12/21 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Death Triangle vs. The Elite Match 5, Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida, FTR in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


DECEMBER 21, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

-A recap of MJF cheating to win his match last week was shown, it was announced that MJF and Bryan Danielson would be on the show.

-Ricky Starks music hit and he walked out onto the stage area and into the ring. Starks said that it would have been nice to be standing there with the AEW title, he said that he lost like a man and didn’t win like a coward. He said he could stand with respect and dignity, unlike MJF. Starks said next time he would get the better of MJF. Starks said it was just the start of his journey, he said that Stroke Daddy would knock them all the down to get another title shot.

Chris Jericho’s music hit, he walked out (in a Neo or Dante from Devil May Cry leather trench coat) with Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara. Jericho said that he has been watching Starks for a long time, he said that Starks was close to winning the title and that Starks is a Million Dollar Talent. He said he would be a world champion, but not yet. He said that he doesn’t want Ricky to be a flash in the pan, he said that he would benefit being in the JAS.

Jericho formally offered Starks membership, Starks said that he liked that Jericho stays relevant and reinvents himself. Starks said he was fat a few months ago and now looks like a dad on his fifth divorce. Starks said hell no, to joining the JAS. Starks said his loss last week made him a loser and that the J in JAS stands for jobber. He then called Garcia and Sammy Jassholes, and said they have done nothing since joining JAS.

Starks said he wouldn’t let Jericho suck the life out of him, but he could suck something. Starks then challenged Jericho to a match on January 4th. Jericho said that was the wrong answer and instructed Jake Hager to attack. Garcia and Sammy ran in and beat down Starks. Jericho then advanced with a bat, Action Andretti ran in and took out Jericho and they rest of JAS.


The Elite tried three power bombs, but all of Death Triangle countered hit pump kicks and dove to the outside. Soon after, The Elite teamed up on Penta. Michael Nakazawa entered dressed as an elf, and was taken out by Alex the mouthpiece. Penta hit Kenny with a trash can, then Pac and Fenix held Kenny on the trash can as Penta did a move off the top. Death Triangle hit a three way drop kick on Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson hit a move on Pac and then dove out on Fenix. Penta hit a sling blade as the match went to commercial break. [c]

Death Triangle set up a Christmas Tree in the corner and sent Matt Jackson into the fake needles. Nick entered and took out Penta, then super kicked a chair in the turnbuckle. Pac put the chair around the ankle of Nick, Kenny threw a trash can to stop the attack from the top rope. Kenny set up a trash can on the post, then did you cannot escape and did a moonsault with the trash can.

Kenny grabbed a barbed wire broom and entered the ring with it. Kenny hit Rey in the thigh and hamstrings, then sent Rey face first into the broom. Penta and Pac were put on tables on the outside. The Bucks got on the top rope and hit an elbow drop and then a senton. Kenny then hit a Tiger Driver 98 on Rey, onto the broom for a delayed near fall.

A BTE Trigger was countered by pulling Kenny’s foot, Kenny hit a V-Tigger on Rey. But, Rey countered with a Hurricanrana on Kenny for a near fall. Rey then hit Kenny with the hammer, for a near fall. Pac applied the Brutalizer as Rey wrapped garland around them both. Matt Jackson entered and broke the submission move.

All of Death Triangle brandished hammers, The Elite saw them and The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver on a chair and pinned Rey for the win.

WINNER: The Elite

(Sage’s Analysis: A surprisingly brutal match, that I was very entertained by. The use of Holiday props was strange in a match like this in my opinion, but that is The Elite in a nutshell.)

-Penta and Pac beat down The Elite and cut open Nick Jackson and Kenny’s forehead.

-A video of MJF being upset about Bryan Danielson appearing after his match last week. MJF called Danielson a hipster and scumbag, he said that Danielson would not interrupt the reign of terror. [c]

-Action Andretti was backstage, he said that he did the unthinkable and the biggest upset of the decade. He said that his life hasn’t been the same and that it has been amazing. He then recapped the first segment, 2.0 then entered and said that Action was on a hot streak, Jericho threw a fireball in Andretti’s face and beat him down.

-Renee was in the ring and introduced Bryan Danielson. Renee asked what is left of the Blackpool Combat Club, Danielson said that he does not expect Regal to be forgiven. Danielson then pivoted and said his first match was in San Antonio. Danielson said Shawn Michaels trained him and the crowd did an HBK chant, he then said that Regal made him the wrestler and person he is today.

Danielson said that when Regal was in the hospital he cried, Danielson said that he loved having William Regal in AEW. He said that one big lesson Regal taught him is that there are consequences for actions. Danielson then looked in the camera and said that to MJF. Danielson called out MJF and said for him to come out.

Ethan Page’s music hit and Page asked what Danielson has done to get a title shot. Page then went over why he should get a title shot instead of Danielson. Bryan said that Hathaway’s shiny head and the crowd chanting at both he could barely hear what they were saying. Page than explained why he called Bryan vegetable man, because that is what Page was gonna turn Danielson into. Danielson then challenged Page to a fight. Page declined for tonight, but offered the match next week.

-A recap of Moxley and Page was shown. Jon Moxley then did the heavy lifting to promote the $300,000 battle royal on Rampage. Moxley told Hangman he knows where he will be and asked if they were ever going to settle their beef in the ring. Moxley said that he is getting tired of the somber Adam Page, Moxley said he is paid to do what he did. He told Hangman not to become a play wrestler, he is better than that. Moxley then promoted his match later tonight. [c]

-Samoa Joe had a pre-taped video to wish everyone a happy holiday, specifically to Wardlow. He said that on 12/28 he would be giving Wardlow what he asked for.


Hook locked in a hold from teh back and slammed Exodus Prime. He then hit a hip throw and a suplex out of the corner. Hook then hit a lariat and then crossface punches. Hook locked in RedRum and got the submission win.


(Sage’s Analysis: Hook match.)

-Hathaway was on the screen, then Big Bill chokeslammed Jungle Boy into a dumpster, Hook walked back to see what was up. then Jon Moxley’s music hit. [c]


Jon Moxley pushed Darius Martin into a corner, Darius fought back and kicked Moxley in the lower back. Moxley slapped Darius, who then followed up by kicking Moxley off his feet. Darius then hit a drop kick, forcing Moxley to regroup on the outside. Moxley tossed Darius to the outside and slammed him into the barricade. Moxley took the fight to the floor in the crowd area.

Darius fought back, but Moxley hit a forearm and threw him back in the ring, Moxley was talking trash to Dante Martin as Darius dove out to Moxley and took him out. Moxley then countered a move off the top rope, Darius beat the ten count and into the loving arms of Jon Moxley.

Moxley hit a suplex and then worked a knee hold on Darius. Moxley threw Darius in the corner and laid in chops, he then put Darius on the top rope and hit a superplex. Moxley laid in hammer elbows and tried for a brain buster, Darius countered and started to trade shots with Moxley. Moxley hit a low kick to Darius’ knee.

Dante cheered on Darius as he forced Moxley to land face first on his knee. Moxley ate some offense, Darius hit a flatliner for a near fall on Moxley. Jon Moxley then laid in stomps and hammer elbows and finished the combo with a bulldog choke. Moxley hit a Death Rider for the win. [c]

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: These two had zero chemistry, it seemed like Moxley was having a stiff fight and that surprised Darius. The crowd also was not engaged at all and they had been into everything at this point.)

-Powerhouse Hobbs had a video, he talked about his hard upbringing. He said that monster’s did it to him, and then made the ultimate monster.


Dax Harwood and Colton Gunn started the match, Cash Wheeler entered and he got between both Gunn’s and Dax. Cash hit some atomic drops on Colton, then on Austin Gunn. Cash Wheeler then slammed the Gunn’s into each other and Dax entered and both members of FTR hit lariats to the Gunns outside onto the floor. [c]

The show returned with Cash trying to get a hot tag to Dax, the tag did finally happen and Dax took out the legal man Austin. But, Colton attacked from behind. Dax fought back and tried to apply a sharpshooter on Austin. Colton pulled Dax to the outside where the Gunn’s tried a piledriver, Cash Wheeler did an elbow strike dive through the ropes to the outside.

Colton then threw Cash into the barricade and Dax into the stairs. Austin Gunn then applied a Sharpshooter on Dax, Cash ran in and broke up the hold. Cash dove to the outside and went headfirst into the barricade. Dax and Austin battled and traded roll through pins, where Colton assisted and helped his team win.

WINNER: The Gunns

(Sage’s Analysis: A soil match that started slow, but finished strong. Is this a sign of FTR on the way out, or a swerve for people in the know?)

-Sonjay Dutt had a rap and challenged The Acclaimed to a title match on Rampage.

-Rick Ross was in the ring for the face-off between Swerve and Keith Lee. Rick Ross said that they will make history tonight, then introduced Swerve. Ross then dropped an M-Fer live on TV. Swerve walked out of the heel tunnel and said he was doing things on his time and his way. Ross and Swerve said they wouldn’t deal with false accusations. Swerve said that Lee needs to keep eyes in the back of his head. Parker Boudreaux attacked Lee, but was thwarted by Lee. On the ramp area Lee was attacked by a tattooed wrestler that the announcers didn’t seem to know. They put a cinderblock on Keith Lee and Swerve did a stomp onto it and Lee. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: A structural disaster of a segment with the impending FCC fine and the mic’s being off after, the announcers not knowing who the second guy was, how does all of that happen? But, I like that we are on a Swerve and Lee feud and I like Swerve leading a faction, so hopefully it is better beyond this.)

-A promo for the $300,000 battle royal was shown.


The crowd chanted for Jamie Hayter before the bell rang. Hayter and Hikaru Shida ran the ropes, Hayter took Shida down. Shida then countered and laid in kicks and punches on the ropes. Hayter left the corner she was in and pushed her opponent, Shida was not phased and picked up Hayter and slammed her. Shida then hit a suplex into the corner as the crowed started battling Hayter/Shida chants. Hayter was laying on the apron and Shida hit a running knee. [c]

Hayter and Shida were on the floor as Hayter had just thrown her opponent into the barricade, Shida was thrown back into the ring. Shida and Hayter traded sting style shots, Hayter whipped Shida into the corner and pinned Shida for a two count. Both women then hit running lariats at the same time and then snuggled to get up before the ten count.

Both got up at the same time and traded forearms, Shida won the exchange and capped it off with a rebound drop kick. Shida laid down punches in the corner, then hit a second rope drop kick. Hayter was on the apron, Shida tried a slam to transition Hayter. But, Hayter hit a snap mare and both were on the apron. Hayter tried a German, Shida pushed Hayer into the post and then hit a nasty suplex to the floor. [c]

Hayter dropped Shida from the top rope and then hit a moonsault, but Shida rolled and hit a running knee for a near fall. Hayter hit a side slam and sliding lariat for a near fall of her own. Hayter hit a rebound back breaker and got another near fall. Hayter tried for a Hayterade lariat, Shida got a knee strike and then a release German suplex. Britt Baker came up with a Kendo stick, but Shida took out Baker with it. Hayter then set up a power bomb for a near fall. Hayter then hit a running lariat for another near fall. Hayter then hit Hayterade for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

(Sage’s Analysis: An amazing match, that was built to please and the crowd reaction proved that it worked as such. Hayter and Shida are the two most consistent worker’s in the division with a healthy Thunder Rosa right there, just great stuff and glad that it got as much time as it did.)

-Post match Toni Storm ran down and made the save, but she was overpowered. Saraya came out and took out Baker and cleared the ring.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A great followup episode to last week’s turn around episode of Dynamite. Besides the odd Swerve and Keith Lee segment and the lack of chemistry with Moxley and Darius Martin I thought everything worked tonight. I also cant’t believe that the second match didn’t start until 8:50 and it didn’t feel off that that was the case. I am pro changing the format every few episodes to keep things fresh and this episode had that in spades.



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