WWE RAW RESULTS (3/25): Keller’s report on CM Punk’s return to Raw, Sami vs. Bronson, Jey vs. Shinsuke, Andrade vs. Ivar, Ricochet vs. McDonagh

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


MARCH 25, 2024

Commentators: Michael Cole, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 14,791 tickets had been distributed so far; arena set up for 15,022.



-They opened with a drone shot of the stadium in Philadelphia, Pa. hosting WrestleMania. Michael Cole introduced the show as they showed the exterior of All State Arena in the Chicago area. They showed C.M. Punk arriving at the arena just past noon wearing a brace on his arm. Cole said Cody Rhodes would also be on Raw.

-A video package aired on what happened on Smackdown last Friday with Cody and Roman Reigns and eventually Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Seth Rollins. Cole talked about the stips in the tag match at WrestleMania. (It’s always strange to hear the stip be that if Cody wins, there won’t be interference in the one-on-one match the next night, as if interference is usually approved of and okay; put another way, why does Cody need to win a tag match in order to guarantee a fair chance to beat Roman without interference?)

Cody said, “So, Chicago, what do you want to talk about?” He said they’re in that final two weeks before WrestleMania where the time for talk is over “and the wagon is in the barn, you know?” (Based on no crowd reaction, I don’t think they know.) He pointed at Pat McAfee at ringside and asked the crowd to cheer louder for him. He then told fans to dial it down “because it’s just Pat.” He then asked for Cole to be cheered. He said people in the back are likely freaking out because he’s not talking about anything in particular. He pivoted to mentioning Roman. A “Roman sucks” chant broke out. He said it got under his skin that Roman said he is making promises he can’t keep. He said Chicago knows better than any other that when he makes a bet or a promise, he “absolutely, 110 percent keeps it.”

He said at a show the other night, a fan held up a sign asking if he’d be best man at his wedding. He joked about how he’d explain that to his wife. He said a boy named Hudson asked him to be at his 5th birthday party and he’ll be going. He mentioned a wrestling club that will be going to WrestleMania because of him. He said he does this and he asks for nothing back. He said Roman cannot understand why he does things like that. He said Roman thinks he does it out of desperation. He said he dresses and talks and walks the way he does because he pretends to be the champion “because the champion isn’t here.” A “Cody! Cody!” chant broke out.

He said he respects Reigns, but he is aware that he screwed him out of the biggest dream he had at least year’s WrestleMania. He said although he respects him, “please understand I hate your guts.” He said it’s fine with him if he hates him too. He said it’s his fault that he and his cousin can’t have the “yank fest” he and his cousins wanted. He said he won the Rumble for the second year in a row. He said if he’s learned anything from last year and pointing at the WrestleMania sign, it’s that he can’t do it alone. He said all he asks back is that on Apr. 6 for his tag match the fans ride with him in the tag match and then his match against Roman on Apr. 7. “Will you ride with me?” he asked. Fans cheered.

He pointed at the sign and as he talked about defeating The Final Boss and The Tribal Chief, The Rock’s music played and The Rock walked out. McAfee gasped and screeched, “He’s here, Cole! The Final Boss!” Rock played to the crowd as his music played. He then stared down Cody as a “Holy shit!” chant broke out. Cody stared back. “This is awesome!” also broke out. A loud “C.M. Punk!” chant broke out, indicating Rock and Cody might’ve milked the moment a little too long to keep things focused on them. Rock slowly stepped toward Cody with his hands behind his back and leaned in and whispered a few words off-mic, then stepped back and began to leave the ring. Fans booed. Rock actually returned to the back. Cody seemed flustered by whatever Rock said and as deep in thought. (Any lip readers out there?)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good thing they didn’t advertise The Rock since he didn’t do much, but it was a cool surprise and an intriguing exchange.) [c]

-A clip aired of Rock interrupting Cody minutes earlier.

-They went to Cole and McAfee at ringside who threw to Jackie Redmond.

-Redmond interviewed The Rock, asking him what he said to Cody out there. “Go ask Cody Rhodes,” he said. Then he walked away.

-They went to The Judgment Day’s clubhouse. Finn Balor and Damian Priest were throwing darts. Rhea Ripley told Dominik Mysterio that she’d have preferred a heads up about having unfinished business with his dad, Rey. She said she’d liked to have joined in. He said she was right. Balor said he’s frustrated with Ricochet making them look like fools. Priest said he has an idea for how the odds can be in their favor headed into WrestleMania. Rhea told McDonagh to just win. Dom said he’ll make sure things go their way. Dom and McDonagh headed to the ring. Ripley said with a tone of disgust, “Just go win something.”

(1) RICOCHET vs. J.D. MCDONAGH (w/Dominik Mysterio)

The bell rang 31 minutes into the hour. Cole touted the 11th straight sellout on the Road to WrestleMania. McDonagh took early control after a Dom distraction from ringside. He took over quickly, though, and landed a leaping corkscrew dive onto McDonagh at ringside. They cut to a quick break at 1:00. [c]

McDonagh countered Ricochet with a Spanish fly for a near fall at 7:00. He followed with a brainbuster for a two count. Ricochet landed a reverse poison rana off the top rope for a near fall, with Dom draping McDonagh’s foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. McDonagh lifted his knees when Ricochet went for springboard flip splash mid-ring and scored a two countout. They cut to a break at 9:00. [c]

Back from the break, McDonagh landed a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. McAfee called Dom “white trash looking” and “a walking dumpster.” Ricochet landed a Destroyer and then climbed to the top rope. Dom stood on the ring apron and yanked on the top rope to knock Ricochet off balance. The ref booted Dom from ringside. McDonagh tried to yank Ricochet off the top rope, but Ricochet blocked him and then landed a top rope shooting star press for a three count.

WINNER: Ricochet in 15:00.

-They showed Punk backstage. [c]

-They showed a wide shot of the arena as Cole touted a sellout crowd of 15,810. McAfee noted they’re even packed in behind the stage in the upper deck.

-Punk made his ring entrance to “Cult of Personality.” Punk said people keep asking if he’ll be at WrestleMania, and the short answer is yes. He said people ask about his elbow. He said it’s not great, but he can still talk. He said they’re not on Netflix yet, so he has to watch how he expresses himself. He said people are asking him what he’ll do at WrestleMania and some have suggestions. He said people have asked if he be hosting WrestleMania. He said ten years ago, he’d have thought that was beneath him. He said he wishes WM was in Chicago. “Hint, hint,” he said. (Will Philly fans remember that?) He said maybe there’s a title match at WM that needs an impartial referee. He said a lot of people talk about him, too. He said even people who hate him feel the need to talk about him.

Punk turned to McAfee and said he’s not a daily listener, but he knows Reigns was on his show. He said Reigns has earned the right to mention him by name. He said as he climbs the mountain and Roman is on his way down the mountain, they’ll see each other soon. He said he and Seth don’t see eye to eye, mostly because he wears heels now, “but that’s a story for another time.” He said Seth shouldn’t have LOL’d that he hurt his arm, but maybe he’s earned that right. “Coming from someone with two bad knees, that’s kind of funny.”


Punk said The Rock hasn’t said a word about him. He said maybe that’s because remembers coming face to face with him, and he realized his arms were just too short to box with God. He said then there’s Drew McIntyre. He said he doesn’t live perpetually on the Internet, and he handles his business face to face like a man. Drew’s music then interrupted Punk. Punk yelled, “Turn the stupid song off; nobody wants to hear that.” Punk said he’s not medically cleared, but he told Drew to “get your bitch ass in here.”

Drew said he’d get in the ring, but look at what happened last time he got in the ring with him. Punk asked if he’s a Scottish psychopath in a kilt or an Internet troll in a skirt. Drew smiled and said, “It’s 2024, you can get canceled with talk like that.” Drew walked to the ring and said it’s perfect that Punk is standing in the ring injured. He said it’s divine intervention. When Drew pointed at his t-shirt that says he injured Punk, Punk interrupted and said, “Drew McIntyre, I’ve never had to put another man’s name on a t-shirt to sell it.” Drew pulled the t-shirt off and said he had trouble taking it off because of the size of his biceps, “something you’ve probably never had an issue with.” (They’re going at it!)

Drew said the most ironic thing about Punk is that he never drinks and never does drugs, but he spends all his time in rehab. Punk nodded. Drew stood on the announce desk and said he can tell Punk hates him. He said he doesn’t hate Punk, but now “you complete me.” Punk told fans to boo him and tell him who they paid to see. Drew told him to hear him out. Drew talked some more, but Punk said he couldn’t hear him so step in the ring. Punk lay on his back. Drew sat cross-legged on the announce desk and told the camera guy not to shoot up his kilt “you perv.”

Drew said he’s realized all along that he’s always been the chosen one. Punk asked who chose him. “What was his name?” he said. “What paragon of good virtue chose you? It wasn’t the good people of Chicago.” A “C.M. Punk” chant broke out. Drew said it was fun and he felt like a fan. He told Punk he’s so good at talking, so maybe he should be guest commentator for his victory over Seth Rollins in front of fans in a stadium. Seth’s music then played.

Seth danced out. Fans sang his song. Seth said it’s his show. A “C.M. Punk!” chant started. Punk said it might be Seth’s show, “but it’s my city.” Seth said he understands this is an away game for him. “If you two children are done trying to out-troll each other, maybe we can get down to business,” he said. He  said you don’t get to make decisions about the World Hvt. Title match at WrestleMania when you’re not in it. Punk reacted to Seth spraying saliva in his face.

Seth asked the fans if they want to see Punk on commentary during his match against Drew. Fans cheered. McAfee said it’d be fun. Fans chanted “Referee!” Seth pointed at Punk surgically repaired arm and said that’s his counting arm. Punk dropped down and slapped the mat three times. Punk said he’s not sure he could be objective with those two dipshits. He was bleeped. Drew said, “PG, brother.”

Seth asked Punk if he wants to know what he thinks. Seth said he doesn’t think anything about him. He said he’s a non-factor to him. Seth told Punk that he needs him to have a moment at WrestleMania. He said the irony of Punk narrating his finest hour hasn’t been lost on him. He said the way things are going, that’s about as close as he’s going to get to a world championship again. He said all he needs from Punk is to “stay out of my way.”

Punk took a breath and said it’s decided. He said he’ll do commentary. He said he’ll make them both interesting. He the mic down, gave Seth two middle fingers, and then left the ring. Punk’s music played. Drew said he doesn’t get the last word because he’s not even in the match, so he cut his music. He said Punk is obsessed with him and he thinks about him all day and studies his social media. “I am living your dream,” he said. “You are my number one stan.” Punk turned and walked away. Seth then caught Drew with a surprise superkick. Seth then delivered a Stomp. Punk turned back around to watch. Cole said Drew has been so obsessed with Punk, and that obsession cost him dearly.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a blast, running just over 20 minutes from the first beat of Punk’s music. There was a real edge to so much of what they said and it felt like they were improvising and crossing lines. I’m curious how much of that was improvised, including Punk trying to get Drew to say Vince McMahon’s name. Punk’s line about never needing to put someone else’s name on a t-shirt to sell it was good. Drew saying he is Punk’s no. 1 stan was good, but the best line might’ve been Drew’s about Punk spending so much time in rehab despite being straight edge. Overall, a really good segment that added intensity to the Seth-Drew fight while also introducing Punk’s role in the match.)

-A vignette aired with Shinsuke Nakamura talking about his match with Jey. [c]

(2) IVY NILE (w/Maxxinne) vs. CANDICE LERAE (w/Indi Hartwell)

The bell rang right after the break, 20 minutes into the hour. McAfee said you don’t want to be friends with the worst person on Earth because of guilt by association (he’s one to talk). He said the problem with society is the worst people on Earth win so they think they’re doing right. Maxxine yelled at Candice from the ring apron. Candice knocked her down, then feigned a knee injury. Indi thought of going after Nile, but didn’t. When Nile re-entered the ring, Candice rolled her up and used the ropes for illegal leverage for the three count.

WINNER: Candice in 2:00.

-Backstage, The New Day were chatting with DIY, taking friendly digs at each other’s team names. R-Truth and Miz walked up to them. Truth said it’s going to be the greatest match ever – New Day vs. DX. He confused JBL and Pat McAfee. Miz corrected him. [c]

(3) DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa) vs. THE NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

The bell rang 29 minutes into the hour. Truth and Miz were at ringside on commentary. Cole talked about the history of the wrestlers in the match and on commentary at WrestleMania. With DIY in control, they cut to a break at 2:30. [c]

After the break, Gargano leaped through the ropes and tackled Kofi and Xavier. The Judgment Day ran out and attacked both teams.

WINNER: No contest in 6:00.

-As the beatdown continued, fans chanted “R-Truth!” Truth said he’s only doing commentary tonight. Priest gave Miz a South of Heaven. The Judgment Day then surrounded Truth, who stood and insisted they cut to a commercial break, as if that’d save him. They threw him into the ring. Truth rallied to cheering fans, but was soon overwhelmed. The Judgment Day stood tall over everyone as the segment ended.

-Redmond interviewed Cody. She asked him what Rock whispered to him. Cody apologized to her and the crowd, but he doesn’t want to repeat it. He said it was a promise he can’t keep.

(Keller’s Analysis: Ambiguity and intrigue.) [c]

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Gunther backstage. He said he doesn’t believe Sami can beat him and the fans don’t believe it, either. He said he doesn’t believe Sami can beat Bronson Reed, either. She asked if he’ll be scouting the match. Gunther said he doesn’t think Sami can win and then walked away, avoiding a follow-up to his non-answer.


Cole noted that Vinci was replacing Ivar who wasn’t medically cleared. The bell rang 47 minutes into the hour. Andrade moonsaulted Vinci at ringside. Back in the ring, Andrade went for a moonsault, but Vinci rolled out of the way. Andrade landed on his feet and then landed a standing moonsault, Charlotte style. That led to a two count. Vinci made a brief comeback. Vinci landed a fast crossbody and landed hard. They cut to a break at 1:30. [c]

Vinci landed a hard lariat and set up a powerbomb, but Andrade slipped free a landed a spinning back elbow. He followed with his finisher, The Message, for the win.

WINNER: Andrade in 6:00. [c]

-McAfee yapped about a photo of him and Seth talking backstage that Cole posted a Tweet about.

-Ripley and Dom made their ring entrance.


-Ripley said she doesn’t feel she’s getting enough attention. She said she could’ve attacked Becky Lynch during one of her many matches, but she decided to be respectful. She asked Dom if Becky should be giving her her full attention. Dom lifted the mic to his mouth, fans booed, and then Becky came out to her music. (If they are aiming to soften cheers for Ripley and get fans on Becky’s side, having Rhea stand next to Dom is a good strategy.) Becky played to the crowd.

Becky said, “The Man has come around to Chicago!” A “Becky!” chant rang out, although it wasn’t super-loud. She told Rhea she doesn’t have to wait for her to wrestle 20 minutes to feel safe to come out and confront her. “I could never do that to you because you don’t wrestle on Raw anymore, do you?” Ripley asked why she’d wrestle before her WrestleMania match. She said she doesn’t need to wrestle to earn fans’ attention. She said she can post a video online and watch “these freaks eat it up.” Becky gagged and told her to listen to herself. She said Rhea likes to post her ass on social media for attention whereas she busts her ass in the ring night in, night out to prove herself. She said there’s always going to be someone newer, younger, and hotter, but the long game in the business is about skill and merit and survival and how you come back when the chips are down and you’ve not the chosen one anymore. She said Ripley hasn’t experienced that yet.

Rhea said she is right. She told Dom that Becky has been through it all. She said she’s a survivor and she reminds her of something. She said she’s a cockroach. She said she’s hard to kill, but it’s not impossible. She said she wants to leave her alive so she can sit on her couch and see her do what she does next to her daughter. “I want you to listen to her call me Mami!” she said. Fans oooh’d. A “Mami!” chant broke out.

Becky said that’s her one pass, because if she mentions her daughter’s name again, it’ll be the last words she speaks. She said she might think it’s funny, but she can’t just throw it out there. She said her dad never got to meet her daughter. She said he was proud of everything she ever did in the ring, but what he’d be most proud of is the mother she’s become. She said it might be a joke to her, but it’s not to her. Fans applauded. She said there is nothing respectful about Rhea. She said Rhea won’t throw the first punch because she knows at that point, there’s no going back.

Ripley stepped up to Becky. Dom pushed her away. Becky said, “It’s the other way around, isn’t it? That’s a first.” Dom stepped toward Becky. Becky punched him. Rhea and Becky began to brawl. Rhea threw Becky shoulder-first into the ringpost and then went to ringside to check on Dom. Becky leaped off the ringside steps onto both of them. Referees ran out to separate them.

-They cut to Sami Zayn backstage. Chad Gable approached him and said he wanted to talk about how things ended last week. Sami said it’s fine that he doesn’t think he can win. He said he wants to make Gunther eat his words, starting tonight. Gable told Sami to get his head out of his ass and not let Gunther distract him. Sami said he’s right and he knows what he has to do tonight. He said he appreciates him saying that.

-Bronson Reed made his ring entrance. [c]


The bell rang 19 minutes into the hour. They cut to a break at 3:00. [c]

Gunther walked out at 8:00. Bronson, who had a bloody nose, took advantage of Sami being distracted by Gunther and took him out with a clothesline, a senton, and a top rope Tsunami for the win. Cole said Gunther was masterful with the mind games.

WINNER: Reed in 9:00.

-A soundbite aired with Jey Uso talking up his match with Nakamura. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso walked into the picture. Jimmy said, “No Yeet.” Then he laughed. [c]

-Cole plugged Becky’s new autobiography.

-Gable addressed Sami backstage as Sami showed frustration with his loss. He said he knew what Gunther was doing, but he still let him get in his head. “How did I let that happen?” he said. “With everything that’s at stake?” Gable said that’s what Gunther does. He said he plants seeds of doubt. He said Sami is one of the best, but Gunther plays mind games. He said he needs a different approach to beat Gunther. He said they can talk it over if he’s interested. Sami nodded with interest.

-They showed fans walking the concourse as Cole touted their 11th straight TV sellout. He plugged that The Rock and Roman Reigns will both be on Raw next week. Cole threw to a replay of clips of the Rock-Cody segment earlier.


The bell rang 45 minutes into the hour. Nakamura took over a minute in and delivered two running knees to Jey’s ribs, sending him hard to the floor. [c]

Back from the break, Solo and Jimmy showed up at ringside after Nakamura kneed Jey in the back of the neck. Seth and Cody immediately ran out and fought them. Cody and Jey brawled to the back as Seth and Solo fought into the crowd. Drew came out and yanked Seth back to ringside. He gave Seth a Future Shock DDT. Fans chanted “C.M. Punk!” Nakamura came up behind Jey, but Jey fired back with a superkick and a spear for the win.

WINNER: Jey in 7:00.

-They cut backstage where Cody and Seth were brawling. Solo joined in. Cody got the better of him. Rock then showed up and attacked Cody. “Look at you now, boy!” he shouted. He threw a trash can at Cody’s head. He said he wasn’t going to let Cody talk trash about him. He dumped a tool box over Cody and then threw him around some more. He shoved him out of the door to the parking area. Rock said he’s got everyone’s attention now. Cody was on his hands and knees in puddles of rain as Rock began yanking his shirt off and punching him some more. He said he is The Final Boss. He threw him into the side of Cody’s bus. “World, look at your hero,” he said. “And Mama Rhodes, look at your son.” He kicked Cody again and threw him into the bus.

Rock got bleeped and then went off on the “Cody Crybabies.” He said Cody stuck his nose in The Rock’s business. Cody was bleeding from his forehead and Rock turned back to punch away at him some more. He then pulled off a weight lifting belt that had The Rock logo on it with the words “Mama Rhodes.” He wiped the blood from Cody onto the white belt. He lifted Cody and shoved him into the camera lens and continued to address Mama Rhodes. He said his daddy talked about hard times, and he’s going to go through some at his hands. He kneeled over Cody’s body and said it didn’t have to be that way, “but now this is the only way.” He closed with: “Now, look at your son.”


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