10/29 STARDOM GODDESSES OF STARDOM report: Show #6 featuring Giulia vs. Himeka for the white belt and a new member for Oedo Tai

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 29, 2020

Rina didn’t care about Ruaka’s return (despite them being stable mates in Tokyo Cyber Squad and now Stars). She just wanted to win. The 16 year-old Ruaka, now with blue hair, was back for her first match since March. She said she’d do her best. Hina said everyone else was an enemy (not a member of Queen’s Quest) so she’d win on her own. Death, Death, Halloween Death!

Death came out carrying a trick or treat bucket and wearing an orange pumpkin cape over her clown gear and pumpkins painted on her face.


Kashima immediately bailed to ringside and the three Stars members triple-teamed Hina. It took a couple tries but Death finally managed to leap onto Hina’s back for a three-way photo op. They held hands and skipped around her before kicking her again. Rina held her sister so that Death and Ruaka could take turns striking her but Kashima tripped them both as they ran the ropes. Kashima started working over Hina and Rina excitedly copied her. Ruaka got a near-fall on Hina but Death returned and walked the tight rope Undertaker-style before arm dragging Ruaka. Big boots from Ruaka. Fisherman’s buster on Death but Kashima broke it up. Double STO from the twins to Kashima and a double suplex. Rina turned on her sister again and they both tried to steal the pin on Kashima from each other. Hina vs. Rina in a forearm battle. Hip toss from Hina. Octopus attempt from Rina blocked. Death with an accidental Hell Thrust to Rina again (just like on the last show). Rina ran her sitser into a boot from Kashima and Rina rolled up Hina. Kashima walked over and could have broken up the pin but she just watched and let Rina get the three-count.

WINNER: Rina in 5:19.

-Kashima held out her hand, helping Rina to her feet, and they left together hand in hand. (!!!)

(Pageot’s Perspective: This was a blast. Death’s recent pinfalls over Iwatani and Giulia have completely revitalized her character and it feels like the crowds are getting behind her silly joyous energy. Halloween Death was cute, although it’s no substitute for us not getting a costume battle royal this year. Stars working together as a trio was fun. Jungle Assault Nation were one of my first favorite acts when I started watching Stardom so I’ve always had a soft spot for Ruaka and it’s great to see her back. The twins fighting each other is a runner that I love and hope continues for many years to come. But that ending! Did Oedo Tai just get their first rookie?

If you recall, in the 2019 Stardom Draft Rina was the last person left on stage after every other member of the roster had been drafted. The 13 year-old was bawling her eyes out, her twin sister Hina already drafted to Queen’s Quest and their older sister Hanan being drafted to Stars. Feeling sorry for her, Hana Kimura invited young Rina to join her new stable, Tokyo Cyber Squad. In the weeks and months that followed Kimura became a new older sister to Rina, teaching her how to do an octopus, and passing on her older lime green gear to the youngster. No one save for Jungle Kyona took Kimura’s death as hard as Rina. She’s tried to keep her chin up through this summer but the dissolution of Tokyo Cyber Squad must have hit her even harder, one of the last vestiges of Kimura’s time in Stardom being wiped away. Not only was her older sister figure gone but her aunt Kyona left for surgery and won’t be back for a long time and her other aunt Konami betrayed TCS and was the reason the group ended in the first place. Sure, Rina was absorbed into Stars but she had no say in the matter and those goody two shoes aren’t the kinds of people she wants to hang out with. She got a taste of teenage rebellion and she has no interest in being put back in her actual sister Hanan’s shadow. Enter Kashima. A new mentor, happy to teach Rina a thing or two about being a bad girl. And hanging out with her means she can reunite with aunt Konami. And be a member of Kimura’s first stable, Oedo Tai. Another connection. The spirit lives on.)

-Iida was looking forward to wrestling Shirakawa for the first time. Nakano thought it would be nice to wrestle some other Stars members. Then she bounced Shirakawa’s breast and poked her finger into her cleavage.

(2) DREAM H (Tam Nakano & Mina Shirakawa) vs. WING★GORI (Saya Iida & Hanan) – TAG LEAGUE

WG knocked Shirakawa to the floor and began working over Nakano. Shirakawa got the hot tag at 5:30. Surfboard to Iida. They traded forearms and chops. Tag to Hanan, tag to Nakano. Hanan wanted an armbar but Nakano locked her hands. Missile dropkick from Iida. Crossbody from Hanan. Back body drop from Nakano to Hanan. Everything broke down. Roundhouse kick from Nakano to Hanan. Running knee strike from Nakano for the pin.

WINNERS: Dream H in 11:48.

-Nakano thanked Shirakawa for the help. She mentioned her officially joining Stars and said she had some more news. They’re working on another piece, ZZ, for the next time they’re in Korakuen.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The match was middling. Neither Iida nor Hanan are ever a credible threat to win a match so bouts like this always feel like filler. As per the post-match, I believe they were hinting at something which has since been announced for Sendai on November 15, rather than Korakuen. That show is featuring Dream H and a mystery partner taking on Oedo Tai in a trios tag.)

-Riho clarified that she’s Queen’s Quest for one day only. Watanabe already knew Oedo Tai were going to pull the same crap as always. (Momo, come on, you can’t call out Rossy Ogawa’s booking like that.)

(3) OEDO TAI (SWA World Champion Bea Priestley, Natsuko Tora, & Konami) vs. RIHO & QUEEN’S QUEST (Goddess Of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita & Momo Watanabe)

QQ attacked during Oedo’s introduction and they brawled to the floor. The heels immediately took control. In the ring they isolated Watanabe and took turns working her over. She managed to catch Tora with a dropkick, though, and tagged Riho. Riho dominated Tora, leading to them both tagging in Konami and Hayashishita. Konami with an ankle lock. The others jumped in and we wound up with all three QQ members in submissions at the same time. Konami got the better of Hayashishita. Tags to Priestley and Watanabe. Watanabe outmaneuvered her former friend. QQ triple-teamed Priestley, Watanabe finishing her off with a Peach Sunrise. Tora pulled the referee from the ring to prevent the three-count, though. Tora wrapped her chain around Watanabe’s throat and hanged her again. Priestley hit a Queen’s Landing for a count of three and the bell rang, but not for the reason she thought.

WINNERS: Queen’s Quest in 14:19 via disqualification.

-Oedo were incensed about the DQ loss even as the referee pointed out the chain still wrapped around Watanabe’s neck. Tora told Watanabe she never learns. She called Rina into the ring. Rina was wearing an Oedo Tai sweatshirt over Kimura’s rainbow raver boots. Tora declared that we all deserve a young and fearless Oedo Tai. They shook hands. Tora said they were getting ready to challenge DDM for the trios titles so they’re done with QQ. Tora told Priestley to say what she always says. On cue, Priestley said they suck.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Rina joining Oedo Tai right now makes so much sense because this version of Oedo is so lower midcard. It’s hilarious that we’re supposed to think they might beat the unstoppable DDM when 90% of their matches end with them losing by disqualification.)

-Kamitani continued her shtick of claiming to be the future of Stardom. This was the first defense of the title that Maika won four months ago.


Kamitani hit a moonsault off the apron onto Maika. In the ring Maika grounded her with a camel clutch. Kamitani hit some dropkicks and put on a single-leg crab. They traded forearms. Missile dropkick from Kamitani. She went for a running shooting star press and landed next to Maika. Falcon arrow but Maika kicked out. Kamitani went up top but Maika cut her off and hit a superplex. Vertical suplex. Enka Otoshi.

WINNER: Maika in 11:18 to retain the Future title.

-Saya Iida showed up and shoved Maika. She wasn’t waiting anymore for her turn. Maika held out her first and they bumped to signify that she accepted the challenge.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The Future belt continues to remain pointless. Maika’s already one-third of the trios champions so holding the rookie title feels beneath her and nobody on the roster is a threat to take it. Kamitani continues to be too ambitious in the ring. Too often she tries for moves that are beyond her skill level and they end up coming off as either sloppy or dangerous. I know the main motif for Queen’s Quest is arrogance but the incessant “I’m the future of Stardom” talk is getting really old too.)

-Syuri said she had a press conference and a match. Natsupoi assumed Syuri would take Iwatani and she’d get Kid. Kid said Syuri will be full-time with Stardom starting November 1. They claimed that she was still coming for Iwatani’s red belt despite just challenging and losing a week and a half earlier.

(5) MK☆SISTERS (World Of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid) vs. DONNA DEL MONDO (Artist Of Stardom Champion Syuri & Natsupoi)

Iwatani and Syuri started but tagged out to their partners pretty quickly. By 10:00 DDM had Kid isolated and were working her over. Everything broke down. Stars hit a couple double-team moves on Syuri. Kid hit her twisting splash but Natsupoi broke up the pin. Syuri with a scorpion deathlock. Iwatani broke it up with a superkick. Natsupoi took her out at ringside with a high crossbody and Syuri made Kid tap to a Blue Dragon.

WINNERS: Donna Del Mondo in 13:20.

-Syuri announced that she’s officially full-time Stardom starting November 1. She wanted a singles match with Bea Priestley to commemorate the occasion.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Interesting decision to have the team in tag league lose to a non-league team, especially when that team is currently tied for first place in their block. Got to protect DDM, though, apparently at all costs.)

-Himeka said this was the third anniversary of Giulia’s debut. Giulia said Himeka has a big mouth.


While Giulia was being checked over by the referee Himeka charged and jumped her boss. She immediately looked for a running powerbomb but Giulia avoided it and took her down with an armdrag and a dropkick. A big boot sent Himeka over the top rope and to the floor. Himeka charged for a clothesline but Giulia ducked and she collided with the ring post. Giulia wrapped the hurt arm behind Himeka’s back and drove it into the ring post again before wrenching her neck around the guardrail. Back in the ring Giulia wrapped the injured arm around the middle rope and yanked on it some more. Himeka charged again but Giulia avoided her and put her back down with a neckbreaker. Choke bomb from Himeka out of nowhere. Boston crab. Giulia slipped out of a torture rack attempt and locked on Stealth Viper. Rope break from Himeka. Missile dropkick from Giulia. Back and forth strikes between the women as they slowed things down heading into the 10:00 mark.

Giulia hits one strike, Himeka hits one strike, back and forth, continued for roughly six minutes. Giulia then hit a falcon arrow. Giulia went up top but Himeka cut her off. Giula locked on Stealth Viper on the ropes but Himeka fell backwards off the second rope into a Samoan drop. Torture rack at 15:00.

Torture rack bomb but Giulia kicked out. Powerbomb but Giulia kicked out into an armbar on Himeka. She transitioned into a ground abdominal stretch. Rope break. Clothesline from Himeka. Running powerbomb countered into a rollup. Shotgun dropkick from Giulia. Release German suplex but Himeka no-sold it. Big boot from Giulia. Jumping boot. Saito suplex. Glorious Driver for the pin.

WINNER: Giulia in 19:47 to retain the white belt.

-Giulia boasted about winning her second title defense. She didn’t care how big Himeka was, all she cared about was that she was still champion. She said Himeka talks a big game. Come back and try again later. Giulia wanted to nominate the next challenge for the white belt herself. She called out Konami. (Konami was owed a white belt match after tapping out Giulia in their Grand Prix match.)

Konami came out and told her to say goodbye to the belt. She then left immediately.

Giulia called the rest of DDM into the ring. She reflected on her first year in Stardom. Last year when she joined she was the bad guy and there were a lot of people that hated her. (In large part due to her breaking her contract with Ice Ribbon and walking out on her former promotion.) She thanked the people who looked out for her and took care of her.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Good match. The back and forth stuff at 10:00 grew tiresome and it’s one of the most played out tropes in Stardom but the rest of the match was hard-hitting and high-energy. Himeka’s shown no respect for her stable leader to this point so Giulia seemed determined to beat some into her and get her to fall into line. My biggest issue with Donna Del Mondo is that I don’t find any of them to be likable. That works when they’re pitted against babyfaces on the roster but matches like this leave me with no emotional investment, the main thing that draws me to wrestling and takes matches to another level for me. I realize that’s not the case for everyone, though. Someone coming from more of a sports background is likely enthralled by the athleticism and action and doesn’t need a personal investment in rooting for a hero over a villain. As for the post-match encounter, I’m sure it will be a good match but Asuka clearly did not bestow any of her promo skills onto Konami when she trained her. Oof.)

Red Goddesses standings after day 6:
Crazy Bloom (Giulia & Maika) – 2
MK☆Sisters (Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid) – 2
AphroditE (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani) – 1
Devil Duo (Natsuko Tora & Saki Kashima) – 0
wing★gori (Saya Iida & Hanan) – 0

Blue Goddesses standings after day 6:
MomoAz (Momo Watanabe & AZM) – 6
Color Me Pop (Gokigen Death & Riho) – 4
Dream H (Tam Nakano & Mina Shirakawa) – 4
Grab The Top (Syuri & Himeka) – 4
Black Widows (Konami & Bea Priestley) – 3

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