AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (3/20): Keller’s report on Kingston vs. Okada for AEW Continental Title, Christian vs. Copeland for TNT Title, Jericho vs. Hook, Mercdes talks

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


MARCH 20, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Attendance: WrestleTix reports today that 5,919 tickets have been distributed so far; arena is set up for 6,067.



-They opened with Adam Copeland, looking intense, arriving at the arena rolling his suitcase. Then they showed Christian Cage, looking sure of himself, walking backstage. Kazuchika Okada arrived in a red sports car in a nice suit jacket looking arrogant. Excalibur hyped the Okada vs. Eddie Kingston match and noted it’s a three-hour broadcast. (NOTE: We are planning to go live with our post-show podcast at the usual time and monitor live the third “Rampage” hour.)

-The new Dynamite opening aired. Then they cut to the pyro blasting on the stage and the camera panning across a nice looking crowd flooded with moving spotlights.

-Tony Schiavone stood mid-ring and said they welcomed one of the biggest stars in the entire world last week and they also want to see her this week. Mercedes Moné made her grand entrance as “CEO!” rang out through the arena. She then walked out in another top shelf outfit. They showed fans applauding and some chanting “CEO.” She stood at ringside and danced and spun around and posed a few times. Excalibur plugged the Rampage main event of Skye Blue & Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale & Kris Statlander.

Mercedes entered the ring as fans chanted “CEO!” a few more times. Schiavone handed her the mic. She told Toronto fans that she missed them “and all of this.” She said that “all of this nearly got taken away from me.” She said she nearly had a career-ending injury in a New Japan Strong match against Willow Nightingale. She said she’s so happy to be in AEW now. She said a lot of people might not know who she is, though. She said she put a video together to get “a taste of Moné.” A video package aired of her in limousines and red carpet events and international matches and getting make-up applied and last week’s segment on Dynamite.

Back live, she said she was rocking and rolling and kicking butt all over the world, “but then it got taken away from me.” She said minor setbacks make for major comebacks. She said she is back “as your CEO.” She said she wants to make the mission very clear. She said she’s not there to lead a women’s evolution because she’s done that before, but rather she’s leading a global revolution. She said she wants to take on the best women from AEW and all over the globe. She said she has unfinished business with Willow “and anyone who messes with business will get bankrupt because there’s a price you pay whenever you mess with Mercedes Moné.”

The lights went out just as her music started playing. When the lights came back on, Julia Hart distracted her as Skye Blue charged at her from the other side. Moné gave her a back stabber. Julia entered, but Mercedes kneed her and set up her Moné Maker. Blue intervened and yanked her out of Moné’s grip. Julia and Blue picked up chairs at ringside. Willow’s music played and she charged out, accompanied by Statlander. The lights went out again during a staredown. When they came back on, Skye and Julia were gone. Willow held up a chair behind Moné, but when Moné turned around, Willow dropped the chair. Schiavone said he thought Willow was thinking of hitting her. Moné was upset and asked Willow if she was going to hit her. She then left the ring, looking disappointed.

(Keller’s Analysis: Moné’s presentation is strong, the talking part is solid enough, and the angle afterward was by the numbers while a bit contrived. I didn’t buy Mercedes being so upset with Willow teasing hitting her since she had said they had unfinished business, and it was more charitable than expected that Willow would have come to her aid in the first place. They’re leaning hard into portraying Moné as an international star, which is good, but it comes with the risk that she’ll be off-putting to some fans if she seems too wrapped up in herself. There’s got to be something to root for with her beyond her self-interest in being really rich and famous and powerful and pampered.)

-Alex Marvez backstage attempted to interview Okada. Okada and The Young Bucks arrived. Nicholas Jackson insisted Marvez interview Okada in his native tongue. Matthew Jackson bragged about his streak of days doing Duolingo. Matt said Okada rises to the occasion. Nick noted that they can’t be ringside for Okada’s match. Matt said they’ll be behind the curtain with headsets on and they’ll have his back. Okada then addressed Kingston in Japanese, then he said in English he’s coming for Eddie’s title. Matt told Marvez to study up on Japanese so he can understand what Okada said by next week.

(Keller’s Analysis: Are we supposed to dislike the Bucks and Okada for picking on Marvez like this each week? Learning a foreign language is a good thing, right?)

-Taz complimented the Bucks for being great motivators.

(1) EDDIE KINGSTON vs. KAZUCHIKA OKADA – AEW Continental Title match

The bell rang 16 minutes into the hour. Kingston took Okada down early with a barrage of chops. Okada rolled to ringside to regroup. Fans booed. Kingston went after him, but Okada ran. When Kingston rolled into the ring after Okada, Okada kneed him in the ribs. Taz called it “the oldest trick in the book.” They battled at ringside where Okada gave Kingston a DDT on the floor. As Okada smiled, they cut to the Jacksons laughing while sitting next to Tony Khan. A “Let’s Go Eddie! / O-ka-da!” dueling chant broke out. Okada placed his boot on Kingston’s chest and smiled in a cocky fashion. He then grounded Kingston with a straight jacket and then a running basement dropkick. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

During the break, Okada got in sustained offense against Kingston. Back from the break, Kingston eventually made a comeback with a German suplex and a sliding elbow to the chin for a two count. Okada came back with a high standing dropkick. Kingston surprised Okada with a spinning backfist a minute later, but was slow to crawl over and make the cover. He did eventually and scored a two count.

They stood and engaged and being voluntarily hit by one another. Kingston elbowed out of a suplex attempt, but Okada went for a Rainmaker. Kingston blocked it. Both went down. Kingston lowered his straps. He set up a suplex, but Okada grabbed the ref to block it and then gouged Kingston’s eyes. Kingston landed a low enzuigiri to the shoulder. Okada ducked a spinning elbow and then drove Kingston into the mat with tilt-a-whirl slam. He followed with a Rainmaker for the win. “What a moment!” Taz said, “History is made here.” They cut backstage to the Bucks who were nice enough to wait to leap out of their chairs until the camera shot them.

WINNER: Okada in 16:00 to capture the AEW Continental Title.

-Afterward, as Okada celebrated, Pac’s music replaced his and Pac paced on the stage.

(Keller’s Analysis: Kingston is beloved and he has a distinct style that fans get into. That said, I’m not sure this is the type of showcase match for Okada to the audience that AEW is trying to reach beyond their core group. Okada doesn’t come across as a top tier difference-making star in a match like this where there’s nothing flashy or all that intense other than the “give me your best shot” spots. From an athletic standpoint, Okada looks ordinary here. It’s a marathon, not a sprint with him, though. Pac will be a better showcase opponent.)

-Renee Paquette interviewed Swerve Stickland with Prince Nana backstage. She asked what his intentions were with that chain when he went after Joe. He said his intention was the same as always, the AEW World Title. He said Joe attempted to humiliate him in front of the world by choking him out, but he has a history of choking people out too. He said Joe’s running and ducking. He said he’s been inspired by Mike Tyson’s training for his next fight, so he’s stepping into the ring and welcomes someone to come see him. He said, “Make sure you send a big man, though.” [c]

-Renee interviewed Statlander, Willow, and Stokely Hathaway backstage. Willow said she’s all smiles and a ray of sunshine usually, but after tonight, she’ll have been in more street fights than any other woman on the AEW roster. She said with a weapon in her hand, she’s a completely different person. Statlander said this will be the end. Mercedes walked up to her. Statlander thanked her for having Willow’s back last week. Mercedes said that’s what a CEO does because a CEO stands up for what they believe in. She said she’s excited to watch her street fight and added, “Payback’s a bitch.” (That’s catchy. I bet that phrase gains popularity.) Willow approached Mercedes, but Mercedes stopped her and said she’s heard enough from her. She turned and walked away. Stokely asked her not to be worried about her because she broke her ankle. Willow hit Stokely on the back and said, “Oh, Stokely!” Then Stokely looked at the camera and shrugged and made a cartoon face.

(Keller’s Analysis: That got pretty cheesy at the end, but I can see people getting a chuckle out of it too. It’s good to build up the Rampage main event, though, and indicate Mercedes might be keeping an eye on things and get involved.)


Taz said Hook thrives on big moments. Jericho came out to his Lionhart theme instead of “Judas.” Taz said Jericho will find out what Hook is made of. The bell rang 43 minutes into the hour. Hook back suplexed Jericho onto the back of his neck right away. The ref checked on Jericho as fans chanted “Hook! Hook!” Jericho took his time getting up and the ref gave him time. (Why do wrestlers get to pause a match and essentially call a time out when a legal move is, in essence, “too effective”? When was that added to the pro wrestling rulebook?)

Hook went back on the attack and punched away at Jericho in the corner. Jericho punched a charging Hook and then took over. Hook made a comeback and landed a delayed German suplex. Schiavone said Jericho had been dropped on his head four times. Hook suplexed Jericho on his head again. As Hook circled the ring, they cut to another double-box break. [c/db]

Hook remained on offense during the break and for several minutes afterward. Jericho made a comeback and kicked a charging a Hook in the face. Taz noted Jericho was getting a mixed reaction as he played to the crowd while he rallied. Hook gave Jericho an overhead suplex and followed with a running clothesline. Jericho fired back with a boot to the face and a quick Lionsault. He was slow to make the cover.

Jericho threw a charging Hook over his head and Hook seemed half unsure whether to tuck or not and the landing was awkward. Jericho mounted Hook in the corner and punched away at him. Hook blocked it and set up a Red Rum from the second rope. Jericho stepped to the mat and walked to mid-ring. He dropped to his knees and then rolled onto his back. Jericho broke the hold. Boos rang out. He set up a Walls of Jericho, but Hook turned it into a small package for a three count.

Hook looked down at Jericho with respect. Taz said that might be Hook’s first victory by pinfall and it was a big one. Jericho stood and offered Hook a fistbump and Hook accepted. Jericho turned and left.

WINNER: Hook in 11:00.

-Adam Cole sat backstage in a Victorian-style setting and said Wardlow failed him. He said he should be the AEW World Champion, but instead he now has a new goal. He said his new job is to be sure Matt Taven & Matt Bennett hang onto the ROH Tag Titles and Roderick Strong hangs onto the AEW International Title, “and then maybe we’ll forgive you.” He said he wants what’s best for Wardlow and for him to reach his potential, “so don’t screw it up.” [c]

-Renee interviewed Jericho backstage. More boos rang out. She asked if Hook earned his respect. Jericho said he wanted that match for a reason. He said Hook lived up to what he was hoping for. He said he is a future World Champion and every bit of a bad, bad man as everyone says he is. He said he has his respect and he said next week, he has a proposition for him.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd isn’t on Jericho’s side right now, but he could win them over perhaps if he’s a tag partner and mentor to Hook and they just have a nice run as a team. It could work as Hook is still developing as a wrestler and Jericho is hitting some age limitations physically. I’d rather see that than Jericho just turn heel.)


-Schiavone stood mid-ring and introduced Will Ospreay. Ospreay skipped out, smiling with a look of child-like joy. He had his striped socks pulled over his sweat pants. Taz said he had a conversation with Ospreay backstage and he didn’t understand a word he said. Fans chanted, “Ospreay! Ospreay!” Ospreay said last time he was in Toronto, he was a little bit of a naughty boy, but he’s changed. He said he is there for the betterment of AEW and he would like to apologize for what he’s done. He said he is there to give fans elite levels of pro wrestling, but in return, he’d like Canada to give him “some of that maple syrup.” He said he watched Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata last weekend and he studied it because it’s pro wrestling. He gave a chef’s kiss. He said Danielson said he’s grateful to step in the ring with him, but he also claimed he can’t walk in his shoes. He said when he went to Japan, “you know, the place you wanted to be a star,” he saw that Danielson’s shoes were too small for him. He talked about the titles he’s won in Japan. He said he’s happy to prove he can walk in his shoes. He addressed Shibata. He said Shibata beat the piss out of him when he was 23 and now he’s 30 and he has two pugs, three cats, a kid, a missus, a mortgage to pay, and a point to prove. He challenged Shibata to a match next week and told Danielson to sit at home and watch “what the billy goat is all about.”

(Keller’s Analysis: His enthusiasm is infectious.)

-A video previewed the Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland main event.


The bell rang 9 minutes into the hour. Rosa went on a flurry of offense. Luther distracted Rosa on the ring apron, so Storm then knocked her to the floor. They cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Back from the break, Purrazzo got a hot-tag in and she went after Mariah. She set up a Fujiwara Armbar, but May blocked it. Purrazzo kicked her in the head and scored a two count right after. Rosa tagged herself in, which Purrazzo took issue with. Storm caught Rosa with a dropkick. May head-butted Purrazzo. Rosa gave May a Death Valley Driver. Storm then gave May a snap German suplex at 7:00. She followed with a hip attack, but Rosa caught her with a sudden Jackknife for a three count. Purrazzo didn’t celebrate with Rosa.

WINNER: Rosa & Purrazzo in 8:00.

-Excalibur plugged the Rampage line-up coming up after Dynamite.


Swerve made his entrance with Nana first. Taz said Swerve got a big opponent, as he wished for. The bell rang 23 minutes into the hour. Swerve went on offense at first, then Butcher went on the attack. Swerve finished him with an arm breaker.

WINNER: Swerve via tapout in 3:00.

-Strickland addressed Joe on the mic after the break. He said before he met him, he had nothing but the utmost respect for him. He said as he got to know him he moved from indifference to not liking him. He said he’s gotten him close to hating him now. He said he thinks a lot about wrapping the chain around his neck and squeezing and pulling until he doesn’t move no more, but with his thick neck, he doesn’t have time for that. He said he can keep sending security and he’ll keep taking them out one after another until Joe gives him what he wants.

Joe walked out and said he beat him at Revolution, so he’s been shoved down the championship ladder. He said Swerve still believes that the impossible is possible and that if he stands toe-to-toe with him, he can box with a god. He said it spreads so that the fans, with their sad lives, think maybe they can be a champion too. He said that’s sweet and fine until someone like him shows up and smashes him in the face and takes everything that he has. He said it was with that realization that he knew exactly what to do with someone like him, which is to give him exactly what he wants.

As Joe headed to the ring, Don Callis walked out and told them to hold on. He said it strikes him that when he’s in Swerve’s house, you get to just book yourself in a World Title match. He said it strikes him that Swerve and Takeshita have the same number of wins, but Takeshita is undefeated outside the Don Callis Family, so maybe he needs to give him a taste of what it’s like to lose to the fmaily. He said he’d like to teach him a lesson. He said it’s not Swerve’s House, but it’s the Don Callis Family house. He said he’s burned the Don Callis Family down to a crisp, and he’ll take on the Don Callis Family and then when he’s done, he’s coming for Joe. [c]

(5) CHRSTIAN CAGE vs. ADAM COPELAND – TNT Title match with I Quit rules

Copeland came out first to a nice reception. Christian came out alone next. They showed fan signs volunteering to let Christian be their father. After formal ring introductions by Justin Roberts, fans chanted “Holy shit!” Excalibur reminded viewers to stay tuned for a third hour. He said they’d stick with the match as long as it takes. The bell rang 40 minutes into the hour. Schiavone said fans were going crazy and they hadn’t even hooked up yet. Taz said this battle was 40 years in the making. Copeland got the better of Christian as they brawled at ringside. Copeland put a Boston Bruins jersey on Christian, then put a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey on. They had a hockey-style fight in a penalty box. They cut to a double-box break. [c/db]

They continued to fight at ringside, and bridged a ladder between the announce desk and a barricade. Copeland leaped and slammed Christian back-first onto the ladder. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” at 7:00. Back in the ring, Copeland set up a ladder upside down and then dropped Christian onto it. The ref asked if Christian quit, but he yelled “No!” Fans chanted “You sick f—!”

Copeland leaned a table against a barriacde at ringside. Christian leapfrogged a charging Copeland and then rammed him into the ringpost. Christian leaped off the top rope toward Copeland at ringside and smashed him through the table. Copeland was bleeding from the forehead at this point. Copeland refused to quit. Christian catapulted Copeland into a ladder bridged in the corner on the middle rope next. Copeland surprised Christian with a crossface a minute later. Christian refused to quit and then gouged Copeland’s eyes to break. They collided mid-ring with spears. With both down, they cut to another double-box break. [c/db]

They brawled up the ramp during the break. Shayna Wayne gave Copeland a low-blow with a hockey stick from behind. Copeland refused to quit. Christian bashed him across his back with a hockey stick, breaking it. In the ring, Christian bashed Copeland with half the broken stick a few times. He then flexed for the hard cam. Shayna remained at ringside and cheered him on. With the butt of the stuck pressed on his throat, the ref asked him. He didn’t say anything, which was taken as a no.


Christian brought a chair wrapped in barbed wire into the ring. He put Copeland’s head on a chair on the mat and then swung the other chair with barbed wire. Copeland moved. Christian went for a Kill Switch. Copeland escaped and rammed Christian with the hockey stick across the throat.

Copeland eventually choked Christian with the string from his trunks. Christian gasped for breath. Nick Wayne and Killswitch ran in and attacked Copeland. “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and Danny Garcia ran out to even the odds. Copeland delivered an Impaler on Killswitch on the barbed wire chair. Garcia and Menard threw Nick onto Killswitch at ringside. Copeland climbed a ladder in the ring and leaped onto Nick and Killswitch. Copeland then cuffed Wayne to a rope in the corner while Menard and Garcia cuffed Killswitch on the opposite side of the ring. Shayna scurried away.

Christian was alone and ate a spear from Copeland. Next, they cuffed Christian to another corner. Copeland went under the ring and brought a metal box into the ring. Copeland began kicking Christian between his legs over and over. Christian refused to quit. Copeland then took out a spiked board and smashed Christian in the crotch. Christian still refused. When Copeland wound up again, Christian said, “I quit.”

Confetti dropped over Copeland as he celebrated with one of AEW’s four men’s singles titles. Copeland gave Christian a middle finger to his face before leaving.

WINNER: Copeland to capture the TNT Title in 26:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: This got a little much at the end, but that isn’t unexpected given who was wrestling and the context of the match. Still, I’m ready to see both interact with and wrestle with new people. I’d like to see Copeland involved in something entirely different now. It was cool how into it the crowd was at the opening bell. It just felt excessive at the end with the crotch shots.)

-Rampage is in progress, so Patrick Moynahan will be taking over for me on the Rampage report here at PWTorch.


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