AEW COLLISION FEUD TRACKER: Starks-Danielson, Statlander-Julia Hart, Miro and C.J., Andrade-Bullet Club, Christian-Darby, Kevin Kelly’s annoucing

By Zach Barber, PWTorch contributor

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Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson

Danielson and Starks fought in a bloody, violent Texas Death Match in the main event of this past weekend’s episode. It wasn’t as good as their instant classic strap match, but it was still great. Danielson won and, it would seem, that this was the blow off to this feud.

Both men will move on to other things, Danielson to a potential MOTY candidate with Zack Sabre Jr, Starks not sure yet. Whatever feud he lands in, it needs to be one he can win. If I were Tony Khan, I would’ve planned this match for the week after WrestleDream and put Starks over once Danielson didn’t need the win. Nonetheless, Starks needs a worthy opponent he beats lest he become all bark and no bite.

Grade: A

Kris Statlander vs. Julia Hart

Nobody in a AEW has had a glow up like Julia Hart. She came in green-as-grass and a cheerleader as a play off her real-life background. Fast-forward to now and she has fully embraced her inner Stevie Nicks meets Undertaker as part of her role in the House of Black.

Her in-ring has improved and her Heartless finisher looks legitimately painful. When she was seen in the audience last week after Kris Statlander’s victory over Britt Baker, it was clear she was being positioned as Stat’s next challenger. After dispatching of Skye Blue on Rampage, she went back for more which set up a match between her and Willow (she rescued Skye) on Collision.

Julia attacked Willow before the show, according to Kevin Kelly, so Kiera Hogan stepped in. Julia beat her. It seems pretty obvious Julia has a meeting with Willow sometime in the upcoming week.

I would’ve waited until after that match to announce Julia vs. Stat for the PPV, but it should be a good match. I wouldn’t extend this past one match. There are lots ways to go using HOB tactics to get a good two or three matches out of this feud.

Grade: B+

Miro & C.J.

It seems, for the moment, that the Miro vs. Hobbs feud is over. Thankfully, Miro is still gracing our TVs. Even more thankfully so is C.J. Perry. C.J., using her name finally, was live backstage at Collision. Just as she got into her promo about returning to managing, Miro interrupted her. ‘

He lamented the fact that her presence was a temptation away from his goals and that he might be tempted to save her should she get in trouble. She responded by saying that managing makes her feel alive and that she and Miro can walk their own paths. Her only request was that he not beat up any of her clients.

This is so much better the abysmal, painful to watch dreck they were given to do in WWE. The question is who will be C.J.’s client or clients? She’s a babyface, so it has to be a babyface. Scorpio Sky is a possibility I suppose, although it feels like he doesn’t have a ton of momentum right now. He’s also the only name that pops into my head, so it’ll be interesting to see who is chosen and what C.J. can do for them.

Grade: A+

Andrade vs. Bullet Club Gold

Andrade and Jay White had a fantastic match. The finish saw Juice Robinson use a distraction by the Gunns to whack Andrade with a clipboard, allowing White to hit the Blade Runner for the win.

Once again, Andrade’s found himself feuding with a faction while he’s riding solo. I hope this time it leads to Andrade finding some backup.

Grade: A-

Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin

Evil Steve Jobs walked out of the triple threat match as TNT Champion for real this time, not just in his mind, by pinning Luchasaurus. It was an interesting choice given how entertaining Christian was when acting as though he was champion even though Luchasaurus really was champion.

Within minutes of his victory Christian found his first title defense would be against Darby at WrestleDream in a two-out-of-three falls match. WrestleDream happens to be in Allin’s hometown of Seattle. That would seem to give him an advantage, but it feels too soon to take the title of him.

They also teased the Luchasaurus turn. It didn’t happen but it’s going to be a moment when he does finally lift Christian up in the electric chair position and drop him backwards. But then what do you do with the dinosaur?

Grade: A+

FTR vs. Aussie Open

A rather subdued feud thus far. Aussie Open called their shot last week. The match was made. Meanwhile FTR fought the Iron Savages in pretty good match open challenge match last week and this week that short and simple match with the Workhorsemen for which Aussie Open sat in on commentary. The in-ring promo did what it needed to sell the match which should be really good.

Grade: B

Kevin Kelly vs. The Viewers

Well, on the positive side, at least Kevin Kelly seems to know where he’s been the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, he’s still not that familiar with the movesets so his calls continue to be basic and his cadence continues to be annoying.

Grade: C-

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