10/29 WWE SMACKDOWN TV REPORT: McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on FS1 takeover, Lesnar-Reigns fallout, Banks-Charlotte fallout

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


OCTOBER 29, 2021

Announcers: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee


-The show opened with the new Smackdown video intro. After this, they showed a crowd shot and Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show. They showed a graphic for a “Trick or Street Fight” between the teams of Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs against Happy Corbin and Mad Cap Moss.

-Charlotte Flair made her ring entrance. Cole recapped the championship exchange from last week and explained that Charlotte is now the Smackdown Women’s Champion. McAfee called Charlotte the opportunity and said “when you’re next to her, you’re in the spotlight.” Charlotte took the mic and announced herself as Smackdown Women’s Champion. She said it’s the sixth time, but she’s not keeping count. She said the fans keep count because they can’t do what she can. Charlotte called herself the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history and no one can change it. She said when people in the back win a championship they cry and celebrate, but when she wins a championship, it’s just another Friday. Charlotte said after last week, order has been restored on Smackdown. She said the Women’s Division needs a leader and someone to bring out the best in them. Sasha Banks’ music hit and she made her entrance to a huge pop.

-Banks took a mic and laughed. She said no one is buying that Charlotte is a leader because Charlotte doesn’t want to help the women in the back, she wants to hold them down. Banks asked for a title shot. Charlotte cut her off and said this is the new era of Smackdown. She said Banks is selfish for asking for a championship match. Charlotte said she has given Banks chance after chance and she always beats her. Charlotte said she spoke to Sonya Deville and said that someone new deserves a “championship contender opportunity”. Shotzi Blackheart’s music hit and she made her entrance on the tank. Shotzi said if Charlotte is looking for a new challenger, she’s her girl. Charlotte said Shotzi came on a tank, so she’s ready for battle. Charlotte called the tank cute. Charlotte then accepted Shotzi’s challenge. Shotzi shot a “missile” from the tank toward Charlotte in the ring. They showed a graphic for Charlotte versus Shotzi, next. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: They seem to have dropped the Blackheart from Shotzi’s name. It’s fine I guess. This wasn’t anything special, but I’m glad they’re getting new challengers involved. They need to build some women on Smackdown, this may be a good way to do so. Also, it’s interesting that they are leaning into the fact that Charlotte is perhaps, a real life heel. The acknowledgement of her winning a championship being “just another Friday” may not be a good thing to point out to fans.)

(1) CHARLOTTE FLAIR vs. SHOTZI – Non-title match

Shotzi and Charlotte stared each other down. Charlotte took Shotzi down with a waistlock. Charlotte got another and a near fall. Banks was at ringside, apparently to cheer on Shotzi. Shotzi hit a boot in the corner and then a sunset flip for a near fall. Shotzi taunted Charlotte and they exchanged waistlocks. Charlotte got the better of the exchange and hit a basement dropkick on a downed Shotzi. Shotzi reversed a backdrop, then hit a jawbreaker, followed by a springboard hurricanrana for a near fall. Shotzi went to the middle turnbuckle, but Charlotte pulled her off, which caused Shotzi to hit her head on the top turnbuckle. Charlotte got a near fall. Shotzi reversed a suplex attempt into a small package for a near fall. McAfee said Banks respected Shotzi because she wanted to challenge Charlotte. Charlotte recovered with a big clothesline and then a neck wrench. Shotzi hit a big enzuiguiri then went to the top rope, but Charlotte rolled to the outside. Shotzi went for a dive threw the ropes, but Charlotte caught her with a right hand before she could dive. Banks was there on the outside, and Charlotte taunted her with her “Boss” pose. Shotzi dove over the top and took out Charlotte. Shotzi let out a howl as they cut to break. [c]

Back from break, Charlotte was on the apron with Shotzi down on the outside. Charlotte climbed to the top rope, but Shotzi recovered and entered the ring. Shotzi hit Charlotte from behind, then climbed to the top and hit a top rope Frankensteiner for a close near fall. Shotzi hit a big boot for another near fall. Banks shouted encouragement from ringside. Charlotte recovered and knocked Shotzi to the floor. Charlotte went for a plancha, landed on her feet? awkwardly, then Shotzi hit a superkick. Shotzi rolled Charlotte back in and got a near fall, followed by a second cover and near fall. Charlotte recovered, but Shotzi rolled her up for a near fall. Shotzi hit a nice suplex for another near fall. Charlotte recovered and hit a backbreaker, then smashed Shotzi into the corner. Banks climbed onto the apron, which distracted Shotzi. Charlotte hit a big right, then Natural Selection for the win.


-Banks entered the ring and Shotzi threw her down. Shotzi screamed that this is Banks’ fault. Charlotte went to get on the apron, which distracted Banks. Shotzi then took Banks out and beat on her. Shotzi screamed as she rained punches down on Banks. Shotzi told Banks to get up and asked if she wants some. Shotzi hit an enzuiguiri which knocked Banks to the apron, then Shotzi hit a running kick to knock Banks to the floor. Shotzi followed Banks out and threw Banks into the tank. Shotzi threw Banks back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. Shotzi dove off and hit a senton. Shotzi howled and told Banks to eat her tank.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Distraction finish aside, THIS is how you introduce someone as a player in a major way. I’m even ok with the finish because it led to something. Even though Shotzi lost, she held her own and hit some big spots and had some close near falls. The plancha to the outside spot was weird and awkward, Charlotte shouldn’t try stuff like that. Shotzi and Banks could be an interesting feud going forward. It doesn’t answer who Charlotte’s challenger would be, but this was unexpected and really good. Based on commentary, Banks is a face now, for no apparent reason. I liked this segment, I hope they care enough about Shotzi to follow through and make her a player.)

-Kayla Braxton was in the back and welcomed Jeff Hardy. Hardy said he’s pumped to be back on Smackdown. He said he’s ready for a fresh start and he wants to challenge for a title he’s never held before. Happy Corbin and Mad Cap Moss showed up and they were laughing. Moss told a stupid Halloween joke. They laughed and walked off. Hardy said it’s good to be back on Smackdown.

-They showed a recap of Brock Lesnar’s crazy outburst from last week. They showed a graphic promising “Lesnar’s Sanctions” next. Cole said additional discipline has been sent down and we will find out what it is after the break. [c]

-Cole said there will be monumental consequences for Lesnar. He threw to a video package that recapped the Roman Reigns-Brock Lesnar match from Crown Jewel, and then Lesnar’s attack last week. The package ended with Lesnar’s attack on Adam Pearce after Pearce suspended him.

-Pearce was in an office in a pre-taped video. Pearce said he gives every piece of himself to the company and he will not be disrespected. They showed Heyman watching the video. Pearce said he called Lesnar earlier and in addition to the suspension, he will fine Lesnar one million dollars. They showed Heyman and Kayla walked up to him. She asked how Lesnar would respond. Heyman said Kayla’s timing is always impeccable. Heyman said he knows how Reigns would respond, he said Reigns would show up anyway and smash everyone, but he doesn’t have to. Kayla asked again, how Lesnar would respond. Heyman repeated the question. Kayla said with Heyman and Lesnar’s history, Heyman would know. Heyman said Lesnar would go to the office and rip out everyone’s throats. Heyman continued and got into the speech, repeating Lesnar’s name over and over. Heyman caught himself and said that’s what he thinks Lesnar would do. Heyman then told Kayla to leave him alone, and walked off.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I thought it would be something more than a fine. I get what they’re going for, but we all know Lesnar has a lot of money and since we don’t see where any of it goes, it seems arbitrary for Pearce to fine him that much. It’s a shame there isn’t a big free agent they could sign and Pearce could point to the fine money as the reason he was able to sign said free agent.)

-Back in the arena, Drew McIntyre made his entrance to a solid pop. They showed a graphic for McIntyre’s open challenge, next. [c]

-Back from break they hyped the “Trick or Street Fight” again. McIntyre was posing in the ring. Cole again mentioned the name of the sword. McIntyre took the mic and said he’s in an ass kicking mood. McIntyre asked who has the testicular fortitude to step up and accept his challenge right now. Mustafa Ali’s music hit and he made his entrance. He had a mic. Ali said McIntyre is big and bad, but he is better. Ali said he has more athletic talent in his pinky than McIntyre does in his whole body. Ali said he is quicker, more agile, and that in the ring, McIntyre doesn’t compare.


They stared each other down. McIntyre grabbed Ali by the throat and threw him into the corner. Ali recovered, but McIntyre threw him down. Ali hit a dropkick that rocked McIntyre. Ali went off the ropes, but McIntyre caught him with a belly to belly suplex. McIntyre stomped at Ali in the corner, then gave him another belly to belly. McIntyre kipped up and went for a Future Shock DDT, but Ali recovered and shoved McIntyre into the post. McIntyre recovered and went for a Claymore, but missed. Ali went for a choke by leaping onto McIntyre. McIntyre reversed into a Kimura Lock and Ali tapped right away.


-Ali took the mic and said he had to get something off his chest. He said the people choose to cheer for McIntyre and root against him. He said the only reason they root against him is because his name is Mustafa Ali. Ali seethed in the ring.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I feel the same way about this as I did about Zayn last week. Ali is someone, if treated seriously, that could actually have a feud with McIntyre. He’s not treated seriously, so he’s fodder. The rebuild of Drew is in full effect, and so far, so good, but he’ll need a real feud at some point. I wonder what Ali’s promo means going forward. Is he going to call everyone racist every week or something similar?)

-They threw to a video package that recapped King Xavier Woods’ coronation last week. Woods and Kofi Kingston walked in the back. They walked past Hit Row. Woods welcomed them to his kingdom and Smackdown. Hit Row bowed and said we’re not worthy. Kingston said Hit Row has been dropping bars and he asked them to spit hot fire for their king. Hit Row sang King Woods. Back in the arena, they were setting up the ring for another ceremony. McAfee sang King Woods like Hit Row. Cole said Woods is going to knight Kingston. Woods and Kingston made their entrance to a good pop. They have on really cool new “royal” purple, gold, and white gear. [c]


-Kingston asked the crowd to listen to the “creed” (get it?) of King Woods. Woods introduced himself, then Kingston started a “hail, King Woods” chant. Woods said that last week, he received his crown, which officially made him King. Woods said a king is only as strong as the company he keeps. The crowd chanted “you deserve it”. Woods said that he does, he did alot of work behind the scenes to get here. Woods said Kingston is his most trusted confidant. He asked Kingston to bend the knee. Woods said he wants Kingston to be an example for his kingdom, the WWE Universe. Woods “knighted” Kingston and called him Sir Kofi Kingston. Woods called Kingston the hand of the king. Woods put a gold unicorn pin on Kingston. The crowd chanted “New Day rocks” as Woods and Kingston danced. The Usos came out and said “whoa” over and over again. Jimmy Uso said hold on. The Usos entered the ring. Jimmy said here we go again, the Usos and the New Day. Jey said he’s the right hand man. He said alot has changed since the New Day left. Jey said the Bloodline runs Smackdown and “we the ones.” Jimmy made a joke about the New Day being early for Halloween. Kingston said the Usos have been wearing the same gear since 2018. Woods said he can’t have the Bloodline on his clean carpet. Woods said because of the Usos insolence, tonight it will be the New Day and the Usos in a “trial by combat”. Jey asked if the scepter was real gold. He asked if he could touch it. Woods snatched it away, and Jimmy punched Kingston.

(McDonald’s Analysis: We get it. The New Day really liked Game of Thrones. We all get it. Thank God for the Usos. I know we’ve seen them wrestle 100 times, but at least the matches are good. I wonder if a “trial by combat” is a match type or just how Woods talks now. You would think they would have Woods doing something as a single, considering the fact that he just won a singles award. Also, I’m glad the Usos “accepted” the challenge instead of acting like Woods was just allowed to make that match on his own. Also, on a side note, this is the second week in a row the New Day have been in the coveted 9 PM slot. This is really depressing as this has been the Seth Rollins and/or Edge spot for the last couple of months. The drop-off is noticeable.)

-Cole threw to a video recap of Monday Night Raw.

-Rick Boogs was in the arena and he introduced Shinsuke Nakamura as he played guitar. Nakamura made his entrance and McAfee danced on the announce table. Cole hyped the “Trick or Street Fight” as they showed the graphic and cut to break. [c]

-Back from break, they showed a graphic for the New Day against the Usos later tonight. Cole said the match has been made official. Happy Corbin and Mad Cap Moss made their entrance. They have a huge pyro display now, because that’s necessary. They showed a recap of the Nakamura-Corbin match from last week.


The ring was littered Halloween decorations. All four men attacked each other in the ring. Cole read over the rules. Nakamura took down Moss with a kick then Boogs hit a windmill suplex. Boogs got his guitar and played it while Nakamura had his foot on Moss’ throat. Corbin attacked Boogs from behind. Corbin took over on Boogs and choked him with the middle rope. Reggie flew over the ring, chased by the 24/7 crew. Meanwhile, Moss tossed Boogs to the outside. Moss asked McAfee is this was his boy. Moss and Boogs took turns trying to shove each other’s heads into the bob for apples bucket. McAfee cheered Boogs on. Nakamura hit Moss with a kendo stick and Boogs stuck Moss’ head in the water. Nakamura, Boogs, and McAfee toasted and ate apples while they cut to break. [c]

(McDonald’s Analysis: I cannot believe I typed those last three sentences. Do you think Nakamura ever thought he would be doing stuff like this when he was having classics in Japan, and then later, in NXT?)

Back from break, Corbin and Moss hit Boogs with kendo sticks. Corbin choked Boogs with a kendo stick and laughed. The action spilled to the outside and and Nakamura recovered. He kicked Corbin to the floor and then missed a kick on Moss. Moss hit a big clothesline. Moss threw Nakamura into the ring. Corbin lifted a pumpkin, which got a huge pop, then tossed it aside. The crowd booed. Corbin and Moss set up Nakamura in front of the candy table. Boogs saved Nakamura with pumpkin shots to Moss and Corbin. Boogs then used a skeleton and chased Moss and Corbin into the ring. Nakamura used the kendo sticks and Boogs and Nakamura hit a double team move on Corbin. Moss made the save on the cover. Corbin hit the Deep Six on Boogs. Nakamura was setting up for his finish, but Moss put a pumpkin over his head and took him out. Moss and Corbin tried to double team Boogs, but Boogs recovered. Nakamura took Corbin over the barricade on the outside. Boogs hit a big suplex, then stalked Moss. Two men in masks attacked Boogs and Moss got the win.


-The men in masks removed their masks and revealed themselves to be Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo. McAfee said that’s no way to debut on Smackdown.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Boy was that stupid. When was the last time Nakamura defended the IC title? Anyone know? McAfee was right, that was a terrible way to debut two talented guys like Garza and Carillo. I’m not into them as a team, as I think they’d be better off separate, but, at least they’re on TV. I wonder if this leads to them being paired with Corbin. I hope we find out he just paid them off or something like that. Or, better yet, Garza and/or Carillo want to be IC champion! Just kidding, none of that will happen.)

-Sonya Deville was in the back being interviewed. Deville said there is no bias against Naomi. Sami Zayn arrived and told Deville it was a mistake to not have him on the show. Zayn said Deville needs him on her side with Survivor Series around the corner. They cut to the arena while Zayn was still talking.

-Naomi made her entrance to a decent pop. They showed a recap of the Shayna Baszler & Sonya Deville versus Naomi match from two weeks ago. Cole said Naomi has a chance for payback and she’ll face Baszler, next. [c]

-Baszler made her entrance. McAfee said she doesn’t have alot of morals. Cole mentioned Naomi’s accolades.


Baszler asked where the ref was. Deville walked down the aisle and said she knows there’s an issue. Deville said she forgot to mention something. Deville said Lesnar injured the referee that was supposed to work this match. Deville said she’s the replacement. Deville requested a referee shirt. Cole mentioned that the shirt fits. Naomi and Baszler locked up. Baszler attempted the choke twice, but Naomi fought out. Baszler got a leg lock, but Naomi fought out and took out Baszler. Naomi slammed Baszler into the turnbuckles then went for a move off the top, but she missed. Naomi went for a cover, but Deville didn’t count. Baszler rolled Naomi up and Deville quick counted for the win.


-Baszler attacked Naomi from behind and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch until Naomi fell to the mat. McAfee said Deville was drunk on power.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I didn’t notice there wasn’t a ref until it was pointed out. With that said, this was fine. Clearly, this is going to continue for a while. I like that Deville is using Baszler as her muscle, it makes sense. I just hope this goes somewhere good for Naomi. If they do this right, she could emerge as a player in the Women’s Division. After the work with Shotzi earlier, a Women’s Division of Baszler, Banks, Charlotte, Naomi, and Shotzi could be pretty solid. Not to mention the debut of Xia Li and who knows where Bayley and Asuka end up.)

-The New Day were in the back. Kayla asked Woods if he’s concerned the crown is being threatened. Woods said he understands people want the crown just as he did. Woods said Kingston will have his back. Kingston showed off his pin and said he’ll protect Woods. Woods said it’s time for them to deliver their first “royal ass whipping”. The New Day’s music hit and they made their entrance in the arena. McAfee hyped the match as they cut to break. [c]

-Naomi was in the back. She said if Deville drops the suit and gets back in the ring, she’ll get hers. Naomi then said if Baszler will battle her one on one she won’t see anything but her rear view.

-The Usos made their entrance. Cole recapped the history between these two teams.

(5) THE USOS (Jey & Jimmy) vs. THE NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & King Xavier Woods)

Woods and Jey started. Woods ran the ropes and hit a spin around punch for a near fall. Woods tagged in Kingston who took Jey down for another near fall. Kingston whipped Jey but Jey reversed and tagged Jimmy. They hit stereo back elbows, then elbow drops for a near fall. Jimmy whipped Kingston in, but Kingston recovered and hit a springboard dropkick. Kingston knocked Kimmy over the top as Jimmy tagged Jey. Kingston went for a trust fall on the Usos, but the Usos caught him and dumped him into the timekeeper’s area. The Usos celebrated as they cut to break. [c]

Kingston fought out of the Usos corner, but the Usos hit a double team and took Kingston down. Jey taunted and then “backed it up” into Woods face in the corner. Kingston recovered and hit Jey with a high kick. Kingston tagged Woods as Jey tagged Jimmy. Woods took out Jimmy then hit a russian leg sweep and a low dropkick for a near fall. Woods hit Jimmy with a bunch of chops, then Jimmy recovered with a big right. Woods came back with a suplex set-up into knees for a near fall. Cool spot. Jimmy hit a kick from nowhere and tagged Jey. Jey hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Jey argued with the ref. Jey stalked Woods and talked trash. Woods hit a couple of punches then a running forearm. Jey came back with a running forearm of his own. Both wrestlers tagged out. Jimmy hit a Samoan Drop on Kingston for a near fall then tagged in Jey. The Usos hit a double superkick and Jey covered Kingston for a near fall. The Usos set up for double splashes. Woods took Jey down, and Jimmy went for the splash. Kingston got his knees up. Jimmy recovered and went for a roll up on Kingston. Woods tagged in, but Jimmy didn’t notice. Jimmy hit a superkick on Kingston and went for the pin. Woods came in and got a roll up on Jimmy for the win.

WINNER: THE NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & King Xavier Woods) in 10:00

(McDonald’s Analysis: The match was fine, but nothing we haven’t seen 100 times before. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not new or exciting, nor was it noteworthy.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I hate to say this, but nothing to see here for the most part. The World Series is on Fox, hence the move to FS1. (For what it’s worth, I found out at 7:30 the show was on FS1. Thanks to Frank Peteani. Love your show by the way, man.) This was a punt for the most part. The biggest sign of that is the fact that Roman Reigns didn’t appear on the show. Nothing about this show, besides the stupid Trick or Street Fight, was bad, but nothing was especially memorable either. The best part of the show for me was the movement in the Women’s Division. I love what they did with Charlotte, Banks, and Shotzi. I like what’s happening with Naomi, Deville, and Baszler and I cannot wait to see Xia Li. Those vignettes make her seem like a badass. Also, keep in mind, Bayley and Asuka were not drafted to either show, so one of them could really round out this Women’s Division and make it top-notch. The main event was fine, but been there done that. McIntyre’s open challenge is a cool thing every week. I wonder what the payoff is though. My guess is Sheamus. I have no problem with that, but I wish they could find new opponents for Sheamus. Unfortunately, the mid-card has been decimated. His only real options are Nakamura and Jeff Hardy, the latter being something we saw a million times the last time they were on Smackdown. I expect things to pick up again next week, but it’s hard to see where things are going with Survivor Series being the next PPV. After that, they don’t have anything to build to until New Year’s. To put that in perspective, the next time they have a PPV that isn’t brand versus brand B.S. is two months away.

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