10/22 WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS: McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Crown Jewel fallout and Draft roster takes effect

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


OCTOBER 22, 2021

Announcers: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee


-They opened with a recap of the Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns Crown Jewel match from yesterday. They then showed a crowd shot and Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show. Roman Reigns’ music hit and he made his entrance alongside Paul Heyman. Cole said Reigns’ Universal Championship reign is now at 417 days. Heyman handed the microphone to Reigns. Reigns asked Heyman if he is holding the title for him or for Brock. Reigns said last night, Heyman just threw the title into the ring, instead of handing it to him like he just did with the microphone. Reigns made Heyman practice handing him the Universal Championship. Reigns said Heyman isn’t great at his job, but he (Reigns) is. Reigns called himself the best of the best. He said he’s carried the product for over a year and a half and he’s the Tribal Chief and Head of the Table. Reigns said he is the greatest Universal Champion of all time because he has smashed everyone. He listed all of his opponents since Wrestlemania. Reigns mentioned a tweet from Lesnar and had Heyman read it. Heyman read from his phone, “This is Brock Lesnar speaking, the moment I arrive at Smackdown, I will beat Roman Reigns senseless.” Reigns said he whipped Lesnar so bad he’s tweeting now. Reigns said he runs WWE and he’s standing right here. He asked the crowd if they want to see Lesnar, the crowd cheered. Reigns said good because he wants to smash Lesnar again. Reigns asked the crowd if they want to see him smash Lesnar, there was a mixed reaction. Reigns told the crowd to acknowledge him. Reigns stood and looked at the entry way, no one came. Reigns said Lesnar must be scared of him. He said he’s not leaving until Lesnar comes out. McAfee asked if Lesnar was going to show up as they cut to break. [c]

-Back from break, Reigns said he doesn’t blame Lesnar. He said you can’t blame Lesnar because he is the greatest of all time. Reigns said Lesnar fears him. Reigns asked Heyman why Lesnar ran his mouth, then didn’t show. Reigns said he’s given the people too much time. He said he’s fulfilled his obligation by showing up to Smackdown and there’s nothing left for him to do here. The crowd chanted “we want Lesnar”. Reigns said he does too. Cole wondered aloud if Lesnar was going to show. Reigns told the crowd he was leaving. Brock Lesnar’s music then hit and he made his entrance. Lesnar stared at Reigns from the ramp as he walked down slowly. Cole asked if Reigns really thought Lesnar wouldn’t show. Lesnar then stormed the ring and took down Reigns, then knocked him off the apron. Lesnar followed Reigns to the floor and Reigns hit him with big punches. Lesnar threw Reigns into the steps, then locked eyes with Heyman. Reigns picked up the steps and hit Reigns with them. McAfee said the steps are 100 or 200 pounds. Lesnar stalked Reigns, then lifted him up for an F-5. The Usos hit Lesnar from behind and Reigns fell to the floor. Lesnar took out both Usos, then Reigns attacked Lesnar. Lesnar fought back and slammed Reigns into the ring post. Lesnar then took a camera, shoved the cameraman down, then tried to hit Reigns with the camera, but Reigns moved. Lesnar then tossed the officials that had surrounded the ring. Adam Pearce stood at the entryway and sent wrestlers out from the back. Lesnar took out a few of them, then finally calmes down. Reigns slinked up the entryway and stared at Lesnar from the ramp, flanked by the Usos. Lesnar stood mid-ring and held the Universal Championship over his head as they cut to break again. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, Lesnar isn’t going anywhere any time soon. That segment made Lesnar look like a maniac. Reigns’ promo was awesome and the perfect level of cocky. Lesnar’s appearance and destruction humbled him in a way. Heyman was again, noncommittal, which opens up another set of unanswered questions. Lesnar gave him that look, but was it, watch me smash your boy? Or was it, stick to the plan? The intrigue here is clearly with Heyman. I feel foolish for thinking Lesnar would be gone for awhile after last night and move on to something else upon his return.)

-Back from break, Cole and McAfee were standing at ringside. McAfee said it took a crew of 70 to put everything back together. They then threw to a video package recapping the previous segment. Adam Pearce was in the ring and he said no individual can hold the show hostage. Pearce said Lesnar’s actions were irresponsible and he endangered the Superstars, crew, and WWE Universe. Pearce then suspended Lesnar indefinitely. Lesnar then walked down the ramp and smirked at Pearce. Lesnar entered the ring as the crowd chanted “Suplex City”. Lesnar grabbed Pearce by the collar. He said he wasn’t sure if he heard correctly, and asked Pearce to repeat himself. Pearce groaned and choked out that Lesnar is indefinitely suspended. Lesnar backed Pearce into the corner then hit him with a big F-5. The crowd chanted one more time. Lesnar’s music started to play, then stopped as Lesnar lifted Pearce up for another F-5. Lesnar hit it, which ripped Pearce’s pants somehow. Lesnar then grabbed the mic and asked Pearce to repeat himself again because Lesnar didn’t hear him. Lesnar left up the ramp as his music played. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: Ok, well, that takes care of what I just mentioned about Lesnar being gone for a bit. I guess. This is exactly how Lesnar should be booked. This is awesome.)

-Back from break, they showed another recap, this time the newest previous segment. They showed Pearce being helped to the back. Sonya Deville was in the back on the phone. Naomi appeared. Naomi said they have unfinished business tonight. Deville said she has more important things to deal with and she told Naomi to get out of her face. Naomi left, and Deville turned around into Drew McIntyre. McIntyre said it’s chaos on Smackdown. He introduced himself to Deville. McIntyre said he’s going to go to the ring and make an open challenge. McIntyre walked off, they then played his music and he made his entrance in the arena. McAfee said the sword was seven feet long, Cole corrected him down to five feet. Cole told McAfee the sword is named Angela after his mother. McIntyre took the mic. He said enough with the B.S. and he asked the crowd if they’re ready for a match. McIntyre said he doesn’t care who, just get your ass out here so he can kick it. Sami Zayn’s new music hit. Zayn took the mic and said McIntyre forgot to mention a “master strategist”. Zayn said he’s the longest tenured member of Smackdown and he’s a locker room leader and a gatekeeper. Zayn said that on Smackdown, McIntyre is a newbie, even though he’s a former WWE Champion. Zayn got into the ring. He said even though everyone is holding him down, he’s the best Superstar on Smackdown. He said he’ll beat McIntyre and remain the best Superstar on Smackdown.


Zayn ran to the outside. McIntyre followed, but Zayn went back in the ring. They repeated this again. McIntyre rolled to the outside and threw Zayn into the barricade as they cut to break. [c]

Back from break, McIntyre was down and Zayn stomped. Zayn hit a flying elbow from the middle rope, which took down McIntyre. Zayn got a near fall. Zayn hit McIntyre with punches and trash talked him. McIntyre recovered and carried Zayn into the corner. McIntyre then hit a series of clotheslines, followed by the neckbreaker kip-up combo. McIntyre stalked Zayn, but Zayn rolled to the outside. McIntyre grabbed for Zayn, but Zayn pulled McIntyre down so his throat was snapped on the rope. Zayn went for a Blue Thunder Bomb, but McIntyre reversed, then hit a Glasgow’s Kiss headbutt. McIntyre ran at Zayn, who moved, and McIntyre slammed into the ring post. Zayn threw McIntyre into the other post. Zayn taunted McIntyre and counted the three, two, one as he went for a Helluva Kick. However, McIntyre recovered and hit a Claymore for the win.


-They showed a video package for Hit Row and Cole said will debut tonight. They showed the King of the Ring crown and McAfee said the coronation is next. The New Day music hit and Kofi Kingston made his entrance to a solid pop. Cole said the coronation of King Xavier is next. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: The match was solid. It’s nice to see McIntyre get a good win. Zayn got in a surprising amount of offense. I don’t think this will go anywhere, but I’m glad they’re looking to re-establish McIntyre as a force. I would rather they use someone lower than Zayn though. If Zayn was treated seriously, this could be an actual feud after McIntyre beat a few lesser foes over the course of a couple weeks. I’m excited to see Hit Row. I want to know what they’re about.)

-Back from break they showed pictures of Crown Jewel. In the arena, Kingston was dancing in the ring. Cole cut to a video package that recapped Xavier Woods’ King of the Ring win yesterday at Crown Jewel. Kingston took the mic and introduced Woods. Woods made his entrance to a “royal” remix of the New Day theme. Cole said young Woods told his parents he would be King of the Ring one day. McAfee said Woods spoke it into existence. Woods entered the ring and played the trombone. Kingston bestowed the cloak, which represents Woods protection of the kingdom. The crowd chanted “you deserve it” at Woods. Woods said it was his first time getting that chant. Kingston bestowed the scepter which represents the power he will yield. Kingston said the crown will serve as physical representation of the respect Woods has earned. Kofi placed the crown on Woods and music played. Woods took the mic. Woods said he can’t express how much it means to him. Woods thanked the fans and told them they helped turn his dream into a reality. Woods said his reign will be fun and fair. He said there will be opportunity. Woods said the crowd gets to hear the king’s gospel. Kingston took out a scroll and led the crowd in a “hail King Woods” chant. Woods danced as Kingston flapped the cloak. Cole said congratulations to Woods. McAfee said he’s never seen a king crowned before, and this was a dream come true. Cole said this isn’t the only ceremony tonight as Charlotte and Becky Lynch will have a championship exchange. Cole threw to Becky Lynch in the back.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, I’ve always thought Woods was super underrated, as he’s a great worker. However, this is even more obnoxious than what we’re used to. It’s hard to believe that Kofi was WWE Champion. His primary job now seems to be Woods hype man/cape waver? I still think this will somehow lead to Woods getting a shot against Reigns.)

-Lynch was in the back. She said maybe instead of a title exchange tonight, Becky Two Belts makes a return. Back in the arena, Mansoor made his entrance. Cole quesrtioned what Lynch meant since Charlotte and Lynch are supposed to exchange titles tonight. They then showed a graphic for Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali, next. [c]

-They showed a video package hyping the debut of Xia Li. (That was a good package. She looks like a force.) Mustafa Ali made his entrance.


Ali went after Mansoor, who ducked. Mansoor chopped Ali in the corner and knocked him to the floor. Mansoor followed Ali then knocked him back in. Ali tried to attack Mansoor coming back in, but Mansoor tossed him to the outside. Back in the ring, Mansoor his a crossbody off the top for a near fall. Ali recovered and hit an awesome sunset flip roll through into a powerbomb for a near fall. Ali went for a neckbreaker, but Mansoor counted into a Northern Lights Suplex. Mansoor then hit a clothesline and whipped Ali into the corner. Ali recovered and elbowed Mansoor coming in. Mansoor recovered, rolled Ali up and got the win.


-Ridge Holland was in the back. He said if you told him as a kid he would end up on Smackdown, he would’ve believed you. They then showed Aaliyah, she said Smackdown is going to get a makeover. They then moved to Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza. They gave a quick one liner, then they showed Sheamus. Sheamus said he’s here to deliver banger after banger.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That was an interesting way to do that. I like Carillo and Garza, I hope they get a shot. I don’t know about them as a tag team, considering the Usos are also heels. Garza could be a great mid-tier heel if they gave him a chance. Sheamus on Smackdown could be huge if handled correctly. I don’t know if featuring him among these mostly unknowns is the best idea.)

-Hit Row’s music hit and they made their entrance. B-Fab said you’ve all heard of Hit Row. Ashante said this is the “richual”. Top Dolla then rapped. Swerve took the mic and said he’s your worst nightmare. B-Fab said everytime you’ve seen her “she B-Fab”. Top Dolla said the WWE Universe just got four new stars. They said together, if you didn’t know, now you know.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That was too fast to type as they talked. Jeez. With that said, very good. I really liked it. I want to see more. They’ve piqued my interest.)


Scott took down Lawyer. Scott hit an elbow off the top then tagged in Top Dolla. Dolla hit a big splash for a near fall. Williams came in to break it up. Dolla lifted both Lawyer and Williams and slammed them simultaneously. Dolla tagged in Scott. Dolla held Lawyer as Scott hit a flying kick. Scott pinned him for the win.


(McDonald’s Analysis: THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING. Jobber matches are fine. This was awesome. I wish they had beat them up more so we could see more of their move-set.)

-They showed a recap of Lesnar’s freak out from earlier. Kayla Braxton was in the back. Deville opened the door. She said Pearce should have let her tell Lesnar he was suspended. Deville said she has to get ready for the championship swap later, which Pearce left her to deal with on her own.

-Rick Boogs was in the arena. He introduced Shinsuke Nakamura and played him out. They showed a graphic for Happy Corbin vs. Nakamura, next. [c]

-Back from break, they showed some news clips regarding Crown Jewel. Nakamura was in the ring as Boogs continued to play. Happy Corbin then made his entrance with Mad Cap Moss. They showed a picture in picture. Corbin said if it wasn’t for Nakamura beating him for the crown, he wouldn’t be where he is now.


Corbin and Nakamura locked up and Corbin hit a big right that took down Nakamura. Corbin backed Nakamura into the corner and hit Nakamura in the stomach. Nakamura recovered, hit a couple kicks, then finished with a sliding dropkick. Nakamura hit another couple of kicks and got a near fall. Nakamura pushed Corbin into the corner and the two traded punches. Nakamura hit knees to the gut then forearms to take down Corbin. Cole called Nakamura a great Intercontinental Champion. Nakamura put his foot on Corbin’s throat as Boogs played guitar. Nakamura went for a Kinshasa, but Corbin moved. Corbin knocked Nakamura to the apron. Nakamura went for a suplex to the outside, but Corbin pushed him off to the floor. [c]

Corbin was in control as we came back from break. Corbin hit his slide under the ropes clothesline thing for a near fall. Corbin mounted Nakamura and hit a series of punches. Corbin went for a press slam, but Nakamura landed on his feet, bounced off the ropes and hit a big kick. Nakamura hit a series of punches and kicks that knocked Corbin into the corner. Nakamura hit a knee in the corner for a near fall. Nakamura set up a Kinshasa, but Corbin recovered. Corbin went for a Deep Six, but Nakamura reversed. Corbin took him down for a near fall. Both men were down and Boogs played guitar to pump up Nakamura. Corbin went for chokeslam but Nakamura reversed. Moss attacked Boogs on the outside. Nakamura went to the outside and took Moss down. Corbin went to the outside, attacked Nakamura, tossed him back in and hit an End of Days for the win.


(McDonald’s Analysis: Alright, I guess this feud is a thing again. I’m glad Corbin called back to it in the beginning, considering that is how all of this started in the first place. It’s laughable that Cole called Nakamura a great Intercontinental Champion when he’s only defended the title like once and I don’t think he’s had a PPV match since becoming champion. The match was fine. It’s nothing special. I still maintain that Corbin has a cool move-set and isn’t that bad. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Boogs is the star, not Nakamura. The crowd responds to Boogs, not much to anyone else in this match.)

-They showed a graphic for the Lynch-Charlotte title exchange. Charlotte was in the back. She said of course Lynch won’t hand over the title. Charlotte said to pretend it’s her suitcase that Lynch spent half her career carrying, and hand it over. They then showed a recap of the triple threat for the Smackdown Women’s Championship yesterday at Crown Jewel. Becky Lynch made her entrance to a mixed response. Lynch posed as they showed a graphic for the title exchange, next. [c]

-Back from break, Lynch was in the ring with Deville as Charlotte made her entrance to a mixed response. Cole called Charlotte a huge pickup for Smackdown. Cole said Charlotte is the best Women’s Champion in history. Deville explained that both women have been drafted by the opposite brand they are champion of. Deville requested they swap championships. The crowd chanted “Becky Two Belts”. Deville requested the Raw Women’s Championship first. Lynch tried to grab the belt from Charlotte, who dropped the title. Deville told Charlotte to pick it up. Deville finally got the championships switched. Deville then asked if she wants to be Becky Two Belts again. Deville said winner takes all tonight. Sasha Banks’ music hit and she made her entrance. Banks said if Charlotte thinks she’s going to take over she’s out of her mind. Charlotte asked Banks if she felt left out. Lynch told them to figure it out, and she’ll see one of them at Survivor Series. Banks said bye Becky and Banks is the star of any show she’s on. She said Friday night is boss time. Charlotte asked if anyone remembered that Banks was champion. Banks attacked Charlotte. Banks knocked Charlotte to the outside, then hit her with a Meteora off the apron. Deville separated the women and Banks stared down Charlotte from the ring apron as Charlotte was on the ramp.

(McDonald’s Analysis: That was lame. The whole thing. Lame. Banks coming out at the end was fine, but predictable. It makes sense that her and Charlotte would feud because there’s no other credible women on the show. Does this mean Banks is a face? Or are we not supposed to know? The matches should be good, but I don’t know what they’re going to do about the face and heel dynamics of setting up an actual feud. I hate that they just trade the titles. In hindsight, Belair should have beat Charlotte on Monday and Banks should have won yesterday. It would have been way better than this.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a ho-hum episode of Smackdown. I like the debut of Hit Row. There’s potential there and the idea of giving them a jobber team to beat was a great move. They can talk and they make me want to see them more, which is a good sign. The quick cuts of new acts on the show was also a good idea, even if they were a bit short. The rebuild of McIntyre began tonight, which underlined the biggest issue I had with the show. Where is all the star power? Is it just me or did it feel like they were killing a lot of time with recaps and such? Could this be because they moved everyone to Raw? They really didn’t do a good job balancing these rosters out as the lower end of the main event card and the mid-card have been decimated. Zayn, Corbin, and Nakamura seem to be all that remain, and none of them are super exciting. Unless they build some people quickly, this show is in some trouble outside of anything Reigns is involved in.


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