FEUD TRACKER – AEW: Detailed overview of a wrestling promotion running weekly TV without more than two actual ongoing feuds

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts (photo credit AEW)


AEW seems to have forgotten that the point of weekly wrestling programming is to build feuds that payoff at big events. The lack of consistency and feud development has been all too noticeable in the last few months. What are The Young Bucks doing? Weren’t they feuding (or about to feud) with FTR? They’ve turned heel, but does anyone know why yet? Why is Kenny Omega watching Adam Page matches on commentary? The wrestlers who should be the stars of the show feel directionless. It may be that the current roster limits due to COVID-19 are causing problems. However, AEW should find other ways to keep feuds focused with logical conclusions. Let’s now take a look at the paltry list of (tw0!) actual existing feuds…



New Developments: None

Highs & Lows: Despite Archer becoming the number one contender for the AEW world title, there has been little interaction between Moxley and Archer. Jake Roberts and Moxley would play off each other very well in face-to-face or pre-taped promos. It’s confusing that AEW has not capitalized on that potential yet.

Length of Feud: August 2020

Forecast & Prediction: Archer is a credible threat, but he hasn’t built enough momentum to become the AEW world champion. Moxley should continue his title run, while AEW builds a credible challenger with an impressive winning streak.



New Developments: After Lee defeated Orange Cassidy in a TNT title match, Cody made his return to Dynamite after being absent for several weeks. Cody, whose hair was dyed black, beat down The Dark Order as Lee retreated. After, Lee cut an intense backstage promo. Lee insulted both Cody’s brother Dustin and his wife Brandi. He held a dog collar on a chain and said he would wrap it around Cody’s “god awful tattoo”. Lee concluded that Cody would have one week to respond to his challenge, meaning he wants to face Cody in a dog collar match.

Highs & Lows: Cody has a way of making every feud he’s in feel important. He had great fire in his return and looked like he wanted nothing more than to get revenge on Brodie Lee. Lee matched Cody’s intensity in his backstage promo and came off as a smarmy heel. Lee is clearly still figuring out his character and it’s relation to The Dark Order. While that’s not a complete negative, it feels like The Dark Order should be more defined with Lee as it’s the leader by now.

Length of Feud: August 2020

Forecast & Prediction: AEW has done a good job keeping title changes few and far between. Because of that, Cody should regain the TNT title at the end of this feud. Lee does not need the title to solidify his character and can still be a menace on the roster in other ways.


  • Hangman Page vs. The Elite – Dormant
  • Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson – Forgotten
  • Cody vs. Jake Hager – Concluded
  • Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford – Concluded
  • Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage – Concluded
  • Britt Baker vs. Tony Schiavone – Dormant
  • Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage – Dormant

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