HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 3/30: FTR strong in slow burn babyface turn


Dax Harwood reportedly involved in AEW creative
Tully Blanchard and FTR (photo courtesy AEW)


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-A fine match to open the show between C.M. Punk and Max Caster, but the real story was Punk’s promo after his win. Punk put a lot on the line in declaring his quest for the AEW World Championship. That focus being on display is important, but it means Tony Khan likely has to pay the journey off, even if Adam Page is champion. Interesting times around the company’s top title.

-Does anyone do fake sincerity like MJF? The guy is just magical when conveying that emotion and he did so perfectly opposite FTR all throughout the show.

-Jon Moxley and Jay Lethal had one heck of a match this week. The action was incredibly crisp throughout and paying off the handshake hook at the beginning was a nice bow on it all. Moxley is such a great storyteller.

-At least Marina Shafir got a sizzle video package? Yes, it’s better to have one than not, but generally AEW needs to have more substance in these. They work and new stars need to be framed in a light that allows for engagement.

-FTR’s slow babyface turn is fun to watch and both Harwood and Wheeler are playing it perfectly with facial expressions and demeanor. Just note, MJF is now working to get Wardlow and FTR over as babyfaces.

-Speaking of Wardlow? Another base hit from him this week. He fired up nicely and the audience ate him up as he tried to storm the ring and get to MJF.

-Chris Jericho took the time this week to make sure his new Appreciation Society wasn’t taken by the audience as just a cute gimmick. The beatdown of Eddie Kingston and company this week was designed to give them edge, credibility, and an aura of danger around them.

-Bryan Danielson vs. Wheeler Yuta was violent, but beautiful. Just beautiful. Yuta reversing Danielson’s elbow barrage into his own and the ensuing crowd reaction was the chef’s kiss on a very good match. Yuta joining up with Moxley, Regal, and Danielson will be a big one.

-So, like, why was Kyle O’Reilly sitting down in the ring? Can someone explain that?

-Adam Cole vs. Adam Page looks like a certainty at this point. Cole cut a nice heel promo and Page’s response was solid. Page still lacks the alpha nature needed to focus attention on him as champion, but as an A to B build to a title match, this worked.

-Welcome to AEW, Toni Storm. Storm can be a centerpiece act in AEW women’s division. I implore the company not to assume everyone knows who she is. AEW, listen up. Tell her story. Tell the audience why she’s important and they will react toward her in that way. Checks in the mail, right?

-Good Thunder Rosa promo. Almost like a do-over on last weeks. This was the narrative she needed to spin. Good stuff.

-Andrade and Darby Allin really brought it in the main event. That said, it’s time to wrap up the AFO/Hardy/Darby stuff. A big blowoff match on Dynamite should do some nice business for the company.

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