WWE RAW RESULTS (4/22): Keller’s report on Gunther’s return to Raw after losing IC Title, New Women’s Champion crowned, Truth & Miz vs. DIY for WWE Tag Titles

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


APRIL 22, 2024

Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 8,714 tickets had been distributed; arena was set up for 9,251.



-After the Paul Levesque-narrated “Then, Now, Forever, Together” brand stamp, they cut to a wide shot from the upper deck of the packed arena as Michael Cole introduced the show from mid-ring.

-Cole along with Pat McAfee stood mid-ring and hyped the main event, a battle royal for the vacated WWE Women’s Title. McAfee did his best to sell the idea of a battle royal being a great, dramatic method to determine who the best wrestler in a division is. Cole then threw to a video recap of Rhea Ripley relinquishing her title due to injury last week on Raw.

-A graphic showed the participants in the battle royal. They showed Liv Morgan arriving backstage and said she is the one who caused Ripley’s injury. Then they showed Becky Lynch arriving outside the venue as fans cheered her from a catwalk above.

(Keller’s Analysis: Considering it was a backstage attack that forced Ripley to vacate her title, why is Liv being rewarded with a slot in the battle royal? I like that WWE continues to shake up how they present their TV product these days since Kevin Dunn’s departure. I think battle royals are an efficient, but silly way to decide who the best wrestler is when a title shot or vacated title is at stake since the skill-set to win a one-on-one match is worlds different from winning a battle royal, but I liked WWE giving it an extra dose of hype here at the start of the show to try to sell the idea.)

-Jey Uso made his ring entrance. Cole hyped the special 1 ET start time for Backlash live from France a week from Saturday which features Damien Priest defending his WWE Heavyweight Title against Jey Uso. Jey said he has to beat Damien Priest to make sure everything has been worth it. Priest came out and said whatever Jey thinks he’s interrupting him for, he’s wrong. He said he thinks his whole presentation suits him, including the “Yeet” stuff. He said they went to war last year and he wanted to talk about one specific match. He said one night Jey whooped his ass so bad, he went up to him in the locker room and told him he earned his respect. He said that’s why he wanted him in The Judgment Day and he said they went out and drinks were on him.

Priest said he doesn’t remember a lot from that night, but he did remember Jey saying they were next. He said he was right. “Well, half right,” Priest corrected. “I was next.” He pointed at his title and said it shows why he was next and that he’s now. He said Jey is the first person the machine is feeding him and there’s nothing to be ashamed of that he’ll be the first to fall. He said he’ll get to be the first to lead all the people in rising for him. Priest turned to leave, but Jey told him to come on back and take it easy.

Jey asked if that’s really all he sees him as, just a tag team guy and just “another Uso.” Jey said the only reason Priest is the leader of The Judgment Day is because Rhea got hurt. He said he’s Dom Mysterio’s bitch. Jey got fired up and let out a “Yeet!” J.D. McDonagh charged at Jey from behind, but Jey ducked and then superkicked Priest. McDonagh looked concerned that Priest got the worst of it. Jey said, “My bad.” Jey left the ring as Priest shot McDonagh a look.

(Keller’s Analysis: This segment hyping a world title on Raw felt like a step back from the WrestleMania hype. It was okay, but Jey doesn’t seem like a true threat to win the title and Priest still is just a notch below being a guy you’d think could close out a PLE event as a main event heel. Maybe he’ll change that over time.)

-A clip aired of Chad Gable beating up Sami Zayn after Sami beat him last week. They showed Gable arriving outside the arena. They also showed Gunther arriving, looking less happy and proud than usual.

-Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa made their ring entrance. [c]

(1) AWESOME TRUTH (R-Truth & Miz) vs. DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa) – World Tag Team Title match

Cole noted the titles were the Raw Tag Team Titles last week, but Levesque turned them into the World Tag Team Titles now. The bell rang 23 minutes into the hour. Ciampa began favoring his knee after a brief figure-four leglock by Miz, broken up Gargano. Gargano dove onto Miz at ringside as they cut to a break. [c]

Truth went into the John Cena routine, but Gargano superkicked him. Ciampa then gave Truth a Pedigree for a dramatic near fall at 8:00. A minute later Ciampa landed a kneelift on Truth and then Gargano and Ciampa landed Meet in the Middle. Gargano made the cover, but Miz yanked him out of the ring by his boot to break up the cover. Miz dumped Ciampa over the ringside barricade. Then he and Truth gave Gargano the Truth Crushing Finale for the win.

Truth and Miz offered a handshake afterward. Gargano hugged them, but Ciampa didn’t. When Ciampa turned to leave, fans booed.

WINNERS: Awesome Truth in 10:00 to retain the World Tag Team Titles.

-Priest told McDonagh that he didn’t ask for his help and he ended up kicked in the face. Dominik walked in with his arm in a sling. He said Santos Escobar will replace him tonight. McDonagh was upset he didn’t check with him. Priest wasn’t okay with it and raised his voice. Santos said it’ll be fine. Priest told McDonagh to go handle his business.

-They showed Gunther with Imperium backstage. [c]

-Shawn Michaels hyped that NXT Battleground will be at UFC’s little Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nev. in June. McAfee said, “That’s the power of TKO.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I know UFC fans have some memories from there, but it’s basically like Centre Stage in Atlanta, Ga. where WCW taped WCW Saturday Night 30 years ago and holds just 500-1,000 fans, so I can’t imagine WWE fans are going to see it as a big deal at all for a special branded event.)

-Gunther stood in the ring with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci. He said he isn’t going to take any shots at Sami. He said he took some time to reflect on what happened. He said he became the greatest champion in the Intercontinental Title’s illustrious history. He said for almost two years he was walking around with a big target on his back with pressure to live up to his reputation. He said that weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He thanked Sami. He said he’s not a target anymore, so he’s gone from being the hunted to the hunter. “I can do whatever I want,” he said. “This is a brand new era.” He said wherever he ends up in the Draft, he is declaring himself for the King of the Ring tournament. He said then he will decide which championship to go after next. As he wrapped up and his music played, New Day’s music played.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came out (and were 10 out of 10 annoying within five seconds). Kofi said it is a new era, so what better way to usher in the new era than with the New Day. Xavier said he aiming to be a two-time King of the Ring. Gunther said after he wins King of the Ring, he’ll reestablish the image of the tournament and Xavier will be remembered as the weird guy who won it by accident and pretended to be a champion. Xavier said Gunther used to be a champion. Kofi shrieked with delight. They sang, “Where your gold at, Gunther, where your gold at?” Gunther yelled, “Enough.” He added, “This is beneath me.” He asked Kaiser and Vinci to take care of them. Xavier said they’d be up for wresting them tonight.

(Keller’s Analysis: New Day are so grating and unpleasant.) [c]

-Piper Niven and Chelsea Green were shown arriving backstage. They showed Nia Jax arriving earlier.

(2) THE NEW DAY (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) vs. IMPERIUM (Giovani Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser)

Gunther sat at ringside near McAfee.The bell rang 53 minutes into the hour. They cut to a break at 3:00 after Vinci scored a two count after a clothesline. [c]

Back from the break, Kaiser was in control of Kofi. Kofi hot-tagged Xavier who rallied against Kaiser and Vinci.


Xavier and Kofi landed a double-team top rope stomp on Vinci for the win.

WINNERS: New Day in 9:00.

-Gunther was upset after the match and threw his desk chair into the security barricade. He glared at Kaiser. After Gunther left, Kaiser consoled Vinci and helped him up. Kaiser continued to console him as the left the ring, and then he slammed him hard into the edge of the ring. He then kicked him. He continued to beat on him and then threw him into the announce desk and then the ringside steps. Security pulled Kaiser away, but he broke free and charged around the ring and dropkicked Vinci as he was lying over the ringside steps. The camera followed Kaiser to the back where Gunther awaited. “I told you I’d get it done,” Kaiser said. Gunther smiled and seemed proud of him.

(Keller’s Analysis: Kaiser has been a potential rising single star for a while. This seems to be a shift into that role, but it feels redundant with Gunther if they’re aligned since they’re both singles wrestlers now. Maybe they end up on different shows and Kaiser has the freedom to establish himself on his own.)

-They showed Drew McIntyre backstage. Cole said he would be out next. [c]

-A vignette aired on Andrade.

-Cole touted the success of the European tour as clips aired.

-McIntyre made his ring entrance. When he stood mid-ring and his music faded, fans chanted “C.M. Punk!” He told the camera holder not to shoot up his kilt and called them a “perv.” Drew said it puzzled him why they chant Punk’s name since he doesn’t like them. He said Punk likes himself even less than the fans. Drew said the guys in the crowd wouldn’t understand a complex relationship since, for most of them, their most complex relationship has been with their right hand.

He said his back is against the wall, as usual. He said he’s targeting his next prize, the King of the Ring. As he talked about the WWE Draft next week, Sheamus interrupted him. “Drew, what’s going on, man?” he said. He said Drew isn’t taking responsibility for his own mistakes. “Some might say that makes you a coward,” he said. He asked if he was going to stand up. Drew stood. Sheamus said as long as he’s known him, he deserves that respect. He said he got his moment at WrestleMania 40 and became World Hvt. Champion in front of a live WrestleMania crowd. He said his brother John and his wife Kaitlyn were in the crowd. “And then you blew it over some stupid social media spat,” he said. He pointed at Drew’s waist and said a belt should be there, “but over a meme and a t-shirt, you threw it all away like that.” He said he’s a friend and they’ve banger after banger. He said he’s there to tell him the hard truth. “A one-armed C.M. Punk kicked your arse.” Fans chanted for Punk again.

Drew said he knows what Punk did to him and how he affected his career. Sheamus said it’s an unhealthy obsession. Drew said before Sheamus was injured, they were having bangers, but it appears now when he was out it’s been “burger after burger after burger,” a reference to Sheamus’s belly fat. Sheamus said Drew has gotten good at those one-liners. “The thing is, I can lose the weight, but you can’t fix stupid,” Sheamus said. Drew said the guys in the back last week were calling him the Ginger Pillsbury Dough Boy and Blubber Man. He said he was standing up for him. Sheamus said it doesn’t bother him what they’re saying. Drew said he tells the truth every week and he’s his only friend there. He said in the past, they’ve thrown fists and then had a pint afterward. He said he only fights if it’s worthwhile, but this isn’t worthwhile. He said he’ll be there for him, though. He said he’d watch his back from ringside. Sheamus looked at him quizzically. McAfee asked what he meant by that.

-Shinsuke Nakamura made his ring entrance. Cole said he’d face Sheamus for the first time ever next. [c]

-They showed Shayna Baszler warming up backstage. Then Ivy Nile. Cole hyped the battle royal.


The bell rang 30 minutes into the hour. They showed Drew leaning on the announce desk at ringside. At 3:30 Nakamura kneed Sheamus in the back of his neck as he was leaning over the announce desk. They cut to a break. [c]

Sheamus made a comeback and gave Nakamura a White Noise off the second rope for a believable near fall. Nakamura made a comeback and went for a Kinshasa, but Sheamus landed a Brogue Kick as he charged and scored the three count.

WINNER: Sheamus in 11:00.

-A video package aired on Sami Zayn vs. Chad Gable last week.

-Cathy Kelley asked Sami backstage how he’s processing everything. Sami said it’s been tough. He said he heard Gable is going to go out there tonight and try to explain himself, but he can’t imagine what he could say to defend his actions last week. Bronson Reed walked up behind Sami and said he has bigger problems to deal with. Sami said anytime, anyplace. As Kelley asked a follow-up, Bronson attacked him from behind. He said he’s the next IC Champion. Producers and referees intervened. [c]

-A clip aired from The Pat McAfee Show where Charles Barkley criticized Gable for kicking Sami’s ass in front of his family. McAfee said Gable will have to answer for that.

-Gable’s music faded as he stood mid-ring with Otis, Maxxine Dupree, and Akira Tozawa. Gable said Sami rubbed in his victory over him. He then said he’s been wasting his time training losers. He mocked Tozawa for being “a funny man” with a silly dance. He said Maxxine is pretty as a princess, but dumb as a box of rocks. “I’ve given you everything and gotten nothing in return,” he said. “It’s pathetic.” He turned Otis and said, “And don’t get me started on you.” He called Otis his prized pupil. Fans chanted for Otis. He said he has proven to be the biggest disappointment of all. He said he was just giving them honest feedback. He said they’re all going to win his IC Championship together and they’re all going to help him. “Right?” he asked. He said they needed to say they’d stand by him “no matter what” together. Gable said Otis didn’t say it loud enough. Otis reluctantly and sadly said, “No matter what.” Gable left the ring and smiled proudly as the Alpha Academy consoled each other in the ring.

-Dom approached Ricochet backstage warming up. He said he was looking forward to beating him up. Dom mocked him as he walked off. Liv Morgan walked up to Dom and stared at him for some reason. Dom locked eyes with her. [c]


-Nia Jax talked about the 14 woman battle royal later. She said it’ll be 13 women and one monster. She said she’d terrorize each of them and eliminate them one by one until she’s the last one standing as the new champion.


As Andrade made his entrance, Cole said Andrade said earlier he is many things, but he’s no one’s fool and that’s why he didn’t join Legado del Fantasma. Dom accompanied McDonagh to the ring. The bell rang 5 minutes into the hour. Fans chanted, “Shave your mustache!” as Dom. Cole said he should cut his mullet too. McDonagh tagged himself in; Escobar shot him a look. Dom tripped Ricochet from ringside. Escobar gave Ricochet a head scissors off the ring apron to ringside. They cut to a break. [c]

Andrade eventually pinned McDonagh.

WINNERS: Andrade & Ricochet in 12:00.

-Priest attacked Ricochet afterward and gave him a Razor’s Edge. He gave Andrade a South of Heaven chokeslam. Fans booed as Dom watched. Priest had stern words for Dom in Spanish. McDonagh asked what he just said. Priest said he doesn’t need anybody, but they need him.

-They showed Kayden Carter and Katana Chance stretching backstage. Then they showed Natalya doing thrusts and squats backstage. [c]

-A vignette aired with Zoey Stark who reflected on her last year on Raw and said she’s just getting started.

-Jackie Redmond interviewed Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae and said they used underhanded tactics last week. Indy took offense. LeRae said they’re not there to defend their method of attaining victories. There was a ruckus nearby and the camera turned to a pullapart brawl with Liv and Jax. Becky then took the mic from Redmond and said it’s pure chaos back there and they’re about to have the biggest battle royal in Raw history. Becky approached Maxxine and told her it’s her first battle royal but she should show everybody it won’t be her last. She said The Man has come to Columbus looking for a fight. She headed to the ring through the Gorilla position which included Levesque and William Regal.

-Becky’s full ring entrance and introduction aired. [c]

(5) WOMEN’S BATTLE ROYAL – Women’s World Championship at stake

They aired Chance and Carter’s ring entrance. Then Jax made her entrance. The ring was filled otherwise. Cole said it’s the fourth time in WWE history that a traditional World Title would determine a world champion. He said Gail Kim, Kurt Angle, and Great Khali all won titles in previous battle royals. The bell rang 36 minutes into the hour. Everyone attacked Jax and Niven. Jax and Niven shoved them all down and then battled each other mid-ring. Maxxine eliminated Candice at 2:00. Hartwell then hit her. Maxxine eliminated Indy seconds later. [c]

A few minutes after the break, Becky ducked a charging Niven and then knocked her to the floor to eliminate her at 9:00. Niven yanked Becky to the floor under the bottom rope and threw her into the ringside steps. Niven cleared the announce desk and put Becky on it. Jax chokeslammed Niven onto Becky, although she didn’t get very high. Jax then lifted Niven onto her shoulders and gave her a Samoan Drop onto Becky on the table. Natalya meanwhile eliminated Green, but the ref didn’t see it because of what was going on at ringside. Green returned to the match and they cut to a break as McAfee said, “What the hell is going on?!” [c]

They showed Becky at ringside on a flattened announce table. They replayed that during the break, Jax powerbombed her onto the table. Green and Natalya battled in the corner as Bazler, Stark, and Liv recovered in another corner. Green kicked Natalya into the ringpost on the ring apron. Stark clotheslined Green over the top rope to eliminate her. Stark eliminated Natalya.

It came down to Baszler, Stark, Jax, Morgan, and Becky. Jax eliminated Stark and then Baszler. Jax smiled and signaled for a belt around her waist. Becky slid back into the ring. She went after Jax and Liv. Liv took it to Jax seconds later. Becky intervened with a neckbreaker on Liv. All three were down and slow to get up.

Becky and Liv worked together to try to suplex Jax, but Jax reversed them and suplexed them both at once. Cole said it was a dominant performance by Jax. Jax dragged them to a corner. When Jax climbed to the top rope, Becky and Liv knocked her to the ring apron. Liv gave her a Code Breaker and Becky gave her a legdrop, sending her to the floor. “One of these women will be World Champion!” exclaimed Cole.

They battled on the ring apron for a couple minutes. Liv landed a Code Breaker and went for Oblivion. Becky caught her and gave her a Manhandle Slam. Liv fell to the floor. Becky celebrated with the belt. Becky celebrated with fans in the crowd as pryo blasted. She even posed with a girl who approached her wearing a Monday Night Mami t-shirt.

WINNER: Lynch in 22:00 to win the Women’s Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good battle royal with a dramatic final few minutes. I’m curious if this helps wipe away the negative crowd reactions Becky was getting in the lead up to WrestleMania.)


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