Jon Moxley was working without an AEW contract through title run last summer


Jon Moxley talks about The Elite


Jon Moxley revealed on an episode of The Sessions podcast with Renee Paquette that he was working without a contract in AEW while he was the Interim World Champion last summer.

“The entire summer, I was not under contract,” Moxley said of summer 2022 status with AEW. “No contract. Free agent. I was at Summerslam weekend wrestling Desperado and s**t the day of Summerslam. Suplexed him on a bunch of aluminum cans. I could have walked into Summerslam that night with the AEW belt if I had been so inclined. Nobody knew that because I don’t put my s**t out there in the world and let everybody know everything about my business. I was not under contract.

“The reason being, if you’re curious, is I got out of rehab and my contract was coming up. They extended it for the time that I missed. Cool. I’m glad they did actually because I didn’t want to feel like I owed them anything, so they extended it a little bit. It was coming up. They were talking to me about it and the last thing I wanted to do when I first got out of rehab, cause logic would tell you don’t go back to wrestling because you’re just going to fall into the same old habits. So, I wanted to just ease back into it and see what life was like on the other side and the last thing I wanted to do was hurry up and sign a big, long-term commitment because what if (stuff) started going off the rails.

“Pretty quickly, I was like this is awesome. Being sober is awesome and I’m having so much fun. I was working with my friends, Blackpool Combat Club — me and Bryan. They talked about re-signing and I said if everything stays exactly like it is right now, I’ll be here forever. You can pay me in cash in an envelope at the end of the night. But, I can’t tell you what I’m going to feel like in six months. Especially not in three or five years and once I make a commitment, I will push through injuries and push myself too hard and do all these things that add up that leads you down the road. So, I was not in a hurry to make any grand commitments.”

Jon Moxley is a multiple-time AEW World Champion. He debuted at the first-ever AEW PPV, Double or Nothing 2019, and has been a fixture of the company ever since then.

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