AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS 5/10: Sage’s report on Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega in a Cage, FTR Speak, more

By Tyler Sage


MAY 10, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


The two men were evenly matched, Claudio Castagnoli picked up to slam Rey Fenix, but Fenix was able to battle out. That was until Claudio caught Rey and committed a back breaker. Rey got a pump kick in the corner, to stop the assault. Rey then hit a hurricanrana, which sent Claudio out of the ring. Rey then hit two dives and then tried a third, but Claudio caught him on the third and darted him into the barrier.

Rey was tossed to the outside, he then got up and ran the barricade and hit a hurricanrana. Both men struggled to get into the ring as the ref started the ten count. Both men were able to get in before the final count, Claudio was the fresher of the two and got a slam and two count for his efforts.

Rey slammed Claudio off the middle rope, for a two count of his own. Claudio then hit a big running lariat for a near fall. Claudio tossed Rey into the crowd over the barricade once more as the first break started. [c]

Claudio and Rey traded stiff shots, Rey hit a pump kick after a spin kick attempt. Rey then hit a cutter on the less than Claudio, there was a delay in the cover leading to a near fall. Rey did a moonsault off the top and onto the floor, Rey than jumped off the top but Claudio hit a European Uppercut. Rey countered a slam attempt and got a pinning opportunity. Claudio then hit an inverted Death Valley Driver and then applied elbows on Rey. Claudio then hit a bomb to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli

(Sage’s Analysis: A great opener and a good reason to ask why Claudio hasn’t had a singles match for a while on Dynamite, but we did get it tonight so all good in my book.)

-Miro was shown backstage entering Tony Khan’s office.

-A video featuring MJF talking about the pillars. MJF called them the Beatles; Sammy – Ringo Starr, Jack Perry – George, Darby Allin – John and MJF is Paul. He then ran down all his accolades he has that the other three do not have. MJF said that every great moment has him involved. (Note: I agree with MJF on the Beatles analogy for all four men.) [c]

-FTR came to the ring, Dax asked Mark Briscoe to come out so he could apologize to him. Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarret’s music hit and they walked out. Sonjay Dutt asked if FTR accepted the challenge for a match at Double or Nothing. Dax asked the crowd if they wanted that and the crowd said no. Dax said that they need to admit that they are using Mark Briscoe. The man of the hour came out and said everyone has a hard time keeping their cool. Mark said the the match was on and that Mark Briscoe would be the special guest referee. All the men then started fighting, here Dax accidentally hit his finisher on Briscoe.

-Chris Jericho was backstage, he said that Adam Cole is banned from the building when he his there. Rodrick Strong then got a match with him, he also has a lawyer and the JAS will be banned as well.

-Renee was waiting outside Tony Khan’s door and Thunder Rosa appeared and entered the office. [c]

-A video featuring Sammy Guevara and why he is a pillar was shown. Chris Jericho and Tay Conti talked about why he can be a world champion.

-Tony Khan was backstage, he said the card is very strong. He said that stars are lining up for more opportunities and said that he would have a huge announcement next week.


Daniel Garcia took down Orange Cassidy and then danced mockingly, Garcia then tried to put his hands in his pockets and was stopped by Cassidy. Orange then applied an arm drag into an arm bar hold, Garcia hit a drop toe hold. But, Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and ran the ropes with Garcia. Cassidy then slammed Garcia into a turnbuckle, Garcia then targeted the hand of Cassidy and took the match to the outside.

Cassidy quickly got into the ring and then dove out onto Garcia. Orange ran the ropes but was dropped with an elbow and tossed outside once more. Garcia then picked up Cassidy and dropped him on the apron as the break started. [c]

Garcia was in control as the show returned, Cassidy hit an elbow in the corner to get some brief relief. Garcia tried to set up a superplex, Cassidy fought back but Garcia hit the superplex. Cassidy immediately hit a partial Stundog, Cassidy tried for a DDT and was countered. Cassidy then hit head kicks from his back.

Both men were now standing and trading strikes and forearms, Cassidy then reversed a pile driver attempt with a Beach Break variation. Garcia then hit a drop kick tot he knee of Cassidy, he then methodically attacked the same knee and then did Orange Cassidy kicks to the man himself.

Garcia then hit a jumping pile driver for a near fall, Cassidy countered for a two count of his own. Cassidy then hit a partial beach break for another near fall. Garcia then applied a Dragon Tamer hold and pulled Cassidy away from the bottom rope. Garcia transitioned to a triangle submission, and then a crossface hold. Garcia then stomped on the injured hand of Cassidy. Orange then applied a mouse trap pin for the three count.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: Another awesome match tonight, I think Daniel Garcia just booked his match with Zack Sabre Jr. at Forbidden Door or All In.)

-A recap of Shida appearing last week was shown, this set up a trios match for next week.

-Christian Cage came out, Tony Schiavone asked why he was the number one contender for the TNT title. Cage said Detroit was the worst city in the world, he said he gets whatever he wants because he is a legend. He asked why all these AEW wrestlers have daddy issues, Perry and Wardlow both had parents. Cage said that he wouldn’t talk about Wardlow’s father because he was a nobody and no one cares. He said that Wardlow found his father figure in Arn Anderson. But, it was good because Arn was looking for a son, and he passed over Brock and hopped on the Wardlow train. Cage asked how many times Arn was a world heavyweight champion, he reminded them he is a multiple time champion.

-A video featuring Darby Allin was shown, he showed off his house and his dad. Then he explained why he does crazy things outside the ring, he said that he wants to give back if he is champion. Sting then talked about why he can be world champion.


Anna Jay attacked Julia Hart with a steel chair as hart was walking down to the ring. Hart quickly took advantage on the outside and tossed Jay into the barricade several times. Hart then hit Jay with a Kendo stick, in the ring Jay got the same stick and used it on Hart. On the outside, Hart hit a low punch and then slammed Jay into the ring post. Hart then slammed Jay on the ring announce table as the break started. [c]

Anna Jay slammed Julia Hart on a pile of chairs on the outside as the show returned, Jay then put a garbage can on Hart and then hit a running kick on the trash can. Anna Jay set up the pile of chairs in the ring, then set up a brain buster. Hart fought that off and then put Jay onto the top rope and superplexed her near the chairs, Hart then tapped out Anna Jay.

WINNER: Julia Hart

(Sage’s Analysis: Based on the amount of blood that will be in the main event I like this type of no DQ match, and thought it was very entertaining.)

-Best Friends and Bandido were backstage with Orange Cassidy. Trent said that tonight was the big night and the final rule they are choosing, Trent said all witches are barred from ringside. [c]


Bandido and Malakai Black started the match, Bandido ran the ropes and Black kicked his shin and caused him to flip and land on the mat. Black then hit a running knee and then applied a knee bar to Bandido. The bottom rope was grabbed by Bandido, but there are no rope breaks in the match and he had to pull the rope to get to the outside. All three of the amigos worked together on Black. Trent was legal and then Brody King was tagged in and hit a body drop as the break started. [c]

Buddy Matthews and Trent were in the ring when the show came back. Trent hit a thrust kick, he then covered for a two count. Trent stomped Buddy and got the hot tag to Bandido, who hit a tornado dive off the top. Brody King entered and Bandido hit a crucifix bomb and then he dove out onto Black. Bandido then tried a springboard splash, Buddy hit a jumping knee to take out Bandido.

Chuck Taylor was tagged in, Buddy and Brody hit their inferno slam for the pinfall win.

WINNER: House of Black

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match that showcased Bandido, I also like the vibe of this type of House of Black match.)

-Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open took out Orange Cassidy.

-Jack Perry had the final video, as he was sitting in his backyard pool. Christian Cage said that Perry will and can be an elite world champion. [c]


Jon Moxley attacked Kenny Omega as he was walking down the ring ramp, Kenny whipped Moxley into he barricade. Claudio and Yuta came out and attacked Kenny. The Young Bucks ran out and evened the odds. The Bucks then looked over at Danielson on commentary and Claudio took out Nick then Matt Jackson. Nick Jackson got in Danielson’s face and then dove out onto the other three men. Security pulled the extra men away, then Moxley entered the ring and the bell rang.

Kenny and Moxley traded loud chops and then straight punches. Moxley ran the ropes and ate a running boot from Omega. Kenny quickly covered and got a two count on his opponent. Omega then pulled out a barbed wire wrapped steel chair and hit Moxley with it and did a running stomp onto Moxley’s back.

Omega then slammed Moxley’s face into he corner as his face and back had blood, Moxley had a stiff shot and then pushed Omega off a springboard attempt and into the cage. Moxley then slammed the chair on Omega’s back. Kenny then hit a bulldog, Sending Moxley’s hand onto the barbed wire chair. Omega then hit a body slam, sending Moxley flat on the barbed wire chair. Moxley then hit a superplex onto the barbed wire chair. [c]

Moxley had taken the top rope off during the break, and was choking Omega with it. Moxley applied a drop toe hold and then an additional choke with the rope. Moxley then pulled out a bag of broken glass and poured it on the ring. Omega fought and hit a back breaker near the glass. Omega set up the One Winged Angel, Moxley countered with a choke, but Omega fell backwards and sent Moxley onto the broken glass.

Moxley sprang up and choked out Omega, so far that Moxley was pinned and kicked out. Omega hit a V-Trigger and both men were on the mat. Both men traded slaps, until Omega hit a knee and then a snap dragon into the glass. Kenny then hit a V-Trigger through the cage wall, with Omega’s leg getting trapped in the wall.

Moxley tossed Omega back in the ring and Brough a screwdriver in with him. Don Callis entered and pulled the tool away. Omega hit a V-Tigger and then hit the One Winged Angel. But, Don Callis hit him with the screwdriver. Moxley took advantage and won via pinfall.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow, what carnage. That match is 100% up my alley so take that with a grain of salt, but this was an all time AEW TV classic in my mind. The turn feels very sports entertainment and makes sense with a face Kenny and I think helps both characters in the long run.)

Final Thoughts: A 180 degree turn compared to the last three weeks of Dynamite. This show was passionate, fast paced, got the crowd and home audience to care, also featured tons of star talent from top to bottom. The four pillar’s videos were great and a good change of pace from the normal AEW story. The fact the Miro and Thunder Rosa came back and that is not leading the discussion tomorrow shows how packed this show was.

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