8/17 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Danielson vs. Garcia 2 out of 3 falls, CM Punk Talks, Young Bucks & Mystery Partner vs. LFI, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


AUGUST 17, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur

-CM Punk’s Music hit and he walked out to the stage area, he then walked down to the ring. He said that he wanted to have the tough guy look but the crowd makes him smile. He said that he doesn’t have a pretty smile, but the prettiest belt. He said that someone from around here, he wants to wrestle. He called out Adam Page and said if he wants that rematch he can come get it. Page didn’t come out and Punk called it coward shit, he said that the apology better be as loud as the disrespect.

He said that he is #1 in the ring, not Jon Moxley. He said that he talks a big game, to be the best in the world. He also knows how to lose, he said that Moxley has always been the second best. He also is the third best guy in his group and he has been doing that his whole career. He said that Moxley is unwilling to test himself against his best friend, he then tore down Eddie Kingston. He said that he plans to test his belt against Jon Moxley at All Out. He said that it would not be the first John he beats in Chicago for a title.

Moxley’s music hit and Punk did snow angels while Moxley came to the ring. Moxley joked and said that Punk was dropping pipe bombs, he said his mouth was writing checks that his body couldn’t cash. He said that he isn’t best in the back, he said that both belts don’t mean shit until he beats Punk. Moxley said he is the heart and soul of AEW, Punk said that he would be the dollars and cents.

Moxley said Punk only came to AEW for the cash and that he doesn’t have the fighting spirit anymore. Punk said that they have a match and he doesn’t want Moxley to bleed all over him. The two then traded shots as security came in and broke up the brawl.

-Will Hobbs was backstage, Tony asked him if Ricky Starks was his friend. Hobbs said that he isn’t ok with losing, like Starks. He said that he hid behind Hobbs, he said that he breaks necks.


Bryan Danielson had control of Daniel Garcia, before Garcia countered out of that with a slam. The two men traded control on the mat, then both men traded heel kicks as they were locked in opposing leg locks. Both got on their feet and stepped away from each other as the first break started. [c]

Danielson hit yes kicks in the corner then a running drop kick as the show returned. Garcia countered a top rope move and got a near fall on Danielson. The two men then traded stiff shots before Garcia hit a suplex into an arm bar, Danielson countered with a back suplex. Danielson then had side head/shoulder submission that Garcia broke with the ropes.

The match then moved to the outside as Garcia hit a German suplex on the floor, Garcia threw his opponent back in and then hit 12 to 6 elbows down on Danielson. Garcia then hit a pile driver and then locked in a Dragon Tamer leading to the first fall of the match via submission.

The ref then started to count as Danielson could not stand up, but he was able to get up in time. Garcia hit kicks in the corner, then taunted the crowd. Garcia then hit uppercuts and then chops as Danielson was in the corner. [c]

Garcia was still in control when the show returned, but Danielson quickly hit some offensive kicks. Garcia locked in a slam and more elbows, but Danielson was able to roll up Garcia while his was in the Dragon Tamer for a pinfall. The match was now tied 1 to 1, the next fall would win.

Danielson hit kicks as Garcia was in the tree of woe, then Danielson hit a German Suplex off the top rope. Danielson then hit a missile dropkick off the top rope. Danielson then hit a dive to the outside, yes kicks on the floor and then slammed Garcia into the ring post. Garcia was able to pull back and counter sending Danielson into the same ring post. Both men beat the ten count. [c]

Garcia had the Dragon Tamer locked in as the show returned. Danielson battled out, Garcia hit a running knee for a near fall on Danielson. Both men were kneeling and had their hands locked and used their own elbows and heads to strike each other. Garcia was bleeding after this exchange of elbows. Danielson got Garcia to the mat, Danielson went to do the head stomps but Garcia countered and hit his own.

Danielson then hit head strikes down and then did the stomps finally on Garcia. Danielson had a triangle hold, Garcia tried to get out with a power slam. Danielson countered into a Lebell lock and made Garcia tap out to win the third and final fall.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A good long tv match, I wonder what others will think about this and if they rate it higher than I will. The match after the falls were tied was really good. But the first two falls was simply just ok. I like the overall story told and thought that physicality of the entire match was top tier.)

-Danielson went to shake that hand of Garcia, Jericho entered the ring and hit Danielson from behind. Garcia slapped Jericho twice, Jericho then walked out on Garcia.

-Tony was with Swerve in Our Glory and Private Party to set up the Tag Title match on Rampage. Swerve said that Private Party could learn from them. Isiah Kassidy said they would win on Friday. [c]

-Tony Nese came down to have a match and was taken out by Jon Moxley. He got on the mic and said he wanted to fight CM Punk right now. Punk ran down along with all the security members. Claudio and Wheeler Yuta came in to separate the two.

-Tony was with Jericho and 2point0. Jericho said that he will give Garcia a pass, next week he wants to talk to Garcia and know what side he is on. Ricky Steamboat came into screen and said that Danielson should mentor Garcia.


Griff Garrison and Austin Gunn Started, Colton was quickly tagged in and hit Colt 45 and pinned Garrison.

WINNER: The Gunn Club

(Sage’s Analysis: Big Yikes for The Varsity Blondes.)

-Billy Gunn said that is what they needed to do and that working with them is the best thing he has done is the business. Stokely Hathaway came to the stage area, The Gunn Club turned on Billy. The Acclaimed made the save and Billy joined them officially.

-Jay Lethal and company had a promo against Wardlow, challenging him and FTR to a match at All Out. [c]

-Pac called out United Empire ahead of their trio’s match next week.

-Jungle Boy came to the ring and said that he wore a shirt a fe week’s ago that he was asked to never wear again. He said that the shirt hit the nail on the head. He has tried to hit Christian with his hands, a chair and a car. He said Christian has done nothing about it. He said he could continue chasing him or he could man up and face him at All Out. Cage’s music hit and came out and said things are out of hand. He said he was proud of Jungle Boy, he said he couldn’t even form a sentence a year ago. Cage got in the ring and said they both have said things they don’t mean.

He said that he didn’t want to fight, he wanted to fix this. Cage said they were family and that he loves him, he is like a son to him. Jungle Boy tackled Cage and hit strikes as Cage tried to roll out. Cage hit a low blow on the outside and slammed JB into the barricade. Jungle Boy then slammed Cage into the stairs and then stomped on his hand on top of the stairs. [c]

-Cash, Dax and Wardlow were backstage and said that no one messes with The Pinnacle. Dax Harwood challenged Jay Lethal to a match next week.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, Storm rolled through a move on the mat for a two count. Kilynn King snapped Toni Storm to the mat while in a head lock, the two ran the ropes and Storm hit a drop kick. King hit a knee strike off the middle rope  ad sent Toni to the outside. King did a dive to the outside and Storm caught her and tried a spinning DDT. King was bale to stop her and slammed Storm into the apron as the commercial break started. [c]

King dominated throughout the break, as the show returned Storm hit forearms and then took King off of her feet. King hit a running kick to the head of Storm and then hit a spine buster for a near fall. Storm tossed King into the corner hit the running hip and the the DDT for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match, I like King as she is a good worker and fits a good and needed role in the AEW women’s division . Hopefully she gets more chances, the crowd was not really into this match at all.)

-The Trustbusters and Best Friends had a promo for Rampage. The announce team then ran down matches on Rampage and next week on Dynamite.


Nick Jackson and Dragon Lee started the match, with Nick getting wrist control and doing a spinning arm drag off of the top rope. Matt Jackson worked over Dragon Lee and then tagged in Kenny who hit an elbow strike off the top and then chops. Kenny then hit down punches in the corner. Kenny then tried his “you cannot escape,” move and missed the finish and tagged in Matt. Matt quickly tagged in Kenny once more, here Lee made the tag and Andrade entered. Jose distracted the ref and Rush and Dragon lee attacked Omega. [c]

Dragon Lee and Andrade beta down Kenny throughout the break, when the show returned Kenny tagged in Nick Jackson who took out Andrade and Rush. Matt Jackson was tagged in. Kenny and The Bucks hit a group slam on LFI, Nick then did a dive to the outside. Matt then got a cover, but it was broken up by Rush and Andrade. Dragon Lee and Matt Jackson were the legal men, lee got a near fall on Matt. All of LFI teamed up and beat down Matt with a triple drop kick. [c]

Rush kicked Matt Jackson in the head as the show returned. Nick Jackson came in to even the odds, as Kenny demanded a tag from Matt. Kenny hit an Ax handle and then a head kick to Rush and a snap suplex to Andrade and then Dragon Lee. The Bucks hit super kicks on Rush and Andrade, Matt then buckle bombed Lee into kicks by Nick and Kenny. The Elite then hit super kick party on Lee, the pin was broken up by Andrade.

Kenny called for a dive, but Dragon Lee stopped him. Kenny tried for a dive once more and was tripped by Jose. LFI put Kenny on the barricade and Lee dove out and took Kenny of the barricade to the concrete. Lee rolled Kenny back in the ring and got a near fall. Andrade then went to the top and hit his double backflip move for a near fall. Omega and Lee were now legal and Kenny hit a big knee and then a V-Trigger on Lee. Kenny then set up One-Winged Angel for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Elite

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match, that felt like an old school AEW opener with insane chaos and big moves. I am not sure how to take Kenny at this point, is he telling a story that he isn’t ready and he was the last person the bucks could have called, or is he truly back too early and or in a different stage of his career? Only time will tell.)

Final Thoughts: An interesting show of Dynamite, I do not mean that in a negative way. But, this had to have the least amount of wrestling ever on an AEW show. I wonder if that is just the heavy lifting to set up the All Out show or is this a strategic change to battle to new version of WWE?

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