3/30 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Callihan vs. Larry D, James Storm vs. Eric Young, hype for Impact’s move to Thursday night, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-Clips from last week of Eddie Edwards vs. Karl Anderson, the Finjuice interview, the appearance by Kenny Omega and Don Callis, and Rich Swann’s response aired.

-The weekly opening video played.

(1) FIRE N FLAVA (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs. HAVOC & NEVAEH

This was a non-title match. Havoc and Kiera got the action started, with Havoc taking the early advantage. Havoc tossed Kiera around then tagged out to Nevaeh. Havoc and Nevaeh controlled the match and kept Kiera in their corner. Tasha finally tagged in and made an offensive flurry on Havoc to turn the tide. Kiera and Tasha dominated the action for the next few minutes. Nevaeh got the hot tag and hit a barrage of moves on Tasha.

Havoc tagged back in and hit a sit-out powerbomb on Tasha, followed by a two count. Kiera DDT’d Havoc, then the match broke down and all four wrestlers fought at the same time. Fire N Flava got the upper hand and Kiera scored the pin on Havoc after a splash from the top rope.

WINNERS: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz in 8:00.

Fire N Flava gloated and walked up the stage. Havoc and Nevaeh were recovering in the ring after the match. Havoc looked sad, then they hugged. As Havoc was leaving the ring, Nevaeh attacked her from behind and hit a spear, then a flurry of punches. She yelled “You thought I was the weak link”. She DDT’d Havoc and left her laid out in the ring.

(D.L.’s Take: Heel turn 101. Sure, we could see it coming, but it was still effective. Havoc played her role well looking sympathetic and Nevaeh showed good fire after the turn. Should be a really good feud. Fire N Flava continue to be on a roll and keep polishing their act.)

-D’Lo and Matt Striker appeared on camera and talked about what just happened. They talked about the Rebellion main event and the matches for the evening.

-Gia Miller interviewed an enthusiastic James Storm backstage. He talked about wrestling his 1000th match in Impact tonight. He said it should be a celebration but it’s a dedication, then he talked about how Bob Ryder helped him and Chris Harris get into TNA. He dedicated the match to his best friend, Bob Ryder. He warned Eric Young that he would beat him up. Storm brought in Chris Sabin and Jake Something, who said they had a surprise for him. Chris Harris walked up from the other side. Storm said “it’s been a long time” and they hugged. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: A really good interview that blended storyline and reality. Dedicating the match to Ryder, who passed away last year, was a nice touch and was heartfelt. It was a nice surprise to see his former tag team partner in America’s Most Wanted too.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo and Susan. Deonna said she was unstoppable. Susan complained about Jazz, who appeared out of nowhere. As Deonna scurried off, Jazz annihilated Susan with a trash can.

(2) SAMI CALLIHAN vs. LARRY D w/Acey Romero

Larry debuted a new neon green outfit that was certainly eye-catching. Sami charged with a big kick at the bell. Then they brawled and traded the advantage. Striker promoted the show’s move to Thursday and said he preferred Thursdays. Larry got the advantage after a brawl outside the ring. [c]

Larry had the advantage out of the break. They continued fighting on the floor. Larry got the upper hand after a strong clothesline and a splash. Sami battled back. They continued the fight on the ring apron. Sami gouged Larry’s eyes. Sami hit a big piledriver though the ropes and got the pin.

WINNER: Sami Callihan in 11:00.

-Acey attacked Sami after the match. The announcers wondered why Trey Miguel didn’t run out to help him. Sami laughed as XXXL walked up the ramp.

(D.L.’s Take: The definition of a “Mean Guy Match.” These two worked well together. It was hard hitting all the way through. It looked like they were in a fight as opposed to “doing moves.” You will never lose Larry D in a crowd with that outfit.)

-A highlight video of Finjuice in Japan aired.

-Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and the Good Brothers were in their dressing room. Omega and Callis talked about how they were impressed with Finjuice. The Good Brothers replied that they weren’t that great. Omega whispered something in Don’s ear, Callis whispered in Anderson’s ear, then Anderson whispered in Doc’s ear. The Good Brothers left the room, happy with the secret plan. [c]

-Sami Callihan approached Trey Miguel backstage. Sami complained about Trey not returning the favor and saving him from an attack. Trey replied why would he save Sami. They yelled back and forth. Sami said he took Trey to the next level and said he wanted to be a mentor to Trey. Sami said they could work together and rule Impact. Sami said he would go to Scott D’Amore and ask to team with Trey next week and face XXXL. Sami told Trey to think about it for a week, then give him an answer.


Striker plugged the move to Thursdays again. He said Myers was the type of guy that would complain about the move (good way to fit it into the storyline). Myers still had an eye patch. Suicide got the early upper hand. Myers made a comeback and took control. Myers finished Suicide with the big clothesline (called the Roster Cut).

WINNER: Brian Myers in 3:00.

-Myers took the mic after the match and said that Matt Cardona was trying to get the rub from him. Myers said he was the franchise of Impact Wrestling and it doesn’t include Cardona.

-Tommy Dreamer was backstage when Jazz walked up. Dreamer told her he was booking Hardcore Justice. He proposed a match between her and Deonna at the show. She said Deonna could put up the title and she would put up her career. She walked off and Dreamer said she better win. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: Don’t do it, Jazz!)

-AEW Paid Ad. Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan talked about how the last few weeks of Dynamite have been great. They ran down the matches for tomorrow. Khan plugged Kenny Omega and said he might be the Impact champion soon. He said Omega was the best wrestler in the world, but a huge pain in the ass. Khan said he has the first rights for Kenny’s matches. He said he would control the wrestling world, then continued plugging matches. Khan said they would keep the streak of hot shows going.

-Swinger’s Palace. Johnny Swinger asked John E. Bravo how the betting was going for Rebellion. Bravo said he had to go to the bathroom. Kenny Omega and Don Callis walked in. Swinger said “is that the guy from TNA?”. Callis said he heard they were taking bets on the Omega vs. Swann match. Swinger said that the odds were 1 to 1. Omega said “is that it?”. Callis showed Swinger the One Winged Angel video from last week on his phone. Swinger said that would swing the odds. Callis put $20,000 on Omega to win. Swinger laughed and called him a money mark. Omega and Callis walked off.


Striker urged fans to buy signed Ace Austin merchandise now because he would be such a big star in the future that it would be out of their price range. Alexander was overpowered by Fulton at the start. Ace tagged in but Alexander escaped from him. Fulton tagged back in. Alexander took Fulton to the mat in a headlock. Alexander hit a shoulder block from the top rope on Fulton and knocked him down. Ace tagged in and traded holds with Alexander. D’Lo said the world was abuzz with the news of Impact moving to Thursdays.

TJP and Alexander used double team moves to take Fulton down and get him out of the ring, then they argued in the ring. TJP hit a flurry of moves on Ace. Ace had TJP in a chinlock and headlock. Fulton sat on the top rope and lifted up TJP by the head. Fulton continued to overpower TJP. Ace went back to the chinlock. TJP battled back and made the tag to Alexander as Ace tagged in Fulton. Alexander got the upper hand on Fulton. Fulton give Alexander a boot to the face. TJP knocked Ace off the top rope. TJP and Alexander worked together and knocked Fulton out of the ring.

TJP and Alexander double teamed Fulton. TJP got hit by accident and fell to the floor. Ace and Alexander battled in the ring. TJP hit a splash off the top and tried to pin Ace, but Alexander pushed him off. Ace rolled up TJP and got the win.

WINNERS: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton in 10:00.

-Ace and Fulton celebrated up the ramp as Alexander and TJP argued in the ring after the match.

-Don Callis approached Willie Mack backstage. Mack said “What’s up, fool?” Callis laughed and replied “What’s up, fool?” Callis said he was a big fan of Mack and kissed up to him. Callis showed Mack the One Winged Angel video. Swann walked up and asked if Callis was showing that lame video again. Callis said that Omega loves Swann’s finisher and can’t wait to kick out of it. Swann and Callis were face to face. Swann said Callis wasn’t in his head and if Callis wasn’t his boss he would slap him. Callis said he wouldn’t let Swann talk to him like that and for the next ten minutes he wasn’t Swann’s boss. Callis took off his glasses. Omega attacked Swann from behind. Mack jumped Omega, then the Good Brothers attacked Mack from behind. Team Omega was getting the best of the fight until Eddie Edwards ran in for the save and Team Omega ran off. [c]

-A brief vignette aired. It looked like backstage at a concert venue with fliers of bands on the wall. A graphic came up that said “Coming soon: Impact Zone, April 2021”.

-Rohit Raju approached Hernandez and said their tag team name could be “LIX: Latin Indian Exchange”. Hernandez made it clear that they weren’t friends or partners and he was only in it for the money.

-A Violent by Design interview aired. Eric Young previewed his match tonight against James Storm. He ended with his catchphrase. [c]

-Dreamer was backstage addressing a group of the Knockouts. He announced that at Hardcore Justice, Deonna would put her title up against Jazz’s career. Deonna vowed to win and challenged anyone to step to the plate. Dreamer asked Susan about her friend Su. Susan yelled back, then reacted like she was about to change into an alter ego. Dreamer announced a Knockouts Scramble match at Hardcore Justice to become the number one contender and get a title match at Rebellion. All weapons would be legal. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb protested weapons being used. Kaleb said this wasn’t an outlaw mud show. Havoc and Rosemary were happy about the match. Alisha approached Dreamer and asked him to explain the rules.

-D’Lo and Striker ran down the main event for next week, which is Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards.

-Eric Young and Violent by Design walked to the ring. [c]

(5) JAMES STORM w/Chris Sabin & Jake Something & Chris Harris vs. ERIC YOUNG w/Joe Doering & Deaner & Rhino

After an initial exchange, Storm started to get the upper hand. Storm put Eric in a chin lock. Eric ran Storm’s head into a ring post. Eric attacked Storm on the floor as their teams had a staredown. [c]

Striker plugged that next week would be Kenny Omega’s first in-ring appearance on the Impact TV show. Eric Young had the advantage coming out of the break. Eric suplexed Storm into the corner. Eric continued the attack. Storm finally mounted a comeback. He landed a kick to the head and a neckbreaker. Storm hit the Eye of the Storm for a two count. Eric came back with a neckbreaker then climbed to the top and connected with an elbow drop. Storm kicked out at two.

Storm hit a lung blower on Eric and went for a pin, but Deaner got on the apron for a distraction. Storm rolled Eric up but Eric kicked him off to the floor. The teams started fighting on the floor, including Harris. Eric grabbed his hockey mask and tried to attack Chris Harris, who hit him and threw him back in the ring. Storm hit the superkick for the win.

WINNER: James Storm in 15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A basic, but fun match. Storm won to give the happy end to the story, which was the right move for this story. I’m glad they didn’t try to get cute and have him lose for “heat.”)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a really good show that flew by. Best match of the night was Sami Callihan vs. Larry D, which was an unexpected treat. The big storyline developments were the Havoc turn and Team Omega attacking Team Swann. James Storm’s 1000th match was hyped as a big deal for the main event and they even brought Chris Harris back for a nice touch. They did an effective job of promoting Hardcore Justice, Rebellion, and the move to Thursdays.

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