TNA NO SURRENDER PPV RESULTS (2/23): Lilly’s report on Moose vs. Shelley, Grace vs. Shaw

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


FEBRUARY 23, 2024

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt


A. The Rascalz beat Mike Bailey & Trent Seven when Zachary Wentz made Bailey tap (Steve Maclin interfered to help the Rascalz.)

B. Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards defeated Kushida & Kevin Knight when Myers pinned Knight.


-Opening video featuring the stars of TNA Wrestling.


This match determined who gets a world title match at Sacrifice. Kazarian debuted a new entrance theme. Frankie demanded that ring announcer Jade Chung announce him as the king of TNA. After trading the advantage, Eric and Frankie clotheslined each other then went toe to toe. Frankie gave Eric a belly to back suplex to gain the advantage. Eric started a comeback after Frankie missed a legdrop. Eric got a nearfall after an elbow drop from the top rope. Frankie came back with a legdrop, DDT, and a cutter. Frankie hit the Fade To Black, but Eric kicked out of the pin attempt. Frankie argued with the referee and Eric used the opportunity to put Frankie in a crucifix to get the pin.

WINNER: Eric Young in 9:00.

Frankie argued with the referee after the match about the count, then knocked him out and stomped him to a chorus of boos. Frankie pulled the referee back in the ring and continued to pummel him until other referees ran in to break it up. There’s gonna be fines.

(D.L.’s Take: Nice opener. It will be interesting to see if there are twists and turns on Eric’s journey to the title shot. Good post-match angle to keep heat on Frankie.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the rest of the show.

-Gia Miller interviewed the Grizzled Young Vets. They told ABC the match wouldn’t be pretty and warned them to “grit your teeth.”

-Rapper Westside Gunn was shown at ringside.

(2) ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin)(c) vs. THE GRIZZLED YOUNG VETS (Zack Gibson & James Drake) — TNA World Tag Team Title match

This was the third match of the best of three series for the tag team titles. Ace and Gibson started the match. Gibson went after Ace’s arm, but Ace fought back aggressively. The Vets continued to go after Ace’s shoulder. ABC double teamed Drake. The Vets eventually got the upper hand on Bey. Bey dropkicked Gibson and almost made the tag, but Drake knocked Ace off the apron. Drake choked Bey with a scarf. Bey finally made the hot tag to Ace, who ran wild on the Vets. ABC double teamed Gibson, then Drake. ABC tried to go for the 1,2 Sweet but Drake put Bey in a sleeper and Gibson put Ace in an armlock. Drake got a two count on Bey. The Vets gave Ace a Doomsday Device on the floor, which got a rise out of the crowd. The Vets tried to double team Bey, but he fought back. Bey gave Gibson the famouser. Gibson gave Bey a lungblower. Drake went coast to coast with a dropkick on Bey. Bey kicked out of a pin attempt. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Ace knocked Drake to the apron. Ace choked Gibson with the scarf. Bey gave the Vets a cutter and Ace gave Gibson The Fold and Ace got the pin.

WINNERS: ABC in 18:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This built to an excellent tag team match and was the best of the three matches these team had in the series.)

-Clip of the Rascalz beating Mike Bailey and Trent Seven on the Countdown show. The Rascalz and Steve Maclin did a promo. Bailey and Seven ran in but were held back by security.

(3) PCO vs. KON

They brawled at the start. PCO went for a dive, but Kon decked him. Kon chokeslammed PCO on the apron. PCO clotheslined Kon over the top rope. PCO went for the De-animator, but Kon moved and PCO crashed to the floor. Kon hit PCO with a chair, so the referee rang the bell.

WINNER: PCO by DQ in 4:00.

Kon continued to hit PCO with the chair. Kon snapped PCO’s neck. Kon stacked chairs on PCO. The bell kept ringing but no one came out. Kon tossed the timekeeper around. PCO rose up from under the chairs and got in the ring. PCO did a dive on Kon, then hit him with a chair up the ramp. Kon gave PCO a low blow and a back suplex on the stage. Kon zip tied PCO to the entrance tunnel. Kon put a chair around PCO’s head and gave him another neck snap. Kon finally went backstage.

(D.L.’s Take: A wild brawl. They are doing a good job of making Kon into a monster. Looks like this feud will continue.)

-Alex Shelley had a backstage meeting with Kevin Knight, Kushida, and Chris Sabin in the dressing room. Shelley urged them to support him in the title match tonight and not to throw in the towel, no matter how bad he is hurt. Kushida and Knight agreed.

-Video on the Decay/MK Ultra feud.

(4) DECAY (Rosemary & Havok)(c) vs. MK ULTRA (Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich) — TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title match

Havok and Masha started the match and traded punches at the start. All hour wrestlers fought on the floor. Back in the ring, Havok clotheslined Masha. Decay double teamed Masha. Rosemary suplexed Masha and got a two count. Rosemary bit Masha. Kelly tripped Rosemary to turn the tide. MK Ultra worked on Rosemary. Rosemary made a comeback on Kelly and they brawled. Rosemary countered the Snow Plow from Masha and made the tag to Havok. Havok hit a series of moves on Kelly. Havok gave Kelly the Death Valley Driver for a two count. Masha broke up a pin attempt on Kelly. Masha escaped the spear and gave Rosemary the Snow Plow to get the pin.

WINNERS: MK Ultra in 8:00 to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

MK Ultra attacked Decay after the match but Dani Luna and Jodi Threat ran in for the save.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match. I was a little surprised that MK Ultra got the belts back so fast. Makes me wonder where Decay goes from here.)

-Backstage meeting with The System. Moose urged his teammates not to throw in the towel.

-Video on the Josh Alexander/Simon Gotch feud.


Gotch offered his hand but Alexander didn’t shake it. Gotch flipped off Alexander. They wrestled on the mat early. Gotch gave Alexander a knee strike to get the upper hand. Gotch gave Alexander an elbow drop from the apron. Gotch went for an armbar. Alexander escaped and German suplexed Gotch four times. Gotch kicked Alexander in the head. They traded strikes. Alexander dropkicked Gotch. Gotch came back with a kick to the head. They traded strikes on the apron. Alexander gave Gotch a crossbody block to the floor. Back in the ring, they traded forearm shots. Alexander dropped Gotch with a boot to the face. Alexander gave Gotch an exploder suplex for a two count. Gotch escaped the C-4 Spike and put Alexander in a bulldog choke. Alexander put Gotch in an ankle lock, but Gotch escaped. Alexander gave Gotch a backbreaker followed by the C-4 Spike for the pin.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 14:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was a really good technical match and Gotch was impressive. The ending sequence was exciting.)

-AJ Francis approached Rich Swann and said just because they are opponents on Xplosion, doesn’t mean they have to be enemies.

-Video package on the Moose/Alex Shelley feud.

(6) MOOSE (c)(w/Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards) vs. ALEX SHELLEY (w/Kushida & Kevin Knight) — TNA World Title match

This match had “No Surrender” Rules. The match ends when your opponent’s partner throws in the towel. There is no DQ, but the title can change hands if a corner person is caught interfering. Jade Chung did the in-ring introductions. Shelley charged Moose at the bell and stayed on the attack. They fought on the outside. Moose powerbombed Shelley on the apron. Shelley chop blocked Moose. Shelley put a chair around Moose’s leg and stomped it. Moose sent Shelley into the post, then Shelley threw Moose into the post. Shelley clamped down on Moose’s hand in the turnbuckle holder. Moose came back with punches. Moose put Shelley’s hand inside a turnbuckle and hit it with a chair. Moose hit the hand two more times. Kushida almost threw in the towel.

The action returned to the ring. Shelley gave Moose dragon screw leg whips. Shelley hit Moose with a kendo stick. Eddie grabbed the kendo stick. Moose slammed Shelley. They battled on the top rope. Shelley powerbombed Moose on top of a metal trash can. Moose reversed a figure four leglock. Moose hit Shelley with the kendo stick. Shelley gave Moose a low blow and put him in the Border City Stretch. Myers gave Moose brass knuckles, which he used to hit Shelley. Shelley sidestepped Moose and Moose crashed through a table in the corner. Kushida threw Shelley a chain. Shelley put on the Border City Stretch with the chain. Knight did a dive on Eddie and Myers. Alisha got in the ring and took Shelley’s towel. Kushida took it back. Moose speared Shelley due to the distraction.

Moose speared Shelley again. Moose wrapped the chain around his body and speared Shelley again. Kushida got on the apron with the towel. Shelley told Kushida not to throw in the towel. Moose threatened to spear Shelley again. Kushida threw in the towel. Moose speared Shelley again anyway.

WINNER: Moose in 21:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was a uniquely worked match, with drama built around if the partners would throw in the towel as Moose and Shelley punished each other. This was excellent.)

-Video package on the Jordynne Grace/Gisele Shaw feud.

-Ash By Elegance’s assistant got in the ring and obnoxiously introduced her. She walked to ringside and sat in the “VIP” area (a.k.a. “a ringside chair.”)

(7) JORDYNNE GRACE (c) vs. GISELE SHAW — TNA Knockouts Title match

Jade Chung did the in-ring introductions again. Shaw ran from Grace and they fought on the outside. Back in the ring, Shaw threw Grace into the turnbuckle. Grace made a comeback and got a two count. Shaw sent Grace face-first into the mat. Shaw did a spectacular spinning splash on Grace for a two count. Grace gave Shaw a senton on the apron. Shaw gave Grace a Spanish Fly from the apron. Fans chanted “TNA!” Ash looked on from her chair. Back in the ring, Shaw scored a two count. Grace gave Shaw a spinebuster. Grace gave Shaw a running knee, but Grace reached the ropes to break the count. They traded strikes. Shaw went for a cutter, but Grace blocked it. Grace gave Shaw a spinning backfist and a Juggernaut Driver to get the pin.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: These two worked really well together. Lots of big moves and hard-hitting action.)

-Jake Something promo. He said the X Division Title was right where it belonged; in the main event. He said he will be watching and that 2024 is the year that he wins the X Division Title.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt plugged the Sacrifice show in Windsor, Ontario and other upcoming dates.

-Video on Chris Sabin and Mustafa Ali.

(8) CHRIS SABIN (c) vs. MUSTAFA ALI — TNA X Division Title match

Ali came to the ring with his “secret service” security. Hannifan and Rehwoldt noted that an X Division Title match hasn’t solely headlined a TNA PPV since 2005 and they showed a clip of the match. Jade Chung did the in-ring introductions for this match as well. Sabin took Ali to the mat. Sabin put Ali in a surfboard submission. Sabin sent Ali to the floor. Ali did a 450 splash on Sabin’s arm and stayed on the attack. They knocked each other to the mat as fans chanted “TNA!” Sabin gave Ali a DDT from the ropes for a two count. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Sabin put Ali in a crossface. Fans chanted for Ali. Ali reached the ropes to break the hold.

Sabin knocked Ali to the floor, but Ali met him with a dropkick. Back in the ring, Sabin sent Ali into the turnbuckles. They traded strikes. Sabin kicked Ali to the floor again. Sabin took out the security with a crossbody block to the floor. The Good Hands (wearing Ali shirts) walked down the ramp. Sabin superkicked Ali. Sabin knocked the Good Hands off the apron. Ali rolled up Sabin for a two count. Sabin clotheslined Ali. Sabin gave Ali the Cradle Shock, but Ali kicked out at two. Fans chanted for Ali. Sabin stomped and kicked Ali. Ali gave Sabin a Sunset Flip Bomb and followed with a 450 splash to get the pin. The announcers noted that this was the first time someone has won the X Division Title in their debut.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali in 19:00 to win the TNA X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Take: I liked that they moved the X Division match to the main event spot. Ali carried himself with a lot of confidence. This built to a really good match that was main event worthy. Looking forward to see what Ali will bring to TNA.)

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