8/21 RING OF HONOR GLORY BY HONOR NIGHT TWO 2021 REPORT: Vincent vs. Matt Taven inside a steel cage, Danhausen vs. Dalton Castle, VLNCE Unlimited vs. The Foundation, more



AUGUST 21, 2021

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– Bobby Cruise welcomes the fans to the 2300 Arena. Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman go over the card.


Dak Draper joins in on commentary. Danhausen comes out first. Dalton Castle comes out next accompanied by the Baby Chicks. Both wrestlers are well received by the crowd.

Code of honor adhered to. Dalton immediately goes outside and talks to the Baby Chicks who go to the other side of the ring. Both men are stalling which leads to dueling chants. Both men try to gain an advantage and Danhausen slides out of the ring and applauds the Baby Chichls. This gets Castle upset and he moves them to the other side of the ring. Danhausen throws Castle to the outside and takes advantage. This leads to Draper leaving commentary and coming to ringside. Draper distracts Danhausen and Castle gets advantage. Danhausen dices onto Draper but Draper catches him. Draper puts him down but Castle punches Danhausen and throws him back into the ring. Draper returns to commentary. Castle hits a series of splashes for a two count. Castle hits Danhausen with a knee in the corner. He Irish whips Danhausen into the corner but misses with a knee. Danhausen takes control through a German suplex, a kick, followed by another German suplex. Danhausen grabs the teeth and Castle fights him off causing the teeth to get spilled. The Baby Chichls try to pick up the teeth with their mouths but they are wearing masks. Danhausen has spare teeth and throws them into Castle’s mouth. He kicks Castle for a two count. Danhausen goes for Very Nice Very Evil. Castle reverses but Danhausen cradles for a two count. Castle hits Danhausen with a back elbow but Danhausen hits a headbutt. Danhausen runs the rope but Castle catches him in the Bangarang for the victory.

WINNER: Dalton Castle at 8:06

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Alright opener. Danhausen is over enough that he should get some victories or be made into a full-fledged tag team with PCO. There needs to be a better explanation for why Draper and Castle are together. It was one sided on Castle’s part, but now Draper is all in. Draper is a character mostly concerned with himself so that needs to be explained.)


Josh Woods is on commentary. This is a Pure Rules match. LSG comes out first. World Famous CB comes out second.

Code of honor adhered to. Match begins with a lock up. LSG gets control but does a clean break. They grapple for leverage but CB gets control of the leg. LSG counters and they stand up. They continue to grapple for control. CB grabs a headlock but LSG lifts him up. CB maintains the headlock but LSG breaks out and goes for the Muta Lock. CB grabs the ropes for his first ring break. They stand up again. CB goes for the Escalara, standing on LSG’s back. He sits ad extends LSG’s shoulders. LSG bites the ropes for his first rope break. They fight for control. LSG has CB’s heads between his legs. CB tries to break out but LSG bangs CB’s head into the mat. LSG follows up with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Ken Dixon comes out and starts arguing with the commentary team. Coleman and Woods tell Dixon to leave. CB and LSG continue to wrestle and LSG hits CB with a flying forearm for a two count. LSG hits CB with a series of forearms. They trade forearms and slaps. LSG charges CB in the corner and misses allowing CB to follow up with a kick. CB hits a Dragon suplex and LSG gets his foot on the tope for a second rope break. CB hits the Shoetei for LSG’s third break. LSG is out of rope breaks. CB goes for the sleeper but LSG throws him out of the ring. LSG and CB grapple for control and LSG hits an Ace Crusher. CSB hits a Rocket Bye Baby and cradles CB for the victory. Code of honor adhered to, reluctantly by CB,

WINNER: LSG at 7:22

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Decent Pure Rules match. Dixon coming out took me out of part of the match. Neither of them looked like an immediate contender for the Pure Title but I see some upside in them.)

Backstage, Quinn McKay says she needs to break some unfortunate news to Mark Briscoe. Brian Johnson walks by her yelling. McKay tells Briscoe that since his brother Jay can’t wrestle Mark would have to find a tag team partner. When Briscoe asks where he will find a partner, McKay responds that Brian Johnson is outside yelling about not having a match. Briscoe walks up to him and says Johnson needs a match and he needs a partner so he is booked. Briscoe chops Johnson.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Will this lead to a Brian Johnson face turn? Perhaps.)


Maria Kanellis-Bennett is on commentary. Rok-C comes out first followed by Miranda Alize. Willow comes out next followed by Chelsea Green.

Willow and Alize start. They lock up and Willow does a clean break. Alize goes for a body scissors but gets blocked. Alize goes for a cradle but Willow kicks out. Alize chops Willow in the chest. Alize tries to Irish whip Willow but Willow stands her ground. Willow charges Alize but misses and Alize hits a forearm. Alize attempts to Irish whip Willow again but Willow cartwheels out, throws Alize to the ropes and hits the Pounce. Alize tags Rok-C who tries to get a handle of Willow but was unsuccessful. Willow hits her with a knee to the gut. Willow hits Rok-C with two suplexes but ROk-C counters the third one and chops Willlow. Rok-C delivers an arm drag sending Willow outside. Green jumps on the apron to prevent Alzie from diving on Willow. Alize kicks Green and Alize and Rok-C do a dive to the outside. Willow goes for respite in the corner. Rok-C hits Willow with an elbow. Willow blind tagged Green who hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Green hits a series of clotheslines. Rok-C regains control and hits a backflip knee onto Green. Willow breaks up the pin and gets tagged in. Willlow follows up with a series of elbows. Green tags in and Willow bodyslams Green on Rok-C for a two count. Green and Rok-C trade rights. Green hits a German suplex but Rok-C recovers with a kick. Both competitors go for the tag. Alize runs in and hits Willow. Alize knocks out green and hits Willow in the jaw. Alize hits the Street Sweeper on Willow followed by a running bulldog for a two count. Willow blocks a move and kicks Alize. Rok-C tags in. Willow hits the Big Breaker on Alize and a Cannonball on Rok-C. She climbs the top rope but misses a moonsault. Rok-C hits the Code Roc for the three count. Code of honor adhered to after the match.

WINNER: Miranda Alize and Rok-C at 7:47

(Maitland’s Thoughts: They tried to do a lot of moves in a short period of time. Not sure if ROH is looking to establish a women’s tag division, but both of these teams could work as tag teams going forward. A fun match that made you more interested in all of the competitors, but especially Willow.)


Incoherence comes out first accompanied by Ultra Mantis Black who joined in on commentary. Shane Taylor Promotions comes out accompanied by Ron Hunt and O’Shea Edwards.

Code of honor adhered to. Delirious goes after Kaun. They trade shoulder shoves with Kaun getting the advantage. Delirious shoves Kuan and hits him low. Delirious hits an arm drag and a drop kick. Moses and Hallowicked tag in. They fight for leverage with Hallowicked getting control. Frightmare tags in. They work over Moses and get a two count. Taylor tags in. Frightmare slaps Taylor twice. Taylor punches Frightmare and knocks him out. Incoherence runs in and takes control. They hit dives onto the six man champions. STP regroup on the outside. Kaun hits Delirious with several strikes. Kaun kicks Delirious out of the ring onto Moses who throws him into the barricade. He does the same to Frightmare. Kaun works over Hallowicked. Taylor tags in. Hallowicked tries to fight him but Taylor uses his head to hit Hallowicked’s shoulder. STP uses several quick tags to maintain control. Hallowicked catches Kaun and throws him onto Moses. Delirious tags in and fights off Kaun with back fists. Delirious runs the ropes for misdirection and clotheslines Moses. Delirious punches Moses and Kaun breaks it up. Delirious German suplexes Kaun. Incoherence hit several dives onto Moses for a two count. Taylor breaks up the pin and gets tagged in. Taylor and Hallowicked trade blows. Taylor punches Hallowicked and Frightmare. Delirious hits Taylor with a drop kick to toe tope rope. Taylor gets on the top rope but Incoherence stall. They hit a cutter of the top rope and Delirious hits a splash. Kaun breaks it up. After moves on the outside Taylor is left in the ring with Frightmare. Frightmare rolls him up for a two count. Taylor hits a knee and the Marcus Garvey Driver for the win. Code of Honor adhered to.

WINNER: STP at 13:17

As STP heads to the back, EC3 stands out on the stage. Taylor yells at him and EC3 walks away.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The match was fine, but would have meant more against a team who had wrestled in ROH more recently than 2009. STP are really over so I hope people take notice. They got one of the biggest face reactions on the show and it is positive that they are portrayed as faces.)


EC3 joins in on commentary. Demonic Flamita comes out first followed by Flip Gordon. Mark Briscoe comes out next. Brian Johnson comes out next and cuts a promo. He says that this would be a homecoming everyone would remember. He told EC3 that he broke his hand but he didn’t break his middle finger. Johnson does his own introduction.

Flamita and Briscoe start. Briscoe sends Flamita down with a shoulder tackle. Flamita and Briscoe trade pinning situations. Briscoe calls for Gordon to get in the ring. Gordon jumps off the apron while Johnson blind tags Briscoe. Johnson and Flamita trade blows. Johnson hits a flying shoulder charge. Flamita nicks Johnson down and Gordon tags in. Gordon recovers with chops and tags in Briscoe. Briscoe kicks Gordon out of the ring. Johnson and Flamita dive onto their opponents. Flamita hits a Spanish fly on Johnson on the outside. Flamita tags in. Briscoe shrugs off kicks and hits a forearm on Flamita and a suplex. Briscoe takes his attention off Flamita to yell at Gordon. Briscoe hits a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Briscoe runs the ropes and Gordon knees Briscoe. Flamita punches Briscoe and hits a spear. Gordon tags in and suplexes Briscoe for a two count. Flamita tags back in and stomps Briscoe in the corner. Gordon tags in and joins Flamita in chocking Briscoe with their feet. Briscoe fights back and exchanges chops with Flamita. Flamita gains an advantage by going low but Briscoe slams Flamita off of the top rope. Both wrestlers make the tag. Johnson comes in punching Gordon and hits an atomic drop. Johnson plays to the crowd and clotheslines Gordon off the top rope. Johnson hits another clothesline followed by a series of fist drops. Johnson steps over Gordon. Briscoe tags in and his Gordon with a series of chops followed by a lariat. Flamita runs in and gets hit with a double shoulder tackle. Gordon shoves Briscoe into Johnson for a two count. Johnson and Briscoe argue and Johnson walks out. Flamita hits an awkward DDT for a two count. Flamita climbs the tope rope and flips off the crowd. Gordon slide in a chair. Flamita won’t use it. He curses out Gordon and slaps him on the chest. Gordon spits on him. Briscoe hits a distracted Gordon with the Jay Driller for the victory.

WINNER: Mark Briscoe and Brain Johnson at 11:26

PJ Black and the ring crew come out to tend to Flip Gordon

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Mismatched tag matches are often awkward. This was no different. Johnson and Briscoe were working well until they weren’t. Flamita will cheat, but not use a chair. Hopefully Gordon is alright.)


Kenny King is on commentary. The Foundation comes out first. Vlnce Unltd comes out next.

Code of honor adhered to by everyone but Homicide. Deppen and Titus start. They start mat wrestling. They trade shoulder tackles with Titus getting the advantage. Titus executes a headlock takeover. Deppen reverses but Titus recovers and reapplies the head lock. Deppen breaks out and does a single leg takedown. Deppen runs the rope and Titus hits a powerslam. After a stalemate, Deppen dropkicks Titus. King tags in and yells that he wants Gresham. Lethal tags in first and the Foundation argues. King tags in Homicide. Lethal and Homicide trade chops until Homicide ends up outside. HE throws a chair into the ring. He tags in Dickinson. Williams tags in. Williams and Dickinson try to outwrestle each other. Dickinson gets a knee bar but Williams counters. Dickinson grabs the ropes.Dickinson catches Williams but they wrestle to the ground and try to gain leverage. They eventually fight on the top rope and Williams slams Dickinson for a two count. Lethal tags in and hits a few double team moves for a two count. Dickinson recovers to tag Deppen. Deppen gets caught by Gresham in a German suplex off a blind tag. Titus tags in and works over Deppen’s leg. William tags in and continues. He stomps on Deppen’s ankles. Gresham tags in and bangs Deppen’s knees against the mat. Gresham tells Deppen to tag King but Lethal drags him Deppen back into the Foundation’s corner. Titus tags in and continues the onslaught followed by Williams. Dickinson breaks up a two count. Deppen fights off Lethal and Gresham but they hit a cutter for a two count. Deppen trades forearms with Gresham. Lethal hits another cutter and Gresham hits a shooting star press. Deppen kicks out and Gresham puts on the Figure Four. King breaks up the move by power bombing Titus onto Gresham. King tags in and starts destroying everyone. He dives onto Lethal and hits a clothesline for a two count. Gresham and King have a stare off They trade slaps. King German suplexes Gresham and Dickinson suplexes Gresham through a table. Homicide hits a cutter off the top rope with Lethal on King’s shoulders. Titus and Williams break up the pin. Homicide dives onto Titus on the outside. King dives onto Williams on the outside. With everyone else outside, Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Deppen for the win.

WINNER: Vlnce Unltd at 16:06

After the match, Vlnce Untd attack Lethal. King hits a Gonzo Bomb. Homicide hits the Cop Killa. Titus runs in but Dickinson hits him with a Razor’s Edge. Deppen kicks Williams. Dickinson grabs the microphone and says the win was a fluke and there isn’t a pure wrestler that can stand with them. Vlnce Unltd challenges any pure wrestlers, (past, present, or future) to fight them.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: A very good match. The dissension between the Foundation is continuing, but they were victorious so there can’t be too many hurt feelings. Vlnce Unltd challenging pure wrestlers after losing to the Foundation doesn’t make sense. They didn’t prove they were better. Just more ruthless. It will be interesting who will be brought in for that match.)


Silas Young joins on commentary. This math will be under Lucha rules. Rush and Dragon Lee come out first accompanied by Kenny King and Bestia. Rey Horus and Bandido come out next. Rush attacks Bandido before the match begins. Lee stares at him and drags him off Bandido. Rush grabs Lee by the throat. Horus jumps in but the argument continues.

When the bell rings, Rush and Lee talk and hug. Rush throws Horus out of the ring. Rush and Lee work over Bandido, who rolls out of the ring. They work over Horus after he enters the ring. Lee and Rush chop Horus. Horus moves out of the way and Lee drop kicks Rush. Bandido recovers and launches Horus onto Lee and Rush. Bandido does a moonsault off the top rope and lands on his feet. Bandido and Horus chop Lee and hit him with a double power bomb followed by a wheelbarrow cutter. Rush breaks up the two count. Lee recovers and he and Rush stop Bandido and Horus and do their LFI pose. Lee and Rush dive onto Bandido and Horus. Bandido is outside watching Horus fight both opponents. Bandido hits a Spanish fly off the top rope. Rush slams Bandido and Horus. All men are out on the mat. Lee and Bandido get up and trade blows. Bandido hits the Axe knee but Dragon Lee hits a knee. Bandido recovers and hits a poisoned rana. Dragon Lee blocks a 21 Plex and hits a suplex on Bandido. Horus breaks it up Horus DDTs Rush and Lee. Bandido hits a frog splash for a two count. Rush pulls out Bandido and throws him into the barricade. Rush punches Horus for a two count. Rush is favoring his left knee. Horus sends Rush into Lee on the top rope and takes out Rush’s knee. Lee drops the top rope body scissors and jumps on Horus spine. Lee hits a dive onto Bandido. Rush hits his running kick on Horus in the corner for the victory.

WINNER: Dragon Lee and Rush at 13:01

Dragon Lee shows Bandido respect while Rush yells at Bandido. Rush limps to the back.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Fun match that was one of the best of the night. Lee and Rush are not on the same page and it will be interesting to see where that goes. There was so much action in that match, I am certain some of the moves didn’t end up in my recap, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.)

Quinn McKay comes out to announce the following matches at Death Before Dishonor: LFI (Rush, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King) will wrestle Shane Taylor Promotions; Jonathan Gresham vs Josh Woods for the ROH Pure Title; the finals of the ROH Women’s Tournament, a mystery match between two unknown wresters, and an Elimination match for the ROH World Title between Bandido, Brody King, EC3, and Demonic Flamita.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This was done to stall for time while the cage was set up. They teased the World Title match on Day 1 of Glory by Honor so that is not a surprise. EC3 will be a huge heel. There are many options for the mystery match but ROH, like every other promotion, have talent that are underutilized. As I said before and I will say again, I am very interested in Gresham vs Woods. STP vs LFI will be a fun match too.)

Quinn McKay comes out to announce the following matches at Death Before Dishonor: LFI (Rush, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King) will wrestle Shane Taylor Promotions; Jonathan Gresham vs Josh Woods for the ROH Pure Title; the finals of the ROH Women’s Tournament, a mystery match between two unknown wresters, and an Elimination match for the ROH World Title between Bandido, Brody King, EC3, and Demonic Flamita.

A pre-match video airs for the main event between Matt Taven and Vincent


Mike Bennett joins on commentary. The match is in a steel cage, the first cage match in ROH since 2014, and can be won by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage first. Vincent comes out first carrying the bloody shirt Matt Taven wore when Vincent turned on him at Final Battle 2019. Matt Taven comes out next. Before the bell, Vincent kicks the cage door as Taven tries to get into the ring. Vincent tries to dive onto Taven, and Taven hits him with the door. Taven and Vincent brawl outside. Vincent gets back body dropped into the crowd. Taven dives over the barricade and Vincent hits him with a chair. They fight to the concession stand which no one can see. Taven brings Vincent to the stage and Vincent reverses the Climax into a back suplex on the ramp. Vincent recovers allowing Taven to hit a spin kick. Taven grabs a table from under the ring. Vincent blocks Taven from using the table and throws him into the cage repeatedly. They brawl outside. Vincent throws Taven into the cage and hits him with the door. The bell rings.Vincent grabs a lock hits Taven with it and locks the cage door.

Vincent throws the key into the crowd. Taven charges but Vincent gets control and kicks Taven in the knee. Vincent goes to climb to cage but Taven grabs him and hits a neckbreaker. Taven hits Vincent with several running knees. Taven hits a frog splash from the top rope for a two count. Taven back body drops Vincent into the cage. Taven tries to suplex Vincent, but Vincent uses leverage to block it. My feed went out for a while and when it returned Taven hit Vincent with a low blow. Vincent hits a Side Effect for a two count. The crowd is cheering for Taven. They stand and trade punches and send each other into the cage. Taven hits a kick for a two count. Bateman walks out and throws barbed wire in the ring. Taven gets distracted and Vincent hits him with a German suplex. Bennett runs out to attack Bateman but Bateman gets the best of him. Vincent and Bateman put the barbed wire on the cage. Bennett recovers and takes out Bateman. Vincent and Taven try to put each other on the barbed wire. Vincent rubs Taven’s face against the barbed wire causing Taven to bleed. The crowd voices their displeasure. Vincent slaps Taven. He goes for a bulldog but Taven throws him of into the cage. Taven grabs he barbed wire and wraps it around Vincent’s head. Taven hits a DDT. Vincent is bleeding. Taven hits Vincent with a knee. Taven grabs a purple sledgehammer and drives it against Vincent’s head. Taven knees Vincent again. Vita VonSTARR comes out with a red bag and tosses it into the cage. Taven hits an enziguri and gets the bag. VonStarr climbs the cage and dives for Taven but he moves out of the way. VonStarr hits Vincent. The bag has thumbtacks and Taven pours them onto the mat. VonSratt charges Taven and she gets back body dropped onto the thumbtacks. Vincent goes to kick Taven but misses and knocks VonStarr onto the thumbtacks again. Taven hits the Climax for a two count. Taven climbs the cage, goes for a splash, and misses him. Vincent hits Orange Sunshine for a two count. Vincent dives off the top rope but Taven blocks with his knees. Dutch climbs the cage. Taven meets him and knocks him off the cage and through the table. Vincent hits Orange Sunshine off the top rope for the victory.

WINNER: Vincent at 19:24

Vincent stands over Taven as the show ends.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The time for this match was from when the bell rang so they wrestled for about 25 minutes. I enjoyed this match even though it had two of my cage match pet peeves, fighting on the outside when the whole point is to be contained and wrestlers, usually the face, who does a move off the top of the cage when they could just as easily climbed out. I may have missed it but there was no mention of Vincent getting a World Championship shot. The way they got into this match at Best in the World was awkward, but this was a good blow off to their feud. Vincent needed to win as there isn’t much you can do with a non-successful cult leader. I enjoyed night two more than I enjoyed night one, but overall an enjoyable two nights of ROH shows. They have planted some seeds and they will need to follow up on them.)

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