WWE SMACKDOWN TV RESULTS (7/21): McDonald’s “alt perspective” report on Bloodline Rules of Engagement, U.S. Title Invitational Fatal Four Way

By Alex McDonald, PWTorch Contributor


JULY 21, 2023

Announcers: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett


-The show opened with a video recap of Jey Uso’s segment last week on Smackdown. The video featured the beat down on Jimmy Uso from the previous week, then transitioned to Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa’s arrival to confront Jey. The video then showed the fight between Jey and Sikoa and Jey taking down Heyman with a superkick. The video ended with Jey standing tall with the chair in his hand.

-Roman Reigns arrived in the parking area with Heyman and Sikoa. Michael Cole said that Reigns’ biggest threat comes from his own family, his cousin, Jey Uso.

-The camera panned the crowd in Orlando as Michael Cole introduced the show. They then showed a graphic for the Rules of Engagement with Roman Reigns and Jey later tonight.

-Austin Theory was ringside as the United States Championship Invitational Fatal Four Way was about to begin.

-Rey Mysterio made his entrance. Cole mentioned that Santos Escobar has already advanced and will face the winner of this match next week. They showed Wes Lee and Dragon Lee in the crowd cheering Mysterio on.

-Sheamus made his entrance next.

-Cameron Grimes came out next and got a solid reaction from the crowd. Wade Barrett said that Grimes made waves in NXT and has a big heart and drive.

-L.A. Knight made his entrance last to a loud reaction from the crowd. He paused at the top of the ramp and asked to talk to the crowd. The crowd chanted for Knight. He said Summerslam is right around the corner and it’s the biggest party of the summer. He said he’s invited to every party and he wants to be invited so he can take the U.S. title. He said three men stand in his way, but they’ll all fall because it’s his game.

(1) REY MYSTERIO vs. SHEAMUS vs. CAMERON GRIMES vs. L.A. KNIGHT – United States Championship Invitational Fatal Four Way

The four men attacked each other as the bell rang ten minutes into the hour. Grimes knocked Mysterio to the floor as Sheamus beat on Knight. Knight clotheslined Sheamus over the top and to the floor. Grimes knocked Knight to the apron but Knight hit a slingshot shoulder block that took Grimes down. Knight tossed Grimes to the outside and celebrated in the ring as the crowd cheered. [c]

Sheamus took down Knight in the ring. Mysterio and Grimes battled on the outside. Grimes whipped Mysterio into the barricade. In the ring, Knight took Sheamus down with a clothesline and made the cover for a two count. Sheamus recovered and lifted Knight to his shoulders. Sheamus rolled through Knight with a senton and covered Knight for a two count. Knight ducked a Sheamus clothesline and took him down with an elbow. Sheamus sent Knight to the apron and took him down with an elbow. Grimes came up behind Sheamus and rolled him up for a quick two count. Mysterio hit a hurricanrana on Grimes that knocked Knight off the apron. Sheamus and Mysterio looked each other up and down. Knight and Grimes got on the apron. Sheamus and Mysterio delivered stereo Ten Beats to the pair. Sheamus took Mysterio down with a clothesline. Mysterio tried to shake Sheamus’ hand but Sheamus went for a slam. Mysterio got free and set Sheamus up for a 619. Sheamus caught Mysterio coming in and hit him with a backbreaker. Grimes came off the top rope and took down Sheamus and Mysterio. Grimes kicked away at Sheamus and Mysterio. Knight tried to attack Grimes but Grimes took him down with a big kick. Mysterio went after Grimes but Grimes countered with a big slam. Grimes made the cover but Sheamus pulled Grimes off. Sheamus landed a chop. Grimes fought back with a dropkick and kicks before Sheamus took him down with a clothesline followed by a backbreaker. Knight pulled Sheamus to ringside. Knight slammed Sheamus on the apron. Knight took Grimes down with a forearm and pulled him to the outside. Mysterio hit Knight with a baseball slide that sent him into the barricade. Mysterio rolled Knight into the ring and went to the top rope. Knight crotched Mysterio. Knight followed Mysterio up and Sheamus followed. Grimes got involved. Knight hit Mysterio with a superplex as Sheamus pulled down Knight and Grimes pulled down Sheamus. All four men were down as they cut to break. [c]

Grimes covered Mysterio for a two count. Theory looked on from ringside. Mysterio was on Grimes’ shoulders  and pulled him to the outside. Grimes landed on his feet with Mysterio still on him. Mysterio slung Grimes into Theory. Theory moved and Grimes took out the chair. Sheamus came off the top rope and took Grimes and Mysterio down. Sheamus tossed them into the barricade. Sheamus went back into the ring and climbed to the top rope. He came off and took down Knight with a clothesline. Mysterio entered and Sheamus slammed him. Sheamus hit Knight with White Noise and made the cover for a near fall. The crowd chanted for Knight. Sheamus taunted the crowd and measured Knight. Grimes appeared on the apron and Sheamus knocked him down. Sheamus charged Knight and Knight took Sheamus down with a slam. Mysterio entered the fray. Knight took down Sheamus with a slam and made the cover but Mysterio broke it up. Grimes knocked down Mysterio and made the cover for a two count. Mysterio hit a 619 to Knight’s gut. Mysterio landed a kick on Grimes and climbed to the top rope. Grimes cut Mysterio off and followed him up. Sheamus pulled Grimes to his shoulders. Mysterio recovered and positioned them both for a 619. Mysterio hit the 619 then leapt off the top rope with a splash on Grimes. Mysterio made the cover. Theory pulled Mysterio to the outside and threw him into the steps. Santos Escobar appeared and attacked Theory. They brawled through the crowd. In the ring, Knight hit an elbow drop on Grimes. Sheamus hit Knight with a Brogue Kick. Grimes hit Sheamus with a Cave In. Mysterio came back in and hit a hurricanrana into a cover for the win.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio in 19:00 to advance in the United States Championship Invitational

-They showed replays as Cole mentioned that Mysterio will face Escobar. Escobar appeared in the ring and they celebrated together. Barrett said it will be a different story when they wrestle each other next week. Cole brought up the relationship between the two.

(McDonald’s Analysis: This was even better than the four way we saw last week. We still got some hijinks toward the end that weren’t really necessary, but based on the outcome, it at least gives some sort of story for Theory to wrestle Escobar or Mysterio. I assume Mysterio will be the opponent. Yet again, the story is Knight and the crowd response he’s getting. The fans turned on every other face in the match whenever they were involved with Knight. Speaking of which, this whole tournament was odd with basically faces across the board. It was a good idea, in a way, because it was harder to pick a winner against a heel Theory. I really thought Knight was going to get the win tonight and really start to build on the momentum, but that will have to wait for now. Theory against Mysterio or Escobar is interesting, but it doesn’t feel like a major match for Summerslam. This might end up on the Smackdown show the night before. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s hard to see this getting featured on an already stacked Summerslam card. I really wish they would give Theory a real rival to feud with for a little while. Like Triple H and The Rock coming up together, Theory really needs a rival like that. I think Knight could be that guy, at least for a little while.)

-They showed a still shot of Brock Lesnar attacking Cody Rhodes on Monday Night Raw. Barrett said we’ll see the confrontation after the break. [c]

-They showed post card shots of Orlando. Cole mentioned that it is the home of NXT. They showed the Cavinder twins in the crowd. Cole mentioned that they’re training at the Performance Center.

-Jey Uso was in the back talking to various random people. Cole mentioned that we will hear from Jey later in the Rules of Engagement segment.

-Theory walked up to Adam Pearce in the back. He complained about Escobar attacking him. Theory asked for a match. Pearce said he’ll make the match and it will be for the title. Theory protested and said it isn’t about the title as Escobar disrespected him. Pearce agreed and gave Theory the non-title match.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, that kind of gives away the outcome of the match next week in a way. I doubt they would be giving away Escobar and Knight tonight just to do it again in two weeks for the title. Kind of a silly idea to go this direction. It would be better if Theory just beat one of the other L.W.O. guys.)

-Cole and Barrett sat ringside. Cole asked why the title isn’t on the line and Barrett mentioned that you have to earn title matches. Cole threw to a video recap of the Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar segment from this past Monday on Raw. After the video, they showed a graphic for Rhodes against Lesnar. Cole hyped the match as “one of the main events of Summerslam”.

-They showed Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the crowd.

-Charlotte Flair made her entrance. They showed a graphic for Charlotte against Iyo Sky. Cole hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-Charlotte was in the ring. They showed a graphic for Charlotte, Asuka, and Bianca Belair in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship at Summerslam. Cole said the match has been made official.

-They showed Tiffany Stratton in the crowd.

-Iyo Sky made her entrance with Bayley. Cole threw to a recap of last week’s Women’s Championship match. Bayley joined commentary.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Good to see Bayley. Maybe the injury over the weekend was more of a scare than anything else. Either way, it’s good to see that she doesn’t need to be off TV to rehab.)

(2) CHARLOTTE FLAIR vs. IYO SKY (w/ Bayley)

They locked up. Charlotte backed Sky into the corner. Sky climbed the ropes and rolled out. Charlotte stayed on her feet. Charlotte put Sky in a headlock. Sky shot Charlotte off and Charlotte took Sky down with a shoulder. Sky flipped away from Charlotte then took her down with a dropkick to the knees. Charlotte took Sky down and sent her into the corner. Charlotte flipped toward Sky but Sky landed a boot. Sky knocked Charlotte to the apron and charged but Charlotte took her down with a knee. Charlotte climbed to the top rope and came off with a crossbody. Charlotte went for a slam but Sky landed on her feet and took Charlotte down with a dropkick. Sky came off the ropes with a dropkick and made the cover for a near fall. Charlotte grabbed a waistlock on Sky. Sky leapt through the ropes and Charlotte’s throat came down on the rope. Charlotte kicked Sky and positioned for a dive. Sky recovered. Sky pulled Charlotte to the floor and came off the apron with a dive that took Charlotte down. Bayley cheered Sky on as they cut to break. [c]

Charlotte taunted Bayley at ringside. Sky tried to attack Charlotte but Charlotte cut her off. Charlotte followed Sky into the ring and chopped her in the corner. Sky recovered and hit double knees on Charlotte in the corner. Sky made the cover for a two count. Sky pulled on Charlotte with a crossface. Charlotte fought to her feet and hit Sky with a back suplex. Sky and Charlotte got to their feet and traded shots. Sky dropkicked Charlotte’s knee. Charlotte recovered and landed chops. Sky went for a crossbody but Charlotte caught her and delivered a fall away slam. Charlotte kipped up and measured Sky. Charlotte flipped into a clothesline and covered Sky for a near fall. Charlotte charged Sky in the corner and Sky moved. Sky followed her in but Charlotte countered and slammed Sky face first into the top turnbuckle. Charlotte put Sky on the top rope and followed her up. Bayley came over and yelled at Charlotte. Sky hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Charlotte and covered her for a two count. Shotzi appeared on the screen and taunted Bayley. Bayley looked afraid and circled the ring. Bayley left up the ramp. Sky asked Bayley for help. Sky went to the top rope and Charlotte pulled her down. Sky recovered and hit a drop toe hold on Charlotte into the middle turnbuckle. Sky went for a moonsault but Charlotte moved. Charlotte went for a moonsault of her own. Charlotte landed on her feet when Sky moved. Sky took Charlotte down and went for a crossface. They traded roll-ups then Charlotte sent Sky to the apron. Charlotte went for a big boot but Sky moved and Charlotte got hung up on the top rope. Sky went to the top rope and went for a dropkick but Charlotte caught Sky and went for a leg lock. Sky countered into a cover and Charlotte kicked out. Sky hit a big dropkick to a seated Charlotte. Sky beat on Charlotte with punches. Sky charged Charlotte and Charlotte hit her with a spear. Charlotte made the cover for a two count. Charlotte went for a figure four but Sky rolled her up. Charlotte countered and hit a German suplex for a two count. Charlotte went for a second but Sky reversed and hit a stomp on Charlotte.


Charlotte went to the top rope but Sky cut her off. Sky followed Charlotte up. The crowd chanted for Sky. Sky hit a frankensteiner and covered Charlotte. Charlotte countered with a cover of her own. Sky countered that with a cover. Charlotte nailed Sky with a Natural Selection and made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair in 14:00

-Asuka appeared and attacked Charlotte from behind. Asuka danced with the Women’s Championship over the fallen Charlotte. They showed a graphic for the Triple Threat match and Cole hyped it for Summerslam.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Really good match that wasn’t ruined by silly interference or a non-finish. Just really good back and forth action. I liked this a lot and I think Charlotte shook off whatever rust she had in the match against Asuka. These two gelled really well together and this was just short of a PLE level Women’s title match. I’m excited for the prospect of these two having a feud down the line. Good stuff.)

-They showed a recap of Dominik Mysterio defeating Wes Lee for the North American Championship this past Tuesday on NXT.

-Kayla Braxton was in the back. She welcomed Dominik Mysterio with Rhea Ripley. Dominik said he’s on Smackdown to show his dead beat dad what a real champion looks like. Dominik said that if Mysterio wins the U.S. title, he’ll only be champion of the United States whereas Dominik is the champion of all of North America and twenty-three other countries. Butch appeared and challenged Dominik for the title, tonight. Dominik said he isn’t prepared and the title isn’t shined.  Dominik also said no one from NXT is here to make the match. Shawn Michaels appeared and made the match official.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I’m still disappointed that Dominik didn’t get sent over to Smackdown in the draft. He’s so good in this role right now. I was hoping he would get more promo time here, but the line about being the champion of North America and twenty-three other countries was excellent. Just a really funny line. I don’t like that he can just show up on Smackdown with next to no explanation, but it is what it is. Butch against Dominik will be fun and it feels like the right speed for Butch at this point. I’m wondering if all the NXT guys in the audience will get involved to cost Dominik the title in the way Judgment Day got involved on Tuesday for Dominik to win the title in the first place.)

-Roman Reigns was in his locker room with Sikoa and Heyman. Reigns held the lei in his hands and looked at Sikoa. They shared a look, then Reigns looked away. Reigns looked worried.

-They showed a graphic for Rules of Engagement. Cole said it will happen later tonight.

-Austin Theory made his entrance. [c]

-Sky and Bayley were in the back. Bayley found her bag. There was a photo of her with scissors jammed into it. Bayley was worried and hurried Sky out of the arena.

(McDonald’s Analysis: I would imagine this feud won’t amount to much and will probably be very underwhelming, but Bayley is selling the fear side of this really well.)

-Theory was ready in the ring as Santos Escobar made his entrance.


They locked up. Escobar landed punches on Theory. Theory pulled Escobar to his shoulders. Escobar got free and took Theory down with a big dropkick. Theory recovered and stomped away at Escobar in the corner. Theory hit a suplex and made the cover for a quick one count. Theory posed for the crowd. Escobar fought back with punches but Theory took control for a brief second before Escobar took him down with a hurricanrana. Theory came right back with a DDT and made the cover for a two count. Theory stayed on Escobar and took him to the corner. Theory punched away at Escobar. Escobar reversed and put Theory in the corner. Escobar climbed to the second rope and rained down punches. He made a pair of covers on Theory for quick counts. Theory landed a kick to the gut. Escobar ducked under Theory and rolled through before he landed a kick. Escobar clotheslined Theory over the top rope and to the floor. Escobar ran the ropes to set up a dive but Theory ran away. Escobar stood on the second turnbuckle and taunted Theory as Theory regrouped on the outside. [c]

Theory whipped Escobar into the corner hard then hit him with a knee. Theory made the cover for a two count. Theory kicked at Escobar. Theory went to the apron and set up Escobar for a suplex. Escobar blocked. Escobar landed a kick that sent Theory to the floor. Escobar measured Theory and ran the ropes. He came through the middle rope and hit Theory with a dive that sent Theory into the announce table. Theory rolled into the ring and Escobar followed. Escobar took Theory down with a pair of clotheslines. Escobar went to the apron and landed a forearm then a kick. Escobar came off the top rope with a crossbody and made the cover for a two count. Escobar lifted Theory to his shoulders but Theory got free and landed a big punch for a near fall. Theory slammed Escobar and made another cover for another near fall. Theory lifted Escobar to his shoulders and Escobar got free and landed a kick. Escobar took Theory to the top rope. Theory pushed Escobar off and stood up on the top rope. Escobar leapt back up. They traded punches on the top rope. Escobar landed a big hurricanrana. Escobar landed a running knee followed by the Phantom Driver and made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Santos Escobar in 12:00

-Cole sold Escobar’s win as a big accomplishment. Barrett asked if this was a taste of the future for both men. They showed a graphic for Escobar and Mysterio next week. Cole hyped the match.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Good night for wrestling on this show. This was another good match with another pair of people that worked really well together. The finish was a legitimate surprise and now I wonder if this was to build some excitement for a potential Escobar win. It felt like a foregone conclusion that Theory would defend the title successfully, but this sows the seeds of doubt for some fans. Again, really good match and good back and forth with some cool spots. It never ascended beyond the TV match style like the Women’s match did, but this was a good showing from both guys. Good showing for both.)

-Bobby Lashley was in the back. Trick Williams and Carmello Hayes joined him. They shook hands and talked.

-Dominik Mysterio made his entrance with Rhea Ripley at his side. The crowd booed loudly. They showed a graphic for Dominik against Butch for the North American Championship. Cole hyped the match for after the break. [c]

-Dominik and Ripley posed in the ring.

-Butch made his entrance. Cole threw to a recap of the Brawling Brutes match with Pretty Deadly last week. They highlighted Ridge Holland injuring Elton Prince.

(4) DOMINIK MYSTERIO (c) (w/ Rhea Ripley) vs. BUTCH – NXT North American Championship Match

They locked up and Butch backed Dominik into the ropes. They broke and Dominik landed a cheap shot. Dominik pounded on Butch but Butch recovered and pulled at Dominik’s fingers. Butch pulled on Dominik’s arm and rubbed his face into the mat. Butch stomped on Dominik’s arm. Dominik tried to fight back but Butch went back to the arm and took Dominik down. Butch pulled at Dominik’s fingers again. Dominik got away and hung Butch up on the top rope. The ref checked on Butch. Ripley gave Dominik a chain. Ripley distracted the ref. Ridge Holland appeared and took the chain from Dominik. Butch took Dominik down and made the cover for a two count. [c]

Dominik hit a slingshot senton on Butch and made the cover for a two count. Pretty Deadly came down the ramp as Kit Wilson pushed Elton Prince in a wheelchair. Dominik stomped on Butch. Butch got to his feet and hit Dominik with a forearm. Butch took Dominik to the corner and landed kicks. Butch landed a big right hand followed by a running kick. Ripley yelled at Cole at ringside. Dominik recovered and set Butch up for a 619. Butch moved and landed a suplex followed by a kick. Butch made the cover for a two count. Pretty Deadly yelled at Holland at ringside. Wilson hit Holland. Butch dropped to the outside and hit Wilson. Wilson ran off and left Prince. Prince got out of the wheelchair and ran away. Holland followed. Butch landed a kick to Dominik. Ripley hit Butch in the back of the leg and Dominik was able to capitalize and throw Butch into the ring post. Dominik made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Dominik in 9:00 to retain the NXT North American Championship

(McDonald’s Analysis: Well, that broke the streak of really good matches on the show. It was to be expected, though as that’s not really Dominik’s strength. I love that Pretty Deadly is still involved even with the injury and the bit with the wheelchair was great and fit their characters perfectly. It’s refreshing that they’re still involved even with Prince injured. I hope that’s a sign that there’s big plans for them beyond the Brutes. Match was what it was and Dominik got a predictable win with Ripley’s interference. It didn’t bother me much here as it was the only match on the show that ended this way.)

-Cole said they’re back on Fox next week for Smackdown as Santos Escobar will take on Rey Mysterio for the right to face Theory for the U.S. title. They also showed clips of Karrion Kross’ attack on the O.C. and announced Karl Anderson against Kross.

-Jey Uso made his entrance. They showed the graphic for the Rules of Engagement. Cole hyped the segment for after the break. [c]

-Jey was in the ring where a red carpet adorned the ring along with a desk and two chairs.

-Roman Reigns’ music played and he made his entrance with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Jey looked away in the ring as he waited for Reigns. Reigns posed at the top of the ramp as pyro exploded behind him. Jey still looked away. Cole touted Reigns’ championship reign at 1,051 days. Cole said that after nearly three years at the top of the mountain, Reigns’ biggest threat is Reigns’ own cousin, Jey. Cole said that Jey was the right hand man and has challenged Reigns to a match at Summerslam. Reigns posed on the apron before he entered the ring. Reigns posed again with the championship as pyro exploded on the stage. Reigns put the belt back on and turned to look at Jey. Heyman did the same. Reigns patted Heyman and turned him away from Jey. Reigns looked around at the crowd as they chanted for Jey.

-Reigns took the mic from Heyman and glanced over at Jey. Reigns addressed the crowd and asked them to acknowledge him. He was met with a loud mixed reaction. Reigns sat down at the head of the table and Jey sat next to him. Jey looked away from Reigns as Reigns smirked. Jey finally turned to look at Reigns. Reigns asked if Jey still wanted to do this. Jey said that he did. The crowd cheered. Jey said he’s supposed to do this and Reigns is making him. Jey said that Reigns called his shot and put Jimmy in the hospital, so now he has to get Reigns. Reigns smirked and said that Jey won’t get him because he doesn’t get it. Reigns called Jey a soldier and a pawn in the game. The crowd chanted for Jey. Heyman walked over and handed Reigns a pen. Reigns signed the contract and slid it Jey. Jey slammed the contract around. Jey said they don’t need a contract because the contract is in the blood. Jey said this is tribal combat now. Reigns asked if the elders knew about it. Jey said it was their idea. Jey said that tribal combat means that everything goes. Jey said if he wants to use a stick, a chair, or the announce table, he will. Jey said that he’ll even grab that lady’s slipper and slap Reigns across the head. Reigns told the crowd and Jey to shut their mouth because he’s talking now. Reigns said it isn’t his first rodeo and he’s ran the business for almost a decade now. Reigns took the belt off and stood up. He said it’s done and told Jey “let’s go”. Jey said that it’s tribal combat now. Reigns adjusted the lei around his neck, then removed it. Jey looked at the lei in Reigns’ hands. The crowd chanted for Jey again. Reigns laid the lei around the title. Reigns and Jey walked in front of the table and shook hands and pressed their heads together. Reigns and Jey stared each other down. Reigns started to leave. Sikoa threw the table out of the way and went for the Samoan Spike on Jey. Reigns stopped Sikoa. Jey hit Sikoa with a superkick. Reigns looked surprised then exited the ring. Jey stared down Reigns from the ring. Sikoa got to his feet on the outside as Reigns stared Jey down. Cole said that Reigns has put up both the championship and the title of Tribal Chief. They showed a graphic for Reigns against Jey at Summerslam. Cole hyped the match. Barrett said that winner takes all at Summerslam.

-Cole previewed next week’s match between Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

-Reigns held the lei in his hand and looked down at it before he looked back at Jey. Jey stared back as Reigns shook with anger.

(McDonald’s Analysis: Powerful closing segment. The symbolism of Reigns laying the lei on top of the title shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Despite their matches in the past, this is the first time that Reigns has truly put the title of Tribal Chief on the line and this match feels huge. For as big as the Summerslam card feels so far, this dwarfs everything else on the show by a pretty wide margin. I loved the smugness of Reigns as he signed the contract before Jey refused to sign and announced tribal combat. Reigns questioned the idea before Jey assured him the elders actually suggested it. From that moment forward, Reigns’ demeanor changed completely. That’s the kind of stuff that makes this story so good. None of us have ever heard of tribal combat before this segment. Now, after this segment, we know that it means anything goes and it’s really, really important. Important enough that Reigns realized it’s no longer up to him and he has to put not only his championship, but the title of Tribal Chief on the line. The way Reigns reacted after this was great. He may not like it, but as the Tribal Chief he has to respect the traditions and he did just that as Reigns and Jey had their moment together in what we can only assume is the ceremonial sign of tribal combat. That’s how you get people excited for a match. They’ve spent the better part of three years getting to this point, and instead of resting on the story that’s already been told, they’re adding more layers and giving you more reason to watch and pay attention to every detail that you can. They really brought out the big guns for this episode on FS1. Good stuff by WWE and a really good episode of Smackdown on the road to Summerslam.)

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