2/20 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Theory vs. Edge, Seth vs. Miz, Elimination Chamber fallout, pivot to WM hype

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


FEBRUARY 20, 2023

Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

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-A three minute long video package recapped the Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn match two nights earlier.

-Sami Zayn made his ring entrance. He got a big ovation. He entered the ring and said, “Wow. Wow.” Fans chanted “Sami! Sami!” He said: “I feeling a lot of feelings here, guys.” He said the number one feeling the past few days is gratitude. He said the support from the fans means so much to him. Fans chanted, “You deserve it!” Sami soaked it up. No ticking clock like at the end of Smackdown last Friday. He said another feeling he has is guilt because he got so close but came up just a bit short. He said everyone told him to finish the story, but now he realizes that the story is never over.

He said they are entering the final chapter and there is one person he needs to talk to more than anyone else – Kevin Owens. Owens came right out to his music. Corey Graves talked briefly about the tumultuous history between Sami and KO. Sami said there was so much he wanted to say to him. He said he wanted to say he was sorry, but things have gotten messy and they’re past the point of words making everything okay. He said KO told him the only thing that matters is taking down The Bloodline. He said that is his mission, too. He will see to it that the Bloodline comes crumbling down. He said KO couldn’t do it alone and he couldn’t, either. He said the only way to get it done is to do it together.

Owens said he didn’t want an apology from Sami or his gratitude. He said what he did on Saturday was for his family. He said at the Royal Rumble, they had to watch him get beaten down by the Bloodline while Sami watched. He said he ran out there on Saturday night to save Sami’s family from going through what his family witnessed at the Rumble. He said he’s been battling the Bloodline alone and he’ll keep doing it that way. Some boos. He said he still stands by what he said back in November after the Survivor Series. He said he was done with him and that still stands. He said if he needs help taking down the Bloodline, “just ask your buddy Jey.” He dropped the mic and left. Fans booed.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m glad Owens didn’t just leap into helping Sami, as if all is forgiven. It’s the natural, understandable reaction from Owens given recent happenings.)

-They went to Kevin Patrick and Graves at ringside. They reacted to the segment, then shifted to plugging Austin Theory vs. Edge for the U.S. Title, The Miz vs. Seth Rollins, “Ding Dong Hello!” with Bayley returns with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai as her guests, and Cody Rhodes  begins “The Road to the Main Event at WrestleMania.”

-They cut back to the stage where Sami was addressing the fans cheering him. Baron Corbin charged out and attacked him. (That felt a bit contrived since they rarely go back to a wrestler on the stage after cutting to the announcers after a segment ends. No big deal, though.) They cut to a split-screen break, during which Corbin continued to beat on Sami. Several referees ran out to try to pry Corbin off of Sami. [c/ss]

-After the break, Corbin was ranting on the mic. He asked Sami how it felt. He said it was revenge for Sami interrupting his backstage interview last week to express his insecurities. Corbin reiterated he is the last person to beat Roman Reigns. He said Reigns destroyed him in front of his family and friends. “Your story is over,” he said. He said he embarrassed himself, his home town, and all of Canada. He told Sami he’s a complete and utter failure. Adam Pearce, who had come out to check on Sami on the stage, signaled that Sami was welcome to go after Corbin in the ring. He charged to the ring. The referee initiated an official match and called for the bell.


Sami threw Corbin around ringside. When he returned to the ring, Corbin rolled out of the ring as Sami charged at him for a Helluva Kick. Corbin took control and landed a backbreaker. Sami rolled to the floor whole holding his back as they cut to another split-screen break. [c/ss]

Sami made a comeback after the break. He knocked Corbin to the floor and then landed a running flip dive onto him at ringside. Corbin took over again back in the ring, catching a charging Sami with a clothesline. He landed a Deep Six for a near fall. Sami surged out of the corner and caught Corbin by surprise with a Heluva Kick out of Nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Sami in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is good use of Corbin – a moderately credible heel threat who fans like seeing get beaten up and pinned. Good to give Sami a win after coming up short on Saturday, too.) [c]

-They showed the exterior of the arena.

-Bryon Saxton conducted a sitdown interview with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Ripley said she’s moving on from the Elimination Chamber and is focused on WrestleMania. When Saxton tried to ask a follow-up question, Dominic interrupted and said the has-beens are just like his dead beat dad, not worth talking about. He said if he keeps pushing questions about the past, he’ll find out what he did to people who talked too much when he was locked up. Saxton shifted to asking Ripley about her WrestleMania opponent, Charlotte. Ripley said Charlotte can keep living in 2020, but she is refusing to see that in the present she is “the best bloody woman here in WWE.” She said the only lesson is she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. She said if Charlotte wants to put her in her place, she’ll show Charlotte that her place is standing on top of her crumbled queendom and walking out as Smackdown Champion. Saxton asked what they can expect Friday when she goes face-to-face with Charlotte on Smackdown. She said he’ll have to watch and find out. Dominik said he’d tag along with her since her dad has a match on Friday and he’d like to wish him good luck. They got up and left.

(Keller’s Analysis: The cross-brand challenge by Ripley sets up a good reason for her and Dominik to visit Smackdown in the lead-up to WrestleMania. Ripley and Dominik were good here in their heel roles.)

-Patrick and Graves commented on clips of Logan Paul going after Seth in the Chamnber. Then they cut to a clip of Theory and Edge at the Elimination Chamber post-even press conference when Edge accepted Theory’s open challenge for a match tonight.

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Theory backstage. Theory said what’s bothering him is that the headline isn’t “Austin Theory is the now and forever of the WWE,” but instead it talks about John Cena returning to Raw in two years. He said no one should care about Cena anymore because he should be appreciated for what he’s doing lately. He said he loves that he gets to beat a Hall of Famer in his own home country, “Crappy Canada.” Fans gasped. He said his legacy will stand over everyone because he will never lose his U.S. Title. “How is that for a headline?” he asked.

-Dolph Ziggler made his ring entrance. [c]


As Ali came out, smiling and shaking hands of fans. They aired a clip of Ziggler’s “pep talk” last week for Ali, and Ali asking if he was saying he just needs to smile more. Ziggler said his advice isn’t going through his thick skull and the only way he’ll learn is if someone beats a lesson into him. Ali mock-smiled on his way to the ring. Ziggler DDT’d Ali for an early near fall. Next he landed a Fameasser, but Ali leveraged Ziggler into a crucifix for the three count. Ali gloated. Ziggler pounded the mat in frustration. Graves said Ali was being sarcastic with his over-the-top celebration.

WINNER: Ali in 2:00.

-Kelley was about to interview Miz backstage, but he was making out with is wife Maryse behind her. She gave him an envelope and said, “Happy Anniversary.” Miz read the note and his eyes bulged. Kelley asked what it says. Miz said he’d save the reveal for next week. He ranted about Seth and said he is glad Seth was brought down to earth by his former protege Logan Paul. He said in a way one could say he cost Seth his U.S. Title. Miz said that note in the envelope made his dreams come true. He kissed Maryse. Graves said he can’t wait until next week.

-They showed Cody Rhodes walking backstage. Patrick said he’d be out next.

-An NXT commercial aired focused on Bron Breaker and Jinder Mahal. [c]

-The screen graphic noted that the Sami-Reigns match generated nearly 20 million views across WWE’s social media platforms.

-Cody Rhodes made his ring entrance.


As Cody entered the ring, Graves said they now know what the main event of WrestleMania will be. Cody said, “So…” Paul Heyman interrupted him early on the big screen. He was wearing a neck brace and waving to get Cody’s attention. Cody asked where he was. Heyman said he’s backstage. Cody told him then he might as well come to the ring because everybody wants to hear what he has to say. Heyman stammered and said he was mauled on Saturday night and subject to the “miserable Canadian heathcare system.” Fans booed. He said what should have been a celebratory weekend for him and his Tribal Chief turned into a tragedy for him, the Wise Man. He said this is as close as he wants to get. He said, “You can’t beat Roman Reigns.”

Heyman said they can play into everybody’s fantasies and explore the idea that the Devil collects his debt and Cody beats Reigns. “Then, sir, what will your life be like?” he asked. “Have you ever heard the phrase indentured servitude?” He said Reigns has special counsel, so if Cody beat him for the championships, he won’t have Heyman with him. Heyman laid out the responsibilities of being a champion. He talked about the days on the road and the promotional obligations. He asked if that’s what he really wants for his family. He said he would never say something vile about how Reigns can keep Cody’s wife warm and happy. He said Reigns is a happily married man. “But I’m not,” he said. He assured Cody that he will find out that his WrestleMania dreams are going to become his own personal nightmare. He took off his mic cable and swung it around, then dropped it.

Cody paced and laughed and looked worked up. He said Roman’s great, but he has seen this play before. He told him they haven’t come face-to-face yet, and when they do, he’ll tell him in person that he without a doubt the greatest WWE Champion in the history of the company, but it doesn’t change a damn thing. “I have to finish the story!” he said. (Wait, that’s Sami’s line.) He said he has to beat him at WrestleMania. Graves said Heyman was doing his best to get under the skin of Cody, and he appeared to succeed, but that might be to the detriment of Reigns.

(Keller’s Analysis: I didn’t love that segment. It was okay. I didn’t think the angle that Cody isn’t ready or eager to take on Reigns’s schedule rings true at all. Cody seems like he’s as determined and prepared for a heavy schedule as a top act in WWE as anyone. I know Heyman was playing up the idea that Cody might not be there for his kid(s) like his dad wasn’t there for his kids, but it just didn’t resonate for me here as effective hype. Also, it looks like they’re going to lean on Heyman to do the heavy lifting for the Cody-Reigns hype. Cody standing by and listening and then closing with a few words afterward isn’t idea alpha babyface contributions to this. But it’s early and there’s a long way to go. It could be an early indication the powers in WWE aren’t confident in Cody just carrying his end of segments, which is concerning.)

-A clip aired of Asua winning the Elimination Chamber.

-Asuka made her ring entrance.

-They replayed the Seth Rollins-Becky Lynch video takeoff on Joker-Batman from Elimination Chamber. [c]


Bianca Belair sat at ringside. Asuka got in some early offense. When she set up a move on the ring apron, Nikki broke free and then ducked a kicks, so Asuka’s leg hit the ringpost. Nikki then slammed Asuka onto the ring apron. They showed Bianca Belair watching and then cut to an early split-screen break. [c/ss]

Nikki stayed on offense during the break. Asuka fought back, but Nikki took back control and scored a near fall. Asuka then came right back with an armbar for the verbal submission. Belair smiled and applauded.

WINNER: Asuka in 9:00.

-Afterward, Belair entered the ring and faced off with Asuka. Graves said it’s like looking at a crystal ball. Belair held up her belt and pointed at the WrestleMania sign hanging from the rafters. Blue slime began leaking out of Aska’s mouth as if she was throwing it up. She then maniacally laughed at Belair who seemed a bit taken aback.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not sure about this start to the Belair-Asuka hype. I’m not sure about the match-up to begin with, but there’s a lot of matches at WrestleMania so not every match has to be set up with great promos.)

-Kelley interviewed Carmella and asked what her road to WrestleMania entails now that she lost the Elimination Chamber. Carmella said she hasn’t yet, but she is focused on Asuka. She said she’s going to deliver one hell of a receipt to Asuka “because Mela is money!” Kelley saw Seth off to the side and caught up to him. She asked him to comment on his good mood. Seth said twice Logan Paul has ruined his WrestleMania plans. He said Logan thinks it’s a game and he wants to call him a clown. He laughed and then got serious and said the joke is on Logan. He said Logan may not be familiar with a certain side of him, but anyone who has gotten in his way know that side all too well. He said he’ll find Logan and hurt him. He then laughed some more. He said the man who wants to take credit for Logan’s success is Miz, so he’s a perfect surrogate to suffer. Then he laughed maniacally. [c]

-A graphic touted 5 million TikTok views of Logan attacking Seth and said it’s 2 million more than the NBA All-Star Game’s top TikTok video.

-They aired clips of the Brock Lesnar low blow on Bobby Lashley. Graves said it was a rare sight of Lesnar feeling desperate in the heat of battle.

-MVP spoke backstage and said Lesnar realized he couldn’t escape Lashley’s Hurt Lock and got himself disqualfied on purpose. Omos entered the picture. MVP said Omos is challenging him to a WrestleMania match. He told Lesnar to show up next week if he has the intestinal fortitude. Graves said, “That would literally be one of the biggest matches ever at WrestleMania.”


As Miz walked out, Graves excitedly said next week they’ll find out what was in the envelope Maryse gave Miz. Seth made his ring entrance second. Seth kicked Miz at ringside, knocking him over the announce desk. Seth chased Miz back into the ring. Miz hid behind the ref and then surprised Seth with a sudden DDT for a near fall. They cut to an early split-screen break. [c/ss]

Miz landed a running knee for another near fall a few minutes later. Miz threw a barrage of Yes Kicks to Seth’s chest. He played to the crowd and wound up another kick, but Seth caught his leg and then landed a hard elbow to side of his head. Seth then delivered a signature Stomp a minute later. He followed up with a second Stomp. Fans chanted, “One more time!” Seth looked around and then delivered a third. The ref called for the bell. Graves said it was a great call by the referee to call for the end of the match since Miz couldn’t fight back at all.

WINNER: Rollins due to referee stoppage in 11:00.

-Pearce told Carmella she appreciates her positive attitude so she can have a match with Asuka next week on Raw. He offered a fist bump and she rebuffed it. His phone rang. It was Chelsea Green. She complained about getting sent to the wrong town. As she said she can’t be just left stranded, he claimed he couldn’t hear her and hung up.

-They showed Chad Gable and Otis looking in the mirror. He modeling is easy and he’ll be great at it “because any idiot can be great at modeling.” Bronson Reed asked if that’s how he prepares for a match. Gable said he’s on the cusp of a great modeling career. Bronson told him to be ready to model a full body cast. Otis said no one talks to Gable like that. Otis and Reed had a staredown.

-They showed blue carpet being unrolled in the ring for “Ding Dong Hello.” Graves was excited. [c]


-Bayley began her segment with the “Ding Dong Hello!” set back with the door mid-ring. She talked about how unappreciated her friends, Sky and Kai are. She said she wants everyone to hear their beautiful voices. She asked Kai how it feels to be the greatest Women’s Tag Team Champions of all time. Kai said it’s an amazing question.

Becky Lynch interrupted. She said they haven’t defended the tag titles in so long, so she’d like to actually be a tag champion heading into WrestleMania. Bayley laughed at the prospects. Kai cackled that she has no friends. Lynch said there is one person she was thinking of. Lita’s music played and she came out and joined Becky. They entered the set through the door in the middle of the ring to humor Bayley. Bayley asked what Lita is doing there. She said she doesn’t even work there. Bayley said Becky must be desperate to want to team with Lita. Bayley brought up Becky’s history with Lita not being so pretty. Becky said she apologized to Lita. Lita said she’s kind of liking the plan to walk into WrestleMania as tag champs. Lita officially challenged Kai and Sky to a tag title match. Bayley said they’re not even close to qualifying. Becky touted their resumés. Lita said Becky makes a solid argument. Becky asked if they’re scared. Bayley accepted on behalf of Kai & Sky, although Kai & Sky didn’t look on board. Becky and Lita yanked the tag belts from them and held them up. Kai and Sky looked anxiously at them holding their bels. Becky and Lita gave them back.

-Backstage, Saxton interviewed Candice LeRae. He asked for an update on the status of her husband Johnny Gargano. She said he was banged up, but then stopped talking and ran over to Nikki when she noticed her. She asked why she’s been following her around. She said she has a match with Piper Niven next week and she can’t focus because she needs to know what’s going on with Nikki. Nikki looked flustered and muttered something to her and then ran off. Saxton asked LeRae what Nikki just told her. LeRae said all her friends are gone and she’s alone. LeRae looked thrown off and sympathetic to Cross, but shifted to saying Gargano will be back soon.

(Keller’s Analysis: I didn’t think they’d anchor the start of hour three with just Bayley interviewing her cohorts. I don’t mind at all Becky teaming with Lita in a tag title match at WrestleMania.)

-Gable and Otis made their ring entrance. [c]


Bronson took early control. He leaped off the ring apron and shoulder-checked Gable. He then stood opposite of Otis at ringside. Graves made it out to be a huge deal those two behemoths were staring at each other. Gable took over with a flying headbutt off the top rope and scored a two count. Otis looked over at Maxxinne Dupree who was watching from ringside. Reed went for a powerbomb, but Gable slipped free and back suplexed Bronson into a bridge for a near fall. “That was ridiculous!” said Graves. Gable yelled down to Otis who was looking over a Maximum Male Model business card that Maxxinne handed him. Reed splashed a distracted Gable against the corner turnbuckles and then landed a top rope splash for the win.

WINNER: Reed in 3:00. [c]

-Elias stood mid-ring and said this is the time of year when stars come out and he said there is no bigger legend than him. He told Rick Boogs that he better be taking notes in the back. He asked, “Who wants to walk with Elias at WrestleMania?” Lashley walked out and slammed Elias. He said afterward that everybody is scared of him. He said even Lesnar panicked and resorted to a low-blow. He said Lesnar, Bray Wyatt, and Elias cannot stand up to him. He said if anyone disrespects him, he’ll put them down.

(Keller’s Analysis: Lashley didn’t get much of a reaction, which is no surprise since he has one of the most scattershot characters over the last year and especially the last three weeks of anyone in WWE. Even beating up Elias doesn’t erase the way he was presented going into the Lesnar match, talking in a heelish way about having all of his people reading over the contract and playing hard to get with Lesnar. His character is just lost and this promo could not overcome his unsteady presentation in recent weeks and months.)

-Patrick and Graves hyped Asuka vs. Carmella, Kai & Sky vs. Becky & Lita for the tag titles, LeRae vs. Niven, and possibly Lesnar addressing Otis’s WrestleMania challenge.

(Keller’s Analysis: Since Lesnar isn’t likely to work a full-fledged match anyway, he might as well be in a spectacle match with Omos at this stage of his career.)

-Saxton interviewed Edge. Edge said Beth Pheonix is back at home with the kids and now he feels he can get back to his goals that he had when he came out of retirement. He talked about Theory having the physical capabilities to define his era, but he’s not sure about his mental capabilities. Edge said with age comes wisdom, and more than anyone else in the locker room, he knows it can all be taken away quickly. He said he’s going to “smack that stupid duck face off his overly Manscaped head tonight.” He said he’s running out of time to be a champion. He said his second match in WWE was in Ottawa in 1997. He said he hasn’t wrestled there in 18 years. He said it’ll feel pretty damn good to win the U.S. Title tonight and walk into WrestleMania as U.S. Champion.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like that Edge. That feels authentically him and it’s a good contrast with Theory’s youthful immature character.) [c]

(6) AUSTIN THEORY vs. EDGE – U.S. Title match

The bell rang 40 minutes into the hour. Graves said he’s enjoyed this final stage of Edge’s career, another full chapter of Edge in full effect. He said that said, Theory is the now. He said he’s polarizing, but he’s ready to test himself against Edge. Edge took control early against Theory at ringside. They cut to an early split-screen break. [c/ss]

Theory took over for an extended period. He settled into a side headlock for a while. They cut to a wide shot of the arena. Then they went to a final split-screen break. Theory tossed Edge to the floor during the break. [c/ss]

He settled into an armbar. Edge made a comeback by leaping at Theory from behind with a crossbody when Theory turned his back on him. He followed with two running clotheslines and a sitout slam into a leverage cover for a near fall. Edge thwarted a Theory comeback attempt. When Theory charged at Edge, Edge turned it into a leaping sitout powerbomb for a near fall at 15:00. Theory avoided a charging Edge with leapfrog. He catapulted Edge out of the corner, but Edge landed on his feet. Edge quickly applied a crossface. Theory draped his boot over the bottom rope. Edge rolled up Theory for a two count. Theory went for a sudden A-Town Down, but Edge countered with an Edgeacution for a near fall. Patrick yelled, “What a match we are witnessing!” Edge stood and played to the crowd, who cheered as he set up a spear. Finn Balor ran out. Edge knocked him off the ring apron. Theory then rolled up Edge for a two count. Balor kicked Edge. Theory landed A-Town Down for the three count.

WINNER: Theory in 19:00 to retain the U.S. Title.

-Afterward, Balor stomped away at Edge. Fans booed. Balor dragged Edge to the middle of the ring and then landed his Coup de Gras. He landed a second one. More booing. He delivered a third as the show concluded.

Tonight after WWE Raw, join Wade Keller live with guest co-host Tom Stoup from PWTorch to break down the show with live callers and emails. They’ll be joined by an on-site correspondent or two also.

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