AEW ALL ELITE ASSESSMENT: Four Pillar Series – Sammy Guevara’s background, journey, and future

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With Double or Nothing rapidly approaching it’s time for the penultimate Four Pillars focus on the All Elite Assessment. This week it’s the hugely talented but equally divisive Sammy Guevara…

Sammy Guevara


Whether face or heel, Guevara’s journey to the main event of Double or Nothing has been woven into his on-screen persona. Houston, Texas born Guevara fell in love with pro wrestling at a young age after attending a WWE house show in his home town. Enamored by the showmanship and athleticism of stars such as Rey Mysterio, Guevara would soon be on the path to emulate his inspirations by enrolling in Booker T’s own Reality of Wrestling school and promotion. A sojourn through the American independents was next for the future “Spanish God” as he visited Impact, PWG, MLW, and Lucha Underground between 2013 and his eventual signing for AEW in 2019.

Guevara is a standout athletic competitor even amongst his supremely skilled colleagues and employs a high-risk style. Many of his offensive maneuvers recall a move-set popularized by the independent scene of the 2010s. From Spanish Flys to 630 splashes, Guevara is an eye-catching competitor who aims to “steal the show” when featured.


Faith was immediately shown in Guevara at the inaugural Dynamite when he opened the historic episode opposite then-EVP Cody Rhodes. Although Guevara would shake hands with Rhodes following a competitive defeat, his night concluded with an attack on his opponent and the formation of the Chris Jericho-led Inner Circle faction. Guevara would then become intertwined in Jericho’s feuds, often coming to the aid of his mentor as the Inner Circle employed the Horseman tactic of protecting the title holder. Guevara would also branch out into singles competition with notable matches with fellow pillar Darby Allin and the debuting Matt Hardy. Controversy, though, was next on the agenda as inappropriate comments from Guevara resurfaced and a suspension followed.

The Inner Circle were soon to turn face in opposition to a conniving MJF who had not only betrayed his stablemates but formed his own faction – The Pinnacle. Throughout MJF’s short-lived alliance with Jericho’s group, Guevara was a vocal dissenter, ever suspicious of MJF. The faction war would feature both a “Blood and Guts” battle in which the Inner Circle would fall to defeat as well as a “Stadium Stampede” match in which Guevara would win for his team earning redemption for his “Blood and Guts” forfeit.

Singles success is also part of the Guevara story in AEW as he has become synonymous with the TNT Title. A three-time winner of the belt, Guevara has been featured in well-received contests against a number of opponents including oft opponent Rhodes and Scorpio Sky. Perhaps Guevara’s most notable moment during his TNT tilt was the spectacular and critically well-received ladder match opposite an outgoing Rhodes.

Despite singles success, Guevara would return to Jericho’s side once again as a member of the newly formed “Jericho Appreciation Society” and also align with his off-screen partner Tay Conti to form a tactile tandem loathed by the live crowd. Although presented as a second to Jericho, Guevara has found himself in the World Title picture alongside the other Pillars and has the opportunity to ascend to the top tier of All Elite at the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV.


As eluded to, Sammy Guevara remains a divisive presence in AEW despite several on and off screen efforts at rehabilitation. Whilst undoubtedly talented, Guevara is never faraway from the next AEW controversy and, as such, puts AEW Creative in a difficult position when deciding on a sustained push.

Guevara’s heelish on-screen personality contrasts with his babyface in-ring move-set; this juxtaposition has held the title contender back up to this juncture. AEW and Guevara himself must pick a lane. Either continue the “boyhood dream come true” presentation featured on this past week’s Dynamite or lean on the seemingly more natural heel persona complete with beautiful valet and stable back-up. If moving into a face role, a conflict with long-term guide Jericho could be intriguing. If staying the course as a heel, Guevara facing a breakaway Daniel Garcia could produce a standout series of matches.

In the short-term, Guevara could settle back into the TNT title scene with Wardlow being a fresh opponent. Similarly International Champion Orange Cassidy could prove an equally compelling adversary. In order to reach his ambitions, though, Guevara needs to break away from the perception that he is a follower and not an alpha. Being part of several factions has certainly been beneficial to establishing Guevara, but long-term success in AEW lies with the Spanish God blazing his own trail.


Like his fellow challenging pillars now is not the moment for Guevara to capture the World title. Perhaps the least equipped due to his position on the roster and within his own stable, Guevara still has a promising future if he avoids the controversies which have dogged his AEW journey thus far.

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