3/31 Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6: Part 1 – Radican’s results & analysis of X-Pac vs. Janela, Moxley vs. Gray

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (Twitter @SR_Torch)


MARCH 31, 2022

Commentary: Kevin Gill and Lenny Leonard


Nick Gage got a huge pop coming out alone. The crowd was hot for SGC and Briscoes. They paused for a few moments and then launched into Gage’s music. Gage doesn’t have a partner. Gage watched as The Briscoes and The SGC went at it on the floor. Warner chokeslammed Jay through a door set up on some chairs, but Jay kicked out at two. Gage finally got into the ring and took out Jay and then Mark with a spinebuster. He followed up by spearing Warner through a door and the fans fired up. Slade came down to ringside and agreed to be Gage’s partner. He gave Gage a pizza cutter and he carved at Warner’s head. Slade took another pizza cutter out and used it on Warner’s head and the fans fired up again. Slade and Gage then cut away at Warner’s head at the same time with their pizza cutters. Jay Briscoe ran in and cut them off.

Mark Briscoe took a vicious chairshot from Justice to the head. He then took one to the back. Warner is bleeding a ton. Justice went up top, but Justice took a chairshot to the head. It’s hard to tell if some of these chairshots are protected or not. Gage stapled Warner’s tongue to a door that was set up between two chairs. Gage hit a piledriver off the turnbuckles through the door, which ripped away at Warner’s tongue. Gage made the cover, but Warner kicked out at two. Kevin Gill had a great line calling the door on Warner’s tongue the worst kind of gas station key. Gage appeared to catch his foot on the apron trying to drive Justice through a door on the floor and he looked to be hurt after.

Jay hit a Jay-driller on Warner and Mark dropped a Froggy-bow, but Slade made the save. Slade went at it against both Briscoes by himself, but Mark eventually held him up and Jay wiped him up with a clothesline. Slade took a Doomsday device and it was good for the win.

WINNERS: Jay & Mark Briscoe in 12:00 to win the vacant GCW World Tag Team Championship. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a great opening match. Some of the chairshots were hard to watch, but the action was fantastic from start to finish.)

Allie Katch’s promo on Mickie James aired. She said James wasn’t her dream or her obsession. She said James was her fantasy.

Another vignette aired with Jeff Jarrett. He looked in his rearview and saw a figure in black with a black hat in his rearview.


They had a fast start and finished at a stalemate. Leonard called Fox an independent legend during his ring entrance. Both men shook hands before going back at it. Fox hit a sick dive to the floor and they showed a replay. Fox went for a running attack around the ring a short time later, but Christian caught him with a running knee off the apron to the floor. Fox tried to avoid a dive, but Christian saw him move and quickly adjusted and hit a suicide dive to teh floor to wipe Fox out. Fox is in tremendous shape. Christian and Fox began trading blows in the middle of the ring as the fans chanted all heart for Christian. They went back and forth trading counters. They traded ace crusher counters and then both men hit ace crushers at the same time and were down on the mat as the fans fired up with GCW chants.

Fox surprised Christina with a rolling ace crusher. Fox hit another ace crusher a short time later for a nearfall and the fans gasped. Christian hit The Amigos and the fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Christian went up top and hit a frog splash for a nearfall. Fox avoided a 450 and hit Lo Mein Pain. He went up top and hit a 450, but Christian kicked out at the last second and the fans gasped. A this is awesome chant rang out and Fox staggered to his feet. He went for the Fox Catcher, but Christian countered it into a northern lights suplex. Christian hit a Spanish Fly and then the Golden Trident for the win.

WINNER: Blake Christian in 13:00. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: The action was great from start to finish. They built up to some really good near falls down the stretch. The crowd definitely took this match up several levels.)


Allie Katch got a big pop coming out to face Mickie James. James got a good pop coming out first. They had a bit of a slow spot, but James hit a running boot while doing a split, but Katch kicked out at two. James went for her signature headscissors out of the corner, but Katch turned it into a powerbomb. Katch hit a big cannonball in the corner for a nearfall. She then went under the ring to get some plunder. She tossed a chair and a door into the ring. She went into the ring and walked right into a Thesz Press from James. Katch fired back and set up a door between two chairs. They went back and forth and James hit a flapjack through the door.

They did a double crotch grab spot. Both men hit headbutts at the same time and went down. Katch hit a piledriver for a nearfall. James was down and Katch slid over to her. James planted a big kiss on Katch. She then hit her signature DDT for the win.

WINNER: Mickie James in 11:00. (***½)

James gave Katch another kiss after the match.

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good showing for Katch, despite taking the loss. Katch brought the risque elements to the match, but it backfired on her in the end.)

Katch cut a promo after and said the fans better not be booing James. Katch said without James there wouldn’t be an Allie Katch. Katch said she just had the first ever women’s match on Spring Break. She said there would be more women’s matches and she would keep taking on top women and bring the other bitches with her.


They started with a seven-way greco roman knuckle lock. Everyone missed moves and came to a stalemate. The fans fired up as Gringo Loco hit a sick flip dive over the top to the floor to wipe out everyone. Price hung Loco upside down when he went up top again and nailed him with a double stomp. The action continued at a rapid pace and the crowd chanted GCW, GCW when it slowed down for a moment. Wayne and Oliver ended up alone in the ring. Oliver kept one-step ahead of Wayne and turned a leap frog into a powerbomb, but Mack came flying in like a missile to make the save. Mack went up top, but Gringo Loco cut him off. He spun him around into a powerbomb off the top. He then hit a Fosbury Flop to the floor and the fans applauded. Loco is so good in these matches. A Gringo Gringo chant broke out from the crowd.

Wayne rolled through and hit a code red on Gringo for a nearfall. Lloyd hit a leg capture Tombstone on Wayne, but Price broke it up with a double stomp. They did a bunch of dives to the floor. Wayne hit a 640 to wipe out a pile of men. He then got the pin on Lloyd with a jumping ace crusher out of the corner.

WINNER: Nick Wayne in 9:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: They kept this short, but just when it was really getting going, Wayne won. Ninja Mack and Jack Cartwheel both shined here, as did Wayne and Loco. I just wish they had more time)

X-Pac came first to face Joey Janela. He got a big pop. Joey Janela was out next wearing Razor Ramon style gear. Janela got a mixed reaction. Leonard said the tights weren’t an homage, but instead a shot at X-Pac.


Pac went for a kick early, but Janela fell backwards. Janela took a powerbomb and X-Pac went for a Bronco Buster, but Janela rolled to the floor. X-Pac caught him with a jumping maneuver off the apron. X-Pac charged at Janela, but Janela lifted him right into the ringpost. The announcers said Joey wanted his flowers and the fans were giving them to him as they chanted F–k you Joey. Janela set up a door over two chairs on the floor. The fans chanted Let’s go X-Pac, F–k you Joey. The fans booed with Janela in control. X-Pac ducked a punch and hit one of his signature kicks. He connected with a Bronco Buster in the corner a short time later. He went for the X-Factor, but Janela shoved him away and went to the ropes. They went to the apron and Janela ended up connecting with a DVD and the fans gasped.

Janela set up a door across two chairs on the floor. The fans chanted f–k you Joey at Janela. “You’re never going to win trying to elevate yourself by stepping on other people,” said Leonard on commentary. They went to the apron and X-Pac slipped out of Janela’s grasp. They went back and forth near the door. Janela ended up on the floor and X-Pac wiped him out with a dive to the floor that sent Janela crashing through the door. X-Pac hit a Canadian destroyer and a X-Factor. Janela’s foot was under the ropes and X-Pac had to move Janela’s foot before the ref made a two count. Both men traded blows in the middle of the ring before hitting clotheslines at the same time. Both men were down as the fans applauded. Janela got a crossface, but X-Pac got to the ropes. Janela went back under the ring and got another door. Janela set up a chair across two chairs inside the ring.

The fans booed as Janela stood behind X-Pac. He set up X-Pac on top of the coor. Waltman fell off the door and cut Janela off when he went up top. He ended up hitting Janela with a X-Factor through the door, but Janela got his foot on the ropes at the last second! X-Pac went up top, but Janela cut him off with a palm strike. He hit a brainbuster off the top at a high angle. He made the cover, but X-Pac kicked out at two. Janela went up top again and hit a double stomp through a door on top of X-Pac, but he kicked out at the last second! A big X-Pac chant rang out in the crowd. Janela set up X-Pac’s head on a chair, but he popped up when Janela went up top. He nailed Janela with a chairshot and he went through a door that was set up on two chairs on the floor.

X-Pac set up with a chair and nailed Janela across the top of the head with it. It seemed like X-Pac didn’t want to do it. He set up for another, but Janela begged for mercy. Janela hugged X-Pac and then hit a low blow. Janela then hit a superkick and it was good for the win. WOW! What a match!

WINNER: Joey Janela in 19:00. (****3/4)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was an amazing match with tremendous pacing. I can’t say enough good things about the storytelling in this match and the performance put on by both men. The crowd badly wanted to see Waltman win, but Janela going over here was the right choice. I’d love to see a round two between both men.

Kudos to X-Pac on an incredible performance. I’m amazed he went nearly 20 minutes on a big stage like Joey Janela’s Spring Break.)

Janela left the ring and the fans chanted for X-Pac. Waltman said he feels young, but his body wasn’t feeling good. He said he tells his body he loves this s–t. X-Pac put over GCW and everyone behind the curtain. He said he feels like GCW is his family. He said he would take a bullet for anyone on the roster. X-Pac said even though his body is telling him to quit, he will be back. He lead the crowd in a suck it chant after the match. That was an amazing promo.

Jon Moxley turned his back to A.J. Gray during the formal introductions.

(6) JON MOXLEY vs. A.J. GRAY – GCW World Championship match 

The crowd appears to have gotten even fuller as the show has gone on. The fans chanted for both men before the opening bell rang. Gray went after Moxley’s leg during the early stages of the match. Moxley went to the floor and Gray hit a big tope con hilo. They ended up brawling into the crowd and it was hard to see what was going on, but the cameras finally caught up with them. They ended up back at ringside and Gray was busted open. Moxley nailed him with a jumping knee from the apron to the floor. A short time later, Moxley hit a release suplex on Gray that sent him crashing into a barbed wire board. Moxley pulled at the barbed wire on Gray and he screamed in pain. Moxley wrapped a piece of barbed wire around his fist and he punched away at Gray’s head. He then used the barbed wire on Gray’s head.

Moxley hit a neck breaker while using the barbed wire. He then locked in a crossface variation with the barbed wire. Moxley let go of the hold and hit a big knee. Moxley set up a door in the corner with some barbed wire on it. He took a long time and Gray mounted a comeback and speared Moxley through the door. Gray went up top and connected with a moonsault. He went to the floor and went under the ring. Gray dragged a giant orange ladder out and Moxley dropkicked it right into his face. Moxley went for a dive, but Gray nailed him with a chair as he came through the ropes. Moxley was busted open. Gray went under the ring and got another door. Gray set up Moxley on top of a door at ringside. He climbed up the ladder, which was set up on the floor. Gray dropped an elbow off the ladder to the floor and the fans chanted holy s–t.

They went back and forth inside the ring. Moxley caught Gray with a big clothesline. They went back and forth and Gray caught Moxley with a big lariat this time for a two count. Gray got some light tubes a short time later. He kicked Moxley and dropped the tubes. They battled over the tubes and Moxley hit an ace crusher, but put himself through the tubes in the process. Moxley then hit a piledriver, but Gray kicked out at two! Moxley went to the floor and got more tubes. He set up Gray and hit Death Rider through the tubes and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 22:00 to retain the GCW World Championship. (***1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: The match dragged in spots, but overall it was very good at times. This was uncomfortable to watch in spots. It didn’t make sense when Moxley put himself through the tubes giving an ace crusher to Gray before getting up quickly. That being said, this was still very good.)

Gray and Moxley shook hands after the match and the fans applauded.

They took a brief break to fill the ring with a bunch of plunder for the main event.

Alex Colon broke a light tube over his head as he made his entrance.

(7) ALEX COLON vs. JOHN WAYNE MURDOCH – GCW Ultraviolent Championship match

Murdoch attacked Colon during the ring introductions. Colon got sent through a door coverage in light tubes by Murdoch after he went up top. Wayne worked over Colon’s head with a knife. Colon fired back with some light tubes. Wayne whipped him through a door set up in the corner of the ring a short time later. Murdoch turned the tables on Colon and nailed him with a bunch of light tubes. Colon rolled through on Murdoch and tossed him a bunch of times before nailing him with a running double knee strike that shattered the tubes on Murdoch’s chest. Colon worked over Murdoch’s head with two broken light tubes. Colon and Murdoch began trading headbutts in the front row. A light GCW chant rang out. Colon whipped Murdoch into a bunch of tubes set up in the corner. He then got a running start and slammed even more tubes into Murdoch.

Colon hung Murdoch in the ropes with a trip. He set up a bunch of light tubes on top of him. He then hit a big leg drop off the top that broke the tubes. Murdoch got out of the way of a double stomp attempt and hit a piledriver, but Colon just got right up. Colon hit a stunner through some tubes. He then hit a dive with a light tube that broke the tube right over Murdoch’s face. A replay aired of Colon’s crazy dive. Colon went into the ringpost and the ref backed him off. Several people checked on Colon. Murdoch tried to go after Colon and the ref stopped him again. Colon appeared to be in terrible pain. They wrapped Colon’s arm up and he rolled back into the ring. Colon screamed in pain. Murdoch got on top of Colon and hit punches and Colon screamed in pain. Murdoch hit a suplex through a bunch of light tubes and Colon kicked out at one. Murdoch got the board that Colon brought with him and hit Colon with it. He then tapped out Colon with an arm bar. The fans booed.

WINNER: John Wayne Murdoch to become the new GCW Ultraviolent Champion. (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match really dragged for me and the crowd was worn out. I’m not a fan of this style, but Colon is really innovative and he did some cool things. It felt like the crowd was tired and the finish didn’t go over well either.

I’m not sure if it was a worked injury or not with Colon hurting his arm late in the match, but the way the finish played out was flat and didn’t get much of a reaction.)

John Wayne Murdoch got on the mic and told Colon to pack his bags. He said Colon didn’t belong in GCW anymore.

Overall score: (8.5) – I highly recommend watching the replay of this show on Fite.tv.

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