3/22 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Kenny Omega vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo, Adam Cole Speaks, Jon Moxley in Action

By Tyler Sage


MARCH 22, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz

-Matt & Nick Jackson were attacked before the show, Hangman Page went to the hospital with The Jackson’s while Kenny and Don Callis stayed back.

-The ring ropes were red, white and blue tonight.


Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian started the match, Orange was sent out of the ring. Kip followed and Cassidy rolled back in the ring, The Butcher then entered, Sting followed and they traded shots and then battled into he corner. Butcher tried a splash, Sting dodged and hit a Stinger Splash of his own. Then all six men entered the ring as Butcher & The Blade hit a suplex on Sting.

Kip then entered as the legal man, Kip was about to hit a move off the top, but Sting slowly rolled like Orange Cassidy to get out of the way. Darby then was tagged in and hit a Code Red for a near fall. Penelope Ford distracted the ref as the heels cheated and took advantage on Darby as the break started. [c]

Darby was still getting beat down by the heels and tried to get the tag, but the heels took out Sting. Darby tagged in Orange who hit a move off the top than a DDT on Kip. Butcher took out Orange as he was doing his kicks on Kip, Butcher and Blade then hit a finishing move on Cassidy as Kip covered for a near fall.

Kip mocked the crowed and Orange as Sting was tagged in. Sting did orange kicks and then dropped all three members of the opposing team. He then locked in a Scorpion Death Lock as Butcher and The Blade attacked him, he finally broke the hold. Darby then took on B&B hitting a double Coffin Drop then was taken out by Kip.

Orange hit Stundog on Kip then a dive out onto Blade. Darby took out Kip, then Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Sting & Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun opening match that should have gone this exact way, it makes all three faces look great in their own unique way.)

-Darby looked up at the Double or Nothing banner, then a highlight of last weeks segment with MJF was shown. Then all four men had a promo explaining why all of them want to keep or get the title. [c]

-Kenny Omega had a promo talking about his belt collector persona in 2021, in that time he was supposed to fight his opponent tonight, now they will fight.


Dante Martin and Austin Gunn started the match. Darius soon entered and took out Austin with his brother and then Colton as well. Soon Austin was in control over Dante as the break started. [c]

The Gunns controlled throughout the break, Darius got the hot tag as full screen returned. Darius hit a German on Austin then a standing Spanish Fly on Colten. Austin made a blind tag, Dante was able to get a near fall on Austin. Colten on the outside took out Darius, in the ring Dante hit a nose dive. Colten broke up the for sure pin.

The Kingdom ran out and attacked Top Flight, Austin and Colton hit 3:10 to Yuma for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Gunns

(Sage’s Analysis: A title defense worthy of The Gunns Tag Title run thus far.)

-FTR’s music hit and they walked to the ring. The Gunns said they don’t like them, respect them, and they are losers. They lost to them in the past, and that there is nothing they can do to get a title shot. Dax said that if they lose they will quit AEW. Austin confirmed that they would leave AEW if they lose. The Gunns agreed to the terms, then spit in the faces of FTR.

-Taya Valkyrie was shown premiering last week. Jade was upset that Taya’s finisher is exactly her Jaded finisher, They will be delivering her a cease and disist on Friday.


Stokely said that he was medically cleared to wrestle and that he was retiring from in ring competition today. The doctors note was a receipt from Wingstop and the match started. Stokely ran into he crowd, Hook followed and threw him back into the ring area. Stokely tried a running uppercut, Hook caught him and suplexed him.

Hook then took out a barricade and put it into the ring, Stokely grabbed a fire extinguisher  and used it on Hook. Stoke then grabbed a chair and tried to use it, but Hook grabbed it and then slammed the chair into the mat a few times. He then suplexed Stokely into the barricade and pulled up on the pin and then tapped out his opponent. [c]

Winner: Hook

(Sage’s Analysis: A dumb fun match, Hook’s chair shots were pretty bad. Also, why not cheat in a no DQ match? But, The firm are booked as idiots so that tracks.)

-Adam Cole came out to a big time response, he walked to the ring. The crowd chanted his name before he start his promo, Cole asked who was ready for story time. He said they were seven days until his comeback, he said that he feels great and never been more ready to wrestle. He asked who his opponent was going to be, Daniel Garcia’s music hit and he walked out of a 90’s dance club. The crowd kindly asked Garcia to “shut the “F” up.”

Garcia said that he is now a locker room leader, and it was on him to welcome him back and put him in his place. He told Cole that he beat Brody King, Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson while Cole was playing video games. He said that he is one of the best pro wrestlers, he stopped and said sports entertainer. He asked why Cole was so special, he said he is when that bell rings. He said that even through its been nine months he is still Adam Cole former World Champion. Adam Cole confirmed the match for next week. Cole said the match would be a statement to Garcia and everyone in the back.

-Kenny and Callis where backstage, they were both arguing about Kenny staying behind. Kenny wants to check on The Jackson’s, Don said that it was great they were gone now Kenny can be the God of Pro Wrestling once more.


Stu Grayson charged and pushed Jon Moxley into the corner, Moxley turned him and laid in big shots. Stu countered with big chops of his own. Moxley hit a side headlock takedown and then worked Stu on the mat. The match moved to the outside and back into the ring. Stu and Moxley traded even offense, until Moxley tackled Stu to the outside onto the barricade. [c]

Moxley was in control throughout, when full screen returned he was doing BCC stomps. Moxley then laid in chest kicks on a kneeling Grayson, who stood and gave some shots of his own to Moxley. Stu hit a springboard move off the middle rope and got a two count on Moxley. BCC and Dark Order were arguing on the outside, Stu hit a moonsault on Wheeler and Claudio. Moxley then dove out on Stu.

After a series of moves, Grayson hit a 450 off the top, for a near fall. Grayson tried his finisher, Moxley caught him and applied a bulldog choke. Grayson stood up in the hold and cannonball tossed Moxley into he corner. Grayson hit a jumping backflip, then went to the top rope. Moxley caught him up there and raked the back and hit a top rope Death Rider for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A well worked, hard working match. There was a bit of miscommunication between the two, but I like that from time-to-time a hard hitting realistic match.)

-Ricky Starks was backstage he challenged Juice Robinson to a match on Rampage. [c]

-Another episode of QTV was shown, with Hobbs beating Rey Fenix from a fans perspective. It was said that Hobbs would have an open challenge on Rampage.


Toni Storm attacked Skye Blue, but Blue countered quickly and knocked Storm to the outside with a drop kick, she then followed Storm to the outside and tossed her back in. Skye went to the top, Storm punched her down to the mat and hit a hip attack sending Blue to the floor. Storm then distracted the ref as Saraya and Ruby Soho beat down Blue. Storm hit the ring post and Blue was able to fight back as the break began. [c]

Blue was on the offensive when the match regained full screen credentials. Blue hit a running knee strike and then a head kick for a near fall on Storm. Skye tried for a Code Blue, it was countered and Storm hit ground punches and then a DDT for a near fall. Ruby distracted the ref as Blue would have gotten the pin, Storm rolled up a distracted Blue for a near fall. Storm then hit a shotgun drop kick and a hip attack, into a German Suplex and a Storm Zero for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match, just super predictable. Someone besides Skye Blue needs to be used as enhancement talent for a few weeks.)

-Riho and Willow ran out and saved Skye Blue from a post match attack.

-A rundown of Rampage and next week’s Dynamite occurred.

-Stu Grayson was getting treatment backstage and was attacked by all three members of the Blackpool Combat Club. [c]


El Hijo Del Vikingo attacked Kenny when he walked to the ring, then hit a crazy spinning knee cutter and then sent Kenny out of the ring. Vikingo then did a moonsault off the apron onto Omega and the floor. Kenny was thrown back in, and Vikingo hit a 450 springboard move onto Omega’s knee. Omega fought back and hit a backbreaker and a spinning suplex for a two count pinning attempt. The match moved to the outside, there  Kenny tossed Vikingo into the barricade and then pulled out a table. [c]

Omega was in control as the show returned, both men were battling on the apron and traded chops and strikes. Kenny was caught by Vikingo, but Kenny fell to the apron and catapulted Vikingo to the floor. Both men were on the apron again, Kenny tried to hit a snap dragon suplex onto the table, but it was countered.

Vikingo went to the top rope and hit a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, both battled on the top rope. Kenny was legit spiked on his head, Vikingo then hit a spinning springboard splash off the middle rope for a near fall. Kenny then hit a series of moves including a running knee for a near fall of his own.

Omega hit a snap dragon and then set up a v-tigger and connected. Kenny then set up the One Winged Angel, but Vikingo fought out. Vikingo hit a crazy reverse Rana and then put Kenny on the table and hit an INSANE springboard 630 (I think) cannonball through the table.

Kenny beat the ten count and then kicked out at two when Vikingo tried to cover. Both men traded kneeling slaps and chops, then the same on their feet. Omega set up a power bomb, Vikingo countered at the top into a sunset flip for a near fall. Vikingo then tried a 630, Omega rolled away. Then hit a running knee and the OWA for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega

(Sage’s Analysis: An absolutely amazing match, with both men putting their bodies on the line. If you didn’t find this match at least entertaining I am not sure that pro wrestling is for you.)

-Kenny was interviewed in the ring, Blackpool Combat Club ran in and attacked Kenny. The screen showed Hangman driving the ambulance back with a board with nails in it. When Page entered the arena, BCC fled. Don Callis then acted like Hangman attacked him, and made Kenny believe it at least monetarily.

Final Thoughts: A really fun episode of Dynamite, the first hour and a half were entertaining and somewhat important overall. But, the Elite/BCC story that weaved throughout the show was a great change of pace and the main event and post main event angle was really something inspired.



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