10/5 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Briggs & Jensen vs. Truth & Benjamin, Brooke vs. Henley, more


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OCTOBER 5, 2022

WWE Main Event Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • NXT talent comes to Main Event


Henley took Brooke to the mat in a front chancery. Brooke got to her feet and applied a wrist lock, then a headlock, before knocking Henley down with a shoulder block. Henley returned the favor with her own shoulder block. They locked up and Brooke took Henley down with a snap mare, then kicked her in the shoulder and covered for two. Brooke pulled Henley’s arms backward, but Henley soon tossed Brooke to the mat. Brooke suplexed Henley, covered for two, then applied a chin lock.

Henley escaped by hitting a jawbreaker, then landed two punches to Brooke’s face. Henley missed a splash in the corner, then Brooke hit a handspring reverse elbow. Henley ducked a clothesline and smashed Brooke into the mat face-first by her hair. Henley covered for two. Henley hit a reverse elbow in the corner, then Brooke resisted a suplex attempt. Henley changed gears and took Brooke down with a clothesline instead, then covered for two. Henley jumped backward from the middle turnbuckle, reverse leapfrogging a charging Brooke. When Henley landed, her left knee buckled, and she grabbed it in pain. Brooke took advantage and moved in with a sunset flip and cover for the three-count.

Brooke consoled Henley in the corner, telling her she should be proud of herself. Brooke raised Henley’s hand to the crowd and gave her a hug.

WINNER: Dana Brooke by pinfall in 4:40.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Kind of weird to end the match with a freak injury angle. I guess it’s realistic? Brooke’s sportsmanship felt forced and schmaltzy in a match of such low profile. Brooke carried the 24/7 belt to the ring, but it was not being defended here.)

Shelton Benjamin was shown backstage watching a replay of Ali losing to Lashley from Raw. When Truth appeared, Benjamin said he had a lot of nerve coming into “his locker room,” and accused Truth and Ali of setting him up last week during his distraction loss to Ali. Truth said, “Okay, you got me. I know who did it. Your nephew!” Benjamin was confounded. Truth looked to his side. “Little Jimmy, did you tell Ali to go down there and get a closer look at the Gold Standard? That’s a bad Little Jimmy.” Truth said that in his 25 years he’s never seen someone as angry as Benjamin. Truth spun out into deeper nonsense, then asked Benjamin if he knew what he was saying. “No.” Truth then indicated they have a tag match tonight. Benjamin said he needs Truth to leave the dancing and Little Jimmy at home, and that he needs to be “damn serious.” Benjamin walked off, and Truth assured Little Jimmy that he’d get some fun back in Benjamin’s life.


Truth started against Jensen. They locked up and Truth applied a side headlock. Jensen fired him off and Truth grabbed the ropes to stop the rebound. Truth began dancing in his corner, which Benjamin did not appreciate, so he tagged himself in. Benjamin, an apparent moron, turned his back to Jensen to admonish Truth. Jensen rolled him up for a surprise two-count. He took Benjamin down with back-to-back arm drags. Benjamin came back with a knee to his midsection. Jensen ran the ropes and tagged Briggs. Briggs entered on Jensen’s next rebound and they took Benjamin down with dual shoulder blocks. Briggs covered Benjamin for two.

Benjamin slipped out of a vertical suplex and nailed Briggs with rising knee strike to the face. He gave the same treatment to Jensen on the ring apron, then another one to Briggs in the corner. Benjamin tossed the stunned Briggs through the ropes to the floor. As he revved up to dive at Briggs, Truth entered the ring to stop him. Truth said, “Breathe! Not yet!” and told him to smile as we cut to break.

Truth was the legal man after the break. He took Briggs down with a head scissors. Truth covered Briggs for two. Jensen tagged in and took Truth down with a bulldog. Briggs hit Truth with a big boot on his way back to the apron, then Jensen covered Truth for two. Briggs tagged back in, and simultaneously punched Truth in the face with his partner. Briggs covered Truth but Benjamin entered to break it up.

Jensen tagged back in and applied a chin lock. Truth battled out with punches, then dodged a clothesline before taking Jensen down with a heel kick. Both men lingered on the mat. Truth began the Cena moves of doom. He told Jensen, “You can’t see me,” and dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Benjamin tagged himself in and knocked Briggs off the apron. He suplexed Jensen, then suplexed Briggs who entered the ring illegally. Benjamin and Truth began bickering in the ring. When their opponents got to their feet, they were knocked down by simultaneous punches from Truth and Benjamin, who then went back to bickering. Benjamin went to the floor and acquired a steel chair from beneath the ring. The ref took the chair away as he wound up to strike. Truth tagged himself in which further upset Benjamin. Jensen shoved Truth from behind into Benjamin, then Briggs clotheslined Truth, turning him inside out. Jensen cleaned up the scraps and pinned Truth for three.

WINNERS: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen by pinfall in 6:50.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This was confusing, even for Truth. So strange to see a wrestler stop his partner when he’s rolling over both opponents. It’s as if Truth represented “sports entertainment” and Benjamin was “professional wrestling.” There’s a definite hint of comedy when their argument was interrupted by having to knock out their opponents. Benjamin and Truth have been featured in backstage segments recently, so maybe the arc will be for Benjamin to get his smile back that Truth said he misses so much.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.6

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