12/11 ROH Final Battle PPV report: Radican’s results and analysis of Briscoes vs. OKG tag title match, Lethal vs. Gresham main event for original ROH World Championship

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


DEC. 11, 2021

Announcers: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman



Riccaboni told Caprice Coleman he loved him on commentary as Vincent and Kaun went at it. They went to a series of big dives to the floor and the fans fired up when Dutch wiped out everyone with a big flip dive to the floor. VonStarr also hit a dive of her own to the floor for good measure. The bell keeper rang the bell a little early when O’Shay made a cover for a nearfall on Bateman. Vincent then finished off O’Shay with Orange Sunshine.

WINNERS: Vincent & Bateman & Dutch in 10:00 to become the new ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good match, but it felt like a flat way to end the reign of STP.)

Both teams shook hands after the match.

They went to a video package featuring Jonathan Gresham.

They went to an interview with Jay Lethal, who said he would face Jonathan Gresham for the original ROH World Championship. Maria Kanellis joined the commentary booth to make it official and Riccaboni held the title. Bobby Cruise then announced the news to the crowd.

The announcers ran down the rest of the card.

They went backstage To Quinn McKay and Rocky Romero said he was there to represent NJPW. He said he would be on commentary. Brody King, Homicide, and Tony Deppen came into the picture. King told he needed to get into the ring. Romero said he was ready to get violet. King told him they would work on the reference.


Ian Riccaboni thanks Dave Prazak and Gabe Sapolsky for bringing women’s wrestling to ROH. He also thanked Adam Pearce. Maria thanked Bobby Cruise for his contributions to the women’s division. Riccaboni shouted out Lenny Leonard as well. Kay got the hot tag and ran wild. She tagged in Belle and they hit Hex Marks the Spot on Leon, but Alize broke up the pin. Green hit a dive to wipe out all of her opponents off the top to the floor and the fans fired up. Leon ended up cutting off Belle from hitting a dive and she hit a pump handle slam for the win.

WINNERS: Mandy Leon & Angelina Love & Miranda Alize in 7:00. (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was fine. The heels winning made for a flat finish, but that’s fine for the pre-show.)

After the match, all six women hugged in the ring.

They went to a video package with an interview with The Briscoes. They talked about spending their entire careers in ROH. They said people won’t want to miss the PPV.

EC3 was shown backstage cutting a promo. He was interrupted by Eli Esom. He told EC3 to fight for honor. EC3 agreed to join the team.

Danhausen’s music played and he was at the commentary table. Ian Riccaboni wondered if he had teleported to the commentary booth. He got a good pop from the fans.

The announcers mentioned that Excalibur and Bret Lauderdale had both offered to support the show however they could.


Gordon and Flamita had a fast exchange and came to a stalemate. Gordon offered the Code of Honor and the fans booed. Flamita flipped him off. Black wanted no part of Max. Bruiser eventually tagged in and they traded blows until Bruiser hit a big one. Sledge then tagged in. It ended up with Max and Milonas trading blows in the ring a short time later. Max got the better of Milonas and pummeled him with blows. Max eventually speared Milonas, but got dragged to the floor by Bruiser. They went to a series of dives to the floor. Bruiser went up top, but Sledge pushed him into the ring. Sledge then hit a moonsault to the floor to wipe out everyone. Max cut off a dive attempt from CB. They then suplexed CB into a pile of men off the apron to the floor. The fans fired up and Black set up for a dive, but Flamita cut him off with a dropkick. Flamita teased a dive, but stopped and flipped off the fans. Bruiser came up from behind and tried to powerbomb him to the floor, but Flamita slipped out. He wiped out Bruiser and hit a crazy corkscrew dive to the floor. WOW! Black and Gordon ended up hitting Black Flip on LSG for the win.

WINNERS: Brian Milonas & The Beer City Bruiser & World Famous C.B. & Flip Gordon & P.J. Black in 10:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a ton of fun and ended the pre-show on a high note.)

Riccaboni and Coleman did a spirited final hard sell to order the PPV.


A video package aired highlighting past moments in Ring of Honor to kick off the main card.

Bobby Cruise introduced the show while the Final Battle graphic was still on the screen.

The announcers mentioned Dragon Lee is 8-0 vs. Rey Horus. Riccaboni and Coleman shouted out their families as Horus made his entrance.


Lee and Horus hugged after following the Code of Honor. Horus slid through the ropes as they were going at it and Lee immediately nailed him with a dive through the ropes and the fans fired up. Horus fired back on the floor, but Lee caught Horus with a spinebuster and applied a half crab. Horus did a misdirection dive and wiped out Lee, who thought he had outsmarted Horus. The fans fired up with ROH chants. Lee continued to target Horus’s back hitting another pair of backbreakers. He got the half crab again, but Horus got to the ropes. They went to a strike exchange and Lee hit a spanish fly out of nowhere and the fans fired up with ROH chants. Horus hit a body scissors driver off the top for a near fall. Horus slipped going up top and Lee got his knees up. He lifted up Horus, but Horus spun around him and countered with a slick DDT for a near fall. Lee set up against the ropes and hit Incineration, but Horus kicked out at the last second. Riccaboni said nobody had ever kicked out of that. Lee hit incineration to the back of Horus’s head for the win.

WINNER: Dragon Lee in 13:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great way to start to the show.)

Riccaboni pitched to a message courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Eddie Edwards appeared and thanked the fans and ROH for giving him a chance when nobody else would. Edwards said the business will never be the same because of ROH. He said he hoped to see ROH better than ever.

Dalton Castle came out last for the ROH World TV Championship match and he had an elaborate entrance. Riccaboni said the entrance was presented by R.J. City and David Arquette. The announcers noted this is Hendry’s first ROH appearance since the pandemic began. The fans fired up with big chants for Castle. Dak Draper joined the announce team.

(2) DALTON CASTLE vs. JOE HENDRY vs. RHETT TITUS vs. SILAS YOUNG – ROH World TV Championship match

Castle went to the floor with The Boys and got a big pop. He got on the barricade and celebrated. The other three men in the ring decided to start the match without him. Castle got in on the action and he hit a big suplex on the floor. He went and celebrated with The Boys and they ran around the ring. Titus covered Young for a nearfall. Castle continued to run around the ring celebrating as the action continued. Castle nearly got the Bang-A-Rang on Titus a short time later, but he slid around him and rolled him up for a two count. Hendry hit a fallaway slam on Titus and Young at the same time. He played to the crowd and Castle rolled into the ring and covered Titus for a near fall. Castle and Hendry appeared to agree to work together. Titus fended off a double team attempt, but Hendry hit a powerbomb on him. Castle broke up the pin and yelled at Hendry. Young shoved Castle into Hendry and the ref got bumped. Of course…

Castle hit the Bang-A-Rang on Titus. Hendry wiped out Castle with the title. Draper came down to the ring and got sent packing. Young eventually got a nearfall on Titus with a rollup. Titus ended up countering Young. He then hit a dropkick and it was good for the win. WOW!

Winner: Rhett Titus in 10:00 to become the new ROH World TV Champion. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Good action from start to finish. Titus winning was a great choice after all his service to ROH over the years. The fans chanted you deserve it at Titus.)

Hangman Page was shown in a pre-taped video package. He said ROH allowed him to quit teaching. He said he went all over the world thanks to ROH. He said thank you so much from the bottom of his heart. He said he wanted to send his well-wishes to everyone there. Page was accidentally called an Impact Wrestling star.

Brian Johnson came out on the mic and said this has been the best wrestling on the planet. He said he was talking about every single person that had been in the company. Johnson said tonight is for you in regards to past names in the company. He then said everyone could get bent because it is and always will be Mecca vs. everybody. He then introduced himself.

Brian Zane joined the commentary booth.

(3) JOSH WOODS vs. BRIAN JOHNSON – ROH Pure Championship match

Johnson used his first rope break quickly. Woods got a choke and Johnson used his second rope break to get out of it. Johnson mounted a comeback and nailed Woods with a big dive through the ropes to the floor. Woods got another rear-naked choke, but Johnson drove him into the corner to break it. Johnson was in control, but Woods hit a spear and both men were down on the mat. Woods suplexed Johnson over the top to the floor and went along with him for the ride. Both men talked junk to each other and began trading blows. The ref got to 16 and both men ran into the ring and continued to trade blows. The Pure Title does change hands on a countout. Woods got an arm triangle sleeper and he dragged Johnson towards the ropes and he used his last rope break. The ref turned his back and Johnson hit a thumb to the eye. He then hit Trust the Process for a nearfall. Johnson tried to take the turnbuckle pad off. Woods ran up from behind and nailed him with a big German. Johnson took brass knuckles out from his shorts while the ref put the turnbuckle pad back in place. Johnson nailed Woods with the knux, but he kicked out at the last second.

They went up top and Woods got the arm trap triangle choke. Johnson didn’t tap and ended up passing out. The ref checked on him and called for the bell.

WINNER: Josh Woods to retain the ROH Pure Championship in 12:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was really good. Johnson did some really fun heel stuff here before Woods overwhelmed him.)

They went to a pre-taped video of Jimmy Jacobs talking about how all his friends went on to do amazing things while he’s working behind the scenes at Impact Wrestling. He said none of that would have been possible without ROH.

A video package aired for the Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King Fight WIthout Honor match.

Kenny King came out wearing a black devil’s mask with red trim. He glared at the camera before taking the mask off. Shane Taylor came out next with Shane Taylor Promotions, but he walked to the ring alone.

(4) KENNY KING vs. SHANE TAYLOR – Fight Without Honor

Taylor drew a line in the sand with his foot and they went at it right away. The ring was surrounded by Tables, Ladders, and chairs. Taylor missed a chairshot on the floor, but hit a backdrop on King on the floor. They ended up on the apron and King hit a blockbuster on Taylor through two tables. Coleman noted that both men went through the tables. King got the upper hand with a kendo stick, but Taylor turned the tables and went to town on him with several shots with it. Taylor went to the floor and set up another table. Taylor set up King on the table and got a running start on the apron before connecting with a huge splash. WOW! King countered Taylor and hit a DVD through a table that was set up in the corner for a near fall.

King set up a table on the outside between the apron and the floor. Two ladders were now inside the ring. Taylor went to the floor and got another table. Taylor set up a ladder structure with one ladder set up between two ladders. King got a Kendo stick and watched Taylor set up. He then hit him with the stick. King choked Taylor with the Kendo stick and set him up on the ladder structure. King went up the ladder and came off close to the top and hit a splash. He covered Taylor, who kicked out at the last second. Taylor fired back and hit Welcome to the Land for a nearfall. Both men ended up walking to the top of the ladder. They traded blows on the ladder set up between the ring and the apron. King’s punches got boos as he hammered Taylor. He told Taylor he would always be his bitch and Taylor nailed him with a headbutt and hit a Marcus Driver through the ladder. HOLY S–T.

Taylor rolled King into the ring and covered him for a nearfall. Taylor grabbed a chair and King yelled at him to do it. Taylor blasted him with a chairshot. He then hit the Marcus Garvey Driver onto a chair for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Shane Taylor in 19:00. (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Amazing and deeply personal match between these two.)

After the match, Taylor and King embraced.

They went to a video featuring C.M. Punk. He said he doesn’t know what the future of ROH is, but he knows what the past is. Punk said the ROH of today is far different than the one when he was there. Punk said he doesn’t think people should be upset, but they should just be happy it happened. Punk said the fingerprints of people from ROH are all over it. He said most of the top guys in the major companies came from ROH. Punk said he looks back at his time in ROH with incredible pride. Punk said it was a time and a place and spirit. Punk said thank you to conclude his speech.

They went to a video package for the ROH Women’s Championship match. Quinn McKay joined the commentary booth. The announcers danced to Willow’s music.

(5) ROK-C vs. WILLOW – ROH Women’s Championship match

They did some counter wrestling during the early stages of the match with both men pulling off some nice counters. They went to an exchange off the ropes and Willow caught Rok-C with a Pounce. Willow countered a Code Red and drove Rok-C down into the mat for a near fall. Willow had taken a powerbomb out of the corner when she went for a moonsault, but she mounted a comeback and hit the moonsault for a nearfall. Willow went for the Bade Bomb, but Rok-C slipped out and hit Code Red for the win.

WINNER: Rok-C in 9:00 to retain the ROH Women’s Championship. (**¾)

(Radican: This was good, but they didn’t get a ton of time to take the match to the next level.)

Deonna Purrazzo’s music played and she came down to the ring. She told Rok-C she wanted the ROH Women’s Championship. She said when she beats Mickie James at Hard to Kill in Dallas, Tex, she challenges Rok-C in a winner take all match. Rok-C shook Purrazzo’s hand. Riccaboni asked if we would see the ROH Women’s Championship on Impact TV.

They went to a message from Adam Cole. He said it was because of ROH, he decided he wanted to be a professional wrestler watching the greats of the original ROH change the landscape. Cole said he became the wrestler he was destined to become because of Ring of Honor. He said it was really cool to see a company change the entire landscape of what we do. Cole said the Adam Cole standing before you is all thanks to ROH.


Homicide tagged in and got a good pop, but Williams immediately took him down to the mat. Isom got isolated and Deppen worked him over. He took too much time to set up a senton and Isom got his knees up. Isom tried to tag out, but Deppen grabbed his leg. Isom shoved him away with his legs and tagged in EC3, who hit Psycho Boy on Deppen. King hit a big dive through the ropes to wipe out everybody. Romero and Rust ended up alone in the ring and Riccaboni talked about their rivalry. Romero went for a rana from the apron to the floor, but Rust caught him and piledrived him into a pile of chairs. The announcers wondered where those came from. Homicide then took out his fork and went to town on EC3’s armpit and then mouth. EC3 hit a crazy piledriver on King. Homicide took EC3, but Rust took care of him. Romero then hit Sliced Bread on Rust. Williams hit a rebound lariat on Romero as the wrestlers kept hitting the signature moves of past ROH greats. Williams got Cattle Mutilation on Romero, but Deppen broke it up with a double stomp. Isom hit a Helluva Kick on Deppen in the corner for some shades of Generico. Isom hit Generico’s top turnbuckle brainbuster. Homicide and Isom ended up alone in the ring. Homicide hit the Cop Killa on Isom to a big pop, but Isom kicked out!

Ian Riccaboni shouted out Doug Gentry and said Homicide wanted to win it for him. King tagged in and went for a lariat, but Isom collapsed before he could connect. King eventually connected with the Gonzo Bomb on Isom. Deppen ran into the ring and hugged King as he made the cover.

WINNERS: Homicide & Brody King & Rocky Romero & Tony Deppen in 14:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: It was a lot of fun to see Homicide get such a great reaction. I LOVED when they went to the spots where everyone was hitting the finishers and signature maneuvers of ROH legends.)

EC3 got on the mic and kneeled next to Isom who was still down in the ring. He said today we pay homage to the past. He asked Isom to stand. EC3 said they stand in a Ring of Honor. EC3 said it was a lie because there is no honor in what they do. He said it was corporate wrestling. EC3 said men and women like Isom go into the company and they get nothing. He asked where their leaders were. He said they had failed them. He said they would keep their office jobs. Brian Johnson and Dak Draper came down to the ring. EC3 told him he’s lost everything. He said that’s what makes Johnson so dangerous. EC3 said this was a call of arms to Dak Draper, Brian Johnson, and Eli Isom. He said this was a call to arm to any company to take back the industry and rebuild it in their own image. He said he offered them a choice. He said control your narrative. Two men came out to the entrance ramp. They were wearing Free EC3 sweatshirts.

EC3 told Draper and Johnson if they suffer for him physically, he can give them their freedom. He said to control your narrative, you’d have to fight. Riccaboni wondered if he was offering them a job. He said free the titan. Adam Scherr came down to the ring with the other two men. Scherr wiped out Isom and Draper and Draper.

EC3 said this wasn’t an invasion, but instead it was an awakening. He picked up Shnurr picked him up with one hand and slammed him to the mat. The fan chanted holy s–t. He said the fans have been warned. One fan could be heard saying I’m really confused by all this. Scherr carried.

They went to a pre-tape of The Young Bucks thanking ROH.

Cary Silkin joined the commentary booth for the ROH World Tag Team Championship match.


Riccaboni said the main event was decided on a coin flip and the tag title match lost. Taven went for a dive, but accidentally connected with Bennett. Mark set up a chair and jumped off it and nailed the OGK with a dive. The fans fired up and chanted for The Briscoes. Cary thanked some of the old ROH staff. He mentioned Sid, Ross, and Gabe, who are some of the original office members. Silkin also shouted out Adam Pearce. Taven fired back and Bennet tagged in and went to work on Jay. Silkin thanked Jim Cornette and Gary Juster. Silken said he wanted to thank any wrestler or worker that helped ROH. Mark tagged in and fought off Taven and Bennett. Jay was bleeding like crazy, but he managed to help Mark hit Redneck Boogie on Taven. The OGG fired back and Bennett held Jay up with his feet on the apron and Taven nailed him with a splash off the top. Bennett made the cover, but only got a two count.

All four men hit movies and Taven hit Climax on Jay, but everyone was down. They went to a flurry of dives. Mark capped the sequence with a running blockbuster on Bennett from the apron to the floor. The fans fired up and chanted this is awesome. Riccaboni said, “It sure is and I don’t want it to go away.” Mark went up top and hit a Froggy-Bow on Taven, but Maria pulled Sinclair’s foot. Maria was yelling at Mark and Bennet accidentally speared her. The action continued at a crazy pace. Bennett got Mark on his shoulders and Taven hit an over the top rope Doomsday Device. He rolled Mark into the ring, but he kicked out at the last second! The OGK hit a running kick/backpack stunner combo on Mark for another nearfall. The fans chanted Fight Forever> They hit the Hail Mary on Mark, but Jay broke it up. Taven went for a splash on Mark, but he got his knees up. Taven then took a Jay-driller and kicked out and the fans went nuts. The Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device on Taven, who kicked out again! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Jay hit another Jay Driller on Taven. Mark then came off the top with the Froggy-Bow. He made the cover and Bennett tried to make the save, but Jay cut him off and it was good for the win.

WINNERS: Mark & Jay Briscoe to become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. (****¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: An incredible tag match and a fitting end to the tag division for Ring of Honor. No other team should leave the company with the titles.)

Both teams hugged after the match. Jay got on the mic and said this may be the end of an era, but it’s not the end of the Briscoes. He said that if any team wants a piece of them, they’re right there. The lights went out. FTR came down to the ring and confronted The Briscoes. Both teams began to brawl. Security ran down as the fans chanted let them fight. Wheeler tore his shirt off. Riccaboni said the Briscoes had a date with FTR, but he didn’t know when and where. The fans started a big Briscoes chant. Wheeler held up the ROH World Tag Team titles. He put them on the ground and then went after The Briscoes.

Riccaboni pitched to a video message as they tried to calm the situation down. The fans chanted for the Briscoes to f–k up FTR.

Bryan Danielson was shown and he said this is kind of sad. He said he was on the very first show. He said if it wasn’t for ROH, he wouldn’t be where he is at today. He said Final Battle holds a special place in his heart. He mentioned his matches against Homicide and Morishima at Final Battle. He thanked the company and said the fans made those shows and made ROH what it was. He said he hopes ROH sticks around, but whatever happens he wanted to thank the fans from the bottom of his heart.

Bryan Danielson was shown and he said this is kind of sad. He said he was on the very first show. He said if it wasn’t for ROH, he wouldn’t be where he is at today. He said Final Battle holds a special place in his heart. He mentioned his matches against Homicide and Morishima at Final Battle. He thanked the company and said the fans made those shows and made ROH what it was. He said he hopes ROH sticks around, but whatever happens he wanted to thank the fans from the bottom of his heart.

A video package aired showing all of the past ROH World Champions.

(8) JONATHAN GRESHAM vs. JAY LETHAL – Original ROH World Championship match

The bell rang and an ROH chant started. The announcers thanked AEW, NWA, and Impact for helping them out with the show. Riccaboni wondered if the title would continue with Lethal in AEW. They talked about Gresham having already started with NJPW and wondered if the title could go there. Gresham began working over Lethal’s shoulder during the early stages of the match. Gresham missed a kick to the shoulder and he nailed Gresham with a combination of kicks. Lethal then wiped out Gresham with a dive through the ropes. Lethal took control and hit a modified flapjack.

Gresham fired back and got a pinning combination for a two count. Gresham got a bridging pinning combination for another two count before kicking Lethal’s arm again. Gresham maintained wrist control as they went to a chop battle. Gresham went down and Lethal held onto his wrist, which is a callback to some of their previous matches. They began trading chops again. Gresham ducked down and kicked Lethal’s arm, but Lethal caught him coming off the ropes with a powerslam. They traded pinning combinations back and forth and Lethal got a deep cover for a nearfall. Lethal caught Gresham on his shoulders and flipped him over with a modified DVD. He then hit Hail to the King. Lethal got a mixed reaction playing to the crowd. He set up for Lethal Injection, but sold his shoulder going for it. Gresham went right back after Lethal’s arm. He went for the chicken wing and locked it in in the middle of the ring. Lethal got to his feet and suddenly flipped Gresham up into a cutter and both men were down. The locker room came down and surrounded the ring with both men down.

Both men got up and traded blows. The wrestlers pounded the mat as both men went at it. Gresham hit an enzuguri and a German for a nearfall. Gresham hit the bayonet for a nearfall. He hit another for another nearfall. He went for another, but Lethal hit a superkick. Gresham backdropped Lethal and hit a third Bayonet for a near fall. Lethal caught Gresham with a clothesline, but Gresham countered the LEthal Injection. He got a pair of pinning combinations for a nerfall. He took Lethal down and locked in the octopus for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Jonathan Grehsam in 15:00 to become the new ROH World Champion. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: A great way to end the show. They were rushed for time at the end, but man they had a hell of a match to end the show.)

Jordynne Grace and Black Baron jumped into the ring to celebrate with Gresham. Gresham was presented the original ROH World Championship by Cary Silkin. The announcers signed off quickly. A video aired that said when one era ends another begins. The screen flashed the date April 2022.

(Radican’s Analysis: I wish they had left more time to soak in the emotion at the end of the show. The ending felt abrupt, but they did more than enough to honor the promotion and its legacy during the show.)

Radican’s final thought: I don’t want to hit update on this review, but I must and life will go on with ROH’s future up in the air. I’ve met so many great people that I consider friends because of ROH.

I fell in love with covering wrestling when I started covering ROH in 2003 and I haven’t stopped since then. I poured every ounce of energy I could muster into delivering the best ROH coverage I could because I believed people should know about the company. I believed the future of wrestling was taking place right before our eyes on VHS and DVD. It turns out that it was. . I want to thank all of the readers that have stuck with me through the years. You’re the reason I am where I am now. Thank you for sharing with me the highs and lows of covering Ring of Honor.

All of your kind words about my coverage have meant so much over the years. I will move on, but I will never forget the excitement that filled me waiting for an ROH show to come out on DVD or VHS. I’ll never forget pestering the crap out of my editor Wade Keller to dedicate more space to ROH coverage in the newsletter and otherwise. I’ll always have those memories and memories of attending incredible ROH live events with my friends. I can’t wait to see what’s next for wrestling. As far as Ring of Honor goes, I can’t bring myself to say goodbye, so I’ll leave you with a see you later.

You can watch the replay of Final Battle 2021 (if you didn’t see this show, it’s a must-watch) on PPV, Honor Club, and Fite.tv.

Contact Sean at pwtorchsean@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @SR_Torch

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