11/4 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Moxley-Kingston face to face, Scorpio Sky vs. Spears, Guevara & Ortiz vs. MJF & Wardlow, final All Out hype

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 4, 2020

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


-They aired an abbreviated Dynamite opening montage.

-They went to Dasha with Chris Jericho, Santana, and Jake Hager. Jericho began to congratulate Hager on his MMA victory to become 3-0. MJF approached Jericho with Wardlow and said he’s going to have a front row seat to see if he belongs in the Inner Circle. Jericho said he’s missing something, because the Inner Circle have a killer instinct. He said he thinks MJF is “a little soft.” MJF took offense and said, “Just watch!”

-Ross, Schiavone, and Excalibur introduced the show as Jericho’s ring entrance began. They showed fans singing the lyrics. Ross said he’s downloaded the song to his iPad. Schiavone said he should know the words now. They stopped the music and the fans finished. Jericho then joined them at the announce desk. He called them his Jeri-Choir.


Jericho said Guevara and Ortiz are in this match because they don’t want MJF in the Inner Circle. He said he, Santana, and Hager are more open to it. Ross noted that Tony Khan said there could be over 1,000 fans at Daily’s Place on Saturday night for Full Gear, so the atmosphere could be even more electric. Sammy jawed at MJF from the ring apron. When Sammy ran into the ring, the ref forced him back as MJF and Wardlow double-teamed Ortiz. Jericho said he needs to see the best of MJF on Saturday night. Guevara rallied with a springboard bodyblock onto both MJF and Wardlow. He then landed two dives on opposite side of the ring and played to the crowd. He didn’t get a big pop, but you can imagine  him showing that fire and flashy style as a babyface.

Eventually Sammy and MJF squared off. They stared each other down. MJF ducked Sammy. Sammy ducked MJF. MJF poked Sammy in the eye. He then hit a high-knee followed by a GTH for a near fall, broken up by Wardlow. Ortiz landed a bulldog on Wardlow. Sammy landed a running shooting star press. Ortiz landed a senton. They did a four-way spot where Wardlow powered the other three off the top rope. Wardlow gave Ortiz an F10 for a near fall, broken up by Guevara. Guevera tagged in then landed a springboard flip axe handle onto MJF at ringside. He was about to high-five a masked wrestler in the crowd, but then gave him the finger. The masked wrestler threw a chair at Guevara’s head, then took off his mask and it was Matt Hardy. Hardy led a brief “Delete!” chant. Back in the ring, MJF applied a Fujiwara Armbar on Ortiz for the tapout win.

WINNERS: MJF & Wardlow in 10:00.

-MJF walked up to the announce desk with Wardlow, gloating about his win. He then tackled Jericho through the backdrop and pounded away at him. “Saturday night can’t come quick enough for me,” said Ross. Jericho stood up and smiled, as if he liked the impetus and intensity of MJF.

-The announcers hyped the rest of the line-up for the show, including the return of Pac. Excalibur said he’d break his silence and speak on Dynamite for the first time in months.

-They went to Schiavone’s pre-recorded interview with Kenny Omega. Schiavione was petting a dog sitting on a couch. Kenny said it’s not even his house or his dog. He said he relocated to Jacksonville, Fla. temporarily so he could focus 100 percent on the tournament. Omega said they brag all the time about being a sports-based product, bragging about how wins and losses matter. He said he could have marched into Tony Khan’s office to demand a bye in the tournament. He said instead he made it to the finals on his own merits, and that was the only proper way to win the Eliminator Tournament. Schiavone said he was betting on Wardlow to make it to the final a little bit, but Hangman Page pulled it out. He asked Schiavone his pick, considering he has “won every tournament I’ve entered.” Schiavone said his money would be on him. Omega asked the viewers who they’ve got. He said he’s determined to become AEW Champion.

(Keller’s Analysis: Okay, that’s a real step in the right direction for Kenny. It’s like they’ve taken too much pride in a slow reveal of his character and it’s seemed undisciplined, ambiguous, and meandering. This could still be too subtle, but it’s moving in the right direction, and as long as viewers are ultimately rewarded for “picking up on the signals” in the end when Kenny goes further in the direction of a clear heel who’s let his success and the subsequent fawning over him go to his head, this could be a good wrestling character at a top level combined with rumors that he’s pretty darn good in big singles matches.)

-Trent made his entrance with Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. [c]

(2) TRENT (w/Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor) vs. MIRO (w/Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford)

Miro made his ring entrance after the break. He had a look of intensity that bordered on being cartoonish, but stopped just short. They replayed Miro inadvertently destroying the arcade cabinet that was Miro’s wedding gift to Sabian and Penelope Ford. Ross downplayed it being “just a video game,” but Excalibur plowed through it. A clip aired from earlier in the week of Miro and Trent debating with Excalibur moderating. They talked about Miro being a “young boy” for “Barretta” (Trent) in Japan. Ross asked him to explain what a “young boy” is in pro wrestling vernacular. Jericho explained it’s being a veteran wrestler’s assistant, doing menial tasks to pay dues.

Miro told Trent his mom didn’t teach him any manners. Trent attacked Miro as soon as his mom mentioned. Miro came back and dominated. Jericho said he loves Miro beating the crap out of people. The ref scolded Miro for beating up Trent in the ropes and breaking at four. Taylor went after Sabian at ringside, throwing him into the ringside barricade. Taylor avoided a charging Miro, who crashed into the corner. Miro threw Trent to the floor and they cut to a break. [c/ss]

During the break, on split-screen, Ford and Cassidy got into an argument. Ford slapped Cassidy. Dark Order then attacked Cassidy, with John Silver giving Cassidy a running boot. The ref booted them from ringside. They threw a fit. Miro yelled at them and they backed away scared.

Back to full screen, Miro stayed on offense against Trent in the ring. They battled back and forth for several minutes. Trent went for a springboard out of the corner, but slipped. Miro caught him with the Machka kick and then a body stomp followed by his camel clutch for the win.

WINNER: Miro in 12:00.

-Miro reapplied the camel clutch, so Taylor made the save. Kip threw Trent out of the ring. Miro marched over and stomped on Sabian and Taylor at ringside. Miro grabbed a mic at ringside and said because of Trent’s mother, he has no manners. Cassidy leaped off the top rope onto Miro at ringside.

-They aired a sitdown interview with Ross talking with Hangman Page. Page had a mixed drink. He was lit. Ross asked how he felt about facing Kenny. Page said he knew it’d come down to them and he’d had a chance to think about it a lot and he plans to kick his ass. Ross said Page is guzzling that bourbon and he seems nervous to him. Page admitted he’s a little nervous and he’s not too proud to say it. He said the day the company started, he said he was going to be the AEW World Champion. Nobody believed it, and Saturday is the closest he’s gotten to the title since then, and if he doesn’t win, he doesn’t know what he has other than the glass of whiskey. Ross said, “As my mamma said, moderation, buddy, moderation. I’m looking forward to calling it.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I’ve got to see where this is headed before judging, but going back to Page being the nervous insecure drunk is an odd and dangerous path to him reaching his potential. It does add a layer to the storyline in the mean time different than just giving fired up Cowboy babyface 101 promos.)

-Jericho said he beat Page when he was stone-cold sober, but if Page goes against Kenny at all hung over or inebriated, Kenny will tear him apart. [c]

-A vignette aired on The Young Bucks vs. FTR. Excalibur said the Bucks were heralded as the top tag team by wrestling journalists until they were overtaken by FTR. Matt said if they won’t win the tag titles on Saturday, they’ll never challenge for those belts again. Matt said it’s time to bet everything on the Young Bucks again.

(Keller’s Analysis: This was a more straight-forward message about this being a dream match. Less irritating arrogance by the Bucks for sure.)

-Taz interrupted the announcers, walking out onto the ramp. He talked about losing patience with Will Hobbs. He bragged up Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. Regarding Starks, he said, “He’s not even ranked in the top five. What kind of horseshit is that?” Starks stood behind Taz and complained about not being ranked. Taz ripped into Cody and said Saturday live on PPV, there will be an FTW presence.

-Jericho said Page and Starks are hot right now and they should have matches. Schiavone agreed they deserved spotlight matches at Full Gear.

-Private Party and Matt Hardy came out. Excalibur noted that Matt Jackson pinned Isaiah Kassidy in their last match, but since his shoulders weren’t down, the Bucks agreed to give them a rematch. Sammy attacked Matt from behind on the ramp, then ran away. They cut to a break but stayed with the action on split-screen. [c]

(3) THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Marq Quen & Isaiah Kassidy)

Jericho said he’s liked the attitude of the Bucks in recent weeks. Back and forth early. [c]

The Bucks took over a few minutes in. Jericho asked why the Bucks added the stipulation needlessly to win or never challenge for the belts again. Excalibur said they said they thrive under pressure and can’t take their foot off the gas pedal for a second. Schiavone said antics by FTR played into it as well. Ross said they won’t live to be old men living like that. [c/ss]

Several more minutes or back and forth action, with the Bucks landing the BTE Trigger for the win. Excalibur wondered if it was worth it for the Bucks to take this match so few days before Full Gear.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks in 15:00.

-As the Bucks celebrated, Matt favored his ankle. FTR then attacked them. They put his ankle in a chair. Page came out, drink in hand, for the save. He was a little late, leaving Cash awkwardly standing on the top rope, trash-talking, ready to leap off onto Matt’s ankle a few extra seconds. Omega ran out, also, and checked on Matt. Page had a chair in hand. Jericho yelled for Page to hit Kenny with it. “He wouldn’t do it,” Jericho said. “It makes me sick.” Ross said Kenny and Page could steal the show on Saturday night. Kenny gave Page a friendly fist-bump. When Kenny turned away from him, Page spun him back and seemed irritated with him. They chatted and it got intense. [c]

-Schiavone introduced Eddie Kingston and then Jon Moxley. Kingston got in Moxley’s face. He said he’s going to win the AEW Title on Saturday, hand it to his mother, and explain to her that’s why he didn’t give her any grand kids; because he was obsessed with getting to that moment. He pushed his nose against Moxley’s as he said he’s taking that championship from him.

Moxley said, “They say be careful who you call your friends.” Mox said he’d rather have four quarters than a hundred friends. He said loyalty is a bitch, and he’s been burned time and time again. He said he was so happy for Kingston when he signed a contract. Kingston said he didn’t care. Mox said he is talking, let him talk. He said he was happy for his mother, Ruthy. He said he made a promise to her that he would look after her and always have his back no matter what trouble he caused for himself. He said he broke that promise, though. He said he believes the loudest man in the room is the weakest man in the room. He said he’s been loud lately, but he’s not the weakest. He asked what’s going on in his head. Kingston turned his back to Mox, but listened intently and emotionally. Mox said he knows he’s getting into the ring with the best wrestler on the planet today and he’s going to lose. He said it’ll turn out that after 18 years, he didn’t deserve it at all. He said what puts his stomach in knots is that he made a promise to his mother that he can’t keep.

Jericho reminded everyone that Kingston can’t touch Mox or he’ll lose the match. (Noses don’t count, apparently.) Kingston told him he better get ready to kill him. He yelled that the belt is his. He stormed out. Mox said he will find, when he alone with nothing but his ego, he is not the man he thought he was and he will say the words, “I quit.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Some of the best mic work and feud building in pro wrestling this year has been this. It’s not a marquee PPV main event World Title match on paper, but the build has been so good I’m glad it’s getting a big stage.)

-Ross said he was riveted by the conversation between two psychos. Jericho said this is Kingston’s first shot at a world title in 18 years and he won’t let it go without a fight. Excalibur said the Countdown to Full Gear will feature more on their backstory.

-A soundbite aired from Pac, who was sitting on a black couch in a cool room with tall windows. It included various cutaways to him on a beach, and then special effects to add various images of Pac in the room with Pac. He said every day that passes in isolation, he’ll get better and stronger and more obsessed. [c]

-Alex Marvez was about to interview the Natural Nightmares when Butcher & Blade with Bunny attacked them. Bunny threw “maxed out credit cards” at Q.T. Marshall. Blade bashed Q.T. with a trash can lid to the head.

(4) NYLA ROSE (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. RED VELVET

Ross fended off an early aggressive attack by Velvet. Velvet leaped off the top rope, but Rose caught her and delivered a Beast Bomb. She went for the pin, but lifted Velvet at two. She delivered a running knee to Velvet’s head and got the three count. After the match, Rose eyed Hikaru Shida at ringside.

WINNER: Rose in 2:00.

-Vickie Guerrero insulted Velvet at ringside, then walked up to Shida and said Rose is going to break her bones on Saturday, she’s going to cry, and then she’s going to forfeit the title. “So enjoy your last three days of being the champion,” she said. She bowed and did a high-pitched stereotypical vocal sound saying “Excuse me!” in Japanese to antagonize her. Shida grabbed her. Rose hit Shida. A ref stood between them.

-A video package aired on Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page. Ross said if Page is mentally focused, he can win. Don Callis predicted Kenny would win. Schiavone wondered how their time as a team and knowing each other would play out in the match. Clips aired of their history in and out of the ring as “Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til it’s Gone)” by Cinderella.

-The announcers hyped the PPV line-up.

-A Darby Allin video aired. An overhead shot of a car said “Face of TNT.” He bashed the car and wore a Cody mask and a suit. He then drove the car as Darby and hit Cody with it, who flew over the top of the hood and to the ground.

-Dark Order began their ring entrance. [c]

(5) CODY (w/Arn Anderson) & THE GUNN CLUB (Billy & Austin Gunn) vs. DARK ORDER (John Silver & “10” & Colt Cabana)

Jericho said Cody and the Gunn Club teaming seems random. Schiavone said Cody’s known Billy for years and trusts him. They cut to a break a few minutes in. [c/ss]

Eventually, Gunn pinned “10” after a Quick Draw. Jericho touted his Dynamite debut.

WINNERS: Cody & Gunn Club.

-Cody and Billy congratulated him. More of Dark Order approached ringside. Cassidy came out and hit Silver. Cody then took the mic and addressed the audience. He said he doesn’t like telling a story that isn’t true. He looked up at Darby in the stands. He said Darby is telling people that TNT doesn’t want him as the face of their network because he’s so reckless. Cody said that’s not actually true. He said he’s the one who suggested AEW hire him. He said the other EVP’s were so unsure, he had to wrestle him himself. He told Darby to take one last look. He said he left the empire and actually won, and that pisses a lot of people. He said the truth he speaks contradicts the lies a lot of people live. He said he wants to be the face of AEW and wants the ace belt. “One problem, Darby,” he said. “You’re not the ace.”

-The announcers closed with some final hype for Full Gear. Ross called it the greatest line-up they’ve had in years. Schiavone said the best ever. Excalibur did a final sales pitch

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