid match. Nothing to write home about but it was a good TV opener. Styles was the predictable winner given his heel status. I wish they hadn’t allowed him to get his win back on Knight so quickly, but it was the route they chose and they got where they wanted to. Styles is a fine first opponent for Rhodes, but there is zero mystery or suspense as to the outcome of the match. It would have been the same with Knight and WWE probably doesn’t want Rhodes to compete with another popular babyface right now.)

-Barrett and Graves were shown ringside. They promoted Styles’ match against Cody Rhodes at Backlash in two weeks. Graves then threw to a video recap of last week’s segment involving the Bloodline and the debut of Tama Tonga.

-A black SUV arrived in the parking lot where Paul Heyman stood waiting. Solo Sikoa emerged in a suit. Heyman complimented Sikoa’s suit. Tama Tonga was there and Sikoa introduced him as the newest member of the Bloodline. Sikoa referred to Tonga as his “M.F.T.” Sikoa hugged Tonga and Tonga stared Heyman down. Sikoa asked Heyman if Kevin Owens was in the building. Heyman said if he was he would be in the locker room as the show has already started. Sikoa asked Heyman to take him to Owens. Heyman led the way into the arena as Sikoa and Tonga followed. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Sikoa taking over Reigns’ role has been great. He comes off as a legitimate sociopath. I don’t know what he meant by M.F.T. but I’m sure it will be explained. The way that Tonga stared down Heyman during the hug was something else. Tonga could be a sleeper in this whole deal if his character work is this good on a consistent basis. I’m interested to see him in the ring and what the plan is for the Bloodline moving forward.)

-They showed pictures of the WWE overseas house show tour.

-The Pittsburgh Steelers were shown at ringside.

-Nick Aldis was in the ring. There was a table set up with something under a black cloth on it. Aldis introduced Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

-Paul Levesque made his entrance. A QR code appeared as Levesque stopped to chat with fans.

-Levesque stood in the ring with Aldis and the crowd chanted “Triple H”. Levesque said they are on the heels of the most epic, history making, record breaking Wrestlemania of all time. He said they were sold out tonight and he welcomed the crowd to Smackdown. Levesque said he wanted to say that Adam Pearce and Aldis are both doing a good job of leading their brands into the future. Levesque said the future is bright, but when you talk about the future, you have to talk about the history that led up to it. Levesque asked Aldis to introduce the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Aldis introduced Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.

-Theory and Waller made their entrance. Theory and Waller entered the ring with Levesque and Aldis. They posed on the second rope with the Smackdown Tag Team titles. Waller said this was huge. He said that Levesque got to introduce the second place championships on Monday. He said Levesque has the honor of giving the real champions their new titles. Theory said that R-Truth said Levesque was a magician. Theory said he didn’t know what trick Levesque had to make them look better than they already do.

-Levesque said he was going to unveil the new titles and said Waller and Theory would be the WWE Tag Team Champions from now on. Levesque unveiled the titles. They were a recolored, reimagined version of the old Smackdown Tag Team titles. Levesque held out his hand to Theory and Waller and they declined. Aldis said he would teach Theory and Waller a lesson. He then said that the Fatal Four Way to determine Theory and Waller’s first challengers would start right now.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Of all the new titles unveiled recently, these are by far my favorite. They are a perfect nod to the past while still looking modern. Great design.)

-The Street Profits made their entrance with Bobby Lashley and B-Fabb. They left Lashley and B-Fabb on the ramp as they made their way to the ring.

-New Catch Republic made their entrance. Graves and Barrett hyped the Fatal Four Way for after the break. [c]

-Naomi was in the back with Kayla Braxton. Kayla asked if Bayley and Naomi’s friendship could get in the way of their match. Naomi said she wouldn’t let that happen. She said she wants to make the most of the moment tonight. She said she made Tiffany Stratton feel the glow last week and she wants to continue the momentum. Naomi said that she will walk into the draft next week as the new WWE Women’s Champion.

-Legado Del Fantasma made their entrance.

-Waller and Theory were shown on commentary.

-The Authors of Pain made their entrance with Paul Ellering, Scarlett, and Karrion Kross.

(2) STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. NEW CATCH REPUBLIC (Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne) vs. AUTHORS OF PAIN (Akam & Rezar w/ Paul Ellering, Scarlett, & Karrion Kross) vs. LEGADO DEL FANTASMA (Angel & Humberto) – Number One Contender’s Match for WWE Tag Team Championship

Bate started with Ford. They locked up and Ford grabbed a headlock. Bate shot Ford off the ropes. Bate dropped down and Ford leapt over him. Bate slammed Ford and made the cover for a quick two count. Ford returned the favor and got a quick two count of his own. Ford and Bate traded kip ups. They stared each other down. Humberto tagged in and knocked down Bate. Humberto took Ford to the outside and held him in place as Angel landed a running knee after a tag. Angel made the cover for a two count. Dawkins tagged in and took the advantage. Authors of Pain hit the ring and took everyone down. A.O.P. stood tall in the ring as the show cut to break. [c]

Back from break, Akam took down Ford with an elbow. Rezar tagged in and knocked Dawkins off the apron. Rezar put Ford in a backbreaker in the middle of the ring. Ford struggled and got free to tag in Dunne. Dunne took Akam off the apron as Bate beat on Rezar in the corner. Humberto hit the ring and Bate and Dunne took him out with a kick. They took down Angel with a suplex. Rezar fought back but Dunne landed a kick. Ford and Dawkins hit the ring and landed kicks on Rezar. The Profits and Dunne helped Bate lift Rezar to his shoulders. Angel and Humberto hit the ring and attacked Bate. Ford and Dawkins dumped them to the outside. Dawkins joined Bate and Dunne on the top rope. Ford joined and then A.O.P. slammed both teams off the top rope. Angel and Humberto held Bate back and then military press slammed him into A.O.P. Angel and Humberto hit a double team on Bate but Dunne broke the count. Bate and Dunne locked Angel and Humberto in dual ankle locks. Angel and Humberto got free and all four men were down in the ring as the show cut to break. [c]

Rezar was in control of Dawkins. Rezar set up for a powerbomb and then delivered it to Dawkins. Dunne hit the ring and Rezar slammed him onto Dawkins. Rezar made the cover for a two count. Rezar landed punches on Dawkins. Akam tagged in. A.O.P. went for the double powerbomb but Bate and Dunne countered. All four teams brawled with each other and took out A.O.P. All six remaining men traded shots before Humberto took Dawkins down with a big kick off a springboard. Humberto made the cover for a two count. Humberto came off the ropes but Dawkins landed a pounce. Ford tagged in and hit a Blockbuster off the top rope as Dawkins held Humberto on his shoulders. Ford made the cover but Dunne broke the count. Dunne pulled at the hands and fingers of Dawkins. Bate took Humberto down with a hurricanrana and then dumped Angel to the outside. Bate and Dunne hit stereo moonsaults as Ford leapt over the ring post. All eight men were down on the outside. Bate and Humberto were back in the ring. Humberto countered Bate and rolled him up for a two count. Angel tagged in. They landed a double team to Bate and Humberto dove to the outside. Angel landed a Lionsault. Ford broke the count with a top rope splash of his own. Dawkins climbed on the apron and tagged himself in. Dawkins and Ford delivered the Revelation to Angel and made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Street Profits in 17:00 to earn a WWE Tag Team Championship Match


-Lashley and B-Fabb celebrated with the Street Profits.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Kind of a mess, but these matches are designed to be. It just gets to the point where tagging in looks silly because no one pays attention to who the legal competitors are for long stretches of time. It was entertaining, though. The Profits get the win, but it seems like they don’t know when the match will take place. Graves just said a “future title shot”. The Profits are good challengers for Theory and Waller. They haven’t had a title match in a while so it works. I don’t think they’ll win, but there will at least be some doubt. All of that said, Theory and Waller shouldn’t be on commentary together. It’s too many voices and it isn’t a good outlet for them to get themselves over.)

-Graves threw to a video recap of Rhea Ripley relinquishing the Women’s World Championship on Raw this past Monday.

-Byron Saxton was in the back with Bayley. He said Bayley would defend the title tonight against Naomi. Bayley said she appreciates her title more after she watched Ripley give hers up. Bayley said things are going to change with the draft coming up. She said she’s looking forward to facing her friend Naomi tonight, but she will still be Women’s Champion.

-Heyman and Sikoa were in the back. Heyman apologized that they couldn’t find Owens. Heyman said he has to be around. Sikoa walked ahead to the Gorilla position and Heyman followed. Heyman said he wasn’t trying to piss off Sikoa. He said Sikoa was the last person he wanted to piss off. Heyman said Sikoa is making decisions that aren’t his to be made, yet. Heyman said these decisions can only be made by one man. Sikoa asked if Heyman was done yet. Heyman asked if his M.F.T. was coming with them. Sikoa smiled and held out his thumb.

-Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman made their entrance. Graves asked if Barrett had ever seen Heyman so uncomfortable. Barrett said it seems as if Heyman is lacking influence when it comes to the Bloodline.

-Heyman and Sikoa stood in the ring. [c]

-Heyman introduced himself as Sikoa stood next to him in the ring. Heyman said he didn’t know if there was a list of the most brilliant backstage politicians in WWE. He said if there was a list, he would be in the top. Heyman said with Sikoa’s permission, he will explain the politics of the Bloodline. Heyman called the Bloodline the premier act in the history of WWE. The crowd chanted “we want Roman”. Heyman tried to talk about being the wise man but he got choked up. Sikoa took the mic from him. Sikoa leaned against the ropes and the crowd booed. Sikoa started to speak and the crowd booed louder. Sikoa tried twice more and the crowd drowned him out. Sikoa said he had to lose a brother last week in order to find a new one. Sikoa mentioned his M.F.T. Tama Tonga.

-Kevin Owens was dumped onto the ramp and Tama Tonga appeared. Tonga kicked Owens down the ramp on his way to the ring. Officials checked on Owens. Tonga stepped over Owens. Owens got to his feet with the officials’ help. They helped Owens to the back. Tonga entered the ring and posed with Sikoa. Heyman reluctantly joined. Owens limped to the ring and pulled Tonga to the outside. Owens beat on Tonga with right hands but Sikoa took him down. Sikoa tossed Owens into the ring. Tonga hit the ring but Owens took him down. Owens was bleeding from the side of his face. Sikoa took him down with a Samoan Spike. Tonga pounced on Owens and beat him down. Officials hit the ring and pulled Tonga off Owens as they held Sikoa back. Tonga dropped to the outside and got a chair. Nick Aldis stood in between Owens and Tonga. Sikoa motioned to Tonga and Tonga tossed the chair to the side. Sikoa and Tonga exited the ring as the crowd chanted “you suck”. A bloodied Owens was tended to at ringside.

-Tonga, Sikoa, and a reluctant Heyman posed at the top of the stage. Heyman looked shaken as Sikoa looked down at the blood on his taped thumb. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Absolutely excellent segment. Sikoa already had great heat from the crowd and the chant for Roman Reigns was a great sign for his inevitable face turn being wildly successful. Heyman’s reactions are absolute gold and does so much for Sikoa and Tonga. Sikoa and Tonga have emerged as the top heels on the brand and it only took two weeks to get them there. The brutality of this segment did an excellent job of getting over the ruthless nature of Tonga and the new leader persona of Sikoa. Sikoa is no longer the soldier. He’s a leader with a soldier of his own. On top of that, he may have found a guy who’s even crazier and more unhinged than he is. Just really good all around and there’s so many directions this can take.)

-Heyman was in the parking lot. Aldis grabbed him and showed him an accident in the parking lot. Aldis said one of the rental cars is Owens’ and the other belongs to Tonga. Aldis said they handle things in the ring on his brand. Aldis said the draft is next week and he won’t tolerate this savage behavior. Aldis asked if Heyman understood. Heyman said he did. Aldis told Heyman to make sure the Bloodline understands. Aldis said losing isn’t the only thing that has consequences.

-Carlito made his entrance with the L.W.O. Rey Mysterio, Dragon Lee, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro stayed behind as Carlito made his way to the ring with Zelina Vega.

-Santos Escobar made his entrance with Zelina Vega. They showed a pre-taped interview with Escobar. Escobar said that Legado del Fantasma had nothing to do with the attack on Dragon Lee and if they did, they would admit to it. He said he was going to prove it once and for all.

(3) CARLITO (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. SANTOS ESCOBAR (w/ Elektra Lopez)

Carlito and Escobar traded shots. Escobar took Carlito to the corner and Carlito fought his way out. Carlito took control and took Escobar to the corner. Carlito landed a chop and then whipped Escobar to the opposite corner. Carlito charged and Escobar landed a big boot. Carlito recovered and slammed Escobar. Carlito made the cover for a two count. Carlito landed a dropkick that sent Escobar to the outside. Carlito landed a baseball slide dropkick. Carlito came over the top rope and took down Escobar on the outside. Carlito and Vega celebrated as the show cut to commercial. [c]

Escobar was in control as they came back from break. Escobar took Carlito to the corner and landed a chop. Escobar backed off and charged to land double knees. Escobar landed a kick and put Carlito on the top ropes. Escobar landed a Frankensteiner and made the cover for a two count. Escobar went to the arm of Carlito and locked on an armbar. Carlito fought back with rights and then took Escobar down with a clothesline. Carlito landed a kick and came off the ropes with a running knee before he took Escobar down with another clothesline. Carlito made the cover for a two count. Carlito climbed to the top rope. Lopez distracted the ref and Vega yanked her off the apron. Lopez overpowered Vega and tossed her into the barricade. Escobar landed a low blow as the ref checked on Vega. Escobar delivered the Phantom Driver for the win.

WINNER: Santos Escobar in 7:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: Carlito didn’t look great here. Escobar was fine, but he didn’t have a ton to work with. I thought there was going to be an angle that revealed that Carlito was Dragon Lee’s attacker, but we didn’t get that. I don’t know how this proved that Legado was innocent in the attack, but maybe it wasn’t supposed to.)

-Kayla Braxton was in the luxury box with Damage Ctrl. Dakota Kai said that Iyo Sky will take her title back when she’s ready. She said they want to watch two people they can’t stand tear each other apart. Kai said Damage Ctrl is still the most dominant force in WWE.

-Jade Cargill’s music played and she appeared with Bianca Belair. They were in the box with Damage Ctrl. The two sides argued.

-Naomi made her entrance.

-They showed a graphic for Naomi against Bayley. Graves hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-Fans were shown in the concourse and then the camera panned the audience as Graves announced tonight’s attendance at just under 15,000.

-They showed a video recap of Styles’ victory over Knight earlier tonight.

-There was a message from Cody Rhodes. Rhodes said he won the title and it’s a whole new game now. Rhodes said the title can’t make the man and the man makes the title. He said he’s keeping his promise to bring the WWE title all around the world. Rhodes said that Styles won a title match against him. Rhodes said it would be two Georgia boys duking it out. Rhodes called Styles a modern day excellence of execution. Rhodes said he’s looking forward to defending his title against Styles in France.

-Graves promoted a contract signing with Rhodes and Styles next week. Barrett then hyped the beginning of the WWE Draft next Friday.

-Graves promoted the new CM Punk action figure at Mattel Creations.

-Bayley made her entrance.

-Formal ring introductions took place.

(4) NAOMI vs. BAYLEY (c) – WWE Women’s Championship Match

The bell rang forty-four minutes into the hour. They locked up and Bayley grabbed a headlock. Naomi got free and went to the arm. Naomi rolled up Bayley for a quick one count. Naomi grabbed a waistlock and Bayley took her down with a headlock. Bayley got a quick two count. Naomi rolled Bayley up for another one count. Bayley took Naomi down with a pair of arm drags. Bayley stayed with the arm. Naomi got to her feet and Bayley took her down with a shoulder block. Naomi landed a kick and rolled up Bayley again for another one count. Bayley rolled up Naomi herself for a one count. Naomi got a jackknife pin that Bayley reversed. They got back to their feet and went for crossbody blocks but collided. Naomi took control with a dropkick followed by a bulldog. Naomi made the cover for a two count. Naomi hit the Rear View and made the cover for another two count. Naomi motioned that she was “this close” as the show cut to commercial break. [c]

Naomi took Bayley down and then hit a jawbreaker. Bayley retreated to the corner. Naomi charged and landed a forearm. Naomi dragged Bayley to the opposite corner and slammed her into the top turnbuckle. Naomi went to the top rope and came off with a crossbody. Naomi made the cover for a two count. Damage Ctrl was shown watching from the press box. Bayley caught Naomi in the ring and tossed her into the top turnbuckle. Bayley followed up with a back suplex and made the cover for a two count. Bayley positioned Naomi and climbed to the top rope. Bayley came off with an elbow drop but Naomi got her knees up. Naomi rolled to the apron as Bayley got to her feet. Naomi landed a kick followed by a springboard facebuster. Naomi made the cover for a two count. Naomi went for a split legged moonsault but Bayley got her knees up. Bayley sold the knee after the landing. Bayley landed a jumping knee. Bayley positioned Naomi again and climbed to the top rope. Bayley came off with an elbow drop and made the cover for a two count. Bayley went for the Rose Plant but Naomi got free with a kick. Naomi rolled Bayley up and Bayley kicked out but Naomi transitioned into a submission hold. Bayley countered into a cover. Naomi kicked out. Both women were back on their feet. They traded shots and talked trash. Bayley took the advantage with forearms but Naomi hit a kick followed by a knee that knocked Bayley to the outside. Naomi hit a dive on Bayley. Both women were down on the outside as the ref counted. They got back to their feet and Bayley delivered a Bayley to Belly on Naomi onto the announce desk. Tiffany Stratton appeared and attacked Bayley for the DQ.

WINNER: No Contest in 12:00

-Stratton went after Naomi and slammed her on top of the announce desk and then into the ring post. Stratton tossed Bayley into the ring. She then grabbed Naomi and threw her into the ring as well. Stratton said it’s Tiffy Time. She positioned Bayley and Naomi and delivered the Prettiest Moonsault Ever to both of them. Graves said it is indeed Tiffy Time as Stratton stood over Naomi and Bayley.

(McDonald’s Analysis: It’s Tiffy Time! The finish was cheap, but they used it to get over a new star. When it actually serves a purpose, I dislike it a little less. In the grand scheme, Bayley should have just beat Naomi and then Stratton could have attacked, but it is what it is. This was the best Naomi has looked since being back and her and Bayley had an entertaining back and forth match. They have solid chemistry together. I anticipated that Naomi made be headed to Raw after a hard fought loss, but with Stratton’s inclusion at the end, I’m wondering if all of these women are going to stay put. This episode moved a ton of things forward and gave next to no indication of what’s going to happen in the draft next week. That’s a good thing as literally anyone could move and it wouldn’t be a huge shock. This show did a really good job of establishing Sikoa and Tonga further as well as setting up some future title matches. Good show. Nothing earth shattering outside of the stuff with Sikoa and Tonga, but nothing to sneeze at either.)


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