NXT HITS & MISSES (3/19): Trick Williams vs. Noam Dar, Rozanne Perez vs. Paxley, Hank & Tank vs. Galoows & Anderson, Drew Gulak vs. Osborne, Axiom & Grazer vs. No Quarter Catch Crew

By Jason Goodspeed, PWTorch contributor


Another week, another round of Hits & Misses! Due to work constraints, it took me two days to watch this episode – not an indication on quality of the show, but the absolute lack of time on my end…here we go!

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley: Hit

Bias alert! Anything revolving a segment, match, etc. with Paxley is hard for me to give a Miss to, but with that disclaimer out of the way, I thought this was more of a good showing for Perez than Paxley. Paxley had her moments, but Perez was given the chance to show her new found aggressive side, which I think benefits her character greatly. She is becoming more sadistic in her targeted attacks and I love the transition from Pop Rocks to the Arm Bar as a finisher. My only critique for Perez would be to mute her colors a bit. Her intro wall and trunks are a little too colorful for a heel (opinion). She recently wore a black/white combo which I felt represented her new character far better.

Oba Femi/Dijak/Josh Briggs: Hit

I’d love to see a smash mouth big man match between these three. I actually like the light hearted inclusion of “White Shaft and Briggs’ reaction to Dijak’s line regarding his skin color. Please add this big man triple threat to Stand & Deliver!

Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. The No Quarter Catch Crew: Hit

Wow, what an awesome match! Every time I see Frazer wrestle I am amazed at how fast this man can move and how ‘natural’ it looks. I know there are people who don’t go for the “flip-flop” type of wrestling and I admit, many times it seems way too choreographed, but Frazer just is like a liquid the way he moves. I was totally against the pairing of Axiom and Frazer when they started to team up, but the pairing has grown on me and I’d wouldn’t mind seeing them get a run with the gold.

Sol Ruca vs. Brinley Reece: Minor Hit

Sol’s back from injury, so I understand keeping her first few return matches short and sweet. Obviously Reece is a work in progress, but her “peppy” attitude hasn’t reached a level of annoyance on me; possibly because our last “peppy” performer (Roxanne Perez) has transitioned to a more serious performer. I can only handle so much ‘peppy’ at my age!

Drew Gulak vs. Riley Osborne: Hit

I really enjoy these Heritage Cup matches (going back to its introduction in NXT U.K.) and I liked the babyface getting the first fall. It usually seems like the face has the uphill climb to get back into the match and giving Osborne that first fall made it fun to watch the defending heel on the chase. I thought the sequence of events leading to the deciding fall was unnecessary, as they could have advanced the Thea Hail / Jacy Jayne storyline in other ways. I wish they’d allow one person per competitor in the respective corners, as opposed to the mosh pit the outside turns into during these Heritage Cup matches. That’s why that person is called the competitors SECOND!

The Good Brothers vs. Hank & Tank: Hit

Hank and Tank gain everything in the loss. Two rookies working with guys the caliber of Gallows and Anderson will help their developmental climb. Really looking forward to the match with The Good Brothers, the L.W.O. and Axiom/Frazier. It’ll be an interesting dynamic of two high flying teams against the more ground and pound style of Gallows and Anderson

Trick Williams vs. Noam Dar: Hit

A far more competitive match than I expected. I continue to be surprised at the meteoric rise of Williams. I always thought he’d be a sidekick or lower card wrestler, but he’s got that rocket strapped to his back and is making the most of it. Noam Dar bias alert! Is always a pleasure to watch and he brought a lot of good out of Trick. Although there was the tease of Lash Legend taking that shot at Trick, I liked the subtle way that although Dar’s foot was very close to the rope, she didn’t drape it over like we’ve seen done in the past. A possible Trick Legend duo in the future?

And so, we’ve reached the end of another Hits and Misses where I haven’t critiqued Booker on commentary (here, but you should hearing me shouting in my den!). Great continuous build to Stand & Deliver and I’m really looking forward to that PLE…’til next week!

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