NXT TV RESULTS (2/13): Hazelwood’s live report on The Family vs. Wolf Dogs for Tag Team Championship, Hayes vs. Gacy, Vice vs. Paxley, Holland vs. Gallus in a gauntlet, more



FEBRUARY 13, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Byron Saxton

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid



-The show began with Noam Dar laying with cucumber slices on his eyes (and on his action figure’s head) while Oro Mensah warmed up with resistance bands. Mr. Stone and Von Wagner snuck him from behind, yelling “SNEAK ATTACK” as they attacked the two. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson then made their way, but Stone’s kids gave them opposite directions.

(1) META-FOUR (Noam Dar & Oro Mensah w/Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson) vs. VON WAGNER & MR. STONE – Tag team match

“Operation Sneak Attack: success,” said The Bash Brothers. They fought to ringside and then in the ring, where a ref slid in and called for the bell. Wagner hit a sidewalk slam and Stone a middle rope elbow for a two-count, but he ate a rolling kick from Mensah. Dar tagged in and the two went to work in their corner, grounding Stone and taunting Wagner, allowing for double teams and sneak attacks. Mensah tagged back in and hit a stiff chop and PK to the back for a quick cover. Dar tagged back in and they continued the pressure on Stone, obviously building toward a hot tag for Wagner. Mensah tagged back in and then Dar, but Stone sent Mensah outside. He blocked a suplex from the apron and snapped Dar over the top rope. He worked toward and finally made the tag. Wagner ate a kick, but no-sold it and hit a big boot to Dar. He hit his double underhook twisting suplex and then hit a double chokeslam as Mensah tried to interfere. Stone tagged in and he climbed to the shoulders of Wagner, who walked him over and Stone then splashed Dar. Mensah just broke up the pin to keep the match going. Stone fired up and unleashed on Mensah, kicking him outside, but he missed a splash to the outside. Dar hit a quick rollup into a jackknife, but Wagner put him up for a powerbomb. Legend and Jackson distracted the ref, allowing Mensah to hit the chop block and Dar get the pin.

WINNER: Meta-Four at 5:30 (chop block/leverage pin)

-They played a recap video of last week’s happenings with Carmelo Hayes, Ilja Dragunov, Dijak, and Joe Gacy.

-Ridge Holland made his entrance for his gauntlet match. [c]


They returned with the movers returning all of the Chase U stuff they removed from the classroom to the delight of Andre Chase and everyone else, especially Duke Hudson when the MVP trophy was delivered. Chase formally apologized for the delay in the start to the spring semester and then thanked Jacy Jayne for saving Chase U. He yelled that they were better than ever as Thea Hail led a Jacy chant. Hail went to go talk to to Riley Osborne as Jacy and the woman she talked to the other week just scoffed. Adriana Rizzo appeared and Jayne went to meet her with a filled manilla envelope. She handed off the envelope to Rizzo and said she threw in a little extra. She asked Rizzo for The Family to give a look to Chase U should they retain for a title shot. Jayne then led her own Jacy chant. Byron Saxton said Jayne is the new MVP of Chase U. Don’t tell Hudson!

-Gallus made their entrance.

(2) RIDGE HOLLAND vs. GALLUS – Gauntlet match

All three men entered and tried a sneak attack since the ref called for the bell with all four men in the ring, but it was Wolfgang and he was thwarted. Holland took control early with some stomps and glares toward the outside members. Wolfgang responded with some strikes and knees, then stomped away at Holland. He then gouged at the mouth in the corner before hitting a few corner lariats. Holland dodged a corner attack and then hit a STO from the corner. He slid outside and slammed Wolfgang chest-first onto the apron, then hit a running knee. After taunting Joe Coffey, he went back inside only to be hit with a knee, a kitchen sink, and then a running senton to a seated Holland. Holland tried to fight back, but Wolfgang hit a few heavy strikes and then worked him some more in the corner. The crowd seemed out of the match. Wolfgang set for a vertical, but Holland blocked, Wolfgang blocked, they both traded a few more blocks, and then Holland finally hit his own. He then sent Wolfgang outside with a clothesline. [c]

Mark Coffey was legal as they returned, Vic Joseph saying Holland picked up the first fall during the commercial break. They showed him landing basically an Emerald Flowsion to pin Wolfgang on replay. Coffey attacked the left knee and the crowd seemed really, really bored. Holland fought back, favoring the left knee, but caught Coffey and hit a swinging sidewalk slam. Holland hit a big headbutt, which both men sold, then an overhead belly-to-belly. He then hit a spinebuster and again the Emerald Flowsion that they’re calling Northern Grit. Joe Coffey dragged him out and the ref called for the bell, a DQ. Gallus then attacked Holland, trying to use a chair, but Holland kicked it away and fought off all three with the chair. Holland swung away at Coffey and refs finally broke it up as Holland released the chair, looking at his hands in frustration that he may have injured more wrestlers.

WINNER: Ridge Holland at 10:45 (DQ)

-They showed Wagner and Stone walking in the back as Lexis King taunted them. Wagner stepped to King and told him to get out of there, now. King said the truth hurts, but he has bigger and better things to do tonight. He then mocked Stone’s kids, saying he knows they’re desperate to look up to a true “superstar” in himself.

-Lola Vice made her entrance for her match with Tatum Paxley. She danced her way, but she looked angry. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: It wasn’t just the crowd as that was a boring match. It was just slow throughout the entire match, not really leaving first gear, so it was probably a good call to have the match end as it did. I’m not sure if Holland’s look after he beat down Gallus got over what it needed to the crowd, but it’s obvious they’re going to continue the story of Holland being a “dangerous” wrestler which, at least to me, is in poor taste.)

-They returned with No Quarter Catch Crew in the back admiring the Heritage Cup. Charlie Dempsey said it represents British wrestling for over a century. Damon Kemp said it’s a damn shame it’s held by such a clown. Suddenly, Dar and Mensah appeared and called for security. Drew Gulak said they’re just admiring the fine hardware. Dar said only looky-looky, no touchy-touchy. Kemp said whenever they’re done messing around, NQCC is ready to represent that correctly.

-Paxley made her entrance in black and red tonight.

(3) LOLA VICE vs. TATUM PAXLEY – Singles match

Vice immediately hit a takedown and some mounted forearms, then hit a go-behind and takedown. She Paxley backflipped into her own back control in a nifty spot, but Vice then flipped her into a rear naked choke that Paxley turned into a pin, then hit a running elbow and leaping elbow. She went for a corner splash, but ran right into double knees. An axe kick to the back followed from Vice, who then hit Muy Thai plumb knees to the gut. A quick pace to begin the match that was slowed by a rear chin lock from Vice, but a welcome pace change from the previous gauntlet match. Vice missed a pump kick and Paxley rolled her up, but then Vice came back with a thrust kick into the corner and then punches to the face. Lyra Valkyria suddenly ran down to support Paxley. Paxley dodged an attack and then hit a string of attacks, including a step-up enziguri. She saw Valkyria, but then ate a cyclone kick. Vice covered her right in front of Valkyria, but Paxle kicked out. She hit a spinning backfist (that hit chest), but Paxley kicked out again. Vice hit her spin kick and grabbed the arm to prevent the rope grab, but Paxley put her leg on the rope. Vice locked in a modified crucifix and rolled her over. Paxley tried to reach the rope, but eventually tapped. Valkyria carried Paxley to the back.

WINNER: Lola Vice at 3:54 by submission (modified crucifix)

-Luca Crusifino was hyping up Tony D’Angelo in the back. “Who’re you?” asked The Don. Crusifino introduced himself and wished them luck. Rizzo walked in with her ring gear donned and said no fear tonight boys. She went to get ready for her match with Jaida Parker. D’Angelo told Stacks that tonight, no guessing, no doubting, it’s Stand & Deliver season. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Vice vs. Paxley was the match of the night thus far. A quick pace was set and then it really became a story of “just how much punishment can Tatum Paxley take?” Vice continues to improve, but I really liked Paxley in the match. Now we have the added wrinkle where Valkyria has finally come around on Paxley and I wonder if this leads to Paxley getting a title shot, but probably not at S&D.)

-They returned with Valkyria laying Paxley on a crate in the back as Shotzi approached. She challenged Valkyria and Valkyria agreed. Shotzi said all Ava needed was the green light from the champ, so it’s next week. Shotzi said good because she wants to walk into the Chamber as Women’s NXT Champion. Valkyria said to take care of her friend and Valkyria yelled, “She’s not my…friend.” Paxley rose and said, “So, we got Shotzi next week?”

-Rizzo was already in the ring. Parker made her entrance.

(4) JAIDA PARKER vs. ADRIANA RIZZO – Singles match

Rizzo dodged an attack and hit a few of her own, but Parker swatted her dropkick attempt. She then pounded on Rizzo in the corner. Rizzo removed her hoop earrings and then hit a dropkick. She went for the ten punches in the corner (she’s a lefty), and then hit a snap suplex. Parker sidestepped a corner rush and forced Rizzo into the post. She then laid her across the second turnbuckle and sprung off the rope to land a seated senton essentially on Rizzo’s belly. Rizzo tried for a comeback, but ate a big back elbow and then a snap suplex of Parker’s own. Rizzo countered an attack with an inside cradle and then a flurry of attacks. She hit another snap suplex and sort of kipped up with a twist. She got caught by Parker and slammed with a spinebuster. She hit a running haymaker to the back of the neck for a two-count. Rizzo refused to back down and ate the running haymaker to the mouth.

WINNER: Jaida Parker at 4:02 (running haymaker)

-A Dijak vignette played of his interaction last week with Dragunov, Gacy’s yellow smiley mask hidden in the NXT logo, then Gacy using the boxing glove to punch him and cost him the match. Dijak slammed the tablet down and tried to compose himself. He pulled out a black bag, opened it, smiled, and walked away with it (presumably his “tools”).

-Hayes’ music played for his match Gacy. He drew HEAVY boos as soon as his music hit. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I was impressed with both women considering their short time in NXT and the lack of singles matches I can recall either of them having. Parker just look confident and brutal in the ring, a welcome bruising addition that takes some of the onus off of Blair Davenport. Rizzo has one of those characters where she can draw in the babyface crowd, but I’m not sure how much in-ring success her character will have apart from anything with The Family. Still, these two appear to have bright futures in NXT.)


-They returned with The Wolf Dogs in the locker room. Baron Corbin tried to hype them up and Bron Breakker was just like, “Yeah, I’m ready.” Corbin said he’s going to Kansas City’s parade (BIG SIGH FROM ME), but he wants to go as one-half of the Tag Team Champion. He said if they win, he’ll say “Wolf Dogs” one time just for Breakker. Breakker caught him with a sneaky chest slap and Corbin laughed like Breakker got him.

-Gacy made his entrance.

(5) CARMELO HAYES vs. JOE GACY – Singles match

Maybe I missed this because I wasn’t able to watch Vengeance Day, but Gacy was using The Schism’s music. Hayes went right after Gacy, but Gacy hit him with a big backbody drop. Gacy hit basically a snap backbreaker to a running Hayes, but Hayes came back with some strikes. He picked the ankle after an Irish whip and then wrenched on the ankle. Hayes then hit his signature springboard lariat. There was about a minute-long dueling “Let’s go Melo/Let’s go Gacy” chant to begin the match as well. Gacy ate a big chop in the corner, but then reversed position and hit a bevy of his own. He dodged the ankle pick and hit a running senton instead. He then put Hayes in a rear chin lock. Gacy landed some elbows to Hayes to prevent him fighting back, and then hit a huge pendulum backbreaker for a two-count. He then sent Hayes into the ropes and hit another backbody drop. Gacy tried lifting Hayes into a powerbomb position, but Hayes used the ropes to his advantage and then regained control. Gacy kept smiling even through the punishment. Hayes sent Gacy outside and then taunted him from the ring. Gacy smiled and just headbutted him, then crawled under the ring. Hayes went outside and couldn’t find him as Gacy went to opposite side. Hayes looked under the ring and looked up to see the slowest tope hit him. [c]

Hayes was in control as they returned and they showed a replay where he hit Gacy with a dragon screw in the ropes, hence his focus on the left leg of Gacy. Gacy hit a kick to the face that drew a big “OOH” from the crowd to break it up. Gacy was able to hobble his way to some attacks and a one-legged dropkick, then a Saito suplex and falling uranage for a two-count. Hayes dodged an attack and kicked the knee, but Gacy blocked an attack and hit basically Cradle Shock for a two-count. Gacy sat Hayes on the top rope and went for a second rope superplex. Hayes fought him off and knocked him to the mat. Gacy dodged Nothing but Net, but ate a big running back elbow and lifting cutter for a two-count. Gacy hit a kick counter to Hayes, but Hayes countered a German attempt. However, he went for his springboard lariat and Gacy caught him into a Bossman Slam. Hayes then countered Upside Down with a codebreaker. Nothing but Net followed with a hearty chorus of boos. He looked into the camera and said, “Ilja, I’m the last one left.”

WINNER: Carmelo Hayes at 12:43 (Nothing but Net)

-After the match, Dijak attacked Gacy with a police baton. He then pulled out a straightjacket from his black bag and locked in the compromised Gacy. We’re getting a straightjacket match, huh? Dijak kept beating away at Gacy as he strapped in the jacket, Gacy maniacally laughing at both the punishment and the jacket. Finally, Gacy fully strapped in the jacket, calling Gacy a stupid ass and hitting his discus boot. The crowd was really behind Gacy tonight. Gacy just kept laughing.

-They showed Brinley Reece in the locker room with Karmen Petrovic and Kelani Jordan. They told her she doesn’t have to be so energetic and so nervous. Legend and Jackson came in and told Reece not to listen to these losers. Legend mocked Jordan and Jordan just said no one sees Legend as a threat and then, “What does Noam see in you?” They argued a bit.

-Gacy hyped the main event Tag Team Championship match and then confirmed Valkyria vs. Shotzi for the Women’s NXT Championship next week.

-Oba Femi, the coolest man in professional wrestling, was making his way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: My favorite part about that match was that yes, Hayes still hit his springboard lariat and his finisher is from the top rope, but he spent most of the match working a heavy heel style, targeting a body part and working that part. He kept Gacy grounded and didn’t give the crowd one ounce of attention. That, to me, was the most successful part of the match. It was also a good match, not PLE worthy, but a good TV match. Gacy’s maniacal character has its limits, but it’s going to be interesting to see where NXT thinks those limits are; at this point, it seems like “not much more than this.”)

-They returned with Roxanne Perez angrily entering the women’s locker room complaining about Vice screwing up her first singles match for the Women’s NXT Championship. Wren Sinclair said she knows how she feels and Perez said yeah, no, you just got here so Sinclair doesn’t know. Sinclair tried reasoning with her, and Perez just punched her in the mouth.

-“A man with three faces” vignette aired, but I didn’t catch the words. It was short this week.

-Oba Femi made his entrance.


Femi said you cannot argue with prophecy. He said he’s still the NXT North American Champion, the mountain of NXT, the man Oba Femi. He called Dragon Lee a proud warrior, but he showed it takes more than just a fighting spirit to take his title. He said a championship means prestige, but for him, it represents supremacy. That makes him the alpha species of NXT. He said Lee was the first casualty, but he won’t be the last. He said send anyone, but not anyone you want sent back. King’s music interrupted.

He said he just wanted to personally congratulate Femi on his success. He said he’s been wanting to get something off of his chest. He’s heard Femi’s been calling himself “The Ruler” and he’s “The King.” Femi said make his point. King said he softened up Lee so Femi can exercise his Breakout Tournament contract, so it was “The King” who put the title on Femi’s shoulder and that “The King” will take it away. Femi said he doesn’t deal with empty threats. King said it wasn’t a threat, but a promise and a king always keeps his promises. Femi said he’ll get his shot next week, but he promised him that this throne is not one King will be sitting on anytime soon. King suddenly attacked Femi. He went for Coronation, but Femi tossed him off. Femi went for the powerbomb, but King rolled outside.

-Josh Briggs was talking to Dion Jordan and someone I didn’t recognize. Brooks Jensen came in angrily yelling at Briggs and attacked. Everyone there had to break them up. Ava came in and yelled at both of them to do it out there and not back there.

-Kiana Jordan made her entrance with Izzi Dame. [c]

-OK so “The man with three faces” text this week said, “Goodness is a man’s struggle, evil however, is a man’s nature.” I typed that as it appeared on NXT. Terrible comma usage aside, it’s obvious that this character will be “evil.”

-They returned with a WrestleMania XL promo featuring The Rock, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins, as well as some footage from the press conference last week.

-They showed a tweet from Dragunov basically saying to Hayes that “Your day of reckoning is coming Melo.”

-Reece made her entrance.

(6) KIANA JORDAN (w/Izzi Dame) vs. BRINLEY REECE – Singles match

Reece used a front handspring to avoid an attack and took it to James a bit, who rolled outside. Dame used James’ distraction to clothesline Reece outside. Back in the ring, James stomped away at Reece. She hit a back handspring and then a running shoulder tackle to the gut in the corner. She sent Reece into the ropes and hit a back elbow. She taunted Reece, then hit a neck breaker for a two-count. She put Reece into a rear chin lock. Reece came back with some running shoulder tackles and then a front handspring clothesline. She lifted James onto her shoulders, did a squat, and then hit a TKO for a two-count. James slipped a bodyslam and hit an inverted DDT, then 401K. She hit the falling knee to the face, basically Mia Yim’s Protect Yo Neck, for the victory.

WINNER: Kiana James at 3:10 (falling knee)

-Ava was on the phone in the back and said Briggs vs. Jensen was official for next week. Perez barged in and demanded to know if Ava granted Shotzi a title match, but Ava said no, did she punch Sinclair in the face. She said because of that, their match is official for next week. Ava really held her own here.

-They showed the four men involved in the main event making their way to the ring. [c]

-They returned with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade in the back, upset over Reece losing. Well, it was mostly Blade. Enofe said it’s a good thing because now she knows how they feel. He said a loss hurts no matter what. Blade asked if they could please be there for her. Enofe mocked her and then she cartwheeled in. She said what a buzz and that whoever said experience is the best teacher wasn’t lying. She said now she’s motivated to get better. Enofe said she’s not mad or angry? She said she’s never been better.

-Joseph went over some matches for next week: Briggs vs. Jensen, Perez vs. Sinclair, Femi vs. King, and Valkyria vs. Shotzi, the latter two for championships.

-Corbin entered first, but his music was cutoff by his partner’s as Breakker joined him. The Family was next. Alicia Taylor gave formal ring introductions.

(7) THE FAMILY (c) (“The Don of NXT” Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) vs. WOLF DOGS (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) – NXT Tag Team Championship match

The crowd seemed torn, but on the side of the Wolf Dogs. Breakker and D’Angelo started the match, feeling each other out, but Breakker getting the better of the two with his ferocious shoulder tackle. Breakker tried a shoulder tackle again, but D’Angelo hit him with his own. He tagged in Stacks and they hit some double team offense for a two-count. Breakker was able to tag in Corbin and he worked Stacks. He sent Stacks to the apron and punched him out of the air. He went for a second rope attack, but Stacks hit an uppercut counter and tagged in D’Angelo. They hit a double suplex and then D’Angelo hip tossed Stacks into Corbin. Breakker entered the ring only to get hit with a hip toss in the corner of his own. D’Angelo tagged in Stacks, but Corbin sent him off the apron and took D’Angelo into their corner. He tagged in Breakker and hit a big Death Valley Driver to D’Angelo. Stacks hit a tornado DDT to Corbin, but Breakker hit a huge slam to Stacks and then when he tried to hit a rana on D’Angelo, D’Angelo instead caught him with a sit-down powerbomb counter. [c]

They returned with Corbin hitting a running clothesline in the corner to Stacks. He then hit a big Deep Six for a two-count. He worked Stacks in a neutral corner, sitting him on the top. Stacks fought back and hit a leaping uppercut. He crawled toward D’Angelo and both men made tags. D’Angelo took it to both men, including belly-to-belly suplexes to both. Breakker caught him with a right, but as he went for a second rope leap, D’Angelo caught him smoothly into a spinebuster.


He lifted Stacks and then hip tossed him outside onto both men. D’Angelo rolled in Breakker and then tagged in Stacks. They hit a powerbomb-neckbreaker combo, but Breakker kicked out. Stacks set in the corner for a running attack, but Breakker caught him with a pump knee counter. Corbin tagged in and then Breakker came in, hitting his belly-to-back flipping cutter, but Stacks kicked out. Corbin was the legal man still, and went for a powerbomb, but Stacks rolled over into a sunset pin. Corbin kicked out and D’Angelo tagged in, but Corbin caught him with a swinging uranage. Breakker tagged in and hit basically an assisted Oklahoma Slam, but Stacks broke up the pin. Suddenly, everyone was knocked over the top rope in front of the announcers. Breakker and D’Angelo went at it, then sidestepped a charging Corbin, who hit the steel steps. Breakker lifted D’Angelo, but he slipped out and they hit a double spinebuster to Breakker through the announce table. Ref Daryl Sharma stopped his count to check on the competitors. Somehow, Breakker broke up the pin (Sharma slightly held up his count). Stacks tagged in as did Breakker, and then Corbin hit End of Days. However, D’Angelo was there to take him outside. Breakker then set and hit a huge spear on Stacks. The crowd erupted.

WINNER: Wolf Dogs at 12:27 (spear) to become NEW NXT Tag Team Champion

-Corbin looked at his half the championship with a look of relief and accomplishment, six years in the making. The two celebrated as the crowd chanted “You deserve it.”

(Hazelwood’s Take: A good main event TV match. Yeah, the outcome was predictable, but that didn’t take away from the action and intensity of the match. Stacks continues to impress each time I see him in the ring. He was a bump machine tonight. Now, with the Wolf Dogs, I don’t think this will be a long title reign considering Breakker’s flirtations with Raw and Smackdown. Forgive me if he’s signed to one of them already as I’ve been working so much lately I still have to fully catch up on the big WrestleMania happenings. If their title reign is indeed short, I’m guessing they drop it at S&D. The only question is to what team? OTM just lost a title shot, Enofe & Blade are nowhere near, Gallus is embroiled in their feud with Holland, Meta-Four and NQCC are in their own little feud, and Chase U is out of luck since their agreement was with The Family and not the Wolf Dogs. I guess that only leaves one realistic team, the team that should dethrone them: Boa and Dante motherf*****g Chen.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I felt this was an enjoyable two hours of professional wrestling tonight, that gauntlet match aside. I guess that means more like 110 minutes. The thing that NXT continues to do well is follow-up, whether that’s on something that happened earlier in the night (Valkyria-Paxley-Shotzi; Perez-Sinclair) or in the past few weeks (Chase U; Meta-Four and NQCC). With Roadblock in three weeks, I’m surprised they’re stacking two title shots next week. I would rather they take three weeks to build up tot title matches rather than an even shorter two weeks (presumably)…that is unless they decide to not have the Women’s NXT Championship and North American Championship on the PLE-lite. Seeing as it’s a themed weekly episode, they can get away with that far easier than if it was a weekend PLE proper. For next week, I’m looking forward to Briggs’ continued singles run, the further growth (or decay?) of Perez’s character, and (I can’t believe I’m typing these words) the celebration for the Wolf Dogs. I can’t say I’m too keen on the Women’s Championship match, but I’m excited to see Femi back in the ring (and hopefully rag dolling King all match).

Tune into PWT Talks NXT for more with callers and emailers!


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