Scott Hall, former WWE and WCW star, on life support after health complication after hip surgery

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Scott Hall (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


Former WCW and WWE star Scott Hall is on life support at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Ga. after suffering three heart attacks last night, PWTorch has learned. He had hip replacement surgery last week, but suffered a serious complication when a blood clot got loose.

Hall was first pushed as a main event act in the mid-1980s in the AWA as a tag team partner with Curt Hennig. He would go to prominence nationally as Razor Ramon in WWE. In WCW, he and Kevin Nash formed The Outsiders and helped elevate WCW Nitro in the ratings. Hulk Hogan joined the group which was called the NWO.

55 Comments on Scott Hall, former WWE and WCW star, on life support after health complication after hip surgery

  1. My prayers are with Scott Hall Your one of my favorite Wrestlers of all time you always put a smile on my face.Please don’t give up fight to the end . NWO 4LIFE

  2. I pray Scott Hall will have a good speedy recovery. He deserves to live in comfort. He’s had it rough and he’s pushed through it all. He and Kevin Nash were my favorites. Get better Scott! And Take it easy mang!

  3. Hey Yo I hope u hang in there man I never got to meet ya but I wish I did so I hope I get the the chance thoughts and prayers for you SCOTT

  4. When I was growing up you were my idol I had recorded all your matches on my VHS tapes and have a big poster of you and Chyna hanging on my wall. Wishing u a speedy recovery

  5. No one lives without some kind of controversy…Scott Hall is one of the best ever in the biz… God bless and Godspeed Brother…1 OF THE BEST EVER THE BAD GUY RAZOR RAMON

  6. Hey yo this is for you Scott Hall. I wish you the best you are in my Heart. I prayed for you and your family. NWO for life.

  7. oh God bless you brother Scott, I always loved your style, you were the coolest cat around brother,I wish you get well fast brother, God bless you.

  8. They are taking him off life support once his family is in place. Unfortunately the bad guy is not going to kick out at 2 this time. Praying for him…but doesn’t look good.

  9. Razor Ramon was the definition of cool back in the day, so slick, loved watching him wrestle. Feel bad for him that this has happened to him, hopefully he will be free from his internal demons now.

  10. Scott Hall Me Razor Remon he was one of the nicest people along with Nash and Sting and the rock and stone cold you all are my idols and I remember when Mr Hall came to Portland Oregon wrestling and that’s where we meet in Salem Oregon state it was ah pleasure to have known him and he will be fighting like the pepper ️️ he was God BLESS YOU ALL AND FLY LIKE THE EAGLE ❤️

  11. Real wrestlers are proven outside the ring not inside where everything is rehearsed and choreographed……LIFE is the real ring !

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