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Paul Heyman says that a team of people are responsible for making The Bloodline story tick in WWE. Heyman appeared on the Sports Illustrated SI Media Podcast and revealed how stories are built for The Bloodline and who is involved backstage.

“You hear the old expression that it takes a team? Well, it certainly has with us,” Heyman said of The Bloodline story. “A lot of people have worked really hard to make this work. It all kinda filters through Roman Reigns’ feel and there are several people who come to me — to present things to Roman. Thereafter, Roman and I will talk about it, and come back with something that fits into their narrative, or we would hope that we can perhaps enhance it or put it in our own words. Or, we’d come back with, ‘That doesn’t work. What about this?’ and then start a different process of bouncing ideas off of them.

“There are times when we’re sitting in a room and it’s myself, Roman and The Usos, and one of The Usos will say, ‘You know what would be really good with Sami?’ And we’d go, ‘Oh my god, why aren’t we doing that already?’ You will find things coming from The Usos that will shock you. They are great.

“There’s also Michael Hayes, who has an incredible understanding of telling a story within a body of a match. Then there’s the SmackDown writing team, led by Ryan Callahan, who is an unsung hero in what we’ve put together. A lot of the writers from Ryan’s team would sit with us in the locker room, on Roman’s bus, or get into a conference call; we just sit and throw around ideas. We would ask questions such as, ‘What resonates with you?’ or ‘Will the kids be able to relate to this?'” (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

This week on WWE Raw, Jey Uso returned to The Bloodline after attacking Sami Zayn with his brother Jimmy. Roman Reigns is set to face Cody Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

WrestleMania 39 airs live on Peacock on April 1 and April 2. Other announced matches for the show include Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul, John Cena vs. Austin Theory, Brock Lesnar vs. Omos, and more.

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