10/21 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Tag Team #1 Contender Gauntlet match featuring The Young Bucks, First 4 matches of The AEW Championship Challenger Tournament, Jericho & MJF Steak Dinner, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


October 21, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


This was opening match 1 of 4 of the #1 contender tournament.

The match started with Wardlow trowing Jungle Boy around when both were trying mat based. Jungle Boy quickly decided to go to offense that was more suited for his abilities. Jungle Boy controlled the match with frantic offensive moves, which led to Wardlow catching him outside the ring. Wardlow rewarded him by throwing him into the ring post.

Wardlow then got Jungle Boy back into the ring, where he used power moves on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy eventually got a kick on the ropes, which led a glimpse of a comeback. But, Wardlow leveled him with a lariat. Wardlow was celebrating and Jungle Boy took advantage and he was able to kick Wardlow out of the ring, which led to a tope suicida, to then a DDT that led to a near fall for Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy reverse a power slam into a Hurricanrana. Eventually, Wardlow threw Jungle boy back into the ring with a helicopter like toss from the firemen’s carry position. Wardlow then slammed Jungle Boy down and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Wardlow in 8:00

(Sage’s analysis: A solid opening match that made Wardlow feel like a bigger star then he has been. Jungle Boy also looked good in defeat.)

-Eddie Kingston’s comments after the show last week were shown. Kingston said that Moxley sold out and he was a low life. He said that Moxley left them all while he entertained, Mox made millions and met his beautiful wife. Kingston had his only love, wrestling. Kingston said he would make Moxley quit for that title. Eddie Kingston vs. Moxley in an I quit match at Full Gear is announced. [c]

-A video package with Jon Moxley was shown. He talked about his love for Eddie Kingston. He used to know him, but he doesn’t know this Eddie Kingston. He will not apologize for making his life and his family’s life better with the money he earned. He agreed to and talked about their “I Quit,” match.


This was opening match 2 of 4 of the #1 contender tournament.

Kenny Omega’s accolades were annoyed before he entered the arena. Two women came out in their underwear and brooms. Kenny Omega emerged with a Cody like entrance.

The match started with a handshake. Kenny hit a V-Trigger and a One Winged Angel to get the Pinfall.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 20 Seconds

(Sage’s analysis:  Wow, the ring announcement of who Omega is, the new entrance and the destruction of Kiss was an amazing way to reintroduce Omega and make him feel like a huge star. Better late than never, great booking)

-Tony was shown interviewing Orange Cassidy who briefly discussed his match with Cody last week.

-Cody was shown entering the arena and he was interviewed about his rematch with Orange Cassidy. He said that Cassidy couldn’t beat him in 20 minutes, so he can’t beat him again. He talked about gaining weight and how he was excited to watch the show. [c]

-Eddie Kingston had a video package responding to Jon Moxley. First he wanted to talk about his family, he doesn’t forget his people like Moxley. He hyped Pentagon & Fenix in the next match and Butcher and the Blade in the 4-way match. He said Mox was right, he had to do this, he hates who he has become. He said his ends justify his means. He said that he has never quit and he won’t start now. He said dox has to go to a deep dark place, that’s where he lives.


This was opening match 3 of 4 of the #1 contender tournament.

The match started with Rey going for the handshake, eventually they did shake hands. A series of reversals led to Pentagon getting a leg hold on Rey. A series of moves then led to Pentagon kicking Fenix in the head, on another kick attempt Rey got a counter into a pin, which led dot a quick two count.

A chop contest then occurred between the two brothers. Penta won the exchange, Fenix tried to counter with his speed and ended up getting Penta on the floor. Fenix did a corkscrew dive onto the floor. Fenix got Pentagon back in the ring, Fenix then got on the top rope and ran the ropes toward Pentagon. But, Pentagon pulled the ropes making Fenix collapse into the commercial break. [c]

Both men were on the floor when the show returned. The two ended up back in the ring and traded high speed Luchasaurus moves. Then Fenix hit a toe rope Hurricanrana, which left both men laying on the canvas. Pentagon got up first and got a near fall. Fenix played opossum on Pentagon, leading him to hit a super kick for a near fall on Pentagon.

The two then traded more chops and high flying moves. Fenix hit a top rope Spanish Fly for a near fall. Pentagon then hit an insane power bomb where Fenix did a full 360 before he was slammed. Pentagon then tried to break the arm of Fenix, but Pentagon didn’t go for the kill, apparently feeling bad for his younger brother. Pentagon said he was sorry, Fenix contoured with a destroyer and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Rey Fenix in 15:00

(Sage’s analysis: Wow what an amazing match. This episode of Dynamite is absolving the sins of past dynamites. Wardlow is being used correctly. Kenny has been recreated to a cleaner like character. The most important is two top guys in Pentagon and Fenix have been shown to be those top guys on national TV finally. Amazing TV match.)

-A video package showing The Best Friends, (feud?), with Miro and Kip Sabian was shown. [c]

-Dark Order 3 & 4 were with Colt Cabana backstage. All the men talked about how Mr. Brodie lee has prepared them for their opportunities. John Silver was throughly annoying as intended during the promo.


This was opening match 4 of 4 of the #1 contender tournament.

The match started with both men trying to get the advantage via strength and mat wrestling. No one won the exchange, so they went into some of their traditional movements. Page hit a huge forearm to get the advantage in the match. Shortly after Cabana countered, but Page retaliated and hit a standing Shooting Star Press. Page remained in control after that. Page got Cabana to the floor and attacked him there and got him back into the ring as the commercial break started. [c]

The show came back with Bothe men trading shots. Cabana Mae a comeback and the two eventually ended up on the outside of the ring. Colt got Page in the middle of the ring and missed a move off of the top rope. Page hit a Pop-Up Power Bomb in response. Cabana threw Page on the apron, Page then countered and tried the Buck Shot Lariat. Cabana countered, then on the third attempt Page hit the Buck Shot Lariat for the win.

Winner: Adam Page in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: A solid match that ended with the correct result.)

-Sammy Guevara’s message to Matt Hardy from last week was shown again. [c]

-Team Taz was on the stage talking about both Will Hobbs and Darby Allin. Hobbs and Cage are singled out together. As well as Starks and Allin. Starks says that Allin will pay for this.

-The steak dinner segment started backstage on tape. MJF ordered a 20oz steak well done, Jericho got the same but Medium Well, MJF then got it Medium, Jericho then Medium Rare, MJF Rare, Jericho Blue. Jericho then says what’s up? MJF has been rude to everyone. He annoyed that Inner Circle town hall next week. The two joked about Orange Cassidy, and seemed to get in line. Then the two broke into singing. The segment turned into a musical. The two danced into the next room and were joined by five dancers. The two continued to dance and sing. This was an amazing segment in my opinion, my advise on this is to not take everything so seriously in life, including pro wrestling. Let yourself have some fun from time to time. [c]


Baker got control with a head lock to start, she got King up and did a toss, while remaining wrist control. Baker continued to make solid transition moves. King got a quick pinning attempt. Baker countered that pin and worked over King for a few minutes. Baker used the post to almost pull the arm out of King’s socket. Rebel threw King into the ring, King countered and got a kick in on Baker.

A sling blade, into a DDT, into a neck breaker for Baker had King laying on the mat. Baker got a pink glove and applied the Lock Jaw for the submission win.

Winner: Britt Baker in 4:00

(Sage’s analysis: A solid match that showed some good growth for Baker. I would like to see her sustain a quality match like that this over 10-15 minutes.)

-The announce team hyped next weeks Dynamite as well as the booked matches thus far for Full Gear on 11/7.

-Steve O of Jackass fame was with Darby in a video package. He did a Jackass type stunt with a body bag off of a half pipe.


The Bucks are against the Dark Order to start, with all four men in the match in a short amount of time. The Bucks cleared the ring, leading Private Party to enter. Nick Jackson and Isiah Kassidy shared a very nice exchange of speed and athleticism. Private Party hit The Bucks with Superkicks. The Butcher and The Blade then entered the fray. They took out Private Party. Then a member form all four teams entered the ring quickly. Leading to Marq Quen getting several dives in on all of his competition.

When the dust settled, Marq Quen hit a shooting star press on The Blade before the break. [c]

When the show retuned Dark Order was in control and got a near fall. But, The Bucks made the save to keep the match going. Private Party hit a double top rope leg drop for a near fall. The Bucks broke up that pinfall once more. Butcher and The Blade came in and got a pin on Private Party. The bucks broke up the pin a third time.

Eventually Nick Jackson was tagged din and he took on both 3 & 4 of Dark Order. He took them out, then he took out Private party and B&B. The Bucks Super kicked The Butcher and hit the Meltzer Driver with Kassidy onto Butcher. The Blade and a member of Dark Order broke up the pin.

Kassidy got a snap rollup near fall on Matt Jackson. Nick took out all the members onto outside. Kassidy was alone against The Bucks. Kassidy got a near fall, but Matt Jackson countered and got the pinfall.

Winners: The Young Bucks in 14:00

(Sage’s analysis: A pretty wild TV match, not the most legible match I have ever seen. But, I like date psychology of the match in general. It was the obvious and correct result.)

-FTR walked to the ring, a man in a mask (Tully), hit them with a chair. FTR then worked over The Bucks. The announce team then sold that Matt’s leg could have been broken.

(Overall Show Analysis: I thought the first hour was one of the best hours in Dynamite history. The second hour was also pretty good. I think the musical will end up being an iconic segment in AEW’s early history. But, I totally understand if someone didn’t like it. I am confused by the ending of the show. Are we supposed to feel bad for the Bucks? We have spent the past six weeks making them bad guys and now they get babyface sympathy at the end? I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now, but I am dubious in general of this story.)

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