10/25 NXT REPORT: Wells’s live report on Pretty Deadly vs. Enofe & Blade, Carter & Chance vs. Stark & Lyons, Schism’s new member unmasked, more

by Kelly Wells, PWTorch Contributor

Full WWE NXT 6/13 match card


OCTOBER 25, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” (including me) to break down the show with calls and emails.

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-Halloween Havoc highlights aired.

(1) KAYDEN CARTER & KATANA CHANCE (c) vs. ZOEY STARK & NIKKITA LYONS – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Both teams got a mixed reaction at best, despite both being babyface. Waistlock takedown by Lyons, quickly escaped through the legs by Carter. Reset and Lyons did the splits as a taunt. Stark tagged in and hit a big lariat for two. Headlock by Stark. Snap mare by Lyons. Carter tagged Chance and the two teamed up for a few spots. Chance hit a senton for a one count, as usual called a “near fall” by Vic. Rana by Chance, rolled through by Stark, who landed on her feet. Chance did a springboard off of her partner and nailed Stark. Lyons tagged in and hit a big right for one. Lyons put Carter up in a backbreaker over her own shoulder and worked her there for a while. Chance escaped and made the tag. Quick shots by Carter and Lyons threw a right and then worked a leg. Escape by Carter, and Chance, who made a blind tag, went up for a victory roll and had to wait for Nikkita to know what spot she was supposed to do, so Chance kept trying to roll through and was awkwardly denied until the spot happened. The challengers got the better of the champs on the outside as the match went to split-screen. [c]

Chance tagged in to face Lyons. Chance came off the top but got caught in a uranage by Lyons for two. Carter tagged in and hit a bulldog. She shoved Stark off of the apron, then splashed both in the corner. Rope run, victory roll and back kick by Carter. Tag to Carter, who rolled up Lyons, and Stark broke it up at two. We got an “NXT” chant. Eh, I guess. Stark and Chance were legal. Stark tossed Chance up and into the buckle. Chance and Stark exchanged rollups for two. Chance charged Stark and got rolled up for…three? Kind of a weak finish for new babyface tag team champions. Hmm, might have been an illegal person in the ring. Alicia Taylor said the match was restarting after a missed tag.

The champs put Stark up on the second turnbuckle. Everyone got involved. Chance hit Stark with Spanish Fly for a very long two. Carter tagged in after Chance sold frustration. Stark managed a backdrop and tagged Lyons. Lyons knocked Chance off of the apron and hit Carter with her splits finisher. Carter got in at the last moment to break it up. Chance tagged in and the champs hit their finisher on Lyons and hit the first televised pinfall ever on Lyons.

WINNERS: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (12:55 (10:37 + 2:14))

(Wells’s Analysis: Lyons’ confusion on the rollup was your guaranteed awkward Lyons spot of the match. The match kicked into an unexpected gear after a false finish. The false finish was somewhat tough to buy because Stark won in such a weak way, but they had me until referee Darryl Sharma called the audible. Kind of an iffy finish with little precedent on the missed tag. Other than the messy rollup spot early on, the match came together well)

-Ilja Dragunov cut a promo claiming he’ll right the wrong that happened at Halloween Havoc. He’ll face JD McDonagh tonight.

-Wes Lee walked around the back smiling at his championship belt. He’s up next. [c]

-Another spot, like the one at Havoc, with a “second coming” not being about retribution, but about justice. A mask was being dropped into a fire to signify someone’s rebirth. I’ll spoil this on the podcast for those curious.

-Wes Lee hit the ring in street clothes, belt draped over his shoulder. He said people were with him when he was lost in the dark, and the belt gave him validation he’s wanted his whole life. He said he was grateful that he was loved for who he was. “Wes” chant. He said it was indescribable when he was on top of the ladder and the crowd was chanting “You deserve it.” He said honestly, they don’t deserve all the love they get. “Yes you do” chant. He said he would continue to exceed every…

Grayson Waller’s music played him to the ramp. “Wes, you don’t deserve this and neither do they.” He called Halloween a stupid, made-up holiday. Wes said Waller had no business out here, because he lost at Havoc. Waller said he climbed a ladder at Home Depot the other day and he wasn’t given anything. R-Truth’s music played and the two looked out, shocked, as he rapped his way to the ring to a great reaction. He welcomed everyone to Halloween Havoc. Booker T giggled throughout R-Truth’s business. Truth said Waller was cool, coming in with that British accent. “British accent” chant. Wes was giggling on the other end of the ring. “Are you excited for Halloween Havoc, mate?” Truth said in a Cockney dialect. Waller said he was Australian. “No he’s not” chant. Waller said Havoc already happened. Lee confirmed it happened, and showed off his belt. “Oh snap!” Truth said, and he fired up with Wes. Truth put on the Cockney again and asked Waller, “How’d you do, mate?” They talked about the casket match. Waller tried to explain rolling into the casket, and Truth said “You rolled one, out here?” and he high-fived Wes. Waller tried to charge Truth, who hit the splits to duck, and Wes laid out Waller. Waller bailed and Truth said “I’ll see you next week!” to Waller. Big reaction as he and Lee hit Truth’s splits.

(Wells’s Analysis: Wonderful use of Truth, who I’m fairly certain has never appeared on NXT since the era when it became a real brand)

-Enofe and Blade were near the lockers. Enofe fired Blade up. Blade said it was time to win the tag titles and shock the world.

-Quincy Elliott and Shotzi were introduced. [c]

-McKenzie Mitchell talked to Apollo Crews. He said with Grayson Waller in his rear-view mirror, he can focus on the NXT Championship like he always wanted. He said it may be a spoiler that he sees himself winning the championship. He said next week Bron Breakker will return, and he’ll be interested to see what he says.


Quick shots by Shotzi, who tried a trip but Legend powered past it and stomped Shotzi. To a corner, Shotze worked a sort of tarantula without hooking the legs. Legend booted Shotzi off of the apron. Elliott checked on Shotzi and Legend got in Elliott’s face. Elliott did a “kiss my ass” taunt. The women reentered the ring. Slam by Legend. Legend worked Shotzi’s leg over the rope briefly, then tried a leverage pin for two. She went for a stretch muffler, called correctly by Vic(!), and Shotzi escaped. Back elbow by Shotzi, but Legend powered her back into a corner and set Shotzi up on the second buckle. Shotzi slapped Legend to an “oooohhh” reaction. Shotzi hit her DDT, “Never Wake Up,” to win.

WINNER: Shotzi at 3:41.

(Wells’s Analysis: This was slow, awkward and messy for most of its runtime. Legend has been consistently getting better, so I’m not sure where this misstep came from)

-Diamond Mine hyped each other up in the back. It was announced that Brutus Creed has five minutes with Damon Kemp tonight. [c]

-The Creed Brothers hit the ring. Julius said you’d have to bear with him because his hands are all jacked up from Saturday. His knuckles were all messed up, either legit or with some makeup. Brutus thanked Julius for protecting his career. He said it was his turn. He told Damon Kemp to get down to the ring, so he could beat it. Damon Kemp showed up on the tron and said Brutus was lucky, because he wasn’t medically cleared. Brutus said every day he waited, it was going to get worse. Their music played, and almost immediately, Sanga and Veer jumped them and destroyed both brothers. I was really hoping they were going to be babyface, because I’m going to have a tough time not cheering them anyway. They fixed their sweet suits and casually left the ring. They passed Ivy Nile on the ramp, who wasn’t intimidated. She said “Why? WHY?” to them, then checked on the Creeds.

-Pretty Deadly pretended they were putting over a team that had youth, talent and heart. They were, of course, talking about themselves. Sideplate check! [c]


-Gigi Dolin and Mandy Rose FaceTimed. Rose had Jacy Jayne conferenced in from the gym. They were grateful they got out of Halloween alive and beat Alba Fyre at her own game. Rose said “you bitches better be ready to celebrate” her one year championship celebration next week. So does she lose the title next week, or just start her next program?

(3) EDRIS ENOFE & MALIK BLADE vs. PRETTY DEADLY (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) (c) – NXT Tag Team Championship

Alicia Taylor handled formal intros, as in the opener. Enofe and Blade got a decent pop and Pretty Deadly got proper heat with some cheers mixed in. Balde hit a shotgun dropkick and a blockbuster on Wilson immediately. Enofe tagged in and hit a bulldog for two, broken up by Prince. The challengers kept it up and Wilson bailed. The challengers put him back in the ring. Blind tag to Prince. Wilson held Blade’s foot in place so Prince could paste him. Rope run and a back elbow by Prince. Kicks and punches by Wilson. Knee drop by Blade. Tag to Enofe, who flew in with an axhandle to the arm. Rollup by Blade for two. Wilson kicked Enofe’s knee, then hit a European uppercut, and another, to lay out Enofe. Heel tag. Prince got in a shot but Blade made the tag but got slammed for two.

Wilson tagged in and the heels splashed him in the corner, also laying out Enofe, who had made a blind tag. High cross-body by Enofe on both guys. Enofe and Blade tossed the champs out of the ring and fired up as the match went to split-screen. [c]

Pretty Deadly had control. Prince cut off Enofe from a tag and laid him out with a lariat, then headbutted Blade in the corner to boos. He postured for a moment to soak in the heat. He stomped Enofe’s arm. Enofe got in a shot, but Wilson tagged in and stamped out his flurry again. Wilson missed a shot on Enofe and both guys tagged. Blade did the babyface comeback and fired up. Blade went up but Prince rolled out the other side and joined Prince off from a corner. Blade ran the ring and hit a plancha over the corner for a “holy shit” chant, censored by the nerds at USA. After some replays, PD took control with a lungblower on Blade. Wilson and Blade exchanged forearms on their knees. They got to their feet and continued. Blade got the advantage, evaded a backslide and made the tag. Tandem cutter got two on Wilson. Wilson kicked up at Enofe, who managed a flash knee for a long two. Blade tagged in and the challengers attempted their finisher, but Wilson fought free of it. Prince was supposed to dump Enofe but it was awkward and they had to do it another way. PD almost hit Spilled Milk but Blade rolled through for another near-fall, this time very convincing. The heels set up Spilled Milk, and this time hit it.

WINNERS: Pretty Deadly at 12:28.

(Wells’s Analysis: Barring the missed dump spot near the end, this was a picture-perfect formula tag match that didn’t rely overly on spots and built beautifully toward a babyface moment that was denied. If Pretty Deadly gets out of the way and heads to the main roster, these two could definitely carry the division if need be)

-JD McDonagh hyped the main event. He said he had a new nickname he quite likes – “The necessary evil.”

-The announcers hyped The Schism revealing their new member next. [c]

-Boys & Girls Clubs of America promo.

-McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Zoey Stark. She said “she” had it in her hands and it was taken away. Nikkita Lyons walked in and tried to apologize. Stark stressed that it wasn’t her fault. She said they have a rematch (why? oh well) and when the time comes, they’ll take those titles. I thought this smashed-together team might exist to try out Lyons as a heel, but it certainly seems like Stark will be tapped for that spot instead.

-The Schism entered. The Dyad and the character in the red hoodie stood up on a riser as Joe Gacy droned on. He said “Remove your mask and join the Schism, or be torn down.” Rip Fowler took his mask off and said NXT was full of people envious of the fortune of others. He said he knew it was a reflection of the fans’ shortcomings. Jagger Reid said wrath is a manipulative, emotional state. He said it threatens emotional and social well-being. It must be controlled. He said pain brings pain, but love brings love. Gacy said there are people in this world who have everything that people could ever want, but are empty and defeated on the outside. He said the past to everlasting unity came from showing their true selves. He said it was time for the figure in the hood to take the next step. Reveal your true self, but remember there’s no going back.

She removed her mask to reveal…Ava Raine. There was some reaction, but some didn’t seem to know who she was. She said the group completes her. “I am Ava Raine,” she said. There was a brief “Ava” chant. They all put up peace signs. Raine is The Rock’s daughter, so the discourse on this move will pick up soon enough.

-McKenzie was backstage with Sol Ruca. Remember her? She was ready for her match with Indi Hartwell and tried to fire up, but Hartwell stepped into frame. She said big moments to wow the crowd were cool, she’ll give her that, but it’s all about wins. Hartwell was introduced heading into commercial. [c]

-A bizarre segment revealed a modulated voice, speaking in rhyme, made threats to the NXT. It ended “Sincerely, SCRYPTS.”


Body slam by Hartwell. Another. Rope run, a few evasions by Ruca, and she threw her own pair of body slams. Cover for less than one. To a corner, miss by Hartwell, rope run and Ruca went up for a dropkick but Hartwell put on the brakes. Basement lariat by Hartwell, and a forearm to the back finished.

WINNER: Indi Hartwell at 1:19.

Elektra Lopez hit the ring and laid out Hartwell, and then Ruca. She wiped her hands together like it was a job well done. She said to the camera “La madrina is back.”

(Wells’s Analysis: I don’t know what’s being done with Sol Ruca, but I love this next step with Indi working strong style. Here’s hoping Lopez has made huge strides in her absence from TV)

-Chase U segment. Bodhi Hayward was absent, and Duke Hudson took his seat. Thea Hail needed a pen and Hudson gave him hers. He said he’d remember what was said. Andre Chase went into a profanity-laced tirade about Hudson making a mockery of his class. Hudson stole his other neighbor’s pen while she was looking away, and she looked around for it as the segment ended.

-Ilja Dragunov made his entrance for the main event, a good 25 minutes before the usual ending of the show. [c]

-A clock counted down from ten, hyping the next PLE, NXT Deadl1ne.

-Roxanne Perez cut a promo, taped earlier. She said she wasn’t sorry for what she did. Cora wasn’t excited about her potential, she was afraid of Roxanne’s. Friends will come and go, but Perez has to stay true to who she is and why she’s there.

-Enofe and Blade left the building. They were worried it was their last chance. Odyssey Jones drove up with a truck full of women and the crowd cheered. He said they came THAT close, and they should go out and have a good time tonight. Enofe was all about it and jumped into the back of the truck and put his arm around a couple of ladies. The more prim and proper Blade tried not to give in, but other women yanked him in from the cab and they drove off.


McDonagh made his entrance and his music was still playing when Dragunov flew in with a shot and the match got going. Ilja dominated early, taking McDonagh from corner to corner and throwing chops. McDonagh threw some chops as well. Dragunov was taped on his right rib. Dragunov laid out McDonagh with a vicious shot to the back of the neck, and then another. Waistlock by Dragunov. Back elbows by McDonagh to escape, and he targeted the taped ribs to take control. Rope run and a knee to the ribs by McDonagh. Suplex was blocked into a body slam by Dragunov. A big chop put McDonagh on the mat again. McDonagh ran Dragunov to a rope and he tried to do his trademark twist through the ropes, but in a nice touch, he sold the difficulty on his ribs and fell to the apron. McDonagh charged and blasted McDonagh from the apron to the announce table, rib-first. The official checked on Dragunov and McDonagh entered the ring. Referee Darryl Sharma called over medical and had them check on Dragunov, kayfabe, and Vic said we’d see if this continues as the match goes to commercial with no split-screen. [c]


McDonagh tossed Dragunov on top of the rope and Dragunov crumbled into the ring. McDonagh hit a backbreaker for one. McDonagh threw knees and covered for two. McDonagh worked a waistlock until Dragunov elbowed himself free, but McDonagh threw one right to the ribs and went back to it. The crowd tried to fire up Dragunov, who freed himself again. Forearm exchange. Dragunov won the exchange and threw combo shots. He tried a belly-to-back suplex but the rib didn’t hold out. Back elbow by McDonagh followed by an immediate enzuigiri by Dragunov. Running rising knee by Dragunov. Knee drop by Dragunov. Dragunov tried a senton but McDonagh put his knees up. McDonagh stomped Dragunov, then crawled up the buckles. Dragunov got up and threw a chop and went up with McDonagh. Dragunov managed a superplex, hopped to his feet and dropped a hard forearm. The crowd gave a “this is awesome” chant to the violence-fest.

The two ran at one another and McDonagh trapped McDonagh in a body scissors. Dragunov sold that he was passing out. Blood rolled out of Dragunov’s mouth and the ref called for the bell.

WINNER: JD McDonagh via referee stoppage at 13:33.

Quiet crowd as it’s not the most exciting finish to a night to have a heel win by ref stoppage, but it was inevitable given the story they were telling. Dragunov was stretchered out and McDonagh lurked near the stretcher and went up the buckle to watch as Dragunov was rolled to the back. The showfaded out as McDonagh postured around the ring.

(Wells’s Analysis: A lot was left off the table for these two, should they meet again in a match without this injury angle as a backdrop. It still delivered as a brutal, mean spectacle that gives Dragunov a hill to climb and clears a path for McDonagh to get another one-on-one shot against Bron Breakker. Of course, Apollo Crews may have something to say about that given this week’s hype)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not everything clicked tonight, but I definitely dug the pacing of the show, keeping it confined to five matches, not rushing from segment to segment and giving each important story beat some time to be digested. A lot of talent looks to be on the way, with Ava Raine, Elektra Lopez, the figure dropping the mask in the fire and the SCRYPTS character from the call to the PC all making their way for the first time or a return, so perhaps some callups are being considered for the very near future. Kiana James worked a match for Main Event, which strikes me as way too early for her, and Von Wagner, which is…a close call, but he’s likely peaked in NXT and has plateaued. Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson worked some last week. Plenty to cover on tonight’s PWT Talks NXT, so check it out tonight or stream tomorrow. Cheers.

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