12/16 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: R-Truth reveals the one thing holding him back from being as big a legend as Cena, Drew Gulak interrupted Truth, Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


DECEMBER 16, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe


  • R-Truth interview is, as always, entertaining


-Sarah Schreiber opened the show in the ring with mic in hand. She welcomed her guest, the 45-time 24/7 Champion R-Truth, who rapped his way to the ring. He reminded Sarah that one of his middle names is Dangerously, and said that John Cena also “eats, sleeps, and lives dangerously.” He said there’s one thing holding him back from being just like Cena: A legendary contract signing.

Drew Gulak’s music interrupted the interview, and Gulak walked down the ramp with his own mic and a clipboard. Truth was skeptical of Gulak’s intentions. Gulak said he’s always looked up to Truth, like a wise uncle. Truth smiled and asked, “Uncle Truthy?” and seemed to have a brief mental fantasy about being someone’s wise uncle. Gulak showed a contract on his clipboard, and suggested they have a signing with some fanfare. Truth told Sarah they have work to do, and that he required a bounce castle, a United States of Declaration conference table, pens with lasers, and Gary Oldman dressed as Commissioner Gordon.

Gulak handed Truth the contract. While Truth perused the language, Gulak made a hand gesture toward the stage behind Truth’s back. A referee ran down the ramp. Meanwhile, Truth flipped to page two, which had large stick figure drawings labeled Gulak and Truth. Truth said, “This don’t look official right here. Is this a contract or a map?”

The ref was now in the ring, so Gulak removed his jacket and rolled Truth up, but Truth kicked out at two. Truth ducked a clothesline and gave Gulak the Attitude Adjustment. Truth’s music played as he tore up the contract.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This segment was worthwhile solely for Truth confusing a stick figure drawing for a map.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Replay of Owens-Jey Uso in-ring confrontation from Smackdown
  • Match rundown for upcoming PPV TLC
  • Replay of Bray Wyatt’s “field trip” to the Thunderdome from Raw
  • Replay of TLC “Ascension Ceremony,” featuring Styles and McIntyre, from Raw


A brief video package highlighted Cross’s loss to Peyton Royce two weeks ago, due to a distraction by Evans. Evans entered with Royce and referred to Cross as “Nasty Nikki.” She told Cross that the only reason anyone knows she exists is because she was Alexa Bliss’s best friend. Evans says there’s a word for that, and in tandem, Royce and Evans said “Loser!”

The women locked up and Cross muscled Evans back into a corner. Cross pushed her hands all over Evans’s face, causing Evans to make a disgusted expression and duck out through the ring ropes. She called for Royce, who walked over with hand sanitizer and dispensed it into Evans’s hands. Evans applied the sanitizer to her own face.

Cross took Evans to the mat with two arm drags, then worked on Evans’s left arm. Royce appeared on the apron and reached out to help Evans, but Cross chased her back to the floor while maintaining a wrist lock. Evans maneuvered into an illegal submission against the ropes, then raked Cross’s eyes to break free. Evans dabbed at her brow with a handkerchief as we cut to break.

Evans hit a bronco buster in the corner, then covered Cross for one. Evans delivered a DDT, then gator rolled Cross to the apron, where Evans mounted her back and yanked her up by the hair and smashed her face into the canvas. Evans got down on the floor and bickered with Royce a bit, giving Cross the chance to kick Evans in the face. They tussled at ringside, then Evans smashed Cross into the ring post. Evans rolled into the ring, and Cross made it back in at the ref’s eight-count.

Evans repeatedly slammed Cross’s face into the mat, and then into all three turnbuckles in a corner. She ran at Cross, but Cross got a boot up, then gave Evans a bulldog. Both women writhed on the mat. Cross leveled Evans with two short-arm clotheslines, then hit a seated senton. Cross hit a low-altitude flying cross body to Evans in the corner. She tried to drag Evans to the middle, but Royce appeared again and prevented that move by holding onto Evans’s wrist. Evans rolled up Cross, but the ref was busy admonishing Royce on the floor. Cross then reversed the pin, and this time the ref turned back to the ring and scored the three-count.

WINNER: Nikki cross by pinfall in 5:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Standard 50/50 booking: Cross gets a win back from two weeks ago. Not a whole lot going on here, but this match was better than Cross vs. Royce. The pairing of Evans and Royce is bizarre, and Royce (in character) doesn’t seem fully invested in their friendship.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.6

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