AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (11/22): Ajani’s alt-perspective report on Swerve vs. Lethal, Moxley vs. Briscoe, Lethal vs. Rush, Christian rechristens Luchasaurus, MJF-Joe, Toni acceptance speech

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 22, 2023

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts


–AEW Dynamite opening played. There was a big firework display. They showed a straight view shot of the crowd. Ric Flair’s energy drink sponsor was shown on the video boards. Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcomed us to the show. They had Flair’s energy drink on the announcers table.

–Excalibur hyped the AEW Continental Classic Tournament matches on the show. They went over the rules for the tournament. Three points for win. One point for draw. 20 minute time limit for each match. They showed the wrestlers who will be competing in the Blue League. They announced, Jay White vs. Rush, Jon Moxley vs. Mark Briscoe and Swerve Strickland vs. Jay Lethal will take place on tonight’s show.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I was very curious to see the participants involved in the tournament. I wanted to see if AEW will follow the formula of NJPW and attempt to make the Continental Classic feel as prestigious as the G1 Tournament. The matches in the tournament should be very good with the wrestlers included. This tournament just doesn’t have the specialness of a G1 Tournament. Seeing people like Kenny Omega, Malakai Black, Konosuke Takeshita, and “Hangman” Adam Page not taking part in the tournament is quite glaring. The disappointing part is the winner won’t be challenging for the AEW World Title. The winner of the tournament will become the new Triple Crown Champion. I would much rather challenge for the top championship in AEW.)

(1) “SWERVE” STRICKLAND vs. JAY LETHAL – Continental Classic Tournament match

Huge chants of “Swerve House” from the crowd. Strickland’s shoulder was taped up. Strickland shined early, catching Lethal with handstand head scissors. Lethal responded by draping Strickland’s arm against the ropes. Lethal followed by hitting a tope sending Strickland crashing into the barricade. Strickland responded by catching Lethal with a trip. Strickland battled back, rocking Lethal with a running dropkick. Lethal stopped Strickland’s momentum by yanking on his injured shoulder. Strickland used Lethal’s momentum catching him with a snap German Suplex. Strickland went for a rolling flatliner. Lethal caught Strickland with a shoulder breaker. [c]

Strickland stopped Lethal from climbing the ropes as they returned from break. Lethal responded by catching Strickland with a double wrist lock. Strickland broke free planting Lethal with a Superplex. Strickland planted Lethal with a rolling flatliner. Strickland rolled through hitting a brainbuster for a two count. Strickland had Lethal in a fireman’s carry. Lethal broke free raking Strickland in the eyes. Lethal planted Strickland with a reverse suplex. Lethal climbed the ropes delivering a Macho Man Elbow Drop for a two count.

Lethal went for a basement dropkick but Strickland escaped. Strickland applied a stretch muffler but Lethal grabbed the ropes. Lethal responded by applying a crossface but Strickland broke free. Lethal delivered a pump kick to Stickland’s taped shoulder. Lethal called for Lethal Injection but Strickland intercepted with a basement dropkick. Strickland made a comeback rocking Lethal with House Call. Strickland followed by hitting the Swerve Stomp for the win.

WINNER: Swerve Strickland in 13:50 earned three points in the Continental Classic.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a solid opening wrestling match to start a regular episode of Dynamite. This match didn’t get me any more or less excited about the Continental Classic going forward. You can know right away how special a wrestling tournament will be once the names are announced. I just got that sour feeling when Lethal’s name was announced. Lethal feels like someone who’s basically in this tournament to have good matches but can also take a bunch of loses. The wrestling itself was perfectly fine with both Lethal and Strickland working over a specific body part. Strickland has two big wins over Page in PPV matches. Strickland’s win was no surprise. Strickland winning the Continental Classic seems like a good choice if they want to place him into the AEW World Title picture which is quite crowded right now.)

–Renee was backstage with Orange Cassidy, Hook & Katsuyori Shibaba. Cassidy was about to make an announcement but Wheeler Yuta interrupted him. Yuta mocked Cassidy for needing an exposed turnbuckle to beat Moxley at Full Gear. Yuta turned his attention to Shibata. Yuta said it made him sick seeing Shibata walk around with “his” ROH Pure Title. Yuta told Shibta to watch his match and vowed to take back the ROH Pure Title. Cassidy was about to make an announcement. Renee told Cassidy they were out of time. Cassidy looked sad.

–The crowd cheered as MJF’s music played. Adam Cole and MJF’s remixed theme played. Cole came out in crutches and was swearing a walking boot. MJF came out with a walker. MJF mentioned The Devil has arrived in Chicago. He spoke about beating White with one leg. He put over White for being one of the great professional wrestlers in the world. He hyped being the youngest AEW World Champion and also having the most successful title defences. He spoke about being a bit too humble. He called himself the greatest AEW World Champion of all-time. He did his catchphrase. He gave credit to Cole.

Cole was happy that he and MJF are still ROH World Tag Team Champion. He gave Samoa Joe credit for helping them keep the titles. He spoke about having a long road ahead of him before he walks and wrestlers again. He said he’s going to work hard and come back at 100 percent. He mentioned he was worried about MJF. He brought up how Wardlow and The Devil are coming after him. MJF stopped Cole. He said he’s going to find The Devil. He said when he finds The Devil, the Hell he sends him to is going to feel like Heaven. The crowd popped as the lights went out. The Devil appeared on the screen and began laughing in a distorted voice. The music played as Joe came out to a great reaction.

Joe said it’s time for celebration. Joe took a dig at Cole for not being able to help MJF. Joe mentioned he came to Chicago to hear MJF to keep his word. MJF told Joe to blow him, which got bleeped. Joe grabbed MJF and held him against the ropes. Cole told Joe to stop. He told MJF he can’t do this. He said the new MJF would be a man of his words. He spoke about having the toughest battles with Joe. He spoke about the crowd loving MJF because when he says something happens it happens. He told MJF to be a man of his word and give Joe a AEW World Title match. The crowd chanted “He’s our scumbag” MJF told Joe “You wouldn’t be the first Ring of Honor legend I’ve defeated here in Chicago – twice.” He offered the match for tonight on Dynamite.

Joe said no. He said MJF would whine that Joe beat him when he wasn’t 100 percent. He wanted the best version of MJF. He wanted the AEW World Title match at the World’s End PPV. MJF called Long Island, NY the most magical place in the world. The crowd booed. He told the crowd that was his truth. They shook hands. Joe went to leave. MJF pulled him back. MJF told Joe, facing him on his home turf is about as bright as copping head from an alligator. MJF mentioned Joe doesn’t have a lot of options. Joe told MJF he’s good at picking fights as well. He told MJF he’s considered his property from now on. He told MJF that nobody can touch his property unless he says so. He said will always be a few steps behind. He said he will strangle MJF unconscious in front of his family and friends at World’s End. Joe’s music played as he left the ring.

(Amin’s Thoughts: There were lots of moving pieces coming from this segment. I first want to mention the continuation with Cole coming from Full Gear into Dynamite is just baffling. Cole mentioned he’s not ready to wrestle yet. Why did Cole volunteer to face Jay White at Full Gear and not find a replacement. The way Cole convinced MJF to give Joe a title match was interesting as well. MJF wasn’t ready to compete but still listened to Cole and was going to give Joe the match on Dynamite. There was another tease of The Devil after getting no teases from the Full Gear show. I also liked how they wasted no time announcing the AEW World Title match for the World’s End show. They are doing good, making Joe feel like a very strong challenger. I would like for them to just keep the focus on Joe and MJF and not add more title challengers into the mix. The way they added Omega, Joe and Wardlow did bring down some interest in White challenging for the title at Full Gear.)


Hook received a solid reaction from the crowd. Shibata received a great reaction from the crowd. Cassidy also received a great reaction. Cassidy grabbed the mic and said he has a Thanksgiving surprise. Danhausen returned to a great reaction. Menard and Parker attacked Cassidy and Shibata. This led to Hager giving Hook a cheap shot. Hager connected with a Vader Bomb to Hook for a two count. [c]

Hook rocked Menard with a huge lariat as they returned from break. Hook sent Parker flying with a T-Bone Suplex. Cassidy ran wild delivering a satellite DDT to Menard. Cassidy called for the Orange Punch but Hager caught him with a powerslam. Cassidy responded by catching Hager with the Stun Dog Millionaire. Cassidy gave Shibata the hot tag. Hager and Shibta exchanged big strikes. Shibata rocked Hager with combination strikes. Shibata nailed Hager with a corner dropkick. The action broke down as Menard and Parker attacked Shibata from behind.

Hager, Menard and Parker went for a triple powerbomb on Shibata. Danhausen stood on the ring apron holding Hager’s purple hat. The crowd popped as Danhausen cursed Hager. This led to Cassidy catching Hager with a tope. Shibata tagged Hook into the match. Shibata had Parker placed in a sleeper hold. Hook placed Menard in Red Rum. They switched partners realizing Parker was the legal person in the match. Cassidy rocked Hager with an Orange Punch. Hook placed Parker in Red Rum for the submission win.

WINNERS: Hook & Cassidy & Shibata in 8:00.

–Renee spoke to Cole backstage. Cole noted he can’t get back to physical therapy. Cole was happy that MJF accepted Joe’s match. Roderick Strong appeared with The Kingdom. Strong began screaming “Adam”. Strong was glad he caught Cole before leaving. Strong wondered where Cole was after Action Andretti dropped him on his head at Rampage. Cole told Strong to shut up. Cole told Strong he isn’t his best friend anymore and told him to leave him alone. Cole left. The Kingdom tried to cheer Strong up.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I really haven’t been a fan of seeing Strong playing an on-screen comedy geek screaming people’s names. Hopefully this puts a pause with Cole being out of action. Cole’s tone when speaking to both MJF and Strong is something to keep in mind. You can see why Cole was being frustrated by how annoying Strong’s character can be. Cole was leaning kinda hellish here as Strong came off like a sympathetic character.)

–Excalibur spoke about Will Ospreay with All Elite Wrestling and hyped the upcoming ticket sales for AEW All In London 2024.

–TNT Champion Christian Cage came out carrying a mic in hand. He came out with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne by his side. Cage spoke about champions being gracious in victory and humble in defeat. He spoke about Full Gear not going his way. Christian said he can say with all sincerity he didn’t lose the match. He said Wayne didn’t lose that match. He said Luchasurus lost that match. He called the loss unacceptable. He claimed Luchsaurs and Wayne’s lives got better when they were both associated with him. He called them both his children and wanted to create them both in his image.

He told Luchasuaurs to take a knee .Luchasurus refused. He called Luchasuaurs a moron and yelled to take a knee. Luchasurus took the knee. He said the name Luchasuaurs was associated with being a loser. He spoke coming up long and hard for Luchasurus new name. He called him Killswitch. He turned his attention to Wayne who took a knee. He told Wayne to get up. He said Wayne shouldn’t take a knee for another person. He called him special. He called him his “golden boy” He called him the Prodigy Nick Wayne. They shared a hug. Shayna Wayne entered the ring. He called Shayna a terrible mother. He mentioned Shayne made $40,000 as a waitress. He called himself a legend and said he can give him anything. He claimed it was a good thing that Buddy Wayne was dead anyway. This was getting close to uncomfortable territory. He claimed Wayne would’ve disowned his father. He told Shayne things could’ve been different if she played her cards differently. He told Shayna to leave the ring.

The crowd buzzed as Killswitch stood between Christian and Shayna. He slapped Killswitch. across his face. He said he could tear off his mask and show everyone who Killswitch really is. He told Killswitch to back down. He shoved Killswitch who bumped into Shayna as she laid on the mat. The announcers screamed at Wayne to check on his mother. Wayne left the ring. Wayne grabbed chairs from underneath the ring. The announcers said someone needs to stop this. Christian teased delivering the Con-Chair-To to Shayna but stopped. He told Luchasaurus to do it. The crowd cheered as Adam Copeland music played. Copeland gave Wayne a spear. Luchasurus pulled Cage out of the ring. Copeland gave Wayne a second spear. The crowd chanted “Do it” Copeland gave Wayne a Con-Chair-To. Shayna checked on her son.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I have lots of thoughts about this segment. I thought Christian was tremendous playing such a despicable and unlikable heel. This run Christian has been some of the best work of his career. The stuff with Christian yelling down Killswitch was strong stuff as they are planting the seeds for a big split. I’m pretty sure both Nick and Shayna are fine with Buddy Wayne’s being mentioned on TV. Christian speaking about Buddy’s passing still felt uncomfortable to watch. Shayna was also great here pleading with her son. The announcers did their part wanting someone to come out to help Shayna. Copeland showed great intensity here too. Overall, they did good teasing matches with Christian against both Copeland and Killswitch for some point down the road.)

–Renee interviewed Anna Jay, Hager, Menard and Parker backstage. Parker doesn’t know what’s going on. Hager wondered what Danhausen was doing with his purple hat. Jay is tired of losing and in-fighting. Jay says she’s going to help herself and hurt someone. Parker’s phone rang. He received a photo of Ruby Soho on his phone.

(3) JAY WHITE vs. RUSH – Continental Classic Tournament match

Rush came out with his LIJ faction. White came out with Bullet Club Gold. The referee sent both Bullet Club Gold and LIJ to the back before the match started. Rush and White exchanged shoulder tackles. Rush took control rocking White with running clotheslines in the corner. Rush went for a dive but White left the ring. The action moved to the floor as Rush launched White into the barricade. Rush grabbed a rope but the referee stopped him. Rush and White exchanged huge chops. Rush called for Bull Horns but White covered up. Rush responded by kicking White in the face. [c]

White delivered a half-and-half suplex sending Rush crashing into the turnbuckle for a two count as they returned from break. Rush responded by catching White with a running clothesline. Rush called for the 3 Amigos but White broke free. Rush responded by planting White with a Brainbuster for a two count. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome.” Rush went for a flying senton but White moved. White planted Rush with a Brainbuster for a two count. Rush and White exchanged big strikes.

White raked Rush in the eyes. Rush responded by catching White with a knee strike. White stopped Rush hitting a Uranage Slam for a two count. Rush caught White with a snap German Suplex. White responded by catching Rush with a Dragon Screw. Rush used White’s momentum, launching him into the turnbuckle. Rush rocked White with a Superman Forearm. Rush called for Bulls Horn. White intercepted Rush in position for Blade Runner. Rush countered shoving White into the referee who covered against the turnbuckle. White nailed Rush with a low blow. White delivered the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White in 14:00 earned three points in the Continental Classic.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a really good hard hitting back-and-forth match. It was nice to see the referee ban everyone before the match began. The bigger question is why come out if you are just going to be sent to the back. This was a great showing from Rush showing such great intensity. They really must see something big with Rush as they protected him with the finish. A great showing from White matching Rush’s intensity throughout the match. This was a much needed win for White coming of a loss to MJF at Full Gear.) [c]

–They showed highlights of Ricky Starks and Big Bill retaining the AEW World Tag Team Titles in a Fatal-4-Way Ladder match at Full Gear. This was followed by highlights of Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega defeating The Young Bucks to earn an AEW World Tag Team Title match. They showed clips of Jericho confronting Starks & Bill at the post-PPV media scrum. Excalibur then showed clips of Starks & Bill attacking Jericho during a backstage interview. Starks & Bill rolled a crate into Jericho’s arm.

–R.J. City and Renee stood on the entrance ramp. They acted like Oscar presenters announcing “Timeless” Toni Storm as the new AEW Women’s World Champion. They cut to Storm who came out from the crowd. The screen turned black and white. She slipped making her way up the entrance ramp. She gave both RJ and Renee kisses on the cheeks. Mariah May came out and awarded Storm the AEW Women’s World Title.

She mentioned not having anything prepared. She then read from some notes. She thanked Anthony Khan, the wonderful people at Warner Discover “especially Jack Warner.” Her music began playing. She said she wasn’t done. She began speaking really fast and ran down a list of people. She thanked the little Toni Storm out there. She said they wanted to be her. She said they will take it and will not make it. She told them to stay in school and maybe they will learn a trade. The screen above the stage flashed “Standing Ovation.” Skye Blue came out and had a stare down with Storm.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I really liked the overall presentation going all the way with Storm’s new character. I was not a fan of The Outcast work on AEW TV at all. Storm has really turned a corner and has done some great work with this new character. The stare down with Blue was interesting, possibly setting up a future AEW Women’s Title match? Blue shouldn’t have taken the loss if they are setting her up for a Women’s Title match. Apart from a few bright spots, the booking in the AEW Women’s division for the most part hasn’t been great.)

(4) SKYE BLUE vs. ANNA JAY (w/Angelo Parker, Matt Menard) vs. RUBY SOHO (w/Saraya)

Soho caught Jay with a reverse rollup for a near fall. Soho and Parker stared at each other. This led to Blue and Jay rocking Soho with a double superkick. Jay rocked Blue with a hook kick. Soho returned, rocking Jay with a running forearm. Soho planted Blue with a Saito Suplex. Blue responded by catching Soho with a high kick sending her to the floor. Parker held onto Blue’s leg. Jay took advantage rocking Blue with a running kick. [c]

There was a Superplex/Powerbomb combo by Jay onto Blue and Soho for a two count as they returned from break. Blue caught Soho with a Hurricanrana. Blue rocked Jay with a running clothesline as she planted Soho with a DDT. Soho avoided a baseball slide. Soho launched Blue into the barricade. Parker and Soho gave each other looks. Menard and Saraya held Parker and Soho away from each other. Jay appeared rocking Soho with a pump kick.

Blue delivered a flying crossbody to Jay and Soho. Blue called for Code Blue but Jay caught her. Jay sent Blue to the mat with a reverse face buster but Soho made the save. Parker held onto Soho’s leg. Menard and Saraya argued with each other. Blue rocked Soho with a pair of rising knee strikes. Blue delivered a pump kick as Soho fell into Parker’s hand which got a reaction from the crowd. Blue rocked Soho with a superkick. Blue delivered a Cutter to Jay for the win.

WINNER: Skye Blue in 8:45

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a pretty standard match. The match was basically just a backdrop for Parker and Soho to flirt with each other. Nice to see Blue get a bounce back win in her hometown after taking the pin at Full Gear.)

(5) JON MOXLEY vs. MARK BRISCOE – Continental Classic Tournament match

Briscoe came out to a great reaction. Moxley came from the crowd receiving a great reaction. Briscoe and Moxley began exchanging big strikes. The crowd was split chanting for both men. Moxley took control by biting at Briscoe’s head. Briscoe responded by catching Moxley with a wrecking ball dropkick. Briscoe connected with a flying cannonball to the floor. Briscoe called for the Froggy Bow but Moxley moved. Moxley connected with a running boot sending Briscoe to the floor. [c]

Briscoe was busted open as they returned from break. Moxley planted Briscoe with a piledriver for a two count. Briscoe responded by catching Moxley with a running forearm. Briscoe sent Moxley flying with an Exploder Suplex for a two count. Moxley went for an arm bar. Briscoe placed his foot on the ropes. Briscoe responded by biting Moxley’s hard. Briscoe went for a dive but Moxley caught him with a Paradigm Shift DDT. Briscoe bounced off the ropes rocking Moxley with a basement dropkick.

Briscoe planted Moxley with a rolling Death Valley Driver. Briscoe connected with a flying elbow drop for a two count. Briscoe called for the Jay Driller. Moxley countered rocking Briscoe with a King Kong Lariat. Moxley delivered a Paradigm Shift DDT but Briscoe kicked out for a great two count. Moxley went for a sleeper hold. Briscoe countered into a reverse rollup for a two count. Moxley planted Briscoe with a Half-and-Half Suplex. Briscoe stood up. Briscoe and Moxley exchanged big strikes. Moxley planted Briscoe with a Curb Stomp. Moxley delivered a Paradigm Shift DDT for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley in 11:30 to earn three points in the Continental Classic

–The announcers hyped the Continental Classic tournament matches for Collision on Saturday. The crowd cheered as Briscoe and Moxley shook hands.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was the best of the tournament matches on the show. The action was really strong as both Briscoe and Moxley worked a great hard-hitting match. I just thought the blood wasn’t needed. There was so much blood on the Full Gear show. This just felt like they wanted to add some more drama by having blood in a tournament match.)


I thought this was a pretty solid episode of Dynamite coming out of the Full Gear PPV. You can clearly see the focus on this show was putting the spotlight on the Continental Tournament. The tournament matches were all good but nothing really stood out. There was also a hard push from the announcers to plug the tournament matches on Collision. The matches on Collision should be good but it’s going to be a challenge when most of the attention will be on the WWE Survivor Series: WarGames PLE show. They also announced the AEW World Title match for the World’s End show so that’s another good thing that came from the show. Overall, a solid episode of Dynamite.

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